These are very dangerous times

The following is very dangerous to your freedoms . . . as a U.S. Senator, one of many Washington Democrats, is trying to erode your right to listen and speak freely. You can hear his comment below.

Can you imagine a world where Democrats like Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, and Boxer would measure time on the air of subject matter, then deciding whether it's conservative or liberal and dictating to the host what must happen for the program to air?


Last year in North Carolina alone, the corrupt politicians of the senate, (the ones who didn't go after Black or Nifong until the stink filled the room around them), tried to create a bill that would make all talk radio hosts in the state register as lobbyists, the hosts then having to get permission from the senate to talk about a candidate's position and statements during an election. (Note: It is reported to date that 16 North Carolina House of Representatives have already been brought up for ethic's violations of their own.)

Is there any surprise then about what is going on with the immigration bill brought to life again in Congress on June 26th, 2007, with both parties voting against the wishes of the people, as business men like Kerry and Bush want cheap labor for their business lobbyists while shoving more expensive American workers out of their jobs (as reported on Glenn Beck's Show June 26th, 2007.)

If the American people don't watch their backs, elected leaders such as Senator John Kerry and his far-left Democrat peers will try to shut down conservative talk radio. Yet in his interview, you will not hear hear Kerry mention shows like Air America. Gee, I wonder why? He says there is no equal time on talk radio but the big player, Fox News, for the years I had been watching has almost always provided equal time for opposing views, rarely found on other networks or cable channels such as CNN. I had even thought they had gone overboard.

Kerry here is probably talking about the Swift Boats, furious because they had caught Kerry in a direct lie that had been part of the testimony he had given to Congress in the 1970's. My father was in Okinawa in WWII, and young heroes like him rarely, if ever, talked about their days in the war while hating opportunists like Kerry. My father even had a stomach wound he would never tell me about. "And I never saw a purple heart, John."

Yet Kerry used his military service to promote a political career, later lying to Congress and filming his activities in Nam using an 8mm camera. Some of the Vietnamese, who made it into this country because they had not been assassinated by the Cong, refer to Kerry, "Mr. Jane Fonda."

Yet Kerry was delighted to accept an award in the mid 1990s from the North Vietnam Communists for his personally helping to stop the war against them by the United States. If you don't believe me, click the above link to read the article about the photo op Kerry attended for that event. (Are you surprised that another Democrat, Harry Reid, told the American people about Iraq, "The War is Lost?" This love of defeat obviously runs in the family.

My father would have called Kerry a traitor and Reid an idiot. However, you should know that a majority of the voters of Massachusetts see Kerry as their hero, along with Ted Kennedy, who years ago allowed his girl friend to rot in a river while he survived to made phone calls for career damage control, the young woman's parents having to wait 24 hours to discover their daughter had been killed while in Ted's company (or lack of it.)

Kerry is a far-left Democrat that married into more money, I believe considered a billionaire and one that now wants to shut down opposite opinions for his own personal and political gain. Since he can't win against them, he will instead made sure they are shut down. Gee, didn't a German leader in WWII try that, too?

Pass the Heinz Ketchup . . . out the window that is. Oh, intelligence doesn't mean your smart, the people of Massachusetts voting for Kerry while they knew he had bragged about three-purple hearts during the last presidential election, not one injury sending him to the hospital. One injury was caused when his group had blown up bags of rice so the enemy could not use it for themselves, some of the rice, or whatever, hitting him . . . and zippo a purple heart. There were men who would have been embarrassed to even apply for it.

It's why I believe there is a civil war coming for Americans to take their country back from opportunists that are filthy rich and arrogant, Senators such as John Kerry.

Listen now

A statement of Kerry's character - from his own mouth


Congressional Record, John Kerry's testimoney on April 22, 1971.

The Congressional Record

Legislative proposals relating to the war in Southeast Asia, Thursday, April 22, 1971

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