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December 2008

Less than 10% believe abortion should be legal, unfettered

Texans boot Planned Parenthood

Now the abortion industry asks Obama for billions in funding to get rid of the unwanted

Obama planning billion-dollar 'bailout' for abortion industry

'Deceitful' Planned Parenthood report ignores abortion

Kansas Attorney Phill Kline Wins Another Victory!

Late abortions of "less than perfect" foetuses are the subject of a secrecy row with the Government in the UK

Planned Parenthood counsels 'teen' to hide felony'

Abortion-on-demand culture' goes global with Obama

Pro-Abort Lesbian May Be Obama Labor Secretary

Obama caught in campaign lie again with no common ground in pro-abortion picks

RNC draft rips Bush's bailouts

George W. 'deer in headlights' Bush

Sarah Palin: Conservative of the Year

Traitor Tamm

Things Are Not as They Seem

I Lost My Country

RINO, Colin Powell, vs. El Rushbo, a conservative

Republicans should 'right' their course

The hate machine continues as Palin's home church damaged by arson

Gen Y Republican

Voters in Louisiana have elected a Republican and the first Vietnamese-American member of Congress

Sarah Palin Back on the Campaign Trail - Rebuilding the Republican Party (If playing, turn off music on homepage.)

Bush's bid for Senate could clear GOP field

Jeb Bush to GOP: Don't Become 'Democrat-Lite'

Zogby: Palin Top 2012 Contender

Berg files new challenge to eligibility - 'There is nothing more important than our U.S. Constitution'

Americans dropping dead as police get Taser happy. Are cops underestimating stun gun's lethal power, 50 people in America having their lives terminated by their use?

Eligibility remains focus of Supremes' conferences - Dispute posted on docket twice after Electoral College votes in

SWAT raid on food co-op called 'entrapment' - Lawyer says family badgered by agent to 'sell' eggs

'Right of conscience' regulation faces hurdles

As families try to help each other with food banks, government treats them as if terrorists as armed officers raid homes without warning. (Reading these stories makes one understand why our forefathers allowed citizens to carry guns so we would NEVER trust our government.)

LA council tightens gun, ammunition laws

Illinois Supreme Court allows Pharmacies’ Right of Conscience Case to go forward

Illinois High Court Rejects Blagojevich Removal

It's looking more like Blagojevich's arrest could have been delayed for Obama's benefit during the election

Obama citizenship issue continues to have merit as 48% of 77,000 poll by AOL says nation needs to seek answers to questions about president-elect's eligibility

America has been sold out by the very people that were supposed to protect us

U.S. now only 2 states away from rewriting Constitution

Judge Throws Out Defamation Claim by “Pledge” Challenger Michael Newdow

Courts still mum on legality of national motto of "In God We Trust."

Bork Says Obama Will Move Courts Left

Oh, God, get a life! 'Call in gay' day protests bans on homosexual 'marriage'

Judicial Watch Announces Hillary Clinton Constitutionally Ineligible to Serve as Secretary of State

Obama supporter, a Chicago lawyer, took dump in 2006 on Constitution's requirement of natural-born president, saying its stupid, discriminates, outdated, and undemocratic. Gee, wonder why?

Global Socialists Toast Victory Over America

Electoral College scam: Where dead people vote - Lawyer challenging eligibility seeks investigation of process

Ann Coulter: Liberals are hoodwinking you - 'They take advantage of our charitable impulses to change policy'

Caroline Kennedy's Fractured Fairytale

Ohioans still angry over Democrat attorney general sex scandal

History's lesson to Americans: What liberal "Change" looked like after one year under the Carter Administration

Michael Connell’s crash brings to mind the strange death of Raymond Lemme

Barney Frank, first gay congressman who was alleged to later have a relationship with a male lover over at Freddie / Fannie before he took over as their watchdog in 2007, complains of Obama's choice to give invocation . . . finds it offensive

With economy in shambles, Democrat led Congress gives itself a raise

It just goes to prove Bill Clinton really was the best former president money could buy! And voters just keep putting these corrupt Democrats right back into office

Immigration-overhaul supporters hope their hour has come

The fix seems in as Minn. Supreme Court rejects Coleman on ballots

So what's new about pond scum, as the Democrat-lead Congress help the fat cats while somehow forgetting it was originally supposed to help homeowners avoid foreclosure? Welcome to "Change, Washington style."

