Date: October 27, 2014

Never Forget The Wilmington 1898 North Carolina Massacre By Democrats On Black Republican Businessmen

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Why Hagan Loves Democrats In North Carolina

- Originally Posted 2010 -

Here is some North Carolina history you might not be aware of and won't hear from Kay Hagan, a state that had been run by Democrats and their good-old-boy politicians since 1898 until 2010. That was when they finally stopped naming their annual state fundraising after a white supremacist.

It's why I was not surprised by the news story titled, Pastor Yanked From Capitol Over 'Jesus' Prayer, run on July 9, 2010. FOX News reported that the honorary chaplain of the North Carolina state house of representatives, Pastor Ron Baity, would be relieved of his duties for speaking the word of Jesus to the many soiled good-old-boy weasels of the Democrat North Carolina state legislature, his being yanked off state property.

In fact, I believe North Carolina might have the record for the most elected government officials ever to be sentenced to jail. But as the state of North Carolina turns even more liberal in 2008, who will be left to put the corrupt in jail?

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. - Attributed to Thomas Jefferson

It should be no surprise that North Carolina is becoming one of the most progressive states in the union. For instance, state law requires when a citizen accepts an elected position in North Carolina they're required to put their hand on a Bible when sworn into office.

But in the last November election for a candidate for councilman in Asheville, North Carolina, an atheist elected to office broke the law by refusing to put his hand on a Bible, an oath to promise to be honorable when serving the people of the state.

Rather than the elected atheist working to change the law, he simply ignored it, typical of progressives. In response the North Carolina Democrat-run State Department of Justice simply ignored the law being broken, instead the atheist giving an oath based on his own value system.

This is the same Democrat state run justice department that allowed the Duke University craziness to go on for so long that officials could no longer hide the injustices they had personally allowed by one of their own dirt bags, Mike Nifong. Remember?

DOJ won't investigate Duke lacrosse prosecutor Nifong

The NC DOJ's blatant disregard for justice had even made global headlines, revealing an operation that looked as if it was run by a bunch of good-old-boys drunk from too much power and moonshine delivered to the world of the Keystone Cops.

Keystone Kops - The Keystone Hotel

A few years ago the state also ignored the growing membership of the SDS from the 1960s, SDS members later chasing a former conservative U.S. Congressman off the Campus of UNC at Chapel Hill. Looking at the SDS Web site, you would have to agree the North Carolina DOJ had to know what was going yet ignored it. As with Nifong, the Democrat run department charged with administrating North Carolina law simply turned its head, knowing a former congressman would be put into harm's way.

Speak out for immigrants rights and against racism! TODAY-6pm-the Pit

The former congressman had come to UNC at Chapel Hill to discuss the developing serious problem of illegal aliens in America at an evening event. That is when the SDS started throwing rocks, breaking glass windows in the classroom the congressman was speaking in, threatening his life.

Tom Tancredo Event UNC Shut Down By Violence

UNC was also the same campus where most employees of its student library had complained annually of being offended by Christmas trees being put up during, you know, the "Christmas" holiday. So the director decided not to put them up at all, keeping them locked up in storage for another 12 months. Of course there were no reports of anyone asking the students what they wanted, the paying customers who are supposed to be the ones served.

No Christmas Trees at UNC

North Carolina became a state that would be owned by the Democrat Party from 1898 when the party's white supremacists created an environment where over a dozen black Republican businessmen were openly murdered for being conservative and black. After that event the state has been owned by the Democrat Party until 2010, a 112 year run.

About 60 years after the massacre, the state's arrogant Democrat Party would go on to name its annual state fund raising event after one of those white supremacists, Charles Aycock, giving the excuse he was an advocate of education. Aycock died in 1912, not exactly a lot of time to become know as a historic American educator.

How Democrats and the Media Destroyed Freedoms Before!

It's amazing how the facts of White Supremacists when they were Democrats have their bigot history somehow erased, as in this Grave finding Web site.
Charles Aycock, NC white supremacist . . . and educator?

Yet Charles B. Aycock was reported to have given the following speech in December of 1903 to the North Carolina Society of Baltimore five years after the massacre of conservative blacks in North Carolina:

"But there flows in my veins the blood of the dominant race; that race that has conquered the earth and seeks out the mysteries of the heights and depths. If manifest destiny leads to the seizure of Panama, it is certain that it likewise leads to the dominance of the Caucasian. When the negro recognizes this fact we shall have peace and good will between the races."

While Charles Aycock advanced education in North Carolina, his motivation was still guide by his obvious White Supremacist ideology.

EVEN Obama attended one of those Aycock fund-raising events during his 2008 campaign in Asheville. He later returned for his vacation at the same facility where the event had been featured, the Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa.

Oh, on the self-values of the now elected atheist councilman in Asheville? He wrote a book calling Billy Graham the Prince of War and reported that the fetus was a parasite to its mother, similar ideologies found with some of Obama's Czars.

Asheville, North Carolina Councilman Acts as Abortion Center Escort

Lech Walesa, the Polish freedom fighter who fought Russian domination over his country and put his life on the line, must have observed what was going on in North Carolina when he said America was no longer the moral authority of the world.

