The Killing Fields


If you were born after 1972, we challenge you to consider yourself a Survivor of the Abortion Holocaust.   1/3 of your generation has been killed by abortion in America.

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Progressive YouTube accused of censoring pro-life content - Sept

New study shows more abortion-related health risks - Aug

Post-Abortion Women Challenge Psychologists’ Claim of ‘Harmless’ Abortions - Aug

Obama Calls Pro-Lifers Liars - Aug

Planned Parenthood targets suburbs, makes millions - July


What a sick country America has become under these secular progressives!

An abortionist who claims to have destroyed more than 20,000 unborn children and who once was Hillary Clinton's OB-GYN says he is doing "God's work" when he terminates a pregnancy.

"Embryos and fetuses spontaneously aborted – most, but not all of those 'canceled' by 'God' – are ... luckless human souls," wrote William Harrison, referring to an ancient poem describing the plight of mankind. "But a few spontaneous abortions occur in desired pregnancies with no discernable abnormalities. For those girls and women and their families whose circumstances would make their babies 'luckless human souls,' I 'cancel' them before they become babies."

Harrison's comments came in an e-mail to Warren Throckmorton, whose work has been published by journals of the American Psychological Association, the American Mental Health Counseling Association and the Christian Association for Psychological Studies. He documented his exchange with Harrison on his blog . . . read more


You wouldn't want to go back to this Kansas, Dorothy - July

Abortion Providers in South Dakota Are Required to Admit Abortion is Ending a Life - July 2008

Planned Parenthood Exploits Mother’s Day in 2008 - (Duh) - May 2008

Project Reality's mission is to give a positive presentation of the benefits of abstinence through curricula, presentations and materials in order to help teens choose abstinence from sexual activity and the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Young college adults and teens are faced with incredible pressures to become sexually active.

Nearly all teens surveyed (93%) said that today's youth should be given a "strong message" to abstain from sexual activity. Despite claims that adolescents cannot be expected to abstain from sexual activity, research shows an increasing number of teens are doing just that.

According to the most recent Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance, most high school students today have never had sexual intercourse, and of those who have, a significant majority say that they regret their decision and wish that they had waited.


Black Leaders Condemn Planned Parenthood's Racism - Apr.

Religious Figures Nix Voting for Pro-Abortion Candidates - Jan.

While this is a model, National Georgraphic has now shown actual multiple babies in the womb.  They have discovered that when they leave the womb, they play similar to the way they played in the womb.  Do you have one of these at home or did they convince you  it was better you didn't raise one of these.

These are not real babies. But to Planned Parenthood, it wouldn't matter.


View real pictures of multiple babies in the womb at National Geographic's Web site.



America's adventure into the cesspool

Greeting cards for abortion and other rights

They taught you this is only a fetus, Virginia. So what kind of fetus is it? Is it a fish? No, Virginia, it's not a fish. Then is it a monkey? No, it's not a monkey. Then is it a bird? No, it's not a bird, Virginia. Then is this an elephant? No. it's not an elephant. Then what is it?

Well, it's not going to live under the water, swing from trees, or fly on its own and lay eggs. Instead one day it will grow up to be a human being. It could cure AIDS or invent warp drive for fast space travel. It could even be the greatest musician in the world. It could be many things good or bad, but until you meet it you will never know its real potential.

Planned Parenthood calls this a fetus. They call this a fetus so they can kill it for you, since most humans don't want to kill a baby. Did they kill yours? What a shame if they did. They took away your only chance to meet someone that will never come into this world again.

Did you know Benny Goodman? He was born in poverty, his father earning a living from a sales cart on the streets of Chicago. The mediocre people who run Planned Parenthood weren't around when Benny's mother was pregnant, so Benny was born and became the greatest clarinetist in the world. You see the mother and father saw Benny as a baby, not as a fetus.

They saw potential from their union as a man and a woman, and because of that Benny Goodman learned to play the clarinet. You see, until you take the time to meet someone, you will never know their potential to change your world or our world. For better or for worse, we will never know until you meet them. Born rich or in poverty, it doesn't matter. These unborn children will find a way if you'll only have the courage to provide the path to start their journey.

Didn't someone do that for you, be it a mother, father, grandparent, or foster parent? Remember life's a journey, not a guided tour.


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More for the Great Satan - 22,000-square-feet for human dismemberment! - October 2007

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Aborted baby's head left inside woman! - August 2004

Mother arrested trying to stop 14-year old daughter from having abortion Article reports abortion technician said to mother, "It's your daughter's rights, it's her body. You have no rights." - April 2005 - (Read the significance of this story on the destiny of America's family structure. )

Few doubt, however, that accurately counting new HIV infections is unusually difficult. About one-quarter of people infected with the virus do not know they are. The infection is largely "silent" for a decade in most people, and a substantial number go for testing only as they develop the symptoms of AIDS, the late stage of the illness . . . read more


Thanks to the Drugereport for reporting on this story.


