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June 2008

No Road Map for Democrats as Race Ends

Booze better than church for community - Arizona Planners deem liquor licenses more 'valuable' than worship

Islam-promoting principal defied order to protect kids in Texas public school

Picturesque villages now terror 'hot spots'

Temple Mount belongs only to the Muslims, and don't you forget it

It's obviously time to stop visiting England - American society no longer welcome there as American-born Christians face arrest for preaching gospel in UK

Scandinavia builder gives welcomec Pagan Blessing to Blue Cross, Blue Shield building in Tennessee

GM to Close Four Truck Plants, Shift Output to Cars

‘Gay Rights’ Icon Frank Kameny Says Bestiality OK ‘as Long as the Animal Doesn’t Mind’

The People of California Will Have the Final Say in Protecting Traditional Marriage

Speaker Pelosi’s Slander of American Troops - Covered Up by Liberal Media

Gay Activists Now Aim at America's Churches

NBC Nightly News Spikes News About Fewest Troop Deaths of War

Study reports "antibacterial wipes" can spread superbugs

Virginia Court of Appeals Hands Down Victory for Parental Rights

Tissue of dead humans to be cloned

Russian gays defy ban, more arrests at Moscow protests

Here we go again - Another Terri Schiavo: Husband battles family

The hard lesson of today's justice - one state is no longer an island


Dems yank global warming bill - cared more about Polar Bear than American family

Clinton suspends historic campaign, endorses Obama - would rather stay a Democrat and endore men for the highest office then launch a historic independent party for women

Nightmare on Prom Street

Oil prices seep into asphalt costs, detour road work

Priest warns fascism has arrived in schools - 'It is a first for a province to claim right to determine moral teaching'

Former Jew creates God-denying billboard to recruit atheists in Philadelphia - claims if people refused to accept deity, ' . . . it would be a better world.'

Liberal policies put most U.S. Oil off-Limits to drilling, wanting even more of your "change" if elected in 2009

More good news from liberal policies - Tainted cheese brought in by illegals now fuels TB rise in CaliforniaNow United Airlines cuts flights - more jobs lost as your liberal congress refuses to drill for oil.

Job Losses and Oil Surge Spread Economic Gloom - [Since 2006 election of a Democrat House, everything has suddenly gone south.]

Simply washing tomatoes can help, but it won't necessarily remove the salmonella bacteria

Florida tomato industry in "complete collapse"

Canadian Government to pastor: Renounce your faith! - Christian pastor banned from expressing moral opposition to homosexual lifestyle in e-mails, Internet, etc.

Donaghy: Refs fixed 2002 playoff series, other games

Another Heroic Haditha Marine Acquitted

Better counting raises HIV rate in U.S. by 25 percent. So where is condemnation of sodomy in America, which continues to spread the life-changing STD?

Quoting Scripture banned in library community room. 'What's next, keep patrons from checking out the Bible?

Corn - The New GOLD!

Foreign Terrorists Now Have Access to your Constitutional Rights - ACLU delighted

McCain attacks Guantánamo ruling - "worst decisions in U.S. History."

Obscenity trial halted - 9th District Federal Judge's porn site revealed

Tim Russert dies from heart attack after returning from Italian vacation

Global Warming and the Price of a Gallon of Gas

General Electric Brings Big Government To Life

Here comes the Brave New World - Mass. Blue Cross/Blue Shield signs on to Google Health

Irish voters reject EU treaty

Hating Jews 101 - Curriculum review finds American Islamic schools breed anti-Semitism

Library shuts out Christians - rather than let them in closes all meeting rooms to everybody else

Norway okays homosexual marriages, adoptions

Charging by the Byte to Curb Internet Traffic

Happy Father's Day in U.S. as two male priests are married in Church of England at first gay 'wedding.'

