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Dear God . . . (Out of the mouths of children.)


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Americans are complaining they are having trouble paying for Christmas in 2011.


Engadget's Holiday Gift Guide 2011


What Holiday Are We Celebrating?

Only in America! Can't afford toys for the kids? Now you can rent them!

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What Corporations are Naughty and Nice in 2011 - Scroll down for update



Christmas 2011 Archived News


Bangor church’s baby Jesus defaced

Air Force base refuses to remove nativity scene, one of other religious displays

Assaults on Christmas continues across U.S. in 2011

Saugus school chief changes mind, OK’s Santa school visits

Men Using Women’s Fitting Rooms Appears to be a Common problem at Macy’s, but also during Christmas? Hey Macy's, not with my wife!

Planned Parenthood: Push Abortion Talk at Holiday Table

Land of the free? What BS! Congressmen can't say 'Merry Christmas' in mail.

Westford Massachusetts' Students told to leave the Christmas Cookies at home - school system wants to promote . . . wait for it . . . healthy eating.

Condo Owners Miffed By Removal Of Virgin Mary Statue

California Atheists Successfully Nudge Out ‘Offensive’ Nativity Display

As Democrats in the Senate approve sodomy in the military, Macy's fires employee during Christmas shopping for keeping man dressed as a woman from the women's dressing room

Rhode Island Outraged Over “Holiday Tree”

‘Tis the Season: Grinch THIS, Corporate America!

South Carolina Cancer Center Reverses Santa Ban - but boots Christ


The Time has come to ask a Question

Countries such as Saudi Arabia don't celebrate Christmas. Some Muslim societies may even murder their citizens who try. That's their business. But Americans have the freedom to celebrate their faith as they wish or not celebrate at all.

In the case of the posting four lines below, if some Muslims don't like hearing the term, Merry Christmas, why did they move here? They knew the historic background of America. So is their real objective to turn America into another intolerant nation like the one they left, coming here instead as a stealth invader and not an immigrant looking for freedom? Many Americans may like to know, as their children are raised in this society.

Muslim father runs over his daughter in fatal attack because she was 'too westernised' in America.

A coming culture war? A stark reminder why America is different.








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Click on Graphic to see more cartoons from Michael Ramirez.


The Jimmy Z 2010 Internet Radio Christmas Show


What Corporations were Naughty and Nice in 2010 - Here's the List


The 12 Days of Winter - The Heidi Harris Show on News Talk 720 KDWN/Las Vegas, NV.



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The Devils in the Season -Western Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood 2010 Pro-Choice Holiday Card Fund Raiser. Wishing baby parts have a safe trip to the research lab?

Russian news agency, RT, reports on the "alleged" War on Christmas

As America Celebrates Christmas, Rev. Franklin Graham Says Secular 'War' Rages Against Christians

U.S. Post Office employees are restrained from saying Merry Christmas to patrons. But this is a violation of your Constitution, which reads the government shall make no laws prohibiting the expression of a religion

High School Punishes Christmas Sweater Club for Giving Candy Canes

After 90% of graduating nurses voted for prayer in their ceremony, liberal administrators at West Virginia University, Parkersburg, tried to take that right away saying unless it was 100% the vote didn't count

NPR Liberals are now openly apologizing – Forgive the Expression – for Using the Word “Christmas” On the Air

Indiana City Treasures City-Sponsored Nativity Scene on Public Property

A small-town bank in Perkins, Oklahoma, reported our Federal Reserve won’t allow it keep religious signs and symbols on display on its Web site or in its lobby. (Think the Federal Reserve has its offices in Pottersville, or just another reflection of an Obama administration.)

UK Red Cross bans Christmas, told the nativity scene offends Muslims and can only have some useless tinsels. Christmas cards can't have anything that means Christmas.

Tennessee Progressive ACLU Bullies - Atheist organization Purposely Misleading Schools on Christmas Celebrations

Another bank! Chase orders Southlake bank to remove Christmas tree. (Are these banks run or owned by Jewish members of the ACLU? Jews of the ACLU have created a life-style in hating the Christian faith, destroying all their symbols when possible.)

Wachovia Bank Bans Christmas Tree Displays From its Bank Branches, Then Says They Were Misunderstood - Decorated Trees are Okay. [TKS Wachovia, for joining all of us in celebrating Christmas, as we spend all that money on presents that brings profits to businesses you serve.]

It's still Christmas, while only 68% of 1,000 polled prefer Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays. (Sorry, but it looks to me over-fed Americans are still moving from the safety of Bedford Falls to the chaos of Pottersville, the country looking more like Sodom than Main Street.)

