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Why Our Founders Gave Us The Tool Of Impeachment

January 11, 2015



The Progressives' Road to Hell

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions. But those good intentions do not cause the harm; they prevent us from seeing it." - Bill Whittle

Source: TruthRevolt



A Trojan Horse In The White House

It's what our founders gave to We The People to remove elected leaders proven dangerous through their own acts against the promise of America's Constitution


In 2007 Harvard-educated Barack Obama, raised around communists after being educated in his early years on the Koran in Indonesia, purposely gave a crotch salute to the playing of America’s National Anthem while at a Democrat Party fundraiser where he was running for president of the United States.  Then later he announced he wouldn't wear "that pin" to look patriotic, a flag pin that represented those who had died at the hands of Muslims on 9/11.

Yet the mainstream media continued to protect Obama from the public to be sure it would have great difficulty in finding a path to his radical past. And for those who tried to bring it up, the progressive media would quickly drop a label on them as racists who couldn't accept America's first black president.

Progressives, who despise the individual spirit of America and are not unlike the pariah who run our major universities on the fuel of political correctness, joyfully found their deity in Obama, one they had been looking for in 2008 to lead their far-left liberal causes.

The New York Times, leader of the progressive movement for the mainstream media, knew early on that Obama could sing the Muslim Call to Prayer perfectly and in response would quickly advise him to hide it if he wanted to be president.  So in 2008 the Democrat Party had a Muslim-trained candidate running for the highest office in the land under the guise of the first black president. And voters would continue to hear little about who Obama was up to election day of November of 2008. 

U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on January 28, 2010, in Tampa, Florida.   Iorio had honored CAIR annually in Tampa with its own day in November 2008, acknowledging the large amout of Muslims living in the area.
Obama, honoring his years of instruction in the Muslim faith, bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio. Why? How about for her designating a day for Muslim CAIR in Tampa in November 2008.

Once Obama became president, the Islamic gates opened with Obama bowing to a Sheik and to the mayor of Tampa, a city official who in the previous year had dedicated an honorary day of the year to CAIR. 

But that was only the beginning.

Obama, in his famous Cairo speech, told the world that the Office of U.S. President would now fight Islamophobia wherever it appeared around the world. Obama also announced in the same speech that Muslims had a right to practice their religion as they saw fit in western countries, Obama justifying Sharia Law to challenge existing laws in Democratic societies where Muslims had immigrated. 

Obama also announced that a large group of czars would surround him in Washington D.C., helping him to push radical policies. One of those vetted czars was a known communist, Van Jones, who had been caught on audio the day after 9/11 saying America deserved to be attacked. He later added that George Bush had allowed the attacks to happen.

Sticking to his Muslim mode, Obama would continue calling the Jihad murder and the wounding of 43 mostly unarmed American soldiers at Ft. Hood, “workplace violence."  Obama even stuck his middle finger into the deaths of those American treasures, saying he would veto any Congressional bill pushed by the families to give the killed and wounded at Ft. Hood a Purple Heart. Even in Obama's announcement of the murders, he acted as if it was just another speech, taking time to give call outs.

Then to add salt into the wounds, a few years later the Jihadist from Ft. hood tried to join ISIS from his jail cell. One judge had told the Ft. Hood Jihadist he would have to shave his beard, which was required of all prisoners. Then suddenly the judge disappeared, replaced by another that would allow the Jihadist to keep his beard.

Yet progressives leading our universities and throughout the government still refused to say anything negative about President Obama.

One could smell the odor of fascism abusing freedoms in the name of faux diversity. For instance Chick-Fil-A had been kicked off the campus of Duke University along with other so-called free-speech colleges because its corporate leaders supported the right to life for the unborn. It was a position that had become politically unacceptable to a new U.S. president who openly worshipped the eugenist and founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, early on her calling blacks human weeds.

As of today it is said that 50% of the black population has now been removed from the population before it could be born through abortions started by progressive Sanger, some black pastors and others calling it a holocaust. Yet it was Obama who worshiped Sanger and Planned Parenthood when running for president.

You don’t get more politically correct than this, showing how the Third Reich was able to rise up so easily in Germany after the election of 1932.

