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The list of presenters at The Summit include many of the top leaders of the intelligence, espionage, counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence agencies from around the free world. The Summit is intended to be the most prestigious world conference on international studies, intelligence policy, terrorism, and homeland security.

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February 2010

Feds claim authority to regulate in-state commerce - Government cites Constitution in demanding dismissal of gun challenge in Montana Law Suit that says Feds have overreached their power over the states

The thrist for power by Democrats continues! - Dems entertaining healthcare 'reconciliation'

Postville Plant to Hire 150 More Worker

Glacier scientist: I knew data hadn't been verified

Finally! Court Says OK To Deny Illegal Alien Public Service!

Christians threatened with arrest in Richmond for sharing Gospel, lawsuit filed

Black History Month should be about Black History

Did Cameron completely Rip Off an obscure British Comic called Firekind?

Justice Official Clears Bush Lawyers in Torture Memo Probe

And the E-Book Wars Begin

Angry China retaliates over US arms deal for Taiwan

Enemies of Free Speech Call for Internet Licensing

Strange case of moving weather posts and a scientist under siege

Obama's Democrat-run radical Web site and its agenda to brainwash America's Youth!

Tea Party moves from margins to mainstream in U.S. politics

Mall to Christians: God talk banned! Rules challenged as violating 'principles of free expression'

First Court Challenge to Federal Hate Crimes Act Filed by Three Pastors and a Pro-Family Advocate

Reuters runs away crying like a little baby, as Obama gives the news service a time out!

Sarah Palin: Why I'm speaking at Tea Party [February] convention

Pastor says U.S. abortion industry targets Afro-American women, but Obama already knows that congradulating Planned Parenthood on its mission!

From the Heritage Foundation! Shocking stats when seen side by side - Bush Deficit vs. Obama Deficit in Pictures!

An Honest Scientist Tackles 'ClimateGate'

Canada's N.L. Premier Williams set to have heart surgery in U.S. But why? No good heart doctors in Canada, eh?

Shocking Report how Frankin got elected! - "Virtually no other country in the world allows partisan political figures to run their elections, except the United States," he said.

Fake U.S. Marshal, Phony Prisoner Slip By Airport Security

McCain and Hayworth Faceoff! So what does the RINO Senator from Arizona do? - "Next thing he knew, the McCain campaign was running attack ads against him on his own radio station. “J.D. Hayworth,” the ads intone. 'That’s not what Arizona wants.'"

IPCC: International Pack of Climate Crooks

Cheap Natural Gas and its Democrat Enemies

The CFC Ban: Global Warming's Pilot Episode

Defending the Indefensible

Climategate spreads like an ozone hole

Investigation Chief: Swine Flu Pandemic was a Hoax

Google to enlist NSA to help it ward off cyberattacks

Are You Brainwashed? Seven Principles for Free Government

As people stop looking for work, jobless rate falls to 9.7% with January payrolls down by 20,000. In the end employers boosted work hours instead of hiring!

Progressive Dutch Free Speech on Trial: 15 Defense Witnesses Disallowed in Wildner's Case!

Stunning! - Patient ‘locked in’ by brain injury answers question using thoughts alone!

Democrats caught at their dirty tricks again! - Boehner Says We Can't Have 'Anti-Catholic Bigot' in White House, Calls for Obama Adviser to Resign

Congressman: Naked Body Scanners Are Just About Harassing Passengers

It's Superbowl Sunday! Redneck Pagan's celebrate an American rite of passage

Steele weathering disaffection in RNC

One of the most corrupt politicans in America, according to the annual release of Judicial Watch, John Murtha, is dead!

State of the Union: Barack Obama gets an F for world leadership!

Our African-Muslim president, Barack Obama, has a new pick to run military actions inside the U.S., Democrat Jeremiah Nixon, a Missouri governor who had linked Christians to violence saying "Law enforcement officers should watch for suspicious individuals who may have bumper stickers from Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin!

Take Viagra? The joke may be on you, Pfizer's Jeffrey Kindler out to screw you!

Want to send a message to the Green Goons? Don't buy an Audi!

Where The Hell Is King, North Carolina?

Liberty Counsel Files Amicus Brief at Supreme Court in Christian Legal Society v Martinez

Extremists gone wild on 'green' energy bill - Former domestic terrorist, communist, socialist-party founder all contribute

Surprised? Naked Body Scanner Images of Film Star Printed, Circulated by Airport Staff!

Passengers left stunned after Muslim bus driver pulls over and begins praying in the aisle

Yemen Al Qaeda Urges Jihad, Wants Red Sea Blocked

I Was a Teenage President

The Railroading of Geert Wilders

Daddy’s not a dinosaur, Mama’s not a moron

Not in My Backyard! – North Carolina

Put your seat belts on! Here comes inflation as a new ARMs rate hits homeowners in 2011!