Chicago politics at the retail level

Judicial Watch Invited to Testify Before Blagojevich House Impeachment Committee

One Plus One Equals 20 Extra Votes For Franken

Democrats, liberal journalists share 'revolving door'

Ohio official in 'Joe the Plumber' flap resigns

Gee, whatever happened to the Law and Order issue of the Democrat Party during the election?

The Real Housewives of Crook County

Despite earlier public statements in support, the Illinois Democrats are not going to let the voters have a say in their next governor

Leave it to the Democrats as Blagojevich impeachment inquiry stalls

Obama's Rahm's calls on tape

Liberals abandon the watchtowers of Freedom

Corrupt Democrat machine sinks Illinois deeper Into chaos over scandal

To former Secretary of State Colin Powell - "You're no Rush Limbaugh, but if you had been you would have walked away from the UN on that fateful day."

Corrupt Pennsylvania Machine Pol chides Corrupt Chicago Machine Pol

Rev. Jackson says, "It was't me." It never is, is it Rev?

Minnesota Ballots: Land of 10,000 Fakes

Democratic Party Scandal: How High Will It Go?

Sources Say Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Is 'Senate Candidate No. 5'

The Democrat culture of corruption

Blagojevich Indictment: What Did Obama Know, and When Did He Know It?

Judicial Watch Statement: Blagojevich Arrest Shakes Obama Presidency to Its Core

Obama needs to get his story straight

Here We Go Again: Corrupt ACORN Set To Receive $17.2 Million Taxpayer Dollars from the Democrats

Details Of Complaint Against Blagojevich - pay to play, the arrogance amazing in Obama town

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich taken into federal custody - charges of corruption to sell Obama's Senate seat are staggering!

Call for NY's Rangel to resign from Congress

Worker says 'Joe the Plumber' cover-up was forced upon her

GOP-killing juggernaut puts bull's-eye on states - Millionaires, billionaires donating to takeover plan

Rangel Steered Money to Son

Strong Chambliss win in Georgia runoff keeps Democrats from magic 60

Rangel takes on the New York Times

Reid: We won't smell the tourists anymore (If you don't like the smell of the people, leave!)

Panasonic to spend at least $4.5 billion to buy Sanyo

McConnell Attacks Democrats' Stimulus Plans, saying taxpayers are in no mood to see their money squandered

Holiday sales drop to force bankruptcies, closings

Oregon to pursue mileage tax using GPS to show cars when in state lines (North Carolina Democrats don't give a damn, want to charge milage even if you're driving in Alaska!)

States Consider Selling Off Roads, Parks

Stores cut prices to entice post-holiday shoppers

Retail Sales Plummet!

Cocoa hits 23-year high on supply fears, in part due to a cold growing season.

(Note: Remember the Little Ice Age in the early 18th century when the earth cooled for almost 100 years, grain rotting with millions starving, later potatoes found to be able to grow in the cold wet climate. But then the lack of grain and the dependence on potatoes lead to the blight in Ireland, millions starving.)

Russia, China warn of dire economic straits in 2009

A lump of coal in your stockings, as wealthy politicians in many states pile on to levy a bevy of new taxes

New jobless claims surge to 26-year high

Madoff investor commits suicide in office

Google cuts back year-end bonuses

Oil below $38 per barrel on weak economic reports

Bailout recipients Fannie, Freddie gave $ to 'gay' groups

U.S. Home Resales Fall; Prices Drop by Record 13.2%

What the [Hell] Happened?

$1.6 billion went to bailed-out bank execs - Records show bonuses, chauffeurs, health club benefits, financial planning

UAW only for auto workers? Think again with report of $27-Million UAW-Owned Country Club with golf course, condos, and swimming pools

Toyota projects first operating loss since 1941

Christmas shut-down in Silicon Valley, as Fortune 500 tech companies force employees to take 15 days of vacation using all available off days if they want to be paid

Japan forecasts zero growth for year to March 2010

A better bailout alternative

Bush OKs $17.4B bailout of the Chrysler and General Motors, as Ford says, "Thanks but no thanks!"