While under President Bush, the progressive-run national media provided numbers of the deaths every week of our treasures overseas for the public to consume. Yet after Obama replaced Bush as president that list suddenly disappeared, progressive media editors in handshake agreements of what stories to report on and what stories to bury through the politically correct leadership of the ASNE.

Obama also hid documents related to Fast & Furious, which was created by Obama’s DOJ appointment, Eric Holder. Reports claimed Obama tried to blame gun deaths on American gun store owners in his preparation to push against control gun ownership in the 2012 election to get his base to rally behind him.

To this effort the DOJ had allowed so many guns to cross our border that in the hands of rebels would kill hundreds of innocent Mexicans along with a border patrol agent on American soil. While the media continued its lack of interest in this story, no one needs to be reminded those guns released by Eric Holder's DOJ are still out there in the hands of murderers, still killing.

Obama also continues to minimize our military, purging conservative officers while claiming Al Qaeda had been defeated even after an American ambassador and three American heroes were murdered by Muslim terrorists in Benghazi. 

Obama with his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, blamed those murders on a low-level Hollywood film producer as they stood in front of the coffins, ensured the film maker would be silenced when sent to jail.  Obama repeated this lie again in front of the United Nations, while Americans on the other hand still don’t know what Obama was doing the night those heroes were murdered in Libya, the progressive mainstream media telling the American people, Move along, nothing to see here!

Progressives in our universities, media, and government would continue at all cost to remain silent on Obama's mistakes, protecting the deity they found at a Democrat Party fundraiser giving the crotch salute to our National Anthem.

Obama's corrupted media even stayed silent as Christians were stoned by a large Muslim group of youths on American soil in Dearborn Michigan in 2012. And it did the same ignoring polls that began to indicate that moderate Muslims, who didn't want Sharia Law, were far fewer in number than reported within the 1.6 billion Islamic world population.


As terrorists continued their murders to push Sharia Law onto western societies, Obama went on to release some of the most dangerous Muslim leaders captured by our forces on the field of battle . . . to go back onto the field of battle. Obama promised their movements would be accountable overseas, but by whom? This came from a president who allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to glean what it called offensive language from the training files of the FBI and other national protective agencies in Washington D.C. 

Obama's own political party at its national convention in 2012 followed the lead and tried to pass a ruling that Jerusalem didn't belong to the Jews but instead to the Palestinians. The DNC's platform committee also wanted to remove the word God from the party's platform.

Americans need to be reminded that it was Obama who pushed the Muslim Brotherhood upon the Egyptian people. Then once the Brotherhood was in office, it tried immediately to destroy the Egyptians' right of elections.  The Brotherhood was quickly run out of office by the military, as Egyptians suddenly carried around anti-Obama posters of America’s very dangerous progressive president. For the first time in American history a U.S. president may have been involved in assisting to create a Caliphate, helping Islamic countries to fall one at a time into the hands of fundamentalists backing Sharia Law.

"'There is a park in Mosul,' Mark Arabo told 'where they actually beheaded children and put their heads on a stick and have them in the park.' According to Arabo, women are being raped, and then murdered, and men are being hanged." -
In her party dress. "IS Militants Beheaded Children, Raped Women And Hanged Men Of Christian Community Of Mosul." - ChristianPakistan

Then Obama allowed ISIS to openly walk across the desert from Syria untouched to take over cities in Iraq that had been freed by our treasures who had lost their lives or had been permanently disfigured. Iraqi Christians would find themselves being literally exterminated to the point for the first time in 2,000 years religious services would not be realized in certain areas of Iraq. Obama seemed to care less about any of those lives as he does about the Jews.

Looking at all this since Obama's run for president in 2007, he has become one of the most dangerous leader to individual freedom around the world, achieving this not in a military uniform as with past cultures but wearing expensive suits that look non-threatening. This was as one of his daughters published an expensive t-shirt she was wearing on social media with printed symbols representing black rappers writing lyrics to kill cops.

And Obama continues to treat the leader of Israel with disdain.

In January of 2015 Obama refused to attend a massive unity march in Paris against the murder of journalists in that city by Muslims. Why? In the photo shown below of that event you can see the reason. On the front line close together with all the other European leaders is Israel's Prime Minister.

