Ah, So This Is What Fair And Balanced Looks Like.

Content sent to Mike Huckabee, concerning Jehmu Greene sitting in as a guest contributor for FOX News.


The Mike Huckabee Show, October 5th, 2013

Dear Mr. Huckabee:

Seeing Jehmu Greene on your show tonight reminds me of the hypocrisy at times of the FOX News cable network's boilerplate of being fair and balanced.

Greene, a strong pro-abortionist and former president of the Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, and Robin Morgan founded organization, Women's Media Center, was a guest on the O'Reilly Factor January 26, 2010. Greene used the venue to opine about a 2010 Super Bowl ad that was going to be sponsored by Focus on the Family, wanting it removed from the coming televised game.

Tebow Super Bowl 2010 Commercial - YouTube

In the interview it was verified Greene never even saw a preview of the ad and had no idea of the content. Even though the national TV network carrying the Super Bowl allowed the org to buy time for the ad, Greene continued to try to shut down Focus on the Family's freedom of speech, an org on the opposite side of the world FOX's Greene lives on.

The ad that did run on the Super Bowl, (see above), was simply a 30-second message that celebrated life, Tebow's mother trusting her faith that what was inside of her was not a tumor but a child.

That child would become one of the top college football stars in America, an ad perfect for the Super Bowl with Tebow a Heisman Trophy winner.

Betty White 2010 Super Bowl Commercial - YouTube

Even the progressive NOW backed Greene to continue the attack on Focus on the Family after the ad ran, joyously making fun of Tebow shown tackling his mother.

Yet somehow "NOW" and all its intimidating liberal women groups totally ignored another ad that ran on the same football program with Betty White being tackled on a middy field. It is the way of progressives like Greene to shut down opinions they don't agree with . . . even to the point of not caring if they step on the constitutional rights of others.

Later after that interview with O'Reilly, Jehmu Greene found herself invited to become a FOX News contributor, Ailes obviously aware that Greene didn't need to have the facts to rail against a conservative group such as Focus on the Family. The next year Ailes would complete the cycle, saying FOX News was not a conservative news outlet.

MediaMatters even reported on an article published about FOX News' right spin titled, Roger's Reality Show, written by Howard Kurtz. So guess who now has a weekend show on FOX News? Need more time? Howard Kurtz.

Previous to the Kurtz anointment at FOX News in 2013, Sally Kohn and Santita Jackson, Jesse Jackson's daughter, had been invited to become FOX News contributors, far-left well-known liberal pundits well aligned with progressives in the Democrat Party.

Meanwhile interviews with Tea Party organizers and what they're demanding to get the country back to strengthening Constitutional rule, pushing back out-of-control federal regulations, seems to have almost disappeared from FOX News TV screens. That begs the question, Will FOX News pull back on positive reports on Tea Party candidates and give them wide berth in 2014? We shall see. But I am not encouraged.

These progressive hires were going on as Glenn Beck and Judge Andrew Napolitano were being pushed off their shows on FOX News and FOX Business News respectively. Beck's advertisers were scared off by attacks from President Obama's Green Czar and admitted Communist, Van Jones, and his fascist Color of Change organization.

If you remember, Greene and her progressives were not alone in attacking national conservative organizations. In an organization similar in values of Focus on the Family in Colorado, the Family Research Council, (FRC), had a gunman enter their headquarters in August of 2012. The gunman was a supporter of the Southern Poverty Law Center, (SPLC), using the groups online "Hate Map" to find FRC's front door and those who ran it. A guard saved FRC executives from being murdered. It was said if the gunman had not been stopped, he was going to murder other leaders of similar groups that day the SPLC had labeled under its "personal definition" of hate and on its hate map.

SPLC made no apology after the attack. The Family Research Council would stay listed on its hate map at the time and continue to be associated with hate groups such as skinheads and the KKK. As of this writing the FRC is not on the SPLC hate map, but no promise it wouldn't find itself on the list again of SPLC's bad boys. However, take a look at the others on the graphic below and again mixed in with skinheads and the KKK as of this writing.