This was around the same time Barack Obama was flying Air Force One up to Norway to grab a Noble Peace Prize for himself for what the committee said, "he might do." That was opposed to what Walesa did do, putting his life and his family's life in harm's way to give the Polish people freedom from the Russian Bear.

As we have discovered since for Obama's presidency, his sacrifice hasn't been much. In fact it has been nothing.

Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe. - Frederick Douglass.

The Frederick Douglass Foundation

While Charles Aycock advanced education in North Carolina, his motivation was still guide by his obvious White Supremacist ideology.
Politics of a Massacre, Discovering Wilmington 1898, produced by Eastern Carolina University

A quote from one of our founders, which the media knows all to well and why it's ignored:

Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government. - Thomas Jefferson






Let's Get The Answers Straight For November 4, 2014 Election


FROM: Representative Paul Stam

DATE: October 19th, 2014 Press Release

SUBJECT: Outrageous Op-Ed by UNC Professor


On October 16, 2014 Gene Nichol, who identifies himself as the “Boyd Tinsley distinguished professor at the UNC School of Law,” published in the News & Observer his latest blast at Republicans.

While he claims to “not speak for UNC” he is paid by UNC an annual salary of $212,900, not including retirement, health and other benefits. His wife, Betty Glenn George, is also paid by UNC School of Medicine an annual salary of $407,410. His accusations against Republicans are so outrageous I cannot list them all.His attack against Democrats is that they do not complain enough about Republicans.

Let us count the ways in which he is just wrong:

1. Charge: “The General Assembly has brutally denied health care to one half million of our most vulnerable citizens. Many will die as a result.”

Fact: We spend $13 billion a year of federal and state money on Medicaid alone. Last year we increased the Medicaid budget by $500M. Most of those referenced were eligible to qualify for the federal health exchange which is heavily subsidized. Others do receive health care, just not through Medicaid.

2. Charge: Republicans have “required women to undergo a coerced medically unnecessary sonogram”.

Fact: Requirement for ultrasounds at abortion clinics was instituted by Governor Jim Hunt’s Division of Public Health in 1994 without controversy or publicity. Ultrasound before abortion had become state of the art for safety reasons. Even Planned Parenthood does it 100% of the time. The 2011 “Women’s Right to Know” law gave women the OPPORTUNITY to see the ultrasound image of her child and have it explained to her. She was already paying for it.

3. Charge: “It’s taken great chunks of our education budget, already among the worst in the nation.”

Fact: At the university level North Carolina is 4th highest in the nation in state support per student. Since Professor Nichol is paid by UNC he really ought to appreciate that. North Carolina ranks 8th in the nation in state support per student for K-12 education. Since Republicans have had a majority, education funding has increased by a nearly a billion dollars. That is what the General Assembly controls. It is at the local county level that we are toward the bottom.

4. Charge: “To subsidize unaccountable, discriminatory, often absurd sectarian schools.”

Fact: He is talking about scholarships for parents of children with special needs and for low-income parents who enroll their children in private schools. Rather than “great chunks,” it is less than 1/10 of 1% of our education budget. These scholarships cost the taxpayer nothing. In fact, they save taxpayers approximately $5,000 per student. Gene Nichol cannot count.

5. Charge: “It has launched a regime of environmental degradation.”

Fact: Our air, water and soil are cleaner than they have ever been in the last 100 years. The new Coal Ash law is the first and toughest in the nation. Absurd advertisements by the National Resources Defense Council state that taxpayers will clean up the Dan River spill. But it is crystal clear that Duke Energy’s shareholders will pay for that cleanup.

6. Charge: “It has raised the (tax) rates of low-income workers.”

Fact: That charge is really ironic. Yes, the Democrats raised the tax rates on low-income families from 2003-2010. Senator Kay Hagan, budget chair, was leading the effort to raise the regressive sales tax rate. It was Republicans in 2011 who reduced the sales tax by a penny ($1 billion a year of tax relief) that disproportionately benefited low-income families. Our 2013 tax reform further benefited low-income workers by reducing their income tax rate and calculating their taxes after considering personal exemptions. In contrast the Democrats determined personal income taxes on low-income workers based on the first dollar earned.

7. Charge: “To finance tax cuts for the rich”.

Fact: This apparently refers to Senator Hagan’s constant ads about the sales tax rates on jets and yachts. North Carolina has capped the sales tax rate on airplanes since 1957 and on boats since 1967. Not one Democrat moved to change that rate in the tax reform of 2011 or 2013 nor did Senator Hagan ever attempt to raise that rate when she was in charge of the budget.

8. Charge: “By boldly attacking the right to vote.”

Fact: What is he talking about? The end of straight ticket voting? Shortening the days of early voting but maintaining the same number of hours so it would be more useful to people who work for a living? What eligible voter will be denied the right to vote?

I could go on and on but I have to work. Does he?


Rep. Paul Stam
Speaker Pro Tem
North Carolina General Assembly




Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
Watch actual event during the playing of the National Anthem

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Looking around America today, George Bailey did get his wish.

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