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Our Cool Sites Web page is divided in four parts accessed by any one of the above four links, each page having its own helpful bookmarks to search for content.



Well o ver 100 Web sites that are either information-filled by topic, such as ChinaRoad, (an Australian site with everything you ever wanted to know about dogs), to very unique sites, such as New York Underground, (a U.S. site filled with spectacular photos from New York City's underground taken by one who lived there.) Go there now.



From African-American art, Christian art, to Progressive art, you'll find sites that are sure to inspire your creativity. And don't forget to visit Mother, one of the most extensive sites we've ever seen on art museums from around the world. Go there now.



In another life I taught art at Caze Elementary School and South Ward Elementary School in Indiana, most of those kids now forty to fifty years old. I have protected their images from the 1960s and 1970s with a copyright notation from Freedom is Knowledge. These art pieces belong to my former students, their calling me Mr. K, back in those wonderful days when schools worked, so the copyright is there to protects their works from being stolen or misused.

Their projects are posted on the Elementary Art Web page by category. I didn't follow teaching art guidelines of what kids could achieve, instead assigning them projects I believed they were capable of'; for instance, teaching perspective to 5th graders. Once they caught on, the images they drew were amazing, which when viewing them, I think you will agree. I therefore hope a few went on to become architects or designers.

One of my favorite works is by a talented first grader who told a story using paper cut outs. When you come to it in the Cut Paper Category, (you can't miss it), you will find the little 'V" at the bottom of the page, which is an astronaut ready to climb on board his rocket ship to the moon. Go to the elementary art page now.

I was proud to have met these outstanding kids from blue-collar homes filled with family values who believed education during this period of time in America was to be treasured. It was also a time when teachers at the end of the day didn't race their students out the door.

40 years later, the outgoing president of the new liberal NEA would say at the 2009 NEA annual convention to 8,000 unionized teachers that conservatives were "b******s" and that the organization was not about kids but about power. Watch for yourself. (Allow each video to download.)


ALL SITES (Info by Category)

Web sites listed by categories, from all the MAP sites you need to know to sites on how to design Web pages. Category topics include the following: (Go there now):

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