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Freedom Is Knowledge

"Thousands of direct links to sites loaded with information."


The domain, Freedom is Knowledge, is a nonprofit portal for conservative thought, encouraging daily exploration of the Web for news that the networks avoid.

One of the most popular Web pages on the domain is Cool Sites, along with other information pages that can be easily searched by word using the custom search engine found on the home page or at the top of this About Us page. Another is a Job Search page, with over 40 job search engines.

For instance on our Cool Sites, you can see unique pictures taken in New York City's underground tunnels and the hidden life that lurks there. You will see more as you explore the over 120 Cool Sites. And while there don't forget to visit "Mother," just one part of our many Art page listings.

The domain started out around a decade ago as a homepage with general information tied to a module on finding jobs. That module is now just one part of a domain that has evolved to a conservative portal with weekend e-mails that now provide an extensive summary of the week's news with around 50 entries.

Its content is rarely found in America's establishment media run by the fascist-like ASNE, the weekly stories either missed, buried or tossed aside in the name of "It Ain't News Until We Say It Is!" Those weekend e-mails, with around 50 news stories each, are a result of gleaning through more than 50 conservative sites several times a week.

The service is called the Shepp Report, which has been tracking the news since the end of 2011 to present day. It is a treasure-trove of news stories and how America got to where it is today.

In addition, using the custom search engine at the top of the Shepp Report Web page for content on Freedom Is Knowledge, search items will pop up for current news and news that goes back to 2007 when Obama was running for president. There is also a link at the top of the page if you want to be added to the weekly e-mail list for a summary of the week's conservative news.

As an added benefit I also added an optional mid-week e-mail release as warranted by a single news story that is referred to as a Special Edition, an example shown here.

Be aware when searching on news items that are older releases on the domain, you will probably find the embedded link is no longer on its respective server. However, the main headline is there that describes it with enough news for you to search the Web to see if a related link is still up on the Internet.

With a decade of news on Freedom Is Knowledge, you can't say you didn't know how we got to where we are today. We are the country that the Polish freedom fighter and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Lech Walesa, reported in 2010 was no longer a moral leader of the world. Of course the mainstream progressive media hated Walesa's criticism of Obama, treating Obama like their personal savior . . . a religious figure?

But Poland itself may be trying to provide that leadership. The Polish government reported in 2017 that the country would no longer allow non-essential businesses to stay open on Sundays so families could use the day for growing in strength. That concept resembles America back in the 1950's. But the country has changed so much since then that the number of Christians in China are about to pass the number of Christians in America, proving nothing is forever.

As a final note when searching this domain, you will find about eight content-filled Web pages that are no longer updated, but instead archived to represent the Obama years from 2007 to 2016. Embedded links on these pages may have been removed from their respective servers, but the headline will tell the story if you wish to research further.

In the end, Freedom is Knowledge is about American justice no longer protected by the Fourth Estate.


In 2018, America's Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse

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Note: "Wikipedia is rarely used as a source or reference on Freedom is Knowledge.

On Wikimedia's reliability as a source for information online:

The Florida-based Wikimedia Foundation is aware of its web site’s reputation. Board member Erik Moller was very frank in a recent essay. One of their ten things they wanted you to know about Wikipedia is

“We don't want you to trust us. It's in the nature of an ever-changing work like Wikipedia that, while some articles are of the highest quality of scholarship, others are admittedly complete rubbish. We are fully aware of this.”

Source: Watchdog from March of 2003

WND reported Wikipedia scrubs Obama eligibility - Mention of citizenship issues deleted in minutes, 'offending' users banned.




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