"Genius is exterminated when the mediocre control who may pass from the womb."

Warning! Graphic Images.

If you're not a left-wing advocate of the abortion machine in America and also use Yahoo, you may want to think again about your support for this ISP. Yahoo, as of July 27, 2004, took sides on this issue and was offering this T-shirt from their partner, Planned Parenthood. The shirt proudly reads,"I had an abortion." It looks like Michael Moore may have been right when he told a French audience that Americans are stupid.

We wrote to the Yahoo store and suggested the new and innovative titles below to feature on future shirts from the society that says it represents the shining city on the hill. We don't know if Yahoo and Planned Parenthood will use them, but if you see these quotes you'll know the source.

"I had an affair and got a STD!"

"I killed my spouse and got away with it!"

"I sucked my kid's brains out!"

"I have AIDS from sodomy!"
"You really don't want my blood!"

"I'm a wild girl and on my fourth abortion!"

"I shared my STD!"
"I aborted my daughter and proud of it!"

"I aborted my son and proud of it!"

"I'm one of the 50% the CDC says will have a STD at age 25!"

"I'm just one more of Michael Moore's stupid Americans!"


These radicals have no shame! - The Negro Project: Margaret Sanger's Eugenic Plan for Black Americans  

Lies Continue as Another one Bites the Dust

An artist killed herself after aborting her twins when she was eight weeks pregnant, leaving a note saying: "I should never have had an abortion. I see now I would have been a good mum."

Emma Beck was found hanging at her home in Helston, Cornwall, on Feb 1 2007. She was declared dead early the following day - her 31st birthday.

Her suicide note read: "I told everyone I didn't want to do it, even at the hospital. I was frightened, now it is too late. I died when my babies died. I want to be with my babies: they need me, no-one else does." . . . read more


In a very brief encounter while I was visiting a summer resort in New Hampshire in the 1990s and waiting for dinner to be annouced , one obvious abortion doctor volunteered an opinion. I was sitting on the porch in a nearby rocking chair, the guest smiling as he spoke standing nearby .

"It's only mush," he reminded me without blinking an eye, "You can't even tell it's a child."

I had head the same insensitivity to life in an account of what Nazis had done to Jewish prisoners while I had watched the testimony given by a retired British officer of his experience when entering one of the German extermination camps near the end of WWII.

He said young female Nazi youth guards still kept killing skeletal-looking Jews as some would try to come over the fence in our direction, even while the guards knew we were approaching them.

"It was an unspeakable scene," he said still obviously disturbed by the images decades later. - Webmaster


Planned Parenthood Free From Grand Jury Investigation with assistance from liberal establishment and its appointed officials

“The Grand Jury was never given what they asked for and never had time to work through numerous charges against Planned Parenthood, which included violating late-term abortion laws and hiding the statutory rape of children. Planned Parenthood, of course, claims it has been ‘vindicated’ by the Grand Jury disbanding,” said TVC Executive Director Andrea Lafferty.

“What we see in Kansas is a shameful example of the power of the abortion industry to shield itself from true justice. “What we have in Kansas is ‘Moriarty Special Interest Justice’ – where the legal system sides with the target of the investigation to hamper a citizen-instigated Grand Jury. Moriarty and McClain should be investigated for effectively derailing a legitimate Grand Jury inquiry into the criminal activities of Planned Parenthood." . . . read more

Planned Parenthood and The Maggie Award

According to July 2005 issue of Citizen Magazine, published by Focus on the Family, Oscar-like awards are given out annually by Planned Parenthood, which they affectionately call their Maggie Awards, after their founder, Margaret Sanger.Citizen reports that Planned Parenthood sees Ms. Sanger as a social reformer who has won worldwide renown, respect, and admiration. Maybe they're talking about the membership of the ACLU, its own founder right-in-line with Ms. Sanger, a dedicated individual for introducing communism and socialism to America . . . an anti-patriot at best concerned about people leading a nation who could actually think for themselves.

We mention this because Citizen reports Ms. Sanger had an unsavory background, to say the least, from what we read in their report:

"Sanger was a rather unsavory character in her own right. A fan of eugenics - the early 20th Century campaign to 'improve' the human race by eliminating 'the unfit' - Maggie Sanger railed against people she called 'human waste,' 'human weeds' and the 'unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all.' "

Ms. Sanger might have been an inspiration not only for Planned Parenthood, but for Peter Singer, professor of the "ethics department" at Princeton University. Singer at least compromised her thoughts, saying parents should have a 30-day trial period before sending the little booger to the Soylent Green** processing plant.

