Date: April 26, 2012

Marine administrative board rules Obama culture is off bounds; criticize Obama and lose your pension

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Gary Stein, Marine who dared to criticize Obama On Facebook, will receive Other-Than-Honorable Discharge and lose most benefits from his nine-year career - Read More


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Are Marines worried about Obama's "Workplace Violence?"   Compare this Marine to the Muslim Army Major, who in the name of Allah, murdered over a dozen of our treasure on our soil at Ft. Hood, quickly renamed a shooter by Obama. 

Is it then any wonder Obama's face would then appear on an unflattering poster?  And don't forget just before announcing those murders on television, Obama gave a shout-out to others in the audience with a BIG Obama smile. 

So how did the military finally react to the murders at Ft Hood under Obama's leadership? Look at this binder's content, an example of what happens when the military is forced to call an enemy, a shooter, the result of the new progressive culture of Czars and worship of the socialists at the UN.

I also saw a posting on HuffPo, "If Bush was Pres, the Marine would be in prison!"  Bush knew how to pronounce corps, wore the 9/11 flag pin without regret, and understood who destroyed our trade towers on 9/11.  Bush was also attacked daily by the progressive media with a soldier’s death count overseas.  But when Obama became president, that count suddenly disappeared with those same deaths becoming the media’s acceptable collateral damage.   

Brigadier General Daniel D. Yoo in this story has an excellent record.  But his recent assignment is troubling, his bio reads, "General Yoo then served [after 2010] as the Commandant of the Marine Corps’ Military Fellow at the 'Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)' in New York City."

The lesson from Obama to others in the military is simple.  Want your pension?  Shut up!



The Attack on Conservatives in an Obama Culture is a Cancer Metastasizing across the Military

Below is a report from the American Family Association:

The Air Force and its Secretary, Michael B. Donley, have created the most hostile "anti-religious" environment in the history of the United States military.

Under Donley, Air Force leaders have repeatedly caved to the demands of a small band of rebels who call themselves the Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers (MAAF).

When MAAF speaks, the Air Force can't rid itself of anything religious fast enough.

  • April 2012 - The Air Force removes the word "Bible" from its list of items to be provided in Air Force-approved lodging facilities. This will almost certainly result in the eventual removal of Bibles themselves from Air Base hotels or any hotel that does business with the Air Force.

Under Secretary Donley, the Air Force has become an easy target for atheists, because they know he and the Air Force will cave to their anti-religious, anti-Christian demands without a fight.


The Air Force has caved to every whim of anti-Christian zealots and Secretary Donley is content to allow every vestige of religious faith to be silenced.

Urge your Congressman and the Congressional Oversight Committee to investigate Secretary Michael Donley for endangering the morals, beliefs and long-standing traditions of faith by taking his orders from a small group of atheists.

View AFA Legislative Action Center


This shot across the bow against Christians by atheists started with Franklin Graham being removed from the Pentagon's 2010 Day of Prayer. Graham, whose organization helps families overseas whose members have been murdered by Muslims with their churches burned down, was called a hate monger for questioning these murders.

Remember my warning Web page in 2010 about this? No one seemed to care, some blowing off the research. Now two years later the world has flipped upside down.

Need More Proof?

U.S. Army axes Ted Nugent from June 23 concert at Fort Knox over anti-Obama comments



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