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In October of 2009 one had even wondered, Does the Supreme Court Still Sit?


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Kagan, Sotomayor Breathed New Wind Into Liberals' Sails


A traditional America has been fundamentally changed by a U.S. Supreme Court morphing for several decades, through liberals added to the court that now look toward decisions of Europe's secular courts for answers.

It would continue in that direction lead by the ACLU secularist, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who believes Supreme Court rulings should move away from the constrictions of the Constitution. All but two Republicans were included in the approval of Ginsburg's nomination in 1993, even knowing she had held an executive position with the ACLU.

"These nine judges have  ultimate (but largely discretionary) appellate jurisdiction over all state and federal courts, and original jurisdiction over a small range of cases." -  wikipedia

Obama, in seeing America as just another country in a one-world collective, had been personally pushing the Supreme Court in this same direction, two of his ultra-liberal nominees accused of lying to Congress during their nomination hearings.

Here is a brief overview of some of the Supreme Court's decisions since the 1980's. They prove the court's recent rulings have embraced secular European influence, quickly drifting away from the intent of America's founders.

Along with a description of these critical decisions that strike at the heart of America's foundation, some reminders have been added for the reader how the American society existed before the 1970's before the coming of the progressive movement. It was a country that was literally 180 degrees out of sync with the one we live in today. So don't be too quick to jump up and down, praising the so-called free world around you. You may discover it's not so wonderful when compared with the American society of 50 years ago run by the greatest generation who won WWII.



1.) The federal government can now be involved in allowing abortions in the U.S., as taxpayer money may go for abortions overseas.

The original argument debated by the liberals in Roe vs. Wade has since been labeled lies and distortion the court had allowed rather than further investigate until the truth could have discovered.

John Edwards, who ran for Vice President and comes from a southern state, North Carolina, was reported to be for partial-birth abortion.

Life in America before the 1970's: Americans believed in not taking the civil rights away from the unborn. Parents of the pregnant mother saw the unborn child as their grandchild, looking forward to what it could become in a free country. Today, progressive grandparents may even want to help drive their daughter to the abortion clinic, in this case a "clinic" not designed to aid the sick.

How many Benny Goodman's of the world, great comedians, or inventors coming from the 1920's, born to a poverty-stricken parents, would today have their aborted cells sold to Planned Parenthood? And sadly how many African America babies feed this organization's income with so many abortions. Yet the leadership of the CBC says nothing of this holocaust, while President Obama, a huge supporter of Margaret Sanger, salutes this 1930's Eugenicist for her efforts to get rid of the poorer races.

Finally, while progressives bow down to Darwin's theory that the fittest survive through evolution, the progressive monitoring of what comes out of the human womb in our current world may have actually negated Darwin's work by intervening in the natural order of things.

Progressive's answer? "Those babies would have become criminals. Now move along. Nothing to see here."

Finally, thanks to the Supreme Court's ruling do you know what happened in Kenya pushed by the Obama Administration?


2.) The court has ruled religious symbols can be removed from government property while the mentioning of God or the playing of a classic religious melody is forbidden.

This becomes laughable within a society that brags about its guarantee of free speech for each citizen. Maybe America ought to shut up about free speech, lest we look like fools to the outside world.

"Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case and let stand a 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that the school district was within its authority to bar a work with an explicitly religious theme." - Seattle Times

Life in America before the 1970's: Students in public schools were allowed to pray at a time when free speech in America was protected. You could gather in prayer wherever you wanted under the banner of the freedom of expression. In 2011, thanks to the efforts of the ACLU and its Communist founder, Roger Nash Baldwin, born of a wealthy elitist family from Boston, that has all changed with the ACLU's members successfully suppressing religious free speech in America.

People of faith, who dare to bow their heads and give silent prayer on public property, might wonder if anyone is looking who may report it to authorities. And if so will it result in jail time for that simple act of humility, as was the attempt in Santa Rosa County in the panhandle of Florida by the ACLU.

Progressives answer? "Religion is a prop for people who are weak. Their annoying Bibles are filled with myths written by historic scribes who were not as smart as today's progressives. Therefore they didn't understand what they were seeing and created lies. Now move along. Nothing to see here."


3.) The Supreme Court declined to take on public prayer cases where lower courts said prayer that used to be allowed in America was now unconstitutional.

"The court rejected an appeal of a US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that said the predominantly Christian prayers that began meetings of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners in North Carolina were unconstitutional for violating the First Amendment's prohibition on government endorsement of a single religion.

The justices also refused to weigh the merits of a US Third Circuit Court of Appeals decision that ruled the recitation of a religious invocation at a monthly school board meeting in the Indian River School District in Delaware was unconstitutional." - FOX News


4.) Sodomy can no longer be challenged as a means in spreading AIDS.