Bailout Watchdog Frustrated by Poor Accounting

Value of 2008 Bailouts Exceeds Combined Costs of All Major U.S. Wars

Americans obscene gates of greed, as taxpayer bailout money goes to corrupt bankers

Schwarzenegger increased state spending 32%, now California is broke!

Dollar falls sharply in wake of Fed move

Chrysler says to shut down all production for month

U.S. Automakers lost spirit of innovation, industry analysts say (Just like Zenith Electronics Inc. did in the mid 80's, a personal testimony.)

Americans are expected to balance their personal budgets. So why of 36 states that are facing deficits this year, 22 are planning to increase spending?

SEC chairman says agency not only failed to probe Madoff, but went to him for advise . . . asleep at the switch again. (Have you noticed our government at too many levels no longer protects the America people. but instead screws them again and again!)

Expert advises Bush: GM is no financial institution

So exactly who's losing the U.S. car business?

U.S. slashes interest rates to new zero-0.25% range

Depression possible: Canadian Prime Minister

New York State gone MAD!

Guard Your Money From the Next Madoff

Arena Football to cancel 2009 season-reports

Top banks admit huge losses in Wall Street 'pyramid' fraud

Bush Excluded by Latin Summit as China, Russia Loom

Bush as Bankrupt as GM

Angry UAW members, who loved the good life, lash out unable to accept the greed of their unions that caused the collapse of their industry and in the end, their very livelihoods

Corruption in America continues to be rampant, as single greatest scam by an individual alleges a $50-billion fraud that hits the very rich from Palm Beach to Long Island, leaves lives in ruin

Without Union Concessions, Bankruptcy Better Than A Bailout, Republicans Say

GM to Temporarily Close 20 Plants to Slash Output

Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion

Starbucks won't slug it out in ad wars

Bank Of America To Cut Up To 35,000 Jobs

Report: Bailed-out firms bankrolled conventions - AIG, Ford, Citigroup, Freddie Mac gave millions to Democrats, GOP before asking for gov't aid

Everything you want to know about the bailout (but were afraid to ask)

From Illinois to Wall Street to Wal-Mart and Beyond

Ron Paul: Bailouts Will 'Destroy the Dollar'

Murky future for auto rescue amid GOP opposition

New unemployment claims surge unexpectedly

Developing economies to slow sharply: World Bank

Global demand for oil to plummet

Russian Venture Capitalist Costs Workers Jobs and Income During Economic Meltdown

Obama’s ‘New Deal’ Not Likely to Cure Economy or Unemployment Rate, Free Market Economists Say

Broadway hit by downturn

Treasury Bills Trade at Negative Rates as Haven Demand Surges

Raines Largely Unrepentant for Fannie Mae Role

Investor fear drives US Treasury yields to near zero

Bailed-out AIG offers Islamic insurance to U.S. - Company sells Shariah-compliant policies after massive taxpayer-funded cash grab

U.S. Job Losses Signal Recession Will Be Long, Deep

Chinese property hunters to raid U.S.

More than 500,000 Jobs Lost in November

Mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures rise to record levels

Help this Congressman give America a Tax Holiday

Congress, White House Near Deal on $15B Auto Bailout

Bank of England Mulls 'Nuclear Option'

U.S. job losses worst since 1974 as downturn deepens

Paulson Considers New Plan to Resuscitate U.S. Housing Market

New jobless claims drop unexpectedly

Big Three, while having no money, seem to be able to still spend millions on lobbying the best Congress money can buy

Record number of Americans using food stamps

Bush administration ignored clear warnings - Under pressure from banking industry, U.S. government eased lending rules

Lawmakers: Auto Bailout on Verge of Collapse

Neeeever mind (again!): Obama abandons windfall profits tax

Gloom Returns to Asia on Wall Street's Plunge

Schwarzenegger Declares Fiscal Emergency in Calif.