Smugglers Had Design For Advanced Warhead

Rasmussen Poll Shows Americans Angry at Government's Refusal to Fix Illegal Immigration Problem

Million Woman March being planned for Hillary - (it ain't over, Obama, until the fat lady sings - Webmaster)

Lesbian couple tortures 5-year old boy . . . cirgarette burns on genitials

Clear message to Americans. Don't start a business. The government will try to sink you

McCain Seeks to End Offshore Drilling Ban

Criminal crackdown targeting Christians - 'Biggest danger is to religious conscience of business owners'

Supreme Court Ruling Lets Voluntary-Departure Aliens Back Out of their Deal

Anglican church in meltdown over gays and women

Abu Qatada: Radical cleric to be released

Kansas Legal System Protects Planned Parenthood

The Marines Vs. Haditha Smear Merchants

The Google Earth gatecrashers who take uninvited dips in home-owners' swimming pools

Energy Guzzled by Al Gore’s Home in Past Year Could Power 232 U.S. Homes for a Month

Mercury-laden bulbs flood apartments - Resident objects because no notice of EPA health warning

Girls, none older than 16, successful in pact to get pregnant

House Democrats call for nationalization of refineries

CBS News marches in line with the Democrat Party in opposing offshore drilling for oil. Gee, what happened to simply reporting the news

California out to screw the nation again

Haditha Marine prepares to sue Murtha over smear

California Homeschool Case Argued On Behalf of Parents and Members of Congress

Mexican Smugglers Make US Lands Unsafe

Cuban boy's saga haunts Obama - Family of Elian Gonzalez protests candidate's visit, policy adviser

Saudi Arabia Boosts Oil Supply

Iraq to award oil contracts to foreign firms

Security fears over food and fuel crisis

United To Cut 950 Pilots As Airline Grounds Jets

Border-eye view points finger at who really is killing & degrading illegals crossing desert

Immigration rejects pastors requests to stay when church leaders' visas expire

Group Wants Pot Allowed in Airport Smoking Lounges

A Difficult Place for Christians

Liberty Counsel Files Brief at High Court in Free Speech Case Involving the Ten Commandments

Female Christian athletes club sponsor charged with sex with at least eight students

And then there's - Female teacher, 60, has threesome with students 17, 14 - June

Citigroup's Chairman to meet with high-ranking officials in Kuwait

Supreme Court Voids D.C. Gun Ban

Death penalty for child rapists struck down

'Cloak' hides Planned Parenthood's real agenda

DOW drops 352 points June 19, 2008, to news of five dollar increase in one day to barrel of oil with othe news $7 gallon for gas in just a few years

ACLU Attacks Midshipmen Prayer

Pelosi Supports Return of Fairness Doctrine

Gideon Bible Distribution Case Briefed at the Federal Court of Appeals

Trying to Put Lipstick on a Pig

Pennsylvania. school district plagued with STDs

OPEC Leader Khelil Says Dollar Will Drive Oil to $170

Police to parents: "We're taking your 8-year old son and there's nothing you can do about it!"

Newspapers, reeling from slumping ads, slash jobs

Amid policy disputes, Qaeda grows in Pakistan

Liberal Supreme Court shuns in-state tuition case against illegals

Jobs: Even Less Is 'Made in America' - While job losses slowed in most sectors, manufacturing lost more jobs in May than in April. The outlook for the sector and its workers is dark

World’s first floating turbine to start its voyage

Obama the first president to try to appoint political correctness to the bench - Sotomayor Failed to Disclose to Senate Memo in Which She Argued Death Penalty Is 'Racist'

Sorry, I will not buy your cars. Why? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! GM: Marketing in the Time of Bankruptcy

What a hoot!. Now gays are the homophobics. Once the egg is cracked and the seed no longer protected, anyone can feast. - Next frontier? Polygamists demand multi-sex marriage - Activists: New Hampshire plan embeds bigotry into state law

Someone is trying to hide their dirty underwear? - Self-proclaimed mosque spy seeks $10 million from FBI

They don't fear "We the People," and why this is happening. - Oakland Approves ID Cards For Illegal Immigrants

America's farmers. Read on! Waste not, want not - town first to use poo power

UN expert tells U.S. gov't to fight racial profiling - You mean when Obama looks at Caucasians and calls them "Typical White People?" Yea, it's about time the U.N. stood up to those racist statements from the president of the United States

Judge chooses Lesbians over married couple for adoption. California again? No, West Virginia, while defying state law, too

America's White House homepage showed the America that Obama wants -- a country that is not a Christian nation, nor a Jewish nation, not even a pluralistic nation -- but "one of the largest Muslim countries in the world." The Muslim woman Obama had pictured on the page was a "diversity consultant and multicultural trainer based in Northern Virginia" with "with a focus on Community and Grassroots Development." In other words, a community organizer

OMG! - A former U.S. State Department official and his wife have been arrested for spying for the Cuban government for nearly 30 years, the Justice Department said on Friday

Surprise, surprise, the Obama change you wanted? Union Workers would be exempt from Healthcare Taxes!

