Plea from Barbara Curley, Mother of Jeffrey Curley, to help her lawsuit against NAMBLA and the ACLU



If homosexuals, like the ones in this following story who viciously tortured and murdered young boys, are not held to the same standards of accountability reported by newspapers, which holds others to the fire who commit similar acts, then we, as Americans, are deceiving ourselves into believing America is a country with a free press that has our best interests in mind as a safe and stable society.

When groups are favored and the heinous acts of their members are purposely kept off the pages of our local newspapers, then the intentions of our Fourth Estate has been hijack. To prove a point, Kathy Renna, PR manager for GLAAD, reported at its convention in the fall of 1999, that GLAAD now had infiltrated the press with over 1,500 advocating journalists. This was given only months after Jesse had been murdered by NAMBLA members and one year after Jeffrey's heinous attack and murder. Renna said that other journalists across the country no longer needed to get the other side of a story. She reported to GLAAD that homosexuals now held the high ground with the press. The next day the press agreed in its silence across the board. We see, from the little to no reporting on the deaths of these boys, that GLAAD has met its Fascist agenda.

Too many of today's elitist managing editors have put themselves above the public's right to know, just as the Nazi's had done with their public relations campaign in Germany for the purpose of also cleansing a nation (of its Jews.)

When specific topics of the news are withheld or promoted for the purpose of changing the public's perception on an issue, then the public's right to make its own decision has been mocked , not being trusted to make the right decision with the truth.

Read the following introduction or move on to Barbara Curley's personal story in her words

Barbara Curley and her husband.

In 1997, adult male members of NAMBLA, had lured Barbara Curley's young son into thinking strangers were cool, their buying him treats and promising him a bicycle. But what Jeffrey, a 10-year old little boy didn't know, was that these men wanted access to his still developing sexual organs and private parts.

It's not much different than the men had done to Jesse Dirkhising, a boy of 13-years old. His murderers had tied Jesse to a mattress on the floor, securing him with duct tape so they could have fun sticking items into his anus without him being able to get away. When he screamed from the pain, they stuffed his underwear into his mouth taking life's air supply from him while they continued to abuse his body. Do you think they were sorry? When they were done, they took their pants down and spilled out their warm feces all over the teenager's dead body.

Jeffrey Curley, unlike Jesse, was simply held down by a very obese NAMBLA member. He was reported to have held a rag soaked with gasoline to the child's face in the back seat of the man's fancy car until little Jeffrey was dead. A report said the men then took Jeffrey back to their apartment and played with his dead cadaver. When done with violating the body, they stuffed little Jeffrey's dead body into a Tubberware tub and covered it with lime, added concrete and then throw it into the river. Not exactly the story of baby Moses, who was covered with a warm blanket as he sailed down a river alive and in an open basket.

Barbara Curley, Jeffrey's mother, sued NAMBLA in 1999 to take down their offensive Web site that had helped to kill her child, Web site pages found in the murderer's apartment. She probably thought other sane Americans would agree with the injustice that had been done to her son. She was wrong.

Barbara is a resident of the State of Massachusetts. Her U.S. Senator is the "Honorable" Ted Kennedy, who screamed on the floor of the senate a year after Jeffrey's murder for a national Hate Crime's Bill, this one for the murder of the 20-year old adult, Matthew Shepard of Wyoming.

10-year old Jeffrey Curley

Yet Ted Kennedy has never pushed for a bill on the floor of the U.S. Congress to stop NAMBLA members from killing little boys to have anal sex with them, as if fresh meat, nor even mentioning his sadness on the floor of congress for his Massachusetts's family's grief. But what would you expect from a millionaire, who had left his girlfriend to die in a stream decades ago, not reporting the incident until the following day . . . too concerned about his political future then to follow the rules the rest of us are expected to honor.

So is it any surprise Washington Democrats have no problem with the senator being their major spokesman for the party, proving again that you can't make this stuff up.

But there is more to Jeffrey's story, and it will make you vomit.

The ACLU quickly joined NAMBLA against Mrs. Curley's lawsuit, providing its national support pro-bono to the male organization, one whose mission is to create a law that drops the age of sexual consent for little boys with adult men down to ten-years old. If that law had been in effect, Jeffrey's murderers could have said Jeffrey had given consent and that, "unfortunately, accidents will happen."

Now jumping five years ahead, the Massachusetts courts have yet to demand to hear Barbara Curley's case, we believe these liberals in black robes are hoping she'll run out of money first. So much for U.S. Constitution's promise of quick and speedy trial stuffed down a toilet in the name of political correctness.

At the same time and in concert with the courts, the ACLU continues to provide its secular lawyers with huge budgets, (compliments by Hollywood élitists and liberal elitists that include many university professors), to help the ACLU defend NAMBLA's organization for free, saying the NAMBLA Web site is not an issue about securing sex with little boys for its members enjoyment, but instead an issue of the member's rights of free speech.