Stocks fall sharply on consumer spending worries

US manufacturing hits 26-year low

Britain thinking of joining euro

Schools Led by Obama's Education Secretary Designee Failed No-Child-Left-Behind Standard for Five Years

The Dumbing Down of Academe

2004 study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education reports nearly 10 percent of U.S. public school students have been targeted with unwanted sexual attention by school employees

Ignorance Reigns Supreme

Ariz. shouldn’t block disabled students from using vouchers

Ethanol turns out to be the worst type of renewable energy

Crooked Carol Browner: Obama’s ethically-challenged energy czar

Anna Eshoo, California Democrat, wants Fairness Doctrine to extend to cable and satellite programming . . . but leaves out newspapers and networks that are already in pocket of corrupt Democrat Party

Children from religious, intact families fare better, study says

So much for diversity and sensitivity in the Bay area, proven again to only be gay code words for hate

ACLU of Arkansas sues over adoption restrictions

U.S. sides with traditional marriage...for now

The worst video games your kids may be playing

Chinese authorities attack earthquake victims, Christians

Josef Stalin Voted Third-Greatest Russian

Israel pounds Gaza for second day

View from cockpit of Israel destroying rocket lauching pad in residential area

PA leader 'begged' Israel to hit Hamas. To world, however, Abbas condemns
Gaza strikes as 'barbaric,' 'unnecessary'

Pakistan sends 20,000 troops to Indian frontier

Israel kills 205 in air assault on Gaza Strip

Pakistan cancels army leave as India tensions rise

Ukraine faces gas cutoff over $2.1 billion debt

European Court of Justice tells airlines to pay passengers over ‘technical problems’

'Armageddon' warning over Brussels plan for west coast fish stocks

Change Draft Text or We’ll Boycott Racism Meeting, Netherlands Warns U.N.

Global porn bust rescues dozens of abused children

Greek rioting sparks demonstration in other European cities

Zimbabwe cholera toll jumps, Mugabe under pressure

Pakistan: We're ready for war with India

Amsterdam to close many brothels, marijuana cafes

Amidst Terror Aimed at Tourists in India, American Travel Industry Seeks Expansion of Visa Waiver Program

Israel 'prepared to attack' Iran nuclear plants

Hollywood's hero goes after Blogges - “We want to advise you that you have transgressed the limits of tolerance…”

China Internet cafes switching to Chinese OS for better surveillance by government

Environment minister Sammy Wilson: I still think man-made climate change is a con. Says activists send info to legislatures who don't read beyond the propaganda

Church of England puts its faith in Al Gore's investment arm

2008 was the year man-made global warming was disproved

Cocoa hits 23-year high on supply fears, in part due to a cold growing season.

(Note: Remember the Little Ice Age in the early 18th century when the earth cooled for almost 100 years, grain rotting with millions starving, later potatoes found to be able to grow in the cold wet climate. But then the lack of grain and the dependence on potatoes lead to the blight in Ireland, millions starving.)

Wackos are at it again as nutty scientists warn Christmas lights harm the planet. (Remember, these are the same kind of fruit cakes that wanted to put soot on the earth's poles in the 1970s to help WARM the planet.)

Branch Gorevidians Explain Harsh Winter

Will Canada see its first white Christmas since '71?

Beijing's coldest December day in 57 years

Severe cold wave to hit Europe

And the chicken little story goes on about CO2 as two named to top posts Saturday back tough response to global warming

False claims that "wind farms" provide large economic and job benefits

Obama's energy team has its own 'inconvenient truths'

AP now joins Chicken Little to proclaim the sky is falling. (Gee, should we relocate everyone around and near Miami's South Beach to northern Georgia?)

Worshipping the weather

Global warming - who's getting fooled?

U.N. Blowback: More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims - Study: Half of warming due to Sun! –Sea Levels Fail to Rise? - Warming Fears in 'Dustbin of History'  

Eat camels to protect environment, Aussies told

Political Correctness morphs into socialism with People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants and Rivers

Fascist climate protesters demand swifter U.N. action on global warming

YOU, yes you elected these damn politically correct Democrats to Congress, as they now want to charge fees for the average farm of about $30,000 to $40,000 dollars a year for the farts from their animals, which are supposed to affect their faux global warming crap

Electric shock as sales of green cars go into reverse

Majority of U.S.-Mexico border fence complete

2nd worst state economy allows its members of Congress to massively import workers

Ramos-Compean treatment has border agents quivering - Mexican drug smugglers spray bullets, but U.S. officers dare not return fire

IFCO Enters into Record Settlement for Hiring Illegal Aliens

Official Accused of Hiring Illegal Immigrants

Alabama City to Target Contractors who Hire Undocumented Workers

Shuler to Reintroduce The SAVE Act

Nebraska Lawmakers Seeking Tougher Immigration Laws

Something stinks as Bush springs drug dealers while allowing two border agents to rot - Ramos-Compean supporter asks: 'Why is the president dug in so deep?'