Muslim madness! 12-year old girl seeks divorce from her 80-year old husband!

Think maybe the mayor of New York City might sell his snow to the city of Vancouver, Canada, eh?

Obama’s Revisionist History of Terrorism

In liberal progressive Canada hating gays is a crime but hating Jews, well that's something else, eh?

Hillary Clinton's State Department Abandons Arrested Baptists in Haiti - (Note but Haiti judged saying Christians did not intend criminal intent may be the hero here with lack of State Department's interest.)

State Universities Brace for Another Brutal Year - With dwindling support from recession-battered state governments, many schools are bracing for more cost-cutting and steep tuition hikes

It's ba-ack! Health-care plan redoubles 'marriage penalty'

New meaning of oxymoron! - As Muslim terrorist activities cause the need for body scanners to detect bombs, Muslims says Airport Body Scanners Violate the Teachings of Islam

Judicial Watch - Broke State Spends $75 Mil On Cars, Furniture

Best-Selling Author, Screenwriter Says ‘Avatar’ Is ‘Anti-American and Anti-Military’

Giant leap of faith for failed Bush assassin - converts to Islam

A Planned Parenthood branch in Birmingham, Ala., has been put on probation by the state health department for breaking the state's abortion consent law and refusing to notify authorities of suspected child abuse cases

Family feud: Nancy Pelosi at odds with President Obama

Raising Hell—Isn’t That What Patriots Do?

North Carolina Schools may cut chunks out of U.S. History Lessons, indoctrinate children on global environment instead (Gee, sounds familiar what progressives are trying to do in Texas.)

Repeal the law? Reinstate the draft!

Rockefeller on Obama: Prez isn't 'believable' - Message the same as famous 'You lie' by GOP's Joe Wilson

Meghan McCain Blasts Tea Party Movement, Palin on 'The View'

Federal judge rules against 'Muslim Mafia' - CAIR decision seen as victory over plan to 'chill' free speech!

Iowa Law To Reward Illegal Immigrants

Wind Energy's Ghosts

Disgusting Bastards! FOX 'Family Guy' Attacks Sarah and Trig Palin With Down Syndrome Joke

Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995

Liberty Counsel Files Amicus Brief at Supreme Court in Christian Legal Society v Martinez

IPCC Corruption included Ignoring Facts and Science

I don’t owe him s***. He [McCain] really screwed my life up, is how I look at it.”

Dem Sen Diane Feinstein Caught Violating Calif Gov Debate Rules w/Hand Notes in 1990

Obama Breaks Yet Another Key Campaign Promise

Frightening! Declining U.S. Navy facing Chinese challenge - Fleet's status creates door of vulnerability to other powers, terrorists!

Some American and Afghan troops say they’re fighting the latest offensive in Afghanistan with a handicap — strict rules that routinely force them to hold their fire

A sign of the times - The ease of Internet sex adventures putting more strain on relationships

Oops! Obama tells another nativity fib?

U.S. schoolbook glorifies communists

Stunning! A former member of the Palestine Liberation Organization who has converted to Christianity says a Saudi prince is now the second-largest shareholder in Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, the parent company of the Fox News Channel

Minnesota Spending Bill Includes E-Verify Provisions

Virginia State House Passes E-Verify Bill

Kentucky State House Passes E-Verify Bill

Dual Citizenship - A Challenge to Immigration Reform and Patriotic Assimilation (.pdf)

The Teaching of American History: Promise and Performance (.pdf)

Not a Failure of Capitalism - A Failure of Government! (.pdf)

The Green Revolution: The Second Wave in Iran

Fed Raises Discount Rate by Quarter-Point to 0.75%

Al-Qaeda warns of 'dozens' of in-flight bombs

Mt. Vernon Statement’ by Conservatives Reasserts Founders’ Principles, Is an 'Antidote' to Big Government Liberalism

Napolitano Secretly Hosts Terrorist Groups In D.C.

