Date: May 21, 2012

Our Deceptive Mainstream Media

From: Freedom is Knowledge


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Islamic Street Justice . . . in an American city! But do you remember any reports on this 2011 story from the liberal mainstream media?

Hey BHO, the most beautiful sound in the world?!

You probably never knew about this incident, Obama's liberal mainstream media ignoring a September 2011 story when hate-taught Muslim thugs went out of their way to mutilate a Missouri man with a butcher knife . . . a Missouri man who was another Muslim.

They taught a lesson to an American Muslim poet, who loves his freedom, that no one is safe from Muslim violence in the world . . . that is until it is finally addressed by deep personnel changes to our federal government in Washington D.C. from the president to federal agencies and right down into the gut of our military brass.

But it doesn't end here, a symptom of what is deeply wrong in America under multicultural liberal progressive leadership in our nation's capital.

It was reported it was the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in America that caused the Pentagon to deny Franklin Graham access to the Pentagon's Day of Prayer in 2010 for his daring to talk about this kind of Muslim violence against others, the Pentagon calling Graham's warning hate speech!

And it was under Barack Obama's watch that a Muslim mole in the U.S. Army was able to murder 13 of our treasures a Ft. Hood in a Jihad moment, the details of the religious attack later removed from the files that was instead attributed to "Workplace Violence!"

It was reported that servicemen knew of this Muslim officer's strange behavior. But because of political correctness and concerns of being removed from the military and losing pensions if reported, these watchdog Americans stayed silent.


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The Original News Story

Attackers Carve Star of David into the Back of Iraqi Poet in St. Louis

"Alsaegh‘s poem expressed the author’s affinity for Israel, the Jewish people and his mourning over the grim fate of the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. Such sentiments purportedly did not sit well with certain members of St. Louis’ Islamic community." - New Media Journal

More: Sharia Vigilante Street Justice in America

A Simple Test on America's Liberal Progressive Mainstream Media

Try a Google Search using the text, "Muslim poet attacked in St. Louis by Muslims." Once the search results come up, scroll down to see how many national mainstream media sources reported on his story. I couldn't find a single one and proof of the cancer that has spread into our right to know lead by progressives who tell YOU what the news will be and NOT be!

It is not unlike the New York Times columnist, who said about the bias reporting on Sarah Palin, "It ain't news until we say it is."

It is an agenda by the mainstream media to force ideas upon the population that do not meet the media's progressive ideology, and when the real news goes against that ideology they bury it deep on the editing room floor as in this Muslim attack.

Don't believe me? Remember this 1999 story the media refused to print or report along with four others. You wouldn't because they had buried it.

"Jesse, we hardly knew ya."



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