Which states' delegations were especially "Naughty" and put a lump of coal in their workers' Christmas stockings?

Foreign-worker arrivals continue as jobless claims rise to 26-year high

More Brazilians in New Jersey Leaving for Home

U.S. deports 46 percent more Mexicans and Central Americans

Nativist propaganda film “Border,” claims awards no one has heard of

Immigration Helps California's Population Surpass 38 Million

Minnesota Catholics to Observe 'Immigration Sunday'

Settlement Will Provide Amnesty for Tens of Thousands of Immigrants

The bleeding of taxpayer money continues as Texas spent $678 million on healthcare for illegal immigrants

Rampant fraud puts stop to U.S. refugee program - DNA confirms fewer than 20% telling truth about family ties

S.C. Businesses Getting Workplace Verification Training

Leading Capitol Hill Publication Features NumbersUSA Call for Immigration Suspension

Whom shall Bush pardon?

Napolitano Receiving Mixed Reviews

Obama picks open-borders advocate for administration

Two Georgia Counties Applying for 287(g)

Obama plan would save/create 2.5 million jobs . . . much cheaper immigration moratorium would save 2.5 million jobs

Slim New York Times that linked female lobbyist to McCain as having an affair sues paper (What, the Times is a newspaper? I thought it was a joke!)

Chicago's secular progressive newspapers facing troubled futures

Now that he doesn't need them, love affair with media is terminated as Obama bristles with their close coverage of his daily life

Drive-bys parrot Hamas on casualty numbers. Gaza terrorists have long history of inflating total killed, wounded

Tale of two presidential workout fanatics

A veteran cultural analyst says Time has now joined Newsweek as a former news magazine that has decided to push a "radical agenda" and doesn't care who knows it

The psychopathology of Bush hatred

Americans prefer news from Web to newspapers

(Note: We agree, no longer trusting newspapers due to the huge bias that has taken over their news rooms. We don't use a single newspaper for our news posted on this site. But it's good to see newspapers dying on the secular progressive vine, Americans returning to sources they can trust for the news and not personal views of these socialists that have taken over our nation's newspapers and the public's right to know. In a successful democracy, the market will decide who shall live and who shall die. In a socialist society, that no longer works and why many Americans are concerned about secular progressives pushing the ideology upon the country. Such is the case today with the Obama presidency, as at best it oversees an extremely divided population.)

Drive-by media a**holes ignore Muslim intimidation of Christians on Christmas Eve while blaming Israel for ruining Christmas

And it goes on! In an effort to protect Democrats at any cost, NY Times winds up publishing fake letter from Paris mayor

Desperate times continue at Los AngelesTimes at it compares Iraqi shoe hurler to Joe the Plumber

At least China gets it, as it blocks access to New York Times Web site

No one should be surprised as Nobel Prize Foundation is caught up in corruption probe

World Wild Web

The proof is in and conservatives were right-on about the drive-by media's double standard on resumes

Hate crime is virtunally ignored by bias drive-by media in Palin church burning. Duh! (If it's not a liberal, it isn't news. As New York Times rep claimed, "It isn't news until we say it is." So what don't you get about Fascism when it runs your mainstream media?)

Undersea sub-cables have broken, Internet failures across Europe and India

Microsoft's emergency warning to Web users

Obama, the FCC, and cable choice - entering the unknown

Newsweek accused of 'journalistic malpractice,' their issue on the Bible called "a gay activist's dream."

Who else, as the New York Times Provides a Platform for Ex-Terrorist Bill Ayers

Newsweek: Bible OK with same-sex 'marriage'

Zucker says NBC may scale down programming hours

Times Co. to borrow against building

McClatchy puts Miami Herald up for sale

Tribune Co., in debt, could be flirting with bankruptcy

Truthers to the Left of Me, Truthers to the Right

Matthews: ‘I’m A Free Man Starting Next June’

Ad losses send newspaper industry into a tailspin

What a relief that news executives like Carroll weren't around in 1940s, directing coverage of America's war with Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan

Researchers unlock secrets of 1918 flu pandemic

Physicians rally against assisted suicide

Daschle to oversee Obama's health care reform

At least one country puts its citizen's safety over political correctness, as Moscow's mayor links gays to spread of AIDS

Doomsday: U.S. report warns of 'strategic shock' leading to massive unrest

Obama wants Bush war team to stay

As America is about to get a new elitist president that has done nothing yet thinks he's another Abraham Lincoln, Russia makes ready to raise its nuclear missile output fourfold

Beijing Considers Upgrades to Navy

Britain gets ready for urgent Iraq pullout

Up to 30,000 new troops to be sent to Afghanistan

Gates orders plan to close Guantanamo

A Journalist's Responsibility to Our Troops

Justices Restore Suit Brought by Ex-Detainees Citing Torture

Russian warships head for Cuba

Bush: Iraq war is not over, more work ahead

Report Spotlights Iraq Rebuilding Blunders

As if Vietnam all over again, Brits roport boy conducted suicide attack in Afghanistan

Gates: More brigades to Afghanistan by summer

Obama to name Bush adversary Shinseki VA secretary

Taliban fighters destroy crucial Nato supplies in Pakistan

Iraq and U.S. Agree That U.S. Troops Will Leave Iraq by December 31, 2011

Russian warship first to cross Panama Canal since WWII

Nobel Prize Foundation Caught Up in Corruption Probe

Hamas legislators marked the Christmas season by legalizing crucifixion

Dubai calls off New Year's Eve extravaganza in support of Hamas

Taliban Are Beheading Their Way through Former Pakistan Tourist Haven

McKinney relief boat for Hamas hit by Israeli ship

Are Americans safe from U.S. mosques? - Middle East experts measure threat level of Shariah law

Riot Police needed to control violent protests by Palestinians and British Muslims at Israeli Embassy in London

Muslim grinches steal Christmas - Christians warned against celebration: 'We are living under a state of fear'

Why the Muslim Religion can never be tolerated to gain control in America, as authorities in Egypt starve two children, ages 2 and 4, to force their mother to abandon Christianity and return to Islam

5 Muslims convicted in NJ of plotting to kill GIs

Bailed-out AIG offers Islamic insurance to U.S. - Company sells Shariah-compliant policies after massive taxpayer-funded cash grab

The 'Islamophobia' canard after Mumbai

New ID Scanners at Borders Raise Privacy Alarm

Obama MAY BE an Aloof President!?

The Unitarian Church and Obama's Religious Upbringing

Nothing changes to change as Hollywood stars open wallets for Obama party

Rezko attorney 'owns' Obama mansion - Lawyer at firm where Democrat worked receives tax bill

Conservatives expect U.N. battle over homosexuality as a ‘Human Right’ to begin in '09

America's beef with Obama's pork

Not a Lincoln. Not even a Ford

First he walked on water, now Obama chooses Lincoln's Bible for inauguration

Biden’s ‘Working Families’ Task Force is Misnomer, Conservative Leader Charges Dangerous Foes Await the Obama Administration

Document drop: The story behind Obama's URL Does anything SHOCK Americans today about the leaders they elect to represent them, as Emanuel is alleged to have pushed Blagojevich to appoint Obama loyalists BEFORE the presidential election

Pro-Life Rick Warren to Give Invocation at Obama Inauguration

Obama Team has forged yet another link with old Clinton administration

Official: Emanuel fast-tracked immigrants to get votes - Ex-Clinton aide now promises to loosen rules as Obama chief of staff

Opinion - What Obama Offered Blagojevich; if governor complained Obama wanted a senator picked without any pay and play money, how could have Obama not talked with him?

Chicago Politics Find A Home In The White House

NASA has become a transition problem for ObamaWith the election over,

Obama uses new logo to say we may use his middle name to bring sensitivity to Muslims issues to Americans. Gee, thanks Barack

Is there an Obama-Blagojevich connection?

Obama's Web presence loses its luster

Court won't review Obama's eligibility to serve

Preventing the Triumph of Violence

Obama campaign mulls what to do with $30M surplus . . . . . . then goes to upscale resort homes in Hawaii for holiday while CEO's are asked not to fly in their corporate jets

Obama plans to give major speech while in an Islamic nation in his first 100 days

Will Obama become the statesman America needs?