South Carolina Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Federal Currency

Rush Limbaugh: Our Mission Statement: Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness

UN climate chief quits, leaves talks hanging

Las Vegas Mayor Goodman rejects Obama invitation

OMG, not again! TSA: Agent Flagged Wrong Passenger For Rescreening, But Person In Question With Carry-On Was Never Found

UN nuclear watchdog accuses Iran over nuclear weapon

Liberals continue to destroy the institutions that help the poor to promote their ideology for power over the collective - D.C. Archdiocese Ends Foster Care Program Over Same-Sex Marriage Bill, Which Allows Homosexual Couples to Adopt Children

Far-left media protects the suicide pilot's far-left agenda of hating religious organization by saying he was a tea party goer

Judicial Watch - Obama Tried Bribing Arlen Specter’s Opponent

Rubio Steals Show On First Day Of CPAC

A New Threat to Free Speech on Campus

Bill O’Reilly Supports Gun Confiscation During Weather Emergencies (watch segment)

Obama uses tax payer money to buy Las Vegas

China must love this! - Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama (L) walks out the doors of the Palm Room of the White House by trash bags waiting to be picked up due to delays from the snow storms of last week in Washington, DC

Florida Judge Rules, on behalf of the pariah membership at the ACLU, continues to drive Christians into the Closet to Pray just like the Nazis drove the Jews into the closet and out of society!

It feels like Halloween with all the masks and tricks of the progressive New York Times promoting Obama healthcare - as a bridge?!

Watch out! Things you thought were safe for your family may have evolved into something else - Disney Invites 'Goths' to the Party

Is Joe Stack a Wake-Up Call to America?

U.S. new jobless claims post surprise jump

Obama’s ‘Chicago mafia’ blamed for paralysis at the top!

The Ambassador from Israel to the U.S., Michael Oren, invited to speak on the campus at the University of California at Irvine, as Palestinian Muslims scream at him singing the Muslim attack trill

Public option - a labor union payback - lives on!

Caught in the act of lying, climate scientists withdraw journal claims of rising sea levels!

The Obsolete New York Model (.pdf)

On the Merits of Merit Pay (.pdf)

The cost of health care to go through the ceiling as seniors take a backseat again to quality care - Obama's Revised Health Insurance Plan Expands Medicaid Eligibility

Political Correctness attacks again - Imprisoned for Saving American Lives!

The Appeal of Islam - Islamism is a Reaction to Multiculturalism

Obama puts forward $1 trillion health care plan!

Can Condoms Help Save Polar Bears? 

Philly Web spying scandal – tip of the iceberg with what Google wants to, or is doing !

Senate passes jobs bill with help from old and new RINOs!

Obama $15-billion Jobs Bill to help employers hire illegal aliens! So why are RINOs helping?

Empty On Funding, ACORN Shutters Around the Country, reorganizing under different names using words like "justice" in titles. Same toilet, same flush, just a different color.

It's raining anuses! Fifteen Years With No Global Warming Doesn't Mean There's No Global Warming, Says EPA Chief

NAACP's top banana is Obama's Communist Van Jones, who will get the President’s Award as the NAACP's best hater of America

Black Communists all around us, as WaPo/Henry Louis Gates Website wants to Write Black Conservatives out of Black History. (He must of approved of the lyncing of those black conservative businessmen back in Wilminston, NC, in 1898, the annal Democrat Party's fund raiser in NC today proudly named after the White Supremists who supported the white Democrat murders of the time.)

Democrats on Nuclear Option in 2005: Liar, liar, pants on fire!

While Americans die in the Middle East, Hamas-linked group, ISNA, has deep ties to White House

SEIU Boss Open to Serving on Obama Deficit Reduction Commission, supports MORE Deficit Spending!

Another Illegal Alien Sues Over Arrest

NCAA yanks Focus on the Family ad amid concerns, doesn't like its stand on anti-sodomy

Climatology: A Generalist Study In a Specialized World

Who will lead the TEA Party?

RINO Schwarzenegger says Tea Parties will disappear

Scott Brown's Shrewd Vote

Prominent Investor: Pound Could Collapse Within Weeks!

New York State continues to produce corrupt politicians because its politicans continue to reflect a corrupted voter base in New York State!

Sheriff says he'll undermine gun ban!

Prominent Investor: Pound Could Collapse Within Weeks

Scott Brown's Shrewd Vote!

'The Hurt Locker' sets off conflict

Fox's `Family Guy' raking in the indecency complaints

Corrupt Connecticut slim Senator Dodd tells anti-healthbill Americans to go shove it! - "Tomorrow we'll have that meeting .... But far more important after that meeting, you can either join us or get out of the way."

The cess pool gets larger for the b**** that was going to clean up the swamp! Charlie Rangel ruling puts Nancy Pelosi in a jam

Liberal media out of the gate was ready to blame Tea Party for suicide pilot. Now it doesn't want to talk about this progressive murderer, either!

CPAC Embraces Homosexual Sponsors

Obama and Democrats’ Unprecedented Attack against American People and the Obama Summit

While the greatest generation danced to "Sing, Sing, Sing," their offspring brats hump to "Scew, Screw, Screw." - Condoms scored "10" in Vancouver!

Where a tax-eating majority votes itself a permanent income! (.pdf)





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