What has happened to the Mainstream Media?


Sent to Reuter's 2,500 journalists to be sure the news they reported to the world fit the Reuter's politically-correct position:

"We're trying to treat everyone on a level playing field . . . To be frank, it adds little to call the attack on the World Trade Center a terrorist attack."

Stephen Jukes, Reuters' global head of news


The preferred channel of those that support the DNC (duh!)

CBS News is the preferred network for news of those who support the DNC.


Mike Walker rips into the arrogance and presumption of the news media—the elitist, agenda-driven mentality that allows its journalists and editors to ignore basic rules of journalism.


Sadly, today you just can't trust many national and local media print sources for unbiased news; instead your paying with your hard-earned money to read the views and personal advocacy of their tiny group of elite editors.

Now, that's ridiculous!

As an American, it really is YOUR responsibility to find the non-biased stories. You can only do that by taking time to check out several different news sources for yourself. Cable news, for instance, is 24 / 7. Their daily popular evening programs repeat late night so you can record or later watch any one you missed.

And with cable, you can watch top analysis news shows on networks such as CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, and the FOX NEWS CHANNEL (FNC) for 24/7 news coverage with updates to important running stories (see links below.)

When you do, you'll be surprised to see an information highway open up to you and your family overnight . . . suddenly discovering stories and news you didn't even know existed that had been suppressed and censored (filtered out) by the editors of your local elite media. Therefore, always check out at least two national news cable TV sources that are owned by different media companies for fair & balanced reporting that you know you can trust for future decisions you will make as a voter. While I list CNN, CNN sometimes acts more like an international news organization on American soil, similar to the politics of the BBC. But judge for yourself.

Americans making the right decision based on unbiased facts is critical to the function and long life of our hard-fought democracy. But YOU must do your part to allow this to happen and demand your right to know, which as an American citizen was provided to you by your forefathers and paid for in blood by other American patriots whose names you will never know.

Our forefathers called their idea for a free media to be able to report the truth to the general public the "Fourth Estate." Unfortunately, out of the four branches of our experimental government (the Legislative, the Judicial, the Executive, and the Fourth Estate), the Fourth Estate is the one that has no accountability to the public except from the nickel or dime each of you drops to read our local or national newspaper. Because of this, our forefathers thought the people were smart enough to put those opinions out of business they didn't like. Unfortunately, that's difficult to do today with news organizations being so large.

But if you feel your print resource for the news is more of an advocate for its own personal or political agenda and not interested in providing you with all the news as it happens (who, what, where, who, and how), then it is your job as an American to stop supporting it with your money; in the hopes its doors will close and another institution that is more interested in your welfare will spring forth from the ashes.

Here is a real-life example.

A newspaper's columnist wrote an article on an opt-ed page titled "Fundamentalists keep people from their fundamental rights." When I wrote back and asked what fundamentalist had stopped two deaf women from paying to biologically create an embryo that would produce a deaf child for their personal enjoyment to raise (their words), the newspaper would not print the rebuttal. They were protecting their ideology and agenda from the world of public opinion. I receive the paper for three days and may reduce it to Sundays if this continues . . . or stop it all together as others have told me they have done.

Media sources like this can be dangerous to the freedom of any American individual, and why the ACLU and its partnership with newspapers and the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) across America may succeed in limiting your freedom of speech to their secular agenda unless you stand up and vote with your pocket change.

When freedoms are limited and people are denied their rights, as happened with African Americans, people have a choice of being run over or cleansing their government through civil war. While bloody and tens of thousands had died in the last declared civil war under Lincoln, the principals of democracy were upheld for the next generation of Americans. Without it, this country could not have endured.

Freedom is never easy until you've lost it.

Fox Report w/ Shepard Smith

Your World w/ Neil Cavuto

The O'Reilly Factor
Glenn Beck
Lou Dobbs

Shepard Smith - no nonsense reporting.

Unlike like Michael J. Fox, this guy is first class material.  You would  never know he had a  health issue.

Creator of the No-Spin zone. Protector of those that cannot defend themselves from America's neo-Nazis of the abortion industry.

He is so upbeat, you will always be motivated to try your best with this guy around.

Visit Lou Dobbs Web site at CNN.
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So what about the mainstream media?


While the above personalities on the cable news channels are minor players when compared to the number of viewers watching the three major broadcast networks, these networks are getting more diminishing returns year after year as the American people discover these cable news channels and their more fair and balanced reading on what's going on in America as they steer away from the biased news portrayed by the three-elite liberal networks.

Its sad you really can't trust the three networks anymore to have the American people's interests in mind, treating our country's citizens more like cattle to be fed than intelligent beings to be informed . . . individuals who just want to be a part of the action in the forming of their country's future.

But when actually "looking" at these big network players, have you noticed something?

60 Minutes from CBS, along with all three major news networks, CBS, ABC, and NBC, claimed diversity and fairness for all Americans while they live in the elite world of the wealthy where these rules obviously didn't apply as their network anchors were all being white, male, and liberal. The media says it protects our democracy from the government, but what protects us from a small group of elite journalists that are always out to protect themselves and their interests?

You should never trust what you read or what you see and hear from the press, always checking counter sources. Newspapers are lead by a central authority called the ASNE (American Society of Newspaper Editors,) which is a nest of editors that has set up procedures for coloring the news every day in newspapers across the United States, our media looking more like a controlled socialist state than a free press.

Our Fourth Estate was intended to inform us through a multitude of views that reflected local flavor, not a multitude of views censored by a central clearing house like the dangerous ASNE or the Associated Press (AP,) which in itself censors the news you read. For instance, AP will not call those evil men, who took down the Trade Towers in New York City, terrorists, instead calling them only bombers. It's a wealthy executive with AP that is deciding what words you, the reader, are allowed to see, dictating this to all its editors.