Photo of Paris unity march of January 2015 over murders by Muslim terrorists of French newspaper journalists that published cartoons of Muslim religious figures, 12 of them shot and murdered in front of their employees. All the major European leaders, along with Israeli Prime Minister, were in attendance at the protest march with President Obama refusing to acknowledge the event by not attending.  - Webmaster
"More than a million marched for unity in Paris after terrorist attacks." - CP24

As you can see in the above photo, America's president goes missing from a huge event in Paris, France, after the nation he represents had already been attacked by terrorists, his obviously doing it on purpose while a fawning media gives him another pass.

Obama is violating his oath of office to protect the Constitution of the United states of America by purposely avoiding a rally that condemns those that kill the innocent around the world and had done so on America soil on 9/11. Ask Giuliani how many funerals he attended.

So where is the Supreme Court that read Obama his Oath of Office? An article on the American Thinker had crossed this question several years ago, asking about the violations Obama was putting upon the spirit of our Constitution, "Does The Supreme Court Still Sit?" - Webmaster

But what if Obama had attended the rally?

By not attending the event, Obama would remove from the eyes of the Muslim world any potentially embarrassing photos of him with Israel's Prime Minister while avoiding the objections of the rest of the western world to the murders of journalists who printed questionable cartoons.

Nazi Cartoon Poster Hatred of Jews.

"The Jew: The inciter of war, the prolonger of war." - 1943 Media Poster from the Third Reich

Obama instead would make himself "perfectly clear" sitting back home in the White House. This was as the Obama media in America also refused in rank step to show any of the cartoons that had gotten the French journalists executed in front of their staff. It was a smoothly coordinated political event probably not unlike ones seen by a corrupted media that supported the Third Reich 80 years ago.

Once everything quieted down, Obama did send his Secretary of State, John Kerry, to France who had James Taylor, already in the country, to sing what seemed as a reminder to the French Government from the Obama administration, "You've Got A Friend." A FOX News moderator, looking at the video, reported some had thought the strange scene was not from Paris but staged in America for a SNL sketch.

And the Obama Media back home? It didn't ask a single question at Obama's Press Conference with the Prime Minister of England on the U.S. President's skipping the Paris rally.

While Obama will not even say the words Islamic extremist, he also has proven no stomach for real American Muslim moderates and patriots such as Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of American Islamic Forum For Democracy. Dr. Jasser had served as a lieutenant colonel in the United States Navy.

Dr. Jasser has not been able to secure an invitation from the White House for over six years, even after he wrote letters to our deeply-rooted progressive president who wants nothing to do with conservatives such as Jasser. Obama was already successfully doing business with the Brotherhood and CAIR to establish policy, providing needed political correctness when dealing with Muslim that murdered others around the world.

To shut down anyone who would refer to the murders as caused by Islamists, they are identified as being Islamophobic . . . racists. It was this same political correctness that allowed the Ft. Hood Jihadist's weapon to find its mark. Reports about the Jihad's connection with radicals were pushed aside by Army brass, threatening careers if they didn't stop, not unlike the teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Note: While the New York Times did an accurate report on the Ft Hood shooting when it occurred, you can read from this article how progressives think, their seeing conservative values deeply flawed from their aloof perch in the sky rather than simply respecting the right of another opinions, the foundation of our Republic. You can easily read the editor's words dripping with hatred, a hatred that runs across the national mainstream media today started by the ASNE in the late 1970's.

But once a major media outlet hates this much, exactly what is its next move, its next step? It obviously isn't going to end here. So how far will you go, New York Times? Surviving Jews from Germany warned us how fast the government turned against them, Who would have believed, they asked? Yes, who would believe, New York Times?

But in November of 2014 the tables turned on Obama, CAIR named a terrorist group along with being an extension of the Brotherhood by the moderate United Arab Emirates. The friendly Emirates' warning read:

"Whereas they appear in our media and meet with our officials, the UAE views them as extremists unworthy of being treated as representatives of Muslims.” - Ryan Mauro, The Clarion Project

Of course Obama ironically ignored the decision coming from true moderate Muslims while the media continued to protect him.

