Date: March 27, 2012

New York Times And Reuters Sets New Identity Standard For Liberals, Purposely Calls A Hispanic Man Of Multi Race Parents A . . . Wait For It . . . White-Hispanic!

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Elite media proving to be Public Enemy #1 for your right to know!

- Roseanne Barr and Spike Lee had intent to harm when giving out private phone number. Why aren't they arrested?! Where is Attorney General Holder? Where is Obama after putting his face on it? Where is the FBI over info transmitted across state lines? -

New High Def Police Video Of Zimmerman Appears Damning Of ABC Report!

NBC to do ‘internal investigation’ on its Zimmerman segment that distorted the truth!


MSNBC hysteria wins the day - Black teens arrested for committing hate crime on Hispanic!

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"White Hispanic?!"

"That's how the New York Times, Reuters, and other media outlets have opted to describe George Zimmerman, a man who would simply be Hispanic (or Latino in this newspaper) if he hadn't shot and killed 17-year-old [black] Trayvon Martin. The term, rarely if ever used before this tragedy, is necessary in telling the Martin story in a more comfortable way." - Jonah Goldberg

"No doubt, white — and "white Hispanic" — prejudice is a problem for young black men, but the notion that it is the singular or chief "burden of black boys in America" is nonsense. Alas, the very people begging for an honest conversation on race will likely accuse you of racism for saying so." - read more



Using a new standard now set by the New York Times and other liberal media, below is a story from our White-African America President, Barack Obama.

Obama does it again with another black, jumps into the fire before having all the evidence.  Maybe that's how America found itself bombing Libya or calling the riots in Egypt as an (cough) Arab Spring from democracy.

President Barack Obama makes another judgment before all the evidence is in, just like Obama did to the Cambridge police that were investigating a professor breaking into his home, the police later discovering the professor was a personal friend of Obama. It resulted in Obama's famous beer meeting. Then Obama now says in the death of this black teenager, "If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon." Now it looks as if the teenager, Trayvon, may not be unlike a radical young Obama.

A month ago little nine-month old, Delric Miller IV, was killed by black gang members as he slept on a couch. Obama never said, "If I had a son, he would look like Delric." Why? Obama obviously saw the child's death as a normal everyday murder of blacks on blacks, not worth his time or the wasting of political capital.

If that's not worth his time, then what is? Obama lived on the south side of Chicago where these kinds of murders had been going on for over half a century. And Obama wants to work on world matters when he can't even solve what's happening on the south side of a single American city, with many blacks calling him The One?

I guess black on black murders aren't important to Barack Obama, the New York Times, or others in our Marxist-like mainstream media. But this time they're attacking a Hispanic . . . and this time Hispanics Americans across this nation may soon wind up calling the Democrat Party and these media outlets racists. And they would be right!


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| They were warned! Al Sharpton and MSNBC get their way as Black teens arrested for committing hate crime on 15-year-old Hispanic boy |

| "Remember Trayvon," say six youths as they shout to the 78-year old man on the ground, "Kill that white man." |

| Scapegoat Raises More Questions | Blacks continue attack on Hispanic as racist | Black Panther's Race War: "Kill a Cracker For Trayvon." |

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| Video Previously Scrubbed From YouTube Shows Trayvon Martin Participating in Local Fight Club |


Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.

Source: Ramirez


Spike Lee, Trayvon Martin Controversy: Director Retweets Wrong Address Of Man Accused Of Killing Teen


So everything is now okay?

This rich filmmaker Tweeted an address KNOWING the people living there could be murdered. Then discovering it was a wrong address, he throws a few bucks in their face? And so with Lee's obvious intent to do harm, an Obama supporter, why is U.S. Attorney General Holder MIA?

Stirring the pot to say white people hate blacks and Obama is black, MSNBC THEN edited the audio of the police call to make it SOUND like Zimmerman said "The guy was black," when it WAS the police officer who ASKED the color of the man.

You should KNOW this is exactly what MSNBC did at an event in 2009 Obama was to attend, the intent of editing a video to create an image of hate against a black president. In watching this MSNBC video, note the gun against a white shirt, MSNBC keeping the viewer FROM seeing the individual's color. Now WATCH this other video of the individual at the same event wearing the same clothes this time in a wide-shot from another news outlet asking a question about guns, but not about race. Seeing what MSNBC did with the police audio this week, we may no longer need to ask the question if a corrupt media could assist a government in encouraging its society to hate some of its own citizens, which occurred after a infamous election in 1932. We have our answer and it is nothing has changed.


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NBC News George Zimmerman Probe Finds 'Seasoned' Producer Made Editing Error


"The sources at the network, who declined to identify the producer, said NBC News executives DID NOT KNOW THE 911 CALL WAS MISLEADINGLY EDITED UNTIL news reports surfaced DAYS LATER on right-leaning blogs including and

"In other words, an edit done by NBC to make a Hispanic man into a racist was NEVER REPORTED AS A LIE by the far-left national press who WOULDN’T HAVE CHALLENGED IT if not caught by others outside the liberal network of good-old-boys?  The far-left press, which includes the New York Times, even went so far as to re-identify the Hispanic man as white, renaming him a "White-Hispanic."

But Obama also came from different races, not unlike the Hispanic man NBC tried to convict.  So why hasn’t the New York Times by its own literary rules continued to identify President Obama as a White-African America, instead of just calling him black? However, seven black boys in California accused of a hate crime against a Hispanic boy, related to this news event, WEREN'T FOOLED by the aloof, 1% progressive white elitist's who run the New York Times, Reuters, and other national outlets.  Those young boys knew what a Hispanic looked like, unlike the appointed benchmark for intelligence of the liberal media, the New York Times. - Source:

(Comment posted to source.)


Obama not proud to have these two as potential sons?!

POTUS at the top of his game! Report says Obama's direct failure to respond to three letters sent to the White House on the murder of two white British students at the hands of a black man in Florida was because there was because it had "no political value and was not worthy of a few minutes of Obama's time."


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