You should know the ACLU and NAMBLA have more in common than you might think. The ACLU filed a brief about three years ago in a Kansas City case, arguing that a man would have never been placed in jail for sodomy with a child if the mentally-challenged 14-year old he had sex with, could have legally given the man permission to use his body as a pleasure palace.

You will hear little about this case from your localwe-want-to-help-protect-the-children-of-your-community newspapers, as managing editors across the country take personal control of what readers are allowed to read in their local newspapers. Many of these editors are members of the 1970's-formed progressive American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE), one that had removed the word religion from its hiring diversity statement for journalists, coloring the news in newspapers across the country. We always knew that the word diversity never really meant diversity.

Believe it or not, you'll even hear less in the press about Jesse Dirkhising.

Jesse's murder was literally never reported by almost all managing editors of mainstream newspapers and television networks across the United States, what I call "the day the presses stood still." Dan Rather and others network news hosts must have found the story offensive to advocating homosexuals and wouldn't report on it, as they were eagerly reporting on the murder of 20-year old Matthew Shepard or the sodomy of young boys by Priests, who by the way never tried to viciously killed any of their victims.

Not surprisingly, only Fox News cared enough to attend the murder trial of Jesse's weird murderers in Arkansas in 1999. Is it then any wonder why today's media moguls hate Fox News for its fair and balanced reporting, something they all seemed to have left behind years ago, as proven by GLAAD's outrageous but true claim in 1999.

You should be interested to know in an archived check I paid for from a major newspaper in the northeast in the fall of 2001, I had been shocked to discover the deliberate non-reporting of Jesse's death in a so-called friendly-family newspaper, the Newark-Star Ledger of New Jersey. It was just an example of what had happened to almost all mainstream newspapers across the country influenced by the ASNE, the central authority for what newspapers will print and how they will print it.

I discovered the editors had shaped the news for their readers to meet GLAAD's demands, providing 40 stories about Matthew Shepard's death, 33 of them placed on newspaper pages numbering ten or higher. This included one editorial from its managing editor, calling for support of Kennedy's Hate Crime's Bill, while another story was published on page one.

I had written an editor at the Star-Ledger at the time, telling him of the results of my research and asking why I couldn't find one original story on 13-year old Jesse Dirkhising's murder, asking why in the Ledger's eyes a straight 13-year old's death was not equal to the death of a man. The editor fired back a terse e-mail, saying the paper had done a story on Jesse Dirkhising's murder, and that I didn't know what I was talking about.

I paid to check the paper's archive section again, and still found no original stories on Jesse Dirkhising's abuse, murder, and torture. But I did find the one story the editor had referred to. In fact, it wasn't a story at all. It was a press release from the fall of 1999 from guess who? You're right, GLAAD!

GLAAD's press release, which had been picked up by the Ledger, called a conservative group "homophobic" (GLAAD's favorite hateful word) for having the audacity of asking the same questions I had. The press release had even been positioned back by the Ledger's comic's page, I believe around page 44 . . . real far from pages one through ten that had blessed Matthew Shepard's murder. The Ledger's editorial hearts looked as if they were black as coal.

It's now December of 2005, and Barbara Curley's son still lies in his grave six years later. He would have been close to entering his senior year of high school now. While the Curley's were suffering from what could have been, the O'Reilly Factor reported a few months ago that Jeffrey's murderer was having a good time running around a Massachusetts State prison sodomizing other inmates (being referred to as having sex.)

So let's review what we've been talking about on behalf of Mrs. Curley.

When you talk to a managing editor of an American newspaper, you may be actually talking to a supporter or maybe even a member of GLAAD, NAMBLA, or the ACLU. The press is no longer an advocate for the blue-collar worker, the average man on the street found in the classic Christmas movie, "It's a Wonderful Life." I believe many white-collar managing editors today see readers more as cattle to be moved around the ranch than treating them as individuals that have a constitutional right to know. And I believe today too many journalists do not live with us, but instead just desire to live among us as aliens that would keep their distance.

An example of this happened in the reporting a few years ago of a New Jersey governor's race, the newspapers never reporting that "their" candidate for governor, who had been photographed with his married, lovely family, was in reality a closet advocate. Once elected with the Ledger's support, he had the power to promote his lover, and we don't mean his wife, to head New Jersey's Homeland Security, the lover having no experience in the job.

As newspapers like these continue to not trust the people to make the right decisions on their own simply by reporting of the news as it falls on the page, voters will never have a chance to say "Yea" or "Nay" based on the truth, as happened with this governor's race. The underreporting of the New Jersey governor's dual personality basically proved the local newspaper felt the people were better off not knowing the truth. And that's exactly what should scare you about many who runs your pressrooms today; newspapers thinking the folks outside their ivory towers are not smart enough to make their own decisions about who should represent them and what they should believe.

That's why the word democracy is used to describe our government, and the word treason is used to describe those who would try to steal it.





"Freedom is Knowledge"