Even when moderate Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali has tried to speak at American colleges, some of Obama's progressive thugs ensure she will be uninvited so her warnings about Muslim violence won't make it on campus.

It all proves Obama has another agenda where "one hand is doing something while the other is hidden."

In this case one hand is pretending Islam is run by Muslims who would never pose as terrorists while he waves the other hand behind his back inviting extremists of Sharia Law into the country approved by CAIR and the Brotherhood, keeping his promise to fundamentally change the country. All this from America's first crotch salute president . . . one again who wouldn't wear that pin symbolizing the remembrance that Islamic extremists had attacked America on 9/11.

Glenn Beck was the one who had first warned the American people six years ago from his former FOX News show that when Obama did something with one hand, they should watch what the other one was doing. Beck has continued his warning into 2015.

You could see Obama's continued feelings about Israel with his recent comment about Palestinian gunman slaughtering praying Jews. In a few words Obama coldly commented there have been murders on both sides. But as Obama said that, he and his media continue to hide from the American people how Hamas creates new terrorists to murder more Jews for future slaughters from what is taught every day on Palestinian television programming aimed at children barely out of diapers. Hamas uses cartoon characters to indoctrinate little Muslims to ensure they will know how to hate serving Allah when they grow up.

Watching Obama's beliefs continue to drop into place, it was recently discovered he allowed 5 billion dollars to go to the terrorists who held Bergdorf, an American soldier accused of having deserted his post several years ago. Obama in typical fashion also invited to the White House Bergdorf's Islamic father, who would praise Allah in front of the cameras. 

All these events have resulted in the leader of the world’s greatest military receiving a stunning low approval rating of 15% from those that serve. This is while American progressives continue to back their deity even at the risk of America’s security. This cannot come as a surprise to anyone, remembering the day it all started when Obama gave his disrespect to the playing of the National Anthem in 2007 almost a decade ago, what seems like almost yesterday.

Americans need to be reminded that in 2015 the world has also entered into a dangerous time in history, as the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide approaches. That was when in 1915, without warning, a cleansing in Turkey was ordered to begin of millions of Christian men, women, and children to be brutally and savagely beaten and murdered, not unlike what ISIS is doing today.

The actual extermination orders were transmitted in coded telegrams to all provincial governors throughout Turkey. - United Human Rights Council

All this makes it very clear that Obama having two more years to continue this insanity is extremely troubling for the security of our nation, its citizens, and for those that service in the military and local law enforcement.

Of course Obama has no intention of ever resigning after getting away with so much. Only Congress under our laws has that capability, using the tool of impeachment provided by our founders for an executive branch gone rouge.

This is the least members of Congress can do for the country's military personnel that must serve across the world under a crotch salute president they have little or no respect for, especially if he takes them into war yet refuses to allow them to win.

In addition, any fascist-like university administrators across the country need to be separated from their position of influence through the actions of powerful alumni groups that have yet to act.  This insanity started in the 1990's, as progressives took over university administrations with equally liberal professors filling seats to approve tenure for future hires.

Once those seats were filled, few conservatives would be allowed to continue their professorships at many American colleges, as the University of North Carolina attempted to do with one of its atheist professors who turned to Christianity while teaching at its Wilmington Campus.

Until we change the output of our major universities to again respect this nation's historic efforts and its benchmark to protect the freedom of mankind around the globe, nothing will change. The attacks on our Constitution will continue unless the ideas promoted by these dangerous progressives are recognized and stopped.

They despise the document's celebration of individual freedom and its light to the world that others may follow. They instead embrace Obama's love of the collective, engrained in him as a young man by the Communist Frank Marshall Davis and those who surrounded him in his early years. - Webmaster


Photo Source: NewsDaily

Establishment RINO John Boehner kisses Nancy Pelosi with joy after he convinced new conservative House members sent by the people to change things to instead keep the status quo on day two of the new House members meeting their peers in Congress.

Justin Smith displays his dislike for the GOP reelecting John Boehner as Speaker of the House. Justin very effectively makes his case. -  OneDay2Day

Photo Source: OneDay2Day

Within hours of the vote, a senior Republican aide said that Florida Representatives Richard Nugent and Daniel Webster, who had both opposed Boehner, were stripped of their assignments on the powerful House Rules Committee. - NewsDaily


However, will this change occur, voters putting Republicans in charge of the House and the Senate in Washington D.C. in November of 2015, several of them Tea Party candidates? Looking at the facts, you decide.

