50 Reasons Socialists / Marxists May Feel Comfortable Voting for Obama Again in 2012

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1. Obama is supported by Marxists.

Obama’s own Web site allows postings of Marxists for Obama. This should be no surprise, his young arrogant mind shaped by his Marxist mentor when Obama lived in Hawaii. In the end coming from radical parents, Obama was destined to embrace the teaching of Marxism.


2. Obama later found himself in Harvard through the assistance of an Alinsky supporter.


3. Obama, while in Chicago in the late 1990's, helped to destroy America’s housing market by pushing banks to give homes to people who couldn’t afford them, using ACORN's radical membership as a vehicle.

Obama, as a paid attorney, trained ACORN members on the south side of Chicago on how to harass banks to give out bad mortgages to people who couldn't afford them. Democrats would be able to sell the idea to banks by allowing them to avoid the mortgages forced upon them by selling the bad paper to Freddie and Fannie

The end game was not to give mortgages to people who couldn't afford them, but to create a new voting block for Democrats through taxpayer risk. Ten years later the Democrat greed for votes-at-any-cost would almost destroy the country as Obama was taking the office of president. The high office would allow him and his Democrats to give bailouts to Wall Street giants who had been caught up bundling what was now discovered to be millions of bad loans.

It affected even Americans with excellent credit, causing their own homes to dive in value while homes in their neighborhood went empty and unkept.


4. Obama sees hope and change through the acts of radicals.

Obama later blessed the OWS, their insurrection spreading across America and into its ports. Obama supporter, San Francisco Congress women, Nancy Pelosi, even proclaimed that God blessed OWS.

Nancy Pelosi: God bless occupy Wall Street protestors - YouTube


5. Obama was helped by the Communist New Party for his election to Illinois Senate.


6. Obama, during the 2008 election, denied having any association with Bill Ayers.

Candidate Obama’s answer to his knowing the bomber Bill Ayers was to say he was only eight-years old when Ayer’s group, the Weather Underground, was attacking buildings in the United States.  Yet Obama knew full well he had passed out millions of dollars with the CAC in the late 1990's, a socialist program for Chicago school children written by Bill Ayers himself.


7. Obama was the first candidate to use the technique of a flash mob to intimidate his detractors when running for office.



8. Obama supports those who would merge the sexes.

Radical, Ruth Bater Ginsburg, wanted to remove sex as an identifier and destroy traditional family values by unifying the sexes.  For instance, Ginsburg believed groups should merge their organizations into one, for instance Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts no longer identified as girls and boys. Then later the establishment Republicans would finally give their consent for Ginsburg to sit on the Supreme Court.


9. Obama worships Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist out to destroy the strength of the family. 

Sanger wanted to remove useless humans from the world, deciding who would live and who would die.  Ironic for Black Obama who was trained in Indonesia, reports say half of Blacks in America are now being extinguished by America’s Planned Parenthood.  


Candidate Obama saw Sanger as a hero, confirming it when speaking to Planned Parenthood during the election.  But many already knew where Obama’s heart was, while as an Illinois Senator he would not support a bill protecting babies that had lived through an abortion.


10. Candidate Obama is proud to show his annoyance to American patriotism, one that promotes in his mind a dangerous love of country.


Presidential candidate Obama said he didn't have to wear "that pin" to show his patriotism. That pin he was referring to in this video, is the same one many Americans wore after the attack on 9/11 by Muslim fundamentalists.


11. Obama dedicates the office of the U.S. President to support Sharia Law in the Western world, which if allowed would permanently weaken those democracies and then finally end them.


12. Candidate Obama and his Democrats used anti-American iconography to push his election in 2008 with a Marxist theme of America being destroyed with the eagle shown to be flying away while its motto of freedom fading into the background

Obama, as the public looked on without concern, removed the American flag on his campaign aircraft in 2008 and replaced it with his own Marxist "O" iconic logo.


Note how this iconography is now affecting symbols on U.S. government sites, getting rid of American traditional symbols with symbols close to those of Islam.


13. Obama openly showed his disdain for America in front of a child by saying, “America is, is no longer, uh, what it could be, what it, it once was.”


14. Obama was able to send a clear message to the world, giving his first interview as President of the United States to a Muslim journalist, setting up that America would no longer be a premier country in the world under his administration, just another one of many.


15. Obama also sent a clear message to the world of his strong Muslim ties. As the top representative of the United States, Obama bowed down to a Saudi Prince in literally a heart beat.

It was a very discomforting moment for me and other Americans who (1) don't think an American president should bow to any King and (2) no American, president or otherwise, should bow to a King who oversees a Wahhabist state which seeks to export Shariah law and violence against anyone who is not Male and not from the same extreme form of Islam.   


16. Obama, personally and early-on in his presidency, pushed to the world how Christianity was unimportant to him by purposely covering up a classic reference to Jesus in a historic American building. Obama didn't want the symbol to be seen while he spoke on network television. The alternative was to speak in another setting. But then Obama wouldn't have been able to mock the life of Christ to millions around the world.