A free press? You have got to be kidding. There is nothing free about it until you removed dictators like those executives within the AP, a source all newspapers use, these evil men deciding what words their journalists are allowed to print or be fired.

Remember that power corrupts and absolute power always corrupts, as proven by today's AP and news media, warned to us by our forefathers who wanted an armed America to protect itself from individuals who would ever try to take over any of our Four Estates.

It's your America. It's your freedom. Protect it or lose it.

Photo courtesy of CBS Web site.

Dan Rather of CBS Network Evening News is white, male, liberal, and 73-years of age.

Dan Rather violated his position, instead of reporting the news he became the news.

Tainted by Rathergate and his constant "glass 1/2 full" negative reporting, he retired one-year early, playing patty-cake with one political party throughout his career. It was as if his audience was a class of junior high students, and he the teacher, only allowing them to hear what he thought they could handle. That's why, in our opinion, the NEWS at CBS became the VIEWS at CBS, Rather seeming to not trust his viewers to make the right decision, holding back stories that prevented the forming of independent decision. We guess, in the end, he could have been called "Daddy Dan."

One wonders what his reporting would have looked like circa 1776. If the same content, would this land and its people still be obligated to the Queen of England? Many of us wouldn't be here today if that was the case, the free Americas that tempted immigrants to its shores in the 1920's would not have existed.

And what about the unique American architecture and customs that evolved from that time, no longer influenced but instead formed by British law, not to mention one religion dominating the government, instead of today where the is government filled with (or was) a diversity of people from all faiths and allowed to be a part of the government of the people, for the people, and by the people?

Courtesy ABC News.

Peter Jennings of ABC Network Evening News, white, male, and liberal, died at 67-years of age on August 7, 2005. (Our regrets go out to Peter Jennings, who as of April 2005 had been fighting inoperable lung cancer, dying August 7. We liked Mr. Jennings, who was extremely knowledge of world politics. We wish his family well.

His cancer has caused many Americans to look into the benfits of CT-scans as early checks for lung cancer. However check with your doctor, as a CT-scan can be ten times as strong as a regular x-ray. With that in mind, and the fact you can have a clean CT-scan only to develop cancer six months later, how many CT-scans can you endure before the scans begin to become a part of the problem? Nothing is ever simple, as Mr. Jennings would have surely told us. We wonder if he was related at all to the late Robert Jennings, one of three freelance camermen who filmed the crash of the Hindenburg.)

Photo courtsey of MSNBC Web site. Tom Brokaw of NBC Network Evening News is white, male, liberal, and 64-years of age. (Retired 2004)

But there's more:

Photo courtsey of CBS Web site. Photo courtsey of CBS Web site. Photo courtsey of CBS Web site. Photo courtsey of CBS Web site. Photo courtsey of CBS Web site.
Mike Wallace, 86. Morley Safer, 72. Ed Bradley, 63. Lesley Stahl, 62. Andy Rooney, 85.
The on-air main reporting staff for 60 Minutes Sunday Evening Edition of CBS Programming, their age as of July 2004. Note they are also all white. Yes, I know, one is African-American. But Al Sharpton has set-the-standard by not accepting Colin Powell as representing the success of African-Americans, seeing him as a white servant in the White House. Therefore one doesn't have to recognize Ed Bradley either, who you have to admit really looks, acts, dresses, talks, and is in a class with the white elitists of his industry. But of course, like Colin, he has earned his position in American society.

Read one source that documents how 60 Minutes was blinded by its advocacy.

So America, have you been duped again by the elite media that seems to believe you are so lazy that you just aren't going to challenge what you see in front of your face as a living lie, giving support to W.C. Fields observation of the American population well over 50-years ago when he said a sucker is born everyday?

Is Michael Moore then right about Americans being stupid even when the truth is placed right in front of their nose by a liberal free press that is liberal in talk but not in walk? And that is what's always wrong with liberal values. They always spin the truth because they don't respect the individual spirit of Americans as being smart enough to figure it out for themselves.

The values the liberal media preach are aimed directly at you to follow and obey. That's because sadly they have another set of rules for themselves over there someplace.

When these media elite standby and allow the liberal ACLU to tell America's parents that their middle-school teenagers can have sex with whomever they want, do you think the above elite anchors are going to tolerate the same happening to their own grandchildren? Don't bet on it! They live by another set of rules and are not liberal when it comes to protecting their own home front.

So it probably wasn't an accident that the CBS Washington rep for "CBS Evening News" on its August 2, 2004, broadcast kept referring to President Bush as "Mr. Bush." CBS News seems to treat its viewers like so many cattle, making a mockery of the word "professionalism."


Besides the bias of 60-Minutes, look at comment made by a news editor for Reuters and then one from the news editor at Newsweek Magazine.

After reading the "In Memorial" below, dedicated to two teenage boys who were murdered by gay adult men, one a member of NAMBLA, read what David France, the senior editor of Newsweek, says about the defrocked Priest, Paul Shanley, calling him a hero.

It just goes to prove the media is now owned by editors who have an agenda to control what you read . . . and then tell you what values you will accept for your family.

How can you stop the media? It's really very simple. Stop writing them subscription checks.

In Memorial

Todd Eastham, a news editor for Reuters, wrote the following (Note: previous link to this copy has been broken.)

"What's your plan for parenting & educating all the unwanted children you people want to bring into the world? Who will pay for policing our streets & maintaining the prisons needed to contain them when you, their parents & the system fail them? Oh, sorry. All that money has been earmarked to pay off the Bush deficit. Give me a frigging break, will you?"

These men are called elitists because they feel they are smarter than ordinary Americans, seeing them as trailer trash.






"Freedom is Knowledge"