Obama's Intended Mistakes

They say Obama made a mistake in writing his father had fought in WWII for America.  But I say he knew exactly what he was doing.

A response to the e-mail going around that Obama had lied about his father serving in WWII


Obama's grandfather was the one who served in the U.S. military, with no mention in Obama's book, instead Obama saying his father had served, which he had not. 

Of course the assumed real father of Obama is reported across the Web to have been a communist.  I have read in places that he left Obama as a child to serve the communist party he loved. But there are also statements he left because the mother discovered he was already married . . . maybe both. 

Communists are not exactly filled to the brim with family values, are they?



So how would Obama get it so wrong about his father?  Would you ever get it wrong that a father who had left you served in WWII but the grandfather who had served didn't? You would never unless you were purposely trying to rewrite history to benefit a political career.

Below is what the Canada Free Press picked up on Obama's grandfather in an article in April of 2010, reporting the FBI had also destroyed the file.  [My God, why?]

The article reports that while Obama's white grandfather had served in WWII, the reader can see he was not exactly one you would call a patriot in preserving a Republic, instead trying to turn one into a far-left democracy.

Dubbed "Gramps" by Obama, Dunham has been depicted in news reports as a patriot who served in the U.S. Army in World War II. But he had a close relationship with Communist Party USA (CPUSA) member Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii, who reportedly drank and smoke pot with Dunham.

Davis was not only a communist but a pornographer who wrote a semi-biographical novel about having sex with a 13-year-old girl. He mentored Obama for as many as nine years of his young life in Hawaii.

Dunham, who was white, had picked Davis as a mentor for Obama because he thought the youngster, whose father had abandoned the family, needed a black role model. Davis, who was black, fit the bill. "It was a terrible decision," Kincaid commented. "He turned over the young Obama to a communist sex pervert for moral guidance."

So either its like "57 states again" when Obama talks about his father serving in WWII, or someone authored Obama's book while Obama just skimmed over it.  I believe Obama knew exactly what he was writing.

Snopes tries to say Obama made a mistake when writing his father had served in WWII, Snopes somehow leaving out Obama's father was a communist. 

But that's Snopes.  Snopes also said in Obama's 57 states remark during the election that Obama made the error because "he was tired,"  and how Snopes dumped on a slip it said Obama had made, while many believed Obama clearly meant 57 Islamic States in his disorientation at the time of the comment.

"You know Snopes, many are tried of your far-left progressive spin calling it facts when it comes to Obama's history!  You're a nanny to Obama and a disservice to the rest of us.  Why don't you write for MSNBC where your agenda would fit in perfectly  . . . or Hillary Clinton's MediaMatters - Webmaster





Maybe that's why Obama refused to assist Franklin Graham to be allowed in at the National Day of Prayer at Pentagon. Graham had criticized the violence from Muslims all around the world, seeing his Christian brothers around the globe mutilated, murdered, and their houses of worship burned down by Muslims, a religion Obama was around for several years while living as a youth in Indonesia.

But how much impact did it have on Obama? Look at the photo below and the you decide.

U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on January 28, 2010, in Tampa, Florida.   Iorio had honored CAIR annually in Tampa with its own day in November 2008, acknowledging the large amout of Muslims living in the area.
Obama, honoring his years of instruction in the Muslim faith, bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio. Why? How about for her designating a day for Muslim CAIR in Tampa in November 2008.
Official City Copy of Certificate Honoring CAIR (.pdf)



"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." - Thomas Jefferson

(As a fact of history, sadly 95% of Black Americans who voted for Obama had been influenced to see whites as their continued oppressors, voting for Obama as their redeemer from the long-time teaching of Black Liberation Theology of a coming black Christ who would destroy the whites. It is also why they demean any black who is against Obama by labeling them as an Oreo Cookies.  It is why black leaders, seeing only 50% whites supporting Obama during the election, were calling white voters racists, the drive-by media pushing their theme in hopes Obama would destroy the Republican Party. - Webmaster

To the Obama voters, you were told but refused to look deeper for yourself into Obama's past, but maybe you did know and were hoping Obama would drive America into the ground.

Now 18 months later, we're all paying for your incompetence, surely not the Americans Jefferson and Washington had hoped you would be when these men put their lives on the line for YOUR Republic, the drive-by media directly involved in spreading the lies about conservatives while saying nothing about Obama's vile Marxist past.



In the end, the Democrat Party and many of its members knew they had chosen a communist to run for president.  I now wonder if the DNC wanted Obama in office as president of the United States so he would fundamentally change America and make the Democrat Party the new ruling party to control the country!

For those who don't believe it, explain why the Democrats are going to force fines on Americans who cannot afford the government's healthcare, why they wrote a financial bill that ignored their goose that laid the golden egg, Freddie and Fannie, and now have allowed the Obama administration to sue Arizona while its citizens and police officers are being killed by illegals with drugs coming crossing the border.  The Obama administration even allowed warning signs to be put up on five federal lands in Arizona that these lands, America's soil, is not safe to travel on!

Even a local police officer has said in horrible frustration to the Obama administration's agenda to protect illegals, Our own government has become our enemy.

The Democrats are allowing it because they want amnesty for those same illegals so these illegals can vote for the party in 2012.  In other words, dead Americans at the hands of illegals are acceptable collateral damage to the corrupt and vile Democrat [communist] Party and their future rule of America under Obama's Czars.  And when anyone dares to call Obama a liar, the Democrat Party's goons in Congress pounces on them.

The July 2010 editorial from the Right Side News goes over much information about Obama in a single article that has documented Obama's mentoring since a small boy, raised by communist parents, and then mentored by a communist while influenced in Muslim beliefs by a step father.  Talk about a molotov cocktail thrown into the middle of the central government of America in Washington DC.

Now you can finally understand the destructive power of the federal government against the people our founders had warned you about, but you just couldn't bring yourself to believe those elected people could be such evil weasels.

But what is most stunning about this article from the editor of the Right Side News is the list of sealed documents that Americans are not allowed to read about on Obama's past in their so-called free society by a man who promised in the election he wants to be transparent.  How admirable from a man influenced by communists all his life.

A statement by the deceased Muammar Gaddafi from a speech given in the summer of 2008 explains exactly what Obama was doing in his statements during the election and what he continues to do today:

We hope that this [promises Obama made during the election] is merely  an election "clearance sale," as they say in Egypt.  As you know this is the farce of elections."   

"Then when the people say you promised this and that . . . [they should have known] this was elections propaganda." - Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi,  June 11, 2008



You need to remember that Obama, without blinking an eye, had allowed the Chinese Communist Flag to fly at your White House on its 60th anniversary of murdering 50-million Chinese in 1949, humans who wanted no part of an ideology that suppressed the human spirit, an idea our forefathers had protected in saying freedom came from God, not man. 

Then recently Obama allowed the PLO to fly its flag in Washington D.C. on our country's soil, as America's ties with Israel seem to hang by a threat dissed by this Muslim-influenced president Democrats had supported and had help to be elected.

Even far-left Politifact has trouble supporting Obama, finally unable to ignore his own lies on their Obamameter.

Wake up America, for your time is short before reaching the point of no return! 



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