Weatherman terrorists: Obama's centrism a 'smokescreen' - Forecast a radical agenda that would impress Lenin coming

Truth In Politics: Gun Sales Boom After Election

How the Obama Administration will use their grass roots activists

Obama supporter, a Chicago lawyer, took dump in 2006 on Constitution's requirement of natural-born president, saying its stupid, discriminates, outdated, and undemocratic. Gee, wonder why?

Hillary to head State: Is it constitutional? Founding Fathers included clause that prevents Clinton appointment

Another Barack in the Wall

Pharmacists sue IL governor over right of conscience

The Separation of Church and State - Reloaded

Secular progressives of the ACLU 'emboldened' in prayer lawsuits against North Carolina small town

Rick Warren: Opposed to gay marriage, not gay partnerships

Christmas official holiday in Iraq

My Triumph Over Kwanzaa!

Court: Religious message on private property stays on NY public highway

Archbishop of Canterbury warns of dangers of economic dogma, similar to what happened in Nazi Germany

Ministries fear restrictions under Obama administration

While the West loves its diversity, there is not even a knee-jerk by liberal drive-by media as authorities destroy new church building in Vietnam

Hate signs allowed by Illinois and Washington State governments because the messenger is liberal - "Our message at this season of the winter solstice is may reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds."

Atheists' National Holiday?

Fake ministry e-mails push Christians toward porn - 'Please pray that no one will be fooled by these attacks'

Islamic star and crescent join town's Christmas tree - 'Jesus Christ himself would have gathered everyone around him'

Missionary plane a victim of 90s drug war

Iowa to permit state employees to donate to faith-based charities

Evangelical leader quits after 'gay' marriage shift - D.C. lobbyist for 28 years apparently forced out after telling NPR his position on issue changing

Traditional Catholics persecute Christians in Southern Mexico

Liberal Episcopals vote for more homosexual clergy

ADF attorneys available to media after hearing over ‘JOHN316’ plates in Vermont

It’s ‘Crystal’ Clear – University of Toledo Message to Christian Employees: Shut UP

Christmas is not a holiday - It's a Birthday

Will homosexuals silence America's Christians?

Scientists Find 'Missing' Mineral and Clues to Mars Mysteries

Jellyfish gone wild ruin tourist spots, report says

First Amendment takes a hit in libeal New Jersey

As Christmas Approaches, Muslims Erect ‘Allah Has No Son’ Banner in Nazareth

Employee forced to say “Happy Holidays” fired for insubordination after objecting to the greeting. Employee with excellent record wanted to either say Merry Christmas or keep the greeting as annually given, objecting to the secularation of Christmas by businesses

Dear Washington State bigots- Christmas symbols deserve more respect than the Atheist insults you allow on state property!

U.S. Turns 'Blind Eye' to Persecution of Christians in Iraq, Congressman Says

Anti-faith 'rant' that has nothing to do with a federal holiday will stay, says secular progressive Wash. governor

Atheists in Washington State install Christmas-Bashing Sign in State Capitol Building with Governor’s Blessing

ADF-allied attorneys secure free speech for L.A. Jews for Jesus

Proposition 8: Speak Softly and Carry a Big Poll

Californians’ Voices Still Heard, Even If Attorney General Brown Won’t Defend Them

Canadian Conservative Party has overwhelmingly approved a resolution to repeal the "hate speech" provision that has been used to squelch the free speech rights of Christians and others who speak out against homosexuality

Homosexuals showing 'radical intolerance' of Rick Warren

Obama is not even in office yet, and the word is already out he may begin moving the country to the far left and decriminalize pot before his second term

"I have never believed that there is a secret United Nations plot to take over the US. I have never seen black helicopters hovering in the sky above Montana. But, for the first time in my life, I think the formation of some sort of world government is plausible." - Gideon Rachman,

Campbell Soup decides to cross the line with a two-page ad in gay magazine that highlights the new American family, two lesbian mothers portrayed married with son

California Attorney-General turns against Prop 8

So, do you really want a "Mama" government, as liberals voted for in November 2008?

'Catch 22' custody crisis for Christian mom

Fascists gay activists at it again!

Planned Parenthood protecting child rapist . . . again

Now Iowa latest target for homosexual marriage

'Responsible' online pornographers - an oxymoron

Obama taps homosexual-rights activist for White House post

NJ homosexuals push for same-sex 'marriage'

Homosexual adoption a benefit to society?