In addition in 2017, California removed the penalty for giving blood for public use even if the person giving blood KNEW they had AIDS.

Because of this Supreme Court ruling, as of this writing sodomy is acknowledged down to the 6th grade level in the York City State Schools under the leadership, or lack of, by another secular individual supported by the ACLU, Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Compliments of Mediscan.
Compliments of Medic scan.
Compliments of Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan.
Compliments of Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan.
STD / Herpes Simplex

Life in America before the 1970's: Sodomy was not a topic of conversation, understood to be a potential source of spreading diseases such as AIDS. That's because this was not on student's minds as something to engage in. Why would anyone mess with their health or that of someone else?

For me, I graduated from a class of around 500 in a school of about 2,000 students. So when I say it wasn't discussed, I meant it. Today, under the support of Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, sodomy will become a teaching point for 6th graders about what are the acceptable ways to have sex. I wish I was making this up, but I'm not.

And as for pregnancies and STDs back before the 1970's, at my large high school I remember being aware of two girls becoming pregnant. That kind of talk would go viral through the school when there was no social media, so it wasn't something you would miss among the student population.

And STDs? There weren't any I was aware of while guys never talked about having it.. Only people having sex in abandonment like today's teen were said to maybe get crabs, such as those traveling in small carnivals from town to town.

So progressives lie again to control the social habits of America's kids. It makes children believe they have been given permission from adults to have penetration with as many partners as they want, or involve in passing their STDs to others. The result is shown in the upper left.

Go watch a Hollywood movie produced by progressives for teens. The message of having as many partners as possible weaves throughout films directed toward younger audiences.

Thanks to so much talk in sex education classes, 45% of African American female teens are reported to now have an STD, while at least 20% of other teenage girls have an STD. How that's working out?

Progressives answer? "If we don't teach sex education pregnancies will run rampant and STDs will become viral. Now move along. Nothing to see here."


5.) Government can now take away private property from an American citizen if the new owner can provide a better tax return to the municipality the citizen lives in, such as building a mall or shopping center.

No longer is this vile seizure of property by the government limited to the public's need, as was originally intended for the construction of community projects such as roads and bridges.

A Connecticut resident lost his home in a Supreme Court eminent domain ruling. The city of New London used eminent domain to get that land promising it would be redeveloped to create jobs and boost the economy, but 10 years later the land is just piles of rubble, boarded up homes and empty lots.

Life in America before the 1970's: Your castle was your home. The court was allowed to seize your personal property ONLY if you had not paid your taxes, if you abused the property to the point of becoming a health hazard, or if the property was in the way of the public good such as a state or the feds needing to build a bridge or highway. In that case they would have to give the owner fair value.

But in June of 2005, the Supreme Court ruled city or town managers could force a person to sell their property if it would provide a greater annual tax receipt than the current owner. The Rutherford Institute argued on behalf of American property owners, “Our founding fathers believed that the principal function of government should be to protect the property rights of its citizens. They certainly didn’t intend for eminent domain to be used to justify government officials laying claim to private property in order to build shopping complexes or high-rise condominiums.”

Progressives answer? "Anything that discourages the individual as king in America is a good thing. In the coming world government there will be no borders and land will not be yours to keep, but instead belong to the collective. Now move along. Nothing to see here."


2007 recipient of Sigma Delta Chi Award for editorial cartoons given by the Society of Professional Journalists.

6.) And soon to come to America will be gun ownership rights removed, as it is in many European countries.

However, the courts need to be reminded that in Switzerland the duty of a citizen is to know how to use and take care of a gun.

Life in America before the 1970's: My wife reminded me that many high schools in the 1950's had an afternoon rifle club for both boy and girl students to learned gun safely and skill in handling a weapon.

And no one was shot. That came decades later when progressives added hate messages to music, films, and video games. Then suddenly kids were shooting each other. The situation was not unlike STDs today. Progressive and their agenda "to do what you want" winds up with kids having STDs.

Then progressives turn around and demand these same kids to be FORCED to have shots . . . wait for it . . . to get rid of the STDs. Lives have been ruined, parental authority destroyed, and tons of money gone down the toilet, a common trail progressives always leave for others to clean up after they have swaggered by with all their worldly knowledge.

Progressive's answer? "Guns kill people. People don't kill people if they don't have guns. Now move along. Nothing to see here."

(However, progressives in the Obama administration wanted to speed up taking away guns from Americans, so they created the Fast & Furious program behind closed doors. The program would allow guns to walk to Mexico to kill people. Then Democrats can go back to their far-left base in the 2012 election and say, "OMG look at what the gun owners have done. Their profits killed people across the border."