"Here's a topic for conversation, especially among Sophians, as Sophia University is a Jesuit (also Catholic!) University like Georgetown. Compare the picture above with the picture below... Do you see any difference in the background/setting?" - brittonia.blogspot, April 22, 2009.      


17. Obama established a public school pro-gay advocate and Czar under the soft-sounding description of a "Safe School Czar," meaning not safe for all students but safe specifically for gay students.

Mr. Jennings has made extremely radical statements promoting homosexuality in schools and about his utter contempt for religion that render him unsuitable for a prestigious White House appointment. His job in the Obama administration is to ensure student safety, and this scandal directly calls into question his ability to perform that job. Mr. Jennings and Obama administration officials refuse to answer any questions about this newly discovered evidence. A lot of Americans want answers about this guy and how he was approved for a job in the White House.

Photo Source: AP



18. Home Schooling Parents are concerned Obama through the Federal Government will force them to teach radical progressive agendas to their children.


19. Obama is the first American president to encourage students to not only know his name but to praise it.

Remember last year when that video of school kids singing about Obama appeared on the net to creep out parents? Here’s a new one of school kids being taught to sing praise of Obama. No one knows yet where this took place, or what school." - Source copy - www.fireandreamitchell.com   
Dictator-type propaganda infects school - small kids taught to praise Obama by Black author / teacher  


20. Obama bravely created the official title of Czars to describe those around him that would be responsible for creating regulations to control the American people, Czar named after the Communist leaders in Russia.

In knowing that he rested his belief in his agenda to fundamentally change America, Obama created Czars, a word from Communist Russia. The Czars in turn would create a treasure-trove of regulations that would begin to crush the main economic engine that drove America.


21. Obama supports the radical progressive agenda of America's Supreme Court, hoping to put more liberals on the court of nine individuals who serve for life.


22. Obama praised the Occupy Wall Street movement as great American patriots demanding their freedom of speech.

Obama supported this movement that turned Marxist after his blessing, which then moved across the country into city after city, town after town. He embraced the OWS tents and their occupants as if representing America’s forefathers, a brilliant Marist move.

OWS is Obama's child.  


23. Obama’s Marxist agenda has been pushed by the radical liberal progressive media, which is 80% supportive of the far-left Democrat Party and its mission for social justice.

TIME Magazine couldn’t wait to make their Marxist hero Man of Year by his deeds, so instead TIME made Obama Man of the Year on what he “might” do with a radical take over of the country.

Proof of the successful results of America’s national progressive media was in its burying all the negative radical facts about Obama while pushing all the negative reports on his opponent.  In other words, thank goodness no one knew about Obama’s radical past yet knew everything about the clothing budget of Obama’s opponent, Sarah Palin.  Hail to Obama’s media comrades.


24. Obama's radical mainstream media helped to promote him as if being faithful to Christians, while they dissed a known believing Christian running for office at the same time. America's progressive media from 2008 is still in place to push Obama to victory in 2012. During Christmas of 2011, for instance, the mainstream media went out of its way to show Obama attending church in Hawaii during his vacation while at the same time discouraging photos of him playing golf.

The Marxist mainstream media gladly shows their hero, Obama, as religious.  But when another candidate for president was seen near light hitting a white book shelf that looked like a cross, the Obama media got all upset, calling it a religious statement.  


25. Obama's media was successful in making Dr. Alan Keyes look like a monkey on Obama's win in 2008, putting their radical heel on his throat.



26. Obama's Marxist spin masters were masterful in helping to extinguish any one challenging Obama's birth certificate as idiots, even when the real certificate placed online by the White House had actual errors embedded in the .pdf file! What a master achievement in indoctrination.


27. Obama was able to create a national, socialist healthcare center using promises he could never keep, doing what a Marxist does best; taking what's best within the society and making ignorant voters believe it's corrupt.

Meanwhile medical doctors are going broke as Obama cuts their Medicare reimbursements.


28. Obama takes over all student loans from banks right under the noses of Republicans.

The bill will allow Obama, after winning the election in 2012, to use those loans to force millions of students to serve in Obama's domestic security force as part of their payback to the federal government, something Obama and his Democrats couldn't do when banks had controlled of the loans. In fact it was a campaign promise by candidate Obama, saying he wanted as much money for his Civilian Security
Work Force
as was being spent on our entire military.

The environment, therefore, has also been created for students, who when needed to report to Obama's leaders in groups across the nation for service (cough) in the summer to their country, to be subject to politically correct objectives at an assigned location to maintain their loans. For instance, it could be knocking on doors to identify a home owner's friendliness to Obama's objectives or being sure global warming objectives are being met.

Marxists or Fascism can be very creative when using the youth to send a message across a society, as experienced in Germany in WWII or in the cultural revolution in China.


29. Obama, during his election, was openly supported by Pagans.

(Note list of radical far-left groups under the category of churches.)


30. Obama puts down the American military, unimpressed a Muslim had killed 13 soldiers on their own soil, then later mocks those murders as simply workplace violence.


31. Candidate Obama supports unions and their violence to promote membership and support for his upcoming election.

Obama's thugs  . . . hey, it's just normal connections.   