But you never can make these elitists happy, Singer deciding that having sex with animals was a better plan to screw-up America's young adults, informing them "If your dog can tell you when it wants to go out, it can tell you other things, too."

We guess all those millions of women, who had left their unborn back at the Planned Parenthood Clinic in pieces for its Parts-for-Profit plan, must have known their mutilated loved one was being viewed by the PP abortionist as pieces of human waste . . . this mother's "human weed" that would have only cluttered up Planned Parenthood's stunning field of beautiful flowers formed by a sea of mediocre heads representing its membership, all singing "We're here, and you're not" . . . a membership that obviously has no problem with Sanger's beliefs falling in line with one of the prime objectives of the Third Reich.

Gee, and we thought that's why all those British and American servicemen died on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day in 1943 . . . to eliminate and rid the earth of all the pariahs of the world who had thoughts like those of Ms. Sanger's brought to light by Citizen, a magazine that is extreme careful with its words.

What Ms. Sanger thought about aborted human beings could be no less than what the Third Reich thought about secular Jews. It should be no surprise then, that the objectives of the ACLU and Planned Parenthood have now guaranteed that some of Hitler's goals for the Third Reich are now alive and well in America. But PP doesn't have to worry about all those moms and dads, who lost loved ones on the beaches of France in 1943, coming back to haunt them.

The dead have no physical power on this earth, except for those whose services are required during elections in Cook County, Illinois.

"They treat the unborn as if they were your grandma's paper dolls."

** Soylent Green movie trailer


Planned Parenthood - 'Donor' asks about targeting blacks, abortion provider answers with 'yes' - Feb. 28

Planned Parenthood: "Planned Parenthood Administration, this is Lisa."

O'Keefe: "Hi. I am interested in making a donation today."

Planned Parenthood: "Let me put you through to Tim in our development office."

O'Keefe: "Is there anyone I can speak to now?"

Planned Parenthood: "Me."

O'Keefe: "Who am I speaking with now?"

Planned Parenthood: "My name is Lisa Hutton."

O'Keefe: "Lisa, what is your position?"

Planned Parenthood: "Administrative assistant."

O'Keefe: "When I underwrite an abortion, does that apply to minorities too?"

Planned Parenthood: "If you specifically want to underwrite it for a minority person, you can target it that way. You can specify that that's how you want it spent."

O'Keefe: "Okay, yeah, because there's definitely way too may black people in Ohio. So, I'm just trying to do my part."

Planned Parenthood: "Hmm. Okay, whatever."

O'Keefe: "Blacks especially need abortions too. So, that's what I'm trying to do."

Planned Parenthood: "Well, for whatever reason, we'll accept the money."\

O'Keefe: "Great, Thank You."

Planned Parenthood: "Mmmm, hmmm." . . . read more / Audio


Abortion's dead poets society

June 7, 2006,
Kathleen Parker

If you are a secular progressive, this is the world you have created. Do not leave it on any other doorstep. By your own acts, you have proven Darwin wrong . . . that the strongest of the species actually do not survive when entering the world of Planned Parenthood.



"Words are things; and a small drop of ink,
Falling like dew upon a thought, produces
That which makes thousands, perhaps millions think."

Lord Byron (1788-1824), from "Don Juan"

Lord Byron never finished his masterpiece, the epic poem "Don Juan," but he might never have begun it had he been conceived today. For Byron was born with a slight deformity - a clubfoot - that nonetheless left intact whatever degree of self-esteem is necessary to support a galloping libido. He further reduced his handicap to irrelevance by swimming the Hellespont (today's Dardanelles Strait) in tribute to Leander and Hero, the drowned lovers about whom he wrote a verse.Clearly, Byron's flair for the poetic didn't stop at the water's edge. So much, meanwhile, for the handicap of a clubfoot, which in those days sentenced one to a lifetime limp. Today, medical advances make it and other minor deformities a temporary inconvenience . . . read more


If you are suicidal, stop!

Don't put your life at such a low rating. Look what others have done with so much adversity on their heads!

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"Fortunately, Roe v. Wade is on a collision course with reality," said WorldNetDaily and Whistleblower Editor Joseph Farah. "Science is on the side of life, the facts are on the side of life, and the Constitution is on the side of life. This issue of Whistleblower may well hasten the day Roe v. Wade joins the Dred Scott decision in the trash heap of corrupt and inhuman Supreme Court decisions we finally realized were wrong."