But it was the Obama Justice Department, not gunw, that killed Mexican authorities along with two American border guards. And the killing are not finished. Over half the guns are still out there.

In this case the deaths would have been acceptable collateral damage to take guns away from Americans if the Department of Justice hadn't been caught by courageous whistle blowers in the ATF. It's what progressives do to get their way when no one is watching. Bob Beckel of FOX News thought he had a better answer on the program called the FIVE. He said live on the air that if the border agents hadn't been killed with the Fast and Furious guns, they would have been killed by someone else's gun anyway. What?

Supremes Shoot Down State's Fight For Gun Rights - WND


7.) Supreme Court ruling on CO2 gives EPA storm-trooper status


Remember video from 2009 that made the EPA into a tyrant under Obama? The Supreme Court now rules as if America is a member of the European Union, treating CO2 as a poison. It was Ginsburg who looked to Europe for progressive ideas in the courts, a woman after his own heart wanting more like her on the court.


* Ready or not, here come MACT And CSAPR, ready to shut down coal-fired electric plants


8.) The Supreme Court sat silently as Congress removes an amendment to a budget bill for the Pentagon that would have stopped American citizens from being arrested without a trial and left in prison if "deemed" an enemy of the current United States Government.

That special language, written behind closed doors by Senator John McCain saying it would improve security, violates our Constitution.

The terrorists that took away our privacy at airports now takes away our Constitutional rights through fear of attack, Congress bowing down to their demands at the expense of our liberty. How ironic. Our soldiers fight overseas to protect our freedoms at home while the U.S. Congress strips those rights out from under our noses in the dark of night.

Senator McCain Endangers Our Liberties?
Rep. Justin Amash, (R-Mich.), explains why he voted against a defense bill that would allow American citizens to be detained by the U.S. Military.
Video interview by Judge Napolitano with Rep. Justin Amash, (R-Mich.), who explains why he voted against a defense bill that would allow American citizens to be detained by the U.S. Military. (Note: Main story is tied with other current issues.)


Sen. Rand Paul Speaks on the Senate Floor on Defense Authorization Act

BUT could the Judge and Ron Paul be wrong about the language in the bill? If so, why isn't there any pushback from McCain and others? This is too important to not get right.


9.) Supreme Court hears Obama Healthcare . . . just in time for the election.

Roberts played a member of Congress and ruled the penalty in the Obamacare Bill that was passed by only Democrats should not be a fine but instead renamed a tax.

The Democrats had purposely called the penalty a fine to get it passed with public approval, since no Republican law maker would vote for it. Overjoyed with Roberts decision to switch it back, Obama was delighted. Obama then later lied, saying Americans could keep their doctor and their insurance . . . period, knowing back to 2010 many couldn't. - WashingtonTimes


10.) Churches to lose use of school space after a legal push fails

"A small Bronx evangelical church on Monday lost the final round of its 16-year legal battle to force New York City to permit religious worship services in public schools, setting the stage for the city to eject dozens of churches and religious organizations that have been using schools for prayer." - NewYorkTimes

"The Supreme Court announced that it would not review a lower-court decision that backed the city’s decision to ban the evangelical congregation, the Bronx Household of Faith, from holding its Sunday services at Public School 15, where it has worshiped since 2002.

As a result, the city said it would move to end the hundreds of prayer services that had been held in schools in recent years — some 160 congregations used school buildings for worship services in the 2010-11 school year alone — by Feb. 12, 2012.

'We view this as a victory for the city’s schoolchildren and their families,' Jane Gordon, the senior counsel of the New York City Law Department, said in a statement. She added that the Education Department 'was quite properly concerned about having any school in this diverse city identified with one particular religious belief or practice.'” . . . Read More


11.) Federal Judge: Right to Same-Sex Marriage Is 'Deeply Rooted in Nation’s History and Implicit in The Concept of Ordered Liberty.'

Marriage in America will now have "Throuples."

Obama nominated Federal judge provides this definition making sure same-sex marriage qualifies under a previous ruling by the Supreme Court. - CNSNews

'Because same-sex marriage has only recently been allowed by a number of states, the State argues that an individual’s right to marry someone of the same sex cannot be a fundamental right,' he wrote. But the Supreme Court did not adopt this line of reasoning in the analogous case of Loving v. Virginia. Instead of declaring a new right to interracial marriage, the Court held that individuals could not be restricted from exercising their existing right to marry on account of the race of their chosen partner. Similarly, the Plaintiffs here do not seek a new right to same-sex marriage, but instead ask the court to hold that the State cannot prohibit them from exercising their existing right to marry on account of the sex of their chosen partner.

