Date: May 29, 2012

North Carolina Teenager Uses The Free Speech Given To Her By The Sacrifice Of Others.

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North Carolina teenager uses the free speech given to her by the sacrifice of others . . . and why we need to always remember those who died for our freedoms on Memorial Day.


Amazing North Carolina teenager, Madeleine McAulay, visits with Fox & Friends May 23, 2012, on her video in support of the state's vote on Marriage.


Click here to watch the video that got Madeleine McAulay so much HATE MAIL AND DEATH THREATS from progressive liberal fascists. .

Visit Teen's Very Mature Web Site



Important Addendum To Free Speech

You should know that YouTube had first refused to post Madeleine McAulay's video on her opinion of same-sex marriage being denied by a solid majority of the voters of North Carolina where she lives. YouTube's excuse was that Madeleine's short video was not in keeping with YouTube's "community guidelines."

I had asked myself, What community guidelines? It was an election by the people!

In other words, to YouTube's disturbing corporate culture some Americans have more free speech than others. Bill Maher's comments were easily posted on YouTube without rejection, Maher laughing and calling Palin the C Word while his arrogant and aloof liberal progressive audience in New York City laughed on as if it was 1932 in Germany and Maher was instead referring to a Jew.

Yet a 16-year old North Carolina teenager in 2012 is seen as dangerous by "The YouTube Team?"

How disturbing it is when these bubble head software developers had the freedom to develop their software as they saw fit, then later when becoming billionaires suddenly positioned themselves above the clouds as if Greek Gods to determine whose freedom of speech was acceptable for YouTube viewers and whose was not.

These elitist pariah in doing this pushed aside, as if annoying, those simple everyday American Joe's and Jane's who gave their lives to protect America's freedoms from fascists like those now at the helm at YouTube.

What happened in the French Revolution is being repeated by the elitists at YouTube, Facebook, and Google.  Take away freedoms in the name of political correctness, call it "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," under the ego of Robespierre morph to "Off with their heads," not unlike what YouTube is now doing electronically.

After YouTube's rejection by the "YouTube team due to community standards," Breitbart posted her online video instead while advising its visitors what YouTube had done to Madeleine's freedom of speech. - Read More from Breitbart

Note: On Memorial Day morning, May 28, 2012, censors at YouTube suddenly allowed Madeleine McAulay's simple home video of free speech to be posted again, YouTube acting as if they had never aligned its corporate culture with a radical movement sometimes referred to as the pink Nazis ; i.e., WARNING! - Graphic photos of actual annual event with a reported 300,000 in attendance.)

Fascism Comes to America

Life in America is not unlike the social environment in Germany before the election of 1932. - Webmaster



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