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1 Percenter Starbucks CEO Protects Obama

March 4 , 2015




Starbucks CEO: Giuliani’s Obama Remarks ‘Vicious’- TIME

FLASHBACK: Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Endorses Barack Obama - BusinessInsider

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Starbucks CEO calls Rudy Giuliani Comments on Obama's Love of Country "Offensive"

Last week Mayor Rudy Giuliani said that, in his opinion, President Obama did not love America. As evidence, he reminded everyone of the many times that the President has apologized for our nation, the many times the President has criticized our nation, and the very idea that President Obama believes and even says that our nation NEEDS “fundamental transformation.”

Liberals, of course, freaked out over the Mayor’s comments and the media piled on in an effort to help shame Giuliani (and the GOP) for being willing to speak such things.

Even uber liberal Starbucks founder Howard Schultz got in on the action and attacked Giuliani for saying that the President doesn’t love America.

“As an American, I find Rudy Giuliani’s vicious comments about President Obama ‘not loving America’ to be profoundly offensive to both the President and the Office,” Schultz said. - FreedomForce

PS: There is still no answer as to why it literally took a pubic outcry for the progressive Starbucks Corporation to finally address the charge of $130 for three cases of bottled water by one of its stores to an ambulance company helping out right after the 9/11 tragedy? - Snopes


Dear Mr. Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks:

You found Mayor Giuliani's comments about America’s crotch-salute president and country's role model, Barack Obama, as "offensive?" 

That's a word I try not to use at 73-years old, a word found on the lips of far-left propeller heads. It is usually used with other politically-correct progressive hate word images such as homophobe, Islamaphobe, etc. 

I thought about that word "offensive" for my father, who had fought on Okinawa.  He would have never, ever told the enemy that what they had done to the locals on the island was “offensive."  If he had done that in uniform they would have laughed at him, seen their enemy as an idiot, and then shot him.   He instead went across the Island with the Marines and killed the enemy that had bombed Pearl Harbor, the deaths of over 2,000 of our young men murdered on December 7, 1941, now being avenged by the U.S. one island at a time.

And speaking of Pearl Harbor, do you think the President of the United States on December 7, 1941, should have continued negotiations with a sworn enemy that had just attacked the country or stopped and declared war?

I ask that because during Obama's recent negotiations with Iraq in 2015, Iranian leaders created a live-fire war game that attacked a huge mock up of one of America's most modern aircraft carriers, sinking it and all who would have been on board. At the same time NCRI’s deputy director, Alireza Jafarzadeh, warned Iran cannot be trusted remarking:

How in the world can the United States expect to get an agreement from Iran to end their nuclear program, when we continue to find Iran is developing and operating secret nuclear facilities that are withheld even from the United Nations International Atomic Energy Administration?

Are you also one of those progressives that believed the attack on the the World Trade Towers was America's fault? Were you "offended" that the attackers by their motivation were labeled "radical Muslims" who murdered innocent American passengers with box-knifes in the name of Allah? Or did you simply define them as ordinary bombers who misunderstood our country, never associating them with the teachings of Islam?

You see that's what a progressive AP executive had done, adopting the same narrative for his editors the first year after the 9/11 attack for news feeds going to subscriber newspapers across the United States. Suddenly readers would discover from AP's new perspective that the attackers weren't Islamic terrorists at all but only bombers, changing the name of the enemy from something tangible to mashed potatoes. Ever try to start a fight with mashed potatoes, Mr. Schultz?

Having lived 25 minutes from the site, (ground zero), I remember Giuliani had handled the event flawlessly on and after September 11, 2001. While he and his staff had almost lost their lives on that day, Giuliani immediately dusted himself off and got the entire city emergency agencies in a perfect dance of service and help.

That day was not an easy one to navigate. I remember mothers and fathers in the New Jersey town I lived in running around trying to pick up their children from school, not knowing if that horrendous attack was just the beginning of a more violent event to come.

I found Giuliani’s solutions and leadership outstanding for an event not seen since Pearl Harbor.  In fact Mayor Giuliani attended funerals for over a year for fallen fire fighters and policeman from the dropping of those twin towers to the ground, bodies and parts of bodies buried as they were found in the 20 story excavation.  I even did research and found out who the "falling man" was, one who had decided to jump to his death rather than be burned alive.