'The alleged right to same-sex marriage that the State claims the Plaintiffs are seeking is simply the same right that is currently enjoyed by heterosexual individuals: the right to make a public commitment to form an exclusive relationship and create a family with a partner with whom the person shares an intimate and sustaining emotional bond,' wrote the judge." . . . Read More


12.) The Supreme Court is Undermining Science and Society

"The Supreme Court has taken up another case based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s campaign of lies that carbon dioxide is the cause of 'climate change' and claims about the quality of air in the United States." - CanadaFreePress

"The Court is composed of lawyers, not scientists. At this point in the present era, the Court has made rulings that run contrary to the original, clear intent of the U.S. Constitution and has wrought havoc on our society.

In 1973 it ruled that the killing of unborn babies was protected and millions since then have been deliberately killed. It extended protection to sodomy and same-sex marriage. It is destroying the fabric of our society that has served Americans well for more than two hundred years. It ruled that the Affordable Health Care Act was a 'tax,' enabling the Obamacare to be unleashed with the subsequent loss of health care plans by millions of Americans, often the loss of their personal physician, and the requirement that deeply-held religious opposition to contraception and abortion be negated by a law that requires their beliefs be overruled and denied." . . . Read More


13.) President Barack Obama's Top 10 Constitutional Violations of 2013

Obama created an upswing in patriotic interest in America's Constitution not because he talked up its benefits in protecting the country but instead by blatantly violating the very same document to weaken the country.

"But that hasn’t stopped him. In its first term, the Administration launched a “We Can’t Wait” initiative, with senior aide Dan Pfeiffer explaining that “when Congress won’t act, this president will.” And earlier this year, President Obama said in announcing his new economic plans that “I will not allow gridlock, or inaction, or willful indifference to get in our way.”

And so, as we reach the end of another year of political strife that’s fundamentally based on clashing views on the role of government in society, I thought I’d update a list I made two years ago and hereby present President Obama’s top 10 constitutional violations of 2013." . . . Read More


14.) Supreme Court Green Lights Detention of Americans

"A decision from the U.S. Supreme Court means the federal government now has an open door to 'detain as a threat to national security anyone viewed as a troublemaker,' critics of the high court’s ruling said.

The high court by its own order this week refused to review an appellate-level decision that says the president and U.S. military can arrest and indefinitely detain individuals. Officials with William J. Olson, P.C., a firm that filed an amicus brief asking the court to step in, noted that not a single justice dissented from the denial of certiorari.". . . WND





America Continues Its Slide Into The Abyss

Progressives will tell you we still have sanity in America today, as Obama's choice for Green Czar, Van Jones, celebrated the deaths of 3,700 Americans by Muslim terrorists when he said on a video that the bombs had come home to America. As of this writing, Van Jones is pushing the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests across America on behalf of the Obama administration. Jones representing the very same left that Ted Kaczynski had warned about when teaching college and harassed by his liberal peers.

I also have an e-mail from a reporter for a large newspaper, who was in the same situation. He wrote, "he had stopped reporting on NAMBLA because the other progressive reporters would harass him."

Kaczynski was ruled sane, so his written observations stand. His bio is below, murdering three people and injuring 23 after leaving his profession and becoming a recluse. Progressives can do that to someone with all their hate. One progressive last week said Herman Cain, the African American running on the Republican ticket, was allowed to do so "because the Republicans understood Cain knows his place." And so the intimidation never ends.

Yet the terrorists who took down the World Trade Towers would be seen as sane as Kaczynski was ruled to be. If interested in reading his remarks about the Left, the links is below to his bio and warnings about the left destroying America.

It all gives new meaning to madness as America continues its slide into the abyss, ready to cross a threshold to socialism it can never come back from except for another revolution.



TIME Magazine's Mad Genius

Famous iconic drawing of the Unibomberm Ted Kaczynksi, now serving a life sentence in prison.

TIME Magazine's Mad Genius. Ted Kaczynksi, a college professor who became a recluse, then murdered three innocent people and injured 23 others for more than a decade. He was finally caught twenty years later, turned in by his brother and brought to a deserved justice.

But when looking back on his writings from the early 1970's, one must wonder if he may have had a point in observing what the left was doing to the American society.

The left he wrote about has since come out of the closet, first as progressives, now as Marxists. In light of today's America, his warning from three decades ago has new meaning. His observations were buried away from study by his murders, pushed aside as if written by an insane man.

But freedom is knowledge asks with today's upside world, did he nail down the left's ultimate objective and we never knew it until seeing it come alive with the election of a socialist president? Many people today think we live with an insane government, so what went around has now come around.




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