ADF joins in against lawsuit challenging the state’s Defense of Marriage Act

Assisted suicide ruled 'a patient's right' - "We put animals out of their misery; we can do it for human beings"

One million innocent people could have their profiles wiped from Britain's 'Orwellian' DNA database after court ruling

Univ. of Toledo Sued for Firing Christian Official Who Expressed Biblical View Against Homosexuality

Obama keeping promises made to homosexual groups

Anger expressed over eHarmony decision

Milwaukee OKs 'gay'-affirming school

The Fascists of the ACLU has a choir director worried about his job in a middle school, as he changes the lyics in Christmas song from "Mary bore the sweet little Jesus Christ" to "Mary bore the sweet little child."

Christians called to mass exodus from public schools

Christian fliers no longer banned, Maricopa School District settles suit

Obama's Univ. of Chicago educational community will now allow female and male students to share dorm rooms without parential permission. Keep sending those hard-earned checks, mom and dad, to pay elitists to run your family values

Secular Progressives change young Evangelicals' values via state schools, adopting Ayers' philosophy of so-called social justice against what he sees as an American racist society

Tis the Season for Filing Court Briefs to Stop the anti-Christmas Virus from Infecting Our Schools

Sixth-Grader Penalized For Mentioning Jesus in His Christmas Paper at School

These are no longer public schools, but Communist run state schools when you see your children singing in a "Not Your Father’s Christmas Play."

The Gore Effect, as brainwashed children in state school sing about the alleged catastrophic effects of CO2: "The Arctic's like a melting pot." (If playing, turn music off on homepage.)

Only 17% of 8th Graders in Schools Overseen by Obama Education Secretary-Designee Can Read at Grade Level

Obama’s Choice for Education Secretary Approved Homosexual High School for Chicago

3 of 4 universities censor speech - 'Everyone who values the free exchange of ideas should be deeply disturbed'

Chicago Schools Administrator: Homosexual High School Is 'Necessary'

UNC libraries to forgo Christmas trees - Chapel Hill library chief says staffers complained about the display.

After-School Christian Club Wins Battle Against School Board Discrimination

Obama Could End Abstinence Education in Fight Against AIDS

Five immigrants face life behind bars for Army plot

Wacky Democrat spokesman, Jimmy Carter, laments: Terrorists lack 'defense' against Israel - Recounts last week's 'peacemaking' trip to Middle East

Lawsuit Filed Against Treasury Dept: Stop AIG Bailout Financing Terrorism

Iran says has proof U.S., UK back police killer group

It's true - 500 Tons of Uranium Yellowcake Secretly Moved From Iraq to Canada

Strict Indian Gun Law Aided Mumbai Terrorists in Attack

Musicians tell UN to ban using songs as torture

Google Earth accused of aiding terrorists

Mumbai gunman says he was paid $1,900 for attack - SIM card may have come from New Jersey

Apologetic Mumbai Killers: "We Didn't Get the Memo About Obama"

Hindus, Jews, and Jihad Terror in Mumbai

Shock as top Indian Army officer arrested over bomb attack

British Tycoon Shot Dead By Mumbai Terrorists Just Moments After Speaking to BBC

Pirates attack cruise ship off Somali coast

India claims Mumbai gunman tied to Pakistani group

Obama's Labor pick has communist ties - Radical leaders hail Solis as 'outstanding,' 'terrific'

Angry UAW members, who loved the good life, lash out unable to accept the greed of their unions that caused the collapse of their industry and in the end, their very livelihoods

Without Union Concessions, Bankruptcy Better Than A Bailout, Republicans Say

GM to Temporarily Close 20 Plants to Slash Output

France has introduced a resolution before the United Nations General Assembly to decriminalize homosexuality

UN poised to agree action to halt rainforest destruction

Talks set path for new UN global climate treaty

The U.N.'s Racist Conference On Racism

U.N. Blowback: More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims - Study: Half of warming due to Sun! –Sea Levels Fail to Rise? - Warming Fears in 'Dustbin of History'  

Fascist climate protesters demand swifter U.N. action on global warming

Obama Nominees Signal Radical Pro-U.N. Agenda




"Freedom is Knowledge"