First, The Republicans recently voted John Boehner for Speaker of the House again for 2015. Nancy Pelosi was caught hugging Boehner for defeating the Tea Party candidate, her acting like a cat purring after the mouse had been crushed.

Second, in a recent e-mail I sent out, I mentioned four bills the U.S. House could propose immediately at the start of the new session to set the stage to undo the damage Obama has done to the country in the past six years. They would be bills Republicans and moderate Democrats could vote for, knowing they would have a clear mandate from the people.

This first suggested bill would have many of the people back home cheering its passage proven by the popularity across the country of the movie, The American Sniper. What was the simple suggestion?

It was to pass an immediate bill that gives all the victim's families from the Ft. Hood shooting Purple Hearts, which Obama had promised to veto. They would also need to rename the shooting for what it was, a Jihad, and remove the damning description of "workplace violence" as if our treasures at Ft. Hood were killed by a runaway garbage truck.

It looks like as of December of 2014 the House had taken the measure up at least to pass out Purple Hearts.

While the establishment VFW doesn't see Americans killed on their own soil as deserving Purple Hearts by a Muslim intent on serving Allah, I believe everyday veterans would love to see the names of Democrats who would vote against this bill when it is finally brought up in the Senate. I would hope the VFW would finally see its passage sending a message to the Brotherhood and CAIR that they no longer run the country or influence our military and FBI on doing their jobs to protect our country and its citizens.

But Republican voters need to see many more actions like this with enough votes to make them veto proof by Obama. If not in the election of 2016 they will stay home in droves, as they did in 2008 and 2012. They will no longer trust anyone or believe elections can change the corrupt political system that surrounds them, infecting everything worthwhile from local issues to national policies and about everything else in between. - Webmaster

Why was a former Al Qaeda operative sent back in Qatar by Obama? - FOXNews, January 21, 2015   Senior advisor Valerie Jarrett on what President Obama said - and didn't say - in the State of the Union. - FOXNews, January 21, 2015
What's in the seed determines the fruit.
T.M. Alexander, Bits & Pieces. October 2012


"I worked as a community organizer in Chicago, [and] was very active in low-income neighborhoods working on issues of crime and education and employment, and seeing that in some ways certain portions of the African-American community are doing as bad, if not worse, and recognizing that my fate remained tied up with their fates. That my individual salvation is not going to come about without a collective salvation for the country.

Unfortunately, I think that recognition requires that we make sacrifices, and this country has not always been willing to make the sacrifices necessary to bring about a new day and a new age." - Barack Obama, August 9, 1995, Interview on his book, "Dreams From My Father." - Transcript source: EyeOnBooks

In his own words: 1995 Obama partial audio on collective salvation comment: - Weaselzippers


The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same. - Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

"Money is once more flowing out of Congress to all manner of follies and outrages, thanks to an omnibus spending bill that funds everything except Homeland Security through September of 2015 – throwing away every scrap of leverage the incoming Republican majority could possibly exercise against Emperor Obama, ensuring that no one outside the authors of Democrat Party fundraising email spam will be talking about shutdowns, and effectively neutering freshly-elected conservatives." - Human Events

Photo you would have not seen before the November 2014 election

Photo Source: Drudge


The United States Justice Foundation is a nonprofit public interest, legal action organization dedicated to instruct, inform and educate the public on, and to litigate, significant legal issues confronting America.  USJF was founded in 1979 by attorneys seeking to advance the conservative viewpoint in the judicial arena.  Since 1980, USJF has submitted testimony to the U.S. Senate on every Supreme Court appointee and sponsored conferences on a variety of important legal issues. - USJF
December 2014 Impeachment Article - Michael Connelly


Surprise, Surprise: Establishment Republican's Song Bird Helps Obama By Going After Tea Party - AZCentral


A Canadian Muslim Of Indian Origin -Tarek Fatah


Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
Watch actual event during the playing of the National Anthem

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