A Question Asked Only Behind Closed Doors

It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society - J. Krishnamurti


A friend sent me this excellent question last month:

"In your analysis and analogy, comparing the 1920's to today, who in America has the role of Hitler?"

The question was asked because I had written on my Web site last year,

"If you want to know what it was like living in Germany in the late 1920's, step outside your front door." 

I wrote the above as a warning of coming radical change to America from my view as a teenager living in a determined and proud America of the 1950's. While growing older over the ensuing decades, I've watched America morph from what had been a proud people guarding freedom's door to three generations later that would ask, Why do we need a door? We have everything we want. And if we want more we'll just go buy it.

Where people of the 50's loved their flag, their country, and their heroes, too many of today's youth love their iPads, 3-D games, fast Internet connections, and the downloading of content from anywhere to fill brains that seem to be bored . . . wanting more, demanding more, thinking there would always be more, then asking, Is there more?

Our youth view civilizations on the other side of the world as if they live on another planet and display a laissez-faire attitude not unlike Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Newman's, What, me worry? fame.

And while tens-of-millions of illegal aliens immigrate into the country, America's youth, (too many educated by Marxist professors and indoctrinated by progressive elites that march inside the Federal Government), are then inundated daily by another entity, a nationally-run liberal mainstream media that demands: If anyone protects their own space, call them a bigot. If anyone says illegal aliens should not be on America's soil, call them a racist.

This radical world-order message of progressives also streams from the NEA Teacher's Union, embedded with Saul Alinsky teaching tools. And we can't forget the Marxist agendas of the United Nations saying:

This is not your world. It belongs to everyone. There are no borders. There are no walls to protect. No doors to lock. You are nothing special as an America. You just come from another country.

The dangerous progressive ideology programs America's youth that it's okay to hate the individualism of America's forefathers and to view their belief that freedom is given to each person by a deity and not man is silly and immature. Even some progressive secular Jews have labeled their own Old Testament as being written by scribes who didn't understand what they were seeing, and wrote, therefore, not facts but myths.

This progressive climate pushed by all of the above to hate anyone who disagreed with their mandate that the message is the massage was the perfect storm for the election of Barack Obama, a radical follower of Saul Alinsky and a graduate from Harvard and its Marxist environment. You need to remember that Harvard considered Obama's application to matriculate based on a personal letter written for Obama by one of Alinsky's followers.

Obama was also trained in the details of the Muslim faith and educated in the Muslim faith as a youth in Indonesia, a fact that was too often buried by the progressive mainstream press before the election, not trusting the voters with the information.

Many would agree after reviewing the lifestyles of Obama's father and mother that he was raised within a dysfunctional family. Barack's grandmother took him as a teenager to live with her. Later in life the grandmother was to be rewarded for her sacrifice by being labeled by her now grown grandchild as a typical white person while he was running for President of the United States. - Webmaster


November 2011


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