I therefore find your attack on Mayor Giuliani disgusting, as if spoken while hiding in a safe bunker in California on 9/11/2001.

You see after having attended all those funerals there is no question Mayor Giuliani knows who loves America and who doesn't. That's why when Giuliani says Obama doesn't love America, he speaks from his own experience protecting the people of New York City.

Giuliani had watched Obama travel on an international apology tour in 2009, as if the United States was an embarrassment to him and the world. It had become obvious when running for president that Obama concluded the only way to fix America was to fundamentally transform America, meaning change if from what it had been for the last two hundred years into something else.

Having been around Marxists, Communists, and radicals all his life, Obama thought he might have the answer for a fix. Following the power points of Saul Alinsky and the mentoring of Frank Marshall Davis, Obama would ignore the historic system in place of "checks and balances" and change the country on his own and without permission from Congress.

While you may think you know who Giuliani is, I don't believe you even know who Obama is. Maybe the following list will help you remember:

Here's a short list:

1.) Would you have gone out to play golf within ten minutes of informing one of your employees that their son had been beheaded in Iraq, later admitting the optics might not have looked good? Would you have called a violent organization that had done this a minor JV team?

2.) Would you allow a group to smash the Windows of Starbuck stores, as OWS protestors had done a few years ago on the streets of New York City, smashing glass while being joined by Marxists and Communists? Would you have said their mission was blessed by God?

3.) Would you be friends with a man who lead a group that tried to bomb police stations and kill officers of the law, specifically Bill Ayers who later admitted when confronted that his group didn’t do enough killings? 

4.) If running for a state senator position in the state where you lived, would you have sought help from a Communist New Democrat Party? 

5.) Would you teach Alinsky’s power points to your employees?

6.) Would you want your young adult children mentored by an instructor of Communism, Frank Marshall Davis?

7.) Would you take your young adult children to a Unitarian church that hid law-breaking SDS students from the federal government? 

8.) Did your father convert to Islam before you were born? Did he then marry your mother whose parents had already trained her on Communism so her children would learn about the benefits of radical socialism?

9.) Would you decades later sing the Islamic Call To Prayer “perfectly” in front of a popular progressive far-left editor at the New York Times in New York City while saying you were a Christian?  And if running for office would you then hide that from voters?

10.) Would you have given a crotch-salute to the American flag if it flew in front of your corporate headquarters? And would you also have done it in front of your employees while the company's anthem played?

11.) Would you allow your corporate office to be surrounded with Marxist titles of Czars, your Czar "educational trainer" having been friends with a NAMBLA leader?

12.) Would you appoint a corporate green energy Czar while knowing he was a practicing Communist organizing a group on his free time called Color of Change, which would harass the advertisers of your competitors?

13.) Would you allow outside friends to surround you who wanted to form a Caliphate in countries overseas?

14.) Would you feel proud if your wife in the safety of your corporate office didn't do anything more to help others than to hold up a sign for an international photo-op with a hashtag that read, "Bring Back Our Girls," written to a terrorist group who kidnapped Christian school girls?

15.) Would you invite a religious organization into your security department to rewrite established safety measures that already were protecting your company? 

16.) Would you not meet with a respected and established group that reported a radical religious group you were working with was indoctrinating your employees?

17.) Would you have chained up a War Memorial to your veterans to visit at corporate headquarters, giving the excuse there wasn't enough money to keep it open for the next few months?

18.) Would you allow annual rallies to continue on the lawn of your corporate headquarters, even though employees following each event wouldn't clean up afterwards leaving Marxist and Communist literature all over the lawn?

19.) If you loved the efforts of your business and saw your employees were very productive, would you still fundamentally change them along with your business?

20.) If you discovered as CEO that only 15% of your employees respected you as a leader, would you find out why, correct it, let someone else run the country, or not change anything?

21.) If a Muslim Jihadist had been hired under the radar by your HR department and then murdered a few of your employees, would you allow those murders to be called workplace violence? Then later another murder occurs, this time a woman is beheaded as her husband waits outside to take her home. She was killed because she would not convert to Islam that was being pushed by another employee your HR department had hired. Would you then call her death workplace violence, too?

What do you think freedom-loving customers or employees would have thought about the Starbucks brand if the CEO had done all the above-mentioned things? Would they have thought him a vicious man?

I ask that because all the above-mentioned things are what Obama has already done or is working on while leading the United States.



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Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
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