Highlights of this Feb 2006 issue include:

  • "The real Planned Parenthood" by Joseph Farah, unmasking the world's largest abortion provider.
  • "The fraud of Roe v. Wade" by David Kupelian, exposing the shocking lies and deceit that led to the Supreme Court's 1973 abortion ruling.
  • "Roe v. Roe" by Art Moore, showing how three decades later, the "winner" of the landmark abortion case is struggling valiantly to overturn it.
  • "How 'cunning, wicked lawyers' legalized abortion," in which Sandra Cano, plaintiff of Roe's companion abortion case, Doe v Bolton, reveals how activist attorneys manipulated an "uneducated, defenseless pregnant woman."
  • "I dissent!" Scathing insight from two justices on the Roe court who blew the whistle on the activist majority's contempt for the Constitution.
  • "Pro-lifers hail Supreme Court ruling" by Art Moore, about a recent decision that many say "lays the foundation to chip away at Roe."
  • "Harry Blackmun's abortion secret" by David Kupelian, revealing the hidden reasons today's Supreme Court so easily and willingly ignores the Constitution.
  • "So much for 'super-duper' precedents" by Jane Chastain, on the hypocrisy of the Supreme Court confirmation process.
  • "Hush, little fetus ..." by Jill Stanek, in which the veteran nurse reveals that unborn babies do indeed feel pain – a fact too painful for many to face.
  • "Associated Press' bogus abortion poll" by Sarah Kupelian, on how major pollsters are deceiving Americans with flagrantly misleading poll questions.
  • "Making a bloody fortune" by Dr. Kelly Hollowell, a shocking and in-depth expose of how your tax dollars and twisted science are targeting the unborn. "7 in 10 Americans want greater abortion restrictions." "Babies and blacks not human?"
  • "The real 'Jane Roe' " by Julie Foster, an exclusive interview in which the famed abortion lawsuit plaintiff says uncaring attorneys "used" her.

Click on the issue to buy online.


And yet, for every high-profile case involving the courts, many other elderly and disabled Americans are being quietly "helped along" toward death before their time, behind closed doors, without public knowledge.

"Take the case of Marjorie Nighbert, for example. Although she had asked for nothing more than a "little something to eat" and a drink of water, a Florida judge ruled she was not "competent" to make such a request for food, and the 83-year-old stroke victim was starved and dehydrated to death in a nursing home with full agreement of her family."

Whistleblower, May 2005

Compassionate Nazis

by: Msgr. James C. Brunner
Copyright 2005,, Inc.
Published in Whistlerblower Magazine, May 2005, page 37

How did we come to a point that we are arguing about denying food to a human being, about a culture of death rather than a culture of life? A review of developments in Nazi Germany might be enlightening. The Nazi atrocities were based on a philosophy that made the "quality of life" more important than the "sanctity of life."

The Nazis slipped into the holocaust by seven recognizable steps:

1. There was an acceptance of mercy killing to put people out of their misery.

2. When Germany suffered a severe economic crunch, efforts were made to remove "useless" expenses from the budget. That led to the killing of the chronically ill with no hope of recovery (Terri Schiavo?)

3. Next came killing of the elderly who were without relatives and resources, but were a burden to the state.
4. This was followed by the elimination of bums, beggars, gypsies and hopelessly poor people.
5. Then came the economy of eliminating people who were drawing welfare.
6. It was then the turn of the ideologically unwanted, political enemies of the state, "religious extremists," "disloyal" individuals who were holding the government back from providing every citizen a better quality of life.
7. Finally there came those who in the ideology of the Nazis were evolutionally unfit such as Jews and those who were not pure Aryans. Once the first step, acceptance of euthanasia, was taken, all other steps followed logically.

Could a holocaust happen here? Yes. A philosophy like that of Princeton bioethicist Peter Singer that would permit the killing of infants under certain circumstances could serve as its intellectual underpinning. Indeed, one may say it has already begun with the killing of 40 million unborn infants by "legal" abortion.

Abortion, euthanasia, cloning, and embryonic stem-cell research represent a belief that certain humans should control the making and taking of human life. This is not unlike the Third Reich. Things that were once condemned as a crime against humanity at Nuremberg are now regarded as acts of compassion.Do we want the government to allow people to be starved to death?

We are not speaking here of extraordinary means of life support, but human feeding. Are we now going to kill Alzheimer's patients who have lost all capacity for memory and are unable to function without guidance? What about Parkinson's patients? If sentencing the handicapped to death continues, people are going to die under the guise of compassion and understanding when the decision will not really be about them at all but about the convenience of others.

We will be making life-and-death decisions based on how much trouble it will be for us to let them live.There are millions in nursing homes who cannot wash and feed themselves. In that sense they are very much like Terri. Her lot may soon be theirs. Roe v. Wade allowed killing human beings in the womb. Now, beginning with Terri, human beings outside the womb can be destroyed. Now judges decide who gets food and water.

Msgr. James C. Brunner is pastor of St. Mary's Church in Victoria, Texas.

Compliments Whistlerblower Magazine





"Freedom is Knowledge"