32. Under Obama’s leadership, the SEIU no longer needs to hide its Communist connections.

Obama allowed the unions to do his dirty work against Tea Party supporters

Unions said it was the Tea Party that was trying to destroying America, keeping the focus off of the comrades representing Marxism in America.


33. Obama has full support of the radical teachers' union, the NEA, as the outgoing president called conservatives that report on the union's Marxist-like control "bastards" to 8,000 radical cheering NEA members at their annual convention in 2009.

NEA's cheering labor thugs.   


34. Obama circumvents the normal cycle of business for monetary gain. General Motors, which should have been able to fail, was prevented from doing so by Obama. This kept GM from breaking existing contracts with its unions, the ones that give millions to Obama's election campaigns.

Obama takes the Marxist route, giving investors 29 cents to the dollar for their investment in GM while basically turning the company over to the unions through preventing GM from breaking the union's contract.

That union is one of the largest supporters of Obama for re-election in 2012. Obama also eliminated many dealers, including successful ones that were Republican donors. He also used the power of the Federal Government to force those same dealers to give up decades-long list of accumulated loyal customer.



35. Obama tries to take over the African-American Chamber of Commerce membership by re-creating it at the White House.


36. Obama uses the EPA to go after everyday Americans. At the same time the EPA threatens the shutdown of coal plants that would cause brown-outs for millions of Americans over emissions, part of an Obama promise to reshape America into his Marxist society of "to obey." Candidate Obama had claimed Americans would be paying a lot more for electricity under his administration, and he said it without blinking an eye.


37. Obama commented on Bush and high gasoline prices during the Bush presidency, saying everyday people had to sacrifice to pay these high prices. Yet at that time Obama took office gasoline was $1.87 a gallon. 

Obama was brilliant, knowing his supporters would vote for him when gas was at $1.87 a gallon, thinking it was high based on Obama's statements during the election.  Yet when gasoline reached $3.39 a gallon under an Obama presidency two years later, Democrats and Obama knew voters would say nothing, Obama instead blaming it on Congress while the media stayed suddenly silent.


38. Obama underreports actual available energy in U.S. to keep the nation bleeding money to overseas energy sources.


39. Obama successfully used green energy as an excuse to use taxpayer money to give failed green businesses faux success, even at the point when these businesses were ready to lay off employees!


40. Obama dissed the wealth of some Americans, while he accepts as much money as possible for a possible billion-dollar war chest for the 2012 elections, proving American voters are the best voters money can buy.

Obama attacked the rich as the 1 percenters while having a high standard of living himself before becoming president.


41. Obama continues to push ways to remove guns from Americans.

Obama allowed his appointment to the Department of Justice to actively run a stealth gun program called Fast & Furious, that would guarantee the murder of Mexicans.  In turn, Obama could then blame American gun shops in the 2012 election for selling guns that killed innocent people south of the border.

So corrupt only a Marxist could have created it.  


42. Obama’s Marxist Shadow Government run from Washington D.C. to overwhelm American life and American business.

SHADOW GOVERNMENT - Inside the mad, mad, mad, mad world of Obama's czars.   


43. Obama takes Navy Seal capture of bin laden as an election 2012 bonanza, using Sony that contributed to his campaign along with the Hollywood director, who had dissed the military through the movie "The Hurt Locker," to promote Obama's accomplishment. The movie on Obama's pushing the button to go after bin laden is then planned for release one month before the 2012 presidential election, with Hollywood liberals having exclusive access to secret Navy Seal families.



44. Obama, a hero to many of today's American voters who are looking for a handout, found the joy of Marxism when he was a young man.

The Best of Michael Ramirez.   

Obama uses the techniques of another famous and brilliant dictator.


45. Obama returned the Bust of Churchill, a gift to the American people. Obama didn't want the symbol around the White House because he saw Britain as a Colonialist empire. However, President Obama would later send a reported 23-million dollars to Kenya to push a Constitution onto its people that would make abortions legal in that country.


46. The Obama's successfully allowed the raising of the Chinese Communist Flag in full sight of the White House to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Communist Party, which had killed at least 50 million Chinese when taking over the country.


47. Obama attacked FOX News for its patriotic and conservative programming, getting its executive to add more liberals to its programming such as Jehmu Greene. In addition, Obama's Communist Green Czar, Van Jones, used his Marxist group, Color of Change, to convince Roger Ailes to dump Glenn Beck by getting rid of Beck's advertisers through Marxist intimidation.


48. Obama made GE's CEO his national job motivator, while GE had contributed to Obama's campaign, paid no taxes, and sent American GE jobs to China and India.


49. Obama openly decorated the White House Christmas Tree with an ornament dedicated to Mao.


50. Obama holds back deporting around a quarter-million illegals. Conservatives then made fun of them, calling them Obama's undocumented Democrats ready for voting in the 2012 elections.


- Even More -




Former President George Bush runs away with a passion from making any comment on the radical agendas and policies of Barack Obama. Birds of a fundamentally changing America? You decide. Just watch all the squirming by Bush as O'Reilly questions him on The Factor.


Warnings of Obama's radical agenda may have come too late in his promise to fundamental change the United States of America.







"Freedom is Knowledge"