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May 12, 2019







May 12, 2019

Dear Mom,

It’s been so many years since you were here to share my life with me and to counsel and support me as I grew into adulthood. I want you to know I’ve done well. And unlike so many I see around me daily here in America, I am at peace with God and look forward to being in His, yours, dad’s and my brother’s and sister’s presence once more.

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Thank you, especially you Mom, for making me aware of God’s love and His Son’s sacrifice, and His spiritual presence in my life to lean on once you and dad were gone. It took me a while, but I understand now what you’ve done for me.

I don’t know if you are aware of what has happened to the world since you left. I doubt your spirit has any concerns at all about earth anymore, as you share your eternal time in the presence of God and Jesus. You wouldn’t believe how it’s changed in just the thirty-five years since you’ve left.

Dad, you’ve been gone from me longer than mom. The Democratic Party that you supported all your adult life and advised me to join when I would be old enough to vote, has become the antithesis of everything you believed in and taught me. It has become the party of hedonism and shameless moral impropriety, the hand puppet of global Communism. Yes, you read that right, dad.

Mom, the organized Christian church, which you so proudly claimed your allegiance to through Christ, is now becoming the ‘harlot’ that the scriptures prophesied, having ‘laid down’ with thieves, child molesters and individuals who proudly celebrate their morbid diversions.

It accepts their behavior and allows them to be participants and even administrators of the most holy of sacraments, congregational leaders as well. Many supposed ‘new age’ churches cower before Satan and willingly accepts secular interpretations to Christ’s and the Apostle’s teaching to simply enhance their coffers.

The steel mill in the town you raised me has long gone and has become unsafe to walk the streets, even in broad daylight. America no longer is the manufacturing center of the planet and steel manufacturing, textile and other industries along with all the employment it created have been moved to other nations.

Nations that owe their very existence to America now despise us and hold us in contempt.

We have allowed ourselves to be dependent on these nations for almost all our daily needs, from the clothes on our back to the food that we eat. Americans no longer wish to make things. They only wish to have things. The clean, safe nearby city where you allowed me to ride the bus with my friends to watch the matinee on Saturdays is unsafe, riddled with crime and filth.

There are no movies or ‘department’ stores downtown anymore. And even though the department stores moved out of the city years ago, they will soon be gone from their suburban locations, taking with them the employment they offered.

Our world and our nation have become so confused and misguided that the direction your generation and previous generations plotted for us is now so far off course that only our Lord and Savior has the power to correct, although some are still trying.

America and the church are no longer the bastions of freedom and hope. They have been tempted and deceived and have succumbed to the cancer of self-righteousness and the greed of the money lenders in the Temple.

But, the ‘few that will pass through the gate’ are still around . . . and thanks Mom for seeing to it that I will be one of them and the great job you (and the punishments you handed out to me and my brothers when we misbehaved) paid off.

Still love you, Mom.




Note: Howard is a retired Marine vet. He has given permission to release this letter for others to read about the major changes to this country from when he was a small boy, while remembering the respect for life and the institution of the Christian religion that held it all together. Please send me any comments you want to pass to him in understanding his letter. I will pass them on to Howard. Any answer will be up to him. - Webmaster




I have posted this letter from Howard because it represents the America I also remember growing up as a teenager in the 1950's, raised by the boys and girls, (literally that young), who went to defend the nation and won WWII.

Readers need to know those kids had won WWII in less time than it took President Barack Obama to get his online healthcare Web site to finally work correctly. I think that says it all of the societies between 1945 and 2015, a span of only 70 years.

In the 1950's kids went out to play all day, parents expecting them back for dinner. They didn't worry about their return, knowing others were looking out for them in the neighborhood.

America was not a divided nation. It was one nation, the one Trump talks about that he grew up in, too. For TV shows, for example, the Honeymooners was an example of the humor expected on the TV screen in American homes, a standard that ran across the country along with great names such as Johnny Carson and Jack Parr. They "understood" the limits and why they were there. They NEVER became involved in politics on a daily basis or took sides like we see today on late night shows, shows that are anything but comedy filled with hate, arrogance and tones of fascism.

Christians were not seen as offensive, but instead as the glue that kept the country together with consistent moral issues, behavior expected around children and at public events in general.

The F word? It was NEVER spoken in public.

Sodomy was seen as an oxymoron to sexual relations. And because of that there were literally NO STDs to worry about and no one knew what an AIDS was. In other words, unlike today, teens could expect to grow up and go into marriage without the worry of giving their partner a life-changing STD.

And finally I can say this, which young people in America in 2019 cannot claim in any shape or form that truly speaks of the corrupted society that runs the America today.

When I graduated from high school in June of 1960, everyone was there that was supposed to be there. If they weren't there they had died in childbirth, had been killed in an accident, left school for an early job or had moved away.

Everyone else was there that was meant to be there. The names I remember now were all there. There were no holes of missing children because they weren't wanted and kept from being born. Life was respected. There was no question about it.

Life was the bottom line for America. We all had a right to be here. PERIOD! - Webmaster








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