America, you wanted an Alinsky-driven community organizer to lead you? Well you got one, so shut up as you and your country fall from number in the world!

Hey Obama, what didn't they teach you at Havard? They're called terrorists!

"Obama, I don't smoke in front of the kids1" Oh my, the number one excuse by smokers who can't quit, change you can believe in.

Jewish Leader: Obama May Be 'Most Hostile President to Israel’

With the frozen custard wiped off his face - O’s obligatory press conference

America's disappearing unity

Judical Watch - Drunken Driver To Advise U.S. Secretary Of State

The truth is finally in. Less than 24 percent of guns seized by Mexican Authorities in 2008 were traced back to U.S.

To hell with the bias state media! - The Washington Post wrote about President Bush golfing near his parents’ home in Kennebunkport, Maine. Under the headline “Before Golf, Bush Decries Latest Deaths in Mideast,” But how fast things change when it's your guy playing golf. Despite ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, ongoing violence in Iran, and an economy that Obama has described as the worst since the Great Depression, the president has golfed multiple times in the past several weeks -- on April 26, May 16, May 25, May 31, June 7, June 9, June 14 and June 21.

First Tiller is allowed to become a millionaire by terminating Kansas babies or a fee of $5,000 for each, now teacher fired for conservative website?! First Tiller is allowed to become a millionaire by terminating Kansas babies or a fee of $5,000 for each, now teacher fired for conservative website?! Looks like Dorothy's Kansas has gone to hell

"When they kill an innocent child, that is not justice. That is not religion. In no way is this acceptable." . . . . . Candles for a Martyr

What, they woke up? Progressives believe immigration is hurting America?

Urgent action needed on 'Jail-a-Pastor / Protect-a-Pedophile Bill'

Civil Rights Commission opposes "Hate Crimes" Bill 

Mich. town settles lawsuit, lifts discriminatory rental fees on church

ACLJ in Federal Court defending judge and display including 10 Commandments

'Cash-for-Clunkers' Bill passes in bid to revive car sales. Read the details and ask if you want these bums writing your national health care

The Obama administration has proposed the creation of an intelligence officer training program in colleges and universities that would function much like the Reserve Officers' Training Corps run by the military services. The idea is to create a stream "of first- and second-generation Americans, who already have critical language and cultural knowledge, and prepare them for careers in the intelligence agencies," according to a description sent to Congress by Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair

The blacklisting has scared off many of CAIR's contributors and hurt the organization's recruiting efforts and overall operations. What's more, some Muslims have avoided events organized by CAIR and asked the group to remove their name from its mailing list

IBM Aims for a Battery Breakthrough - A consortium led by IBM hopes to develop lithium-air batteries that will power electric vehicles for 300 to 500 miles on a single charge

Boeing Advanced Tactical Laser fires High-Power Laser in flight

A best-selling author and critic of Islam says he can't understand why U.S. President Barack Obama and the United Nations are not expressing more outrage over the execution-style murder of three Christian missionaries in Yemen, apparently by al Qaeda

Hell Scare Healthcare

Young journalist at Scoop says it's the banks fault for tempting buyers, not the buyer for being stupid. And these are ones who will be reporting for the new media in America? OMFG, can you see these babies getting into B-17s and saving the world? As Woody Woodberry once said in a gig in Lauderdale, "Can you image me protecting you?"

New FDA Records Obtained by Judicial Watch Indicate 28 Deaths Related to Gardasil in 2008

Tennessee Planned Parenthood loses gov't funding




"Freedom is Knowledge"