Smithsonian Christmas - Season Exhibit Features Ant-Covered Jesus, Naked Brothers Kissing, Genitalia, and Ellen DeGeneres Grabbing Her Breasts

Marxists at work! Florida School Bans Christmas… And Christmas Colors

New Atheist Billboard Calls Christmas a Myth

Religious Celebrations on Public Property Approved by Virginia Attorney General


Today, our aim is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by resourcing individuals and leaders with helpful, appealing, and relevant content. We do this by making our resources easily accessible to everyone, equipping churches, and influencing leaders all around the world.

Christmas music using borrowed iPhones and iPads at North Point Community Church. Download more free music from North Point Community Church located in Alpharetta just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

TKS to Jim of New Jersey


Progressives and Communists

In the end, the results on your freedom are the same

Know your history! The secularization of Christmas is nothing new in Communist countries. For instance, Christianity Today in 2002 reported that in the Vietnamese province of Dak Lak, children’s choirs were forbidden to sing “Silent Night.”

So America is different you say? Not under the growing Communist rule of the Progressive Democrat Party. Did you forget this news item from 2006 in America, a high school student forbidden to play Ave Maria . . . not sing it, just play it! And what did the Supreme Court rule?

Don't believe this is happening? Check out of this long list of archived news stories for proof of progressives trying to push religion out of America

- Ronald Reagan's Radio Program Transcript on Christmas under Communism -


YouTube provider: "I think everyone needs to see this. I'm sick and tired of the whole 'happy holidays' thing. Go Fish explains it much better than I ever could."
It's called Christmas with a Capital C

The Perfect Season's Greetings for Progressive Acquaintances


In a world of political correctness and Christmas culture wars, Reagan's national address is almost unbelievable! It is a breath of fresh Christmas air!
Video of President Reagan's Christmas Message to America December 23, 1981





Top Ten Toys for Christmas


(2008) In Illinois, state government workers were forbidden from saying the words "Merry Christmas" while at work.    New Jersey school banned even instrumental versions of traditional Christmas carols.   Arizona school officials ruled it unconstitutional for a student to make any reference to the religious history of Christmas in a class project .   Millions of Americans are starting to fight back against the secularist forces and against local officials who would rather surrender than be seen as politically incorrect. Gibson shows readers how they can help save Christmas from being twisted beyond recognition, with even the slightest reference to Jesus completely disappearing.


How social media, web and mobile tell the story of the Nativity.
Have a very Merry . . . Digital Christmas


Santa Claus is a Republican -  [Cause weasels don't look good in a Santa hat?]
A Seasonal Song sung by the very politically incorrect, Jimmy Z


Christmas from the Heartland - we hear near Cincinnati.  TKS to Karl of Florida.
Christmas lights electronic display from the Heartland


Did you find the copyright logo?  Keep looking.  You might be stepping on it.
Travel down the Sistine Chapel with chorus. Using your mouse, rotate the picture 360%.



From Ted Negent in 2008, Merry Christmas. For the "Secular Thought Police" patrolling our schools on behalf of the 300,000 atheist members of the ACLU:

This is a Christmas tree!

It's not a Holiday Tree!

It's not a Holiday Hedge!

It's not a Hanukkah Bush!

It's not an Allah Plant!

Compliments of Jim of NJ

Christmas commentary from 2008



A Soldier's Christmas Poem!

Christmas Night, 1776



The 12 Rules of Christmas by the Rutherford Institute.  (Graphic is owned by the Rutherford Institute.


You'll love these eCards for 2010.

American Greetings eCards


Lovely eChristmas Cards from the folks at BlueMountain.  Click on this card to watch the angel wrap the tree from gifts from the forest animals, just one of many you can share with loved ones for Christmas (Not naughty like the ones below, just nice. - Webmaster)
Watch Angel Decorate This Forest Tree
From the clever folks at BlueMountain


Grab the globe with your mouse and shake up their world.

Grab the globe, hold down your mouse button, and shake up their world.


Enjoy the "Rapping Baby J." from the clever folks at Flowgo!
Rapping Baby "J" - Compliments Flowgo


From HopeNChange Cartoons - Washington Democrats Wish You A Merry Christmas!  (Feels like it, eh?)
Washington Democrats Wish You a Very Merry Christmas


Don't light a match!
If you love being offended by Christmas images, do we have something right up your alley!


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Freedom is Knowledge

And a Happy Holiday to those that celebrate their religion in this festive season. It's what's special about America


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