SPLC's hate map for the state of Colorado on October 6, 2013.
SPLC's Hate Map For Colorado, October 6, 2013


Julian Bond continues his hate. - YouTube

It was the SPLC's hate list taken from its hate map that was accepted by Obama's DHS in 2009, the DHS then passing the names to local police organizations across the country. That was until conservative news outlets discovered the authority that had been given to the SPLC by DHS leaders reporting to Obama to determine the definition of a hate group.

The SPLC's URL had even appeared on a FBI Web site as a source for hate groups, blessed again by the Obama administration.

If you go to the SPLC's Web site you will discover their hate bias had been ignored by the IRS, contributions allowed as deductions from one's taxes with SPLC's proclamation on the page, "The Southern Poverty Law Center is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization."

SPLC's first president was Julian Bond, who is just as hateful today against conservative groups such as the FRC. Bond made a statement a few months ago without an apology calling the Tea Party the Taliban of American politics.

Jehmu Greene and the SPLC would obviously make excellent partners and may even be linked today through other organizations. Maybe Roger Ailes will allow the SPLC's president to be a FOX News contributor, too, fulfilling its fair and balanced motto until it morphs into silliness.

But I wouldn't laugh too fast at this idea when reading the following information reported by Cliff Kincaid in his September 28, 2013, article titled, New York Times Exposes Marxist Mayoral Candidate:

"Ailes declared, 'I’ve always been impressed with Rep. Kucinich’s fearlessness and thoughtfulness about important issues. His willingness to take a stand from his point of view makes him a valuable voice in our country’s debate.'

Chafets notes that Ailes is also personal friends with Jehmu Greene and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, for whom he wrote an endorsement for her book critical of the use of U.S. military power.

However, the pandering to Sharpton is not new on the part of FOX News. Back in 2007, as AIM reported at the time, popular Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly paid homage to Sharpton at the civil rights agitator’s national convention. Indeed, O’Reilly himself was an honored guest at the event.

"Jackson called Ailes, “a tough-minded, caring individual,” who is “preparing leaders for the diverse world in which we live." - TVNewser
"Former NYC Mayor David Dinkins, FNC Chairman Roger Ailes and the Rev. Jesse Jackson at the Ailes Apprenticeship Program graduation." - TVNewser (Photo Source: - TVNewser)

But Sharpton isn’t alone among civil rights agitators in having clout at FOX News. The Chafets book has a photo of Ailes posing with Jesse Jackson after Jackson delivered a keynote address at a 2012 graduation ceremony of the Ailes Apprentice Program, a venture designed to support and promote “diversity in broadcast & cable journalism.” It is open to “top diversity candidates,” presumably meaning anyone non-white, and sends young people to events featuring such groups as the "National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association."

'Few people realized that Jesse Jackson, of all people, is a friend of ‘Brother Roger,’' says Chafets. 'Fewer know that Santita Jackson [another liberal hired by Ailes as a FOX commentator] is one of Michelle Obama’s closest friends: Jackson is a godmother to Malia Obama.'

The book says Jesse Jackson 'happened to mention' to Ailes that his daughter Santita had lost her job as a Chicago radio talk-show host and was 'looking for a new gig' when Ailes decided to hire her.

We noted at the time that Santita Jackson listed the notorious Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. as being among her personal 'activities and interests' on her Facebook page. She was also a supporter of New York University law professor Derrick Bell, who supports race-based hiring policies."

I am not at all discouraging people from watching FOX News. We need to consider all opinions to make intelligent decisions that protect personal values when entering a voting booth. In this report I have simply provided information on what's going on over at FOX News, which can directly effect decisions on how conservative issues are reported.

But most importantly we need to understand that FOX News is just another news source and not the conservative outlet we had thought it represented. This allows us not to be taken in so easily by any slight of hand going on over there in the land of fair and balanced.




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