Date: May 28, 2012

Arabic NYC Educator: "These (American) kids are like sponges."

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Happy Memorial Day . . . if we can keep it.


MSNBC Chris Hayes: I'm 'Uncomfortable' Calling Fallen Military 'Heroes'


Mohamed Mamdouh, who teaches the pilot program, said, “Soon, Arabic will be a global language like French and Spanish. These kids are like sponges. It’s amazing to see their progress.’’
Cook your hamburgers, dude, as America sits on the corners of Constantinople and Istanbul.

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NOTE: The following quote is from from the Qatar Foundation, which supports the learning of Arabic in American schools shown on the left:

Qatar Foundation International (QFI), LLC, is a U.S.-based affiliate of Qatar Foundation (QF) dedicated to advancing QF’s mission and Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser’s vision of connecting cultures and advancing global citizenship through education.  

In 2005, Sheikha Mozah, working with her Qatar Foundation, established the Al Jazeera Children's Channel in response to Arab children wanting a channel that was dedicated only to their faith. The Qatar Foundation also sponsors the DOHA Debatess around the world that reports it has "featured high-profile guests such as leading Hamas officials, Bill Clinton, Shimon Peres, Amr Moussa and Archbishop Desmond Tutu," [social justice advocate.]

While the Arab world is preparing students to distribute Islamic progressive thought around the globe through excellence in training and discipline, students in American schools are being indoctrinated with social agendas. Concepts presented to them include politically correct cartoons from Planned Parenthood, the importance of transgender restrooms, and the history of unique lifestyles . . . such as San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair?

The Al Jazeera's Children's Channel, which is to now add an English version in 2012 for consumption by American children, includes documentaries such as this one for the series titled, "Still Alive in Gaza" . . . while running theme shows produced to be obviously more attractive and inventive to very young American children than the same-ol' politically correct diatribe that comes from the producers of Sesame Street.

However, think the Al Jazeera Children's Channel would allow Arab children to see books or propaganda films from Planned Parenthood that now indoctrinates America's children across the country on subjects such as experimenting with sex or abortion rights aimed at students from ten years old to college age? Want to view a sample? Download this documentary formatted for Windows Media to see what American children have already been subject to with the help of taxpayer money given to Planned Parenthood.)

To this end, the Islamic World and the Western World are on a collision course on basic human values, the Islamic world already steeped in teaching others about the importance of the values of the Koran . . . that even animals love the Koran. Yet Americans aren't being informed by their deceptive mainstream media of the amazing progress Islam has made in promoting its religious culture around the world using today's electronic media, many Americans arrogantly believing their country is the only real game in town.

Do Americans need to be reminded that it's mixed population of around 320 million does not compare to the influence of 1.6 billion Muslims around the world, American culture standing alone while not yet fully imitating the failed arrogance of European western socialism and multiculturalism?

You can see from the above links, America is going to lose hands down with its own children knowing more about sodomy, drugs, and sucking the life out of its established society than protecting its original foundation. This is while liberals in the U.S. are allowed to reduce America's founding fathers to intolerant far-right bigots, not unlike what is written by far-left elitists at the Smithsonian.

Add the political correctness pushed by Obama to contaminate our schools and culture, and America's historic Christian culture may become another painful event added to history's lesson on success and failure. To counter this, rather than be involved in discovering facts and information from reliable conservative-supported Web sites to create change, too many conservatives Americans will be found sitting on couches waiting for some on the FOX News channel to pass gas as wisdom.

That's why I believe America today is literally sitting on the corners of Constantinople and Istanbul. Too many American churches and their different Christian traditions no longer seem to have the stomach to protect their beliefs as the Arabs do with much pride and conviction. They instead allow their Bible and beliefs to be watered down by liberal organizations, from aloof university professors who enjoy mocking religion-based standards to others who will insinuate that those who had dared to defend their country would later be marked as dangerous, not worthy of participating in the society they had defended with their lives.

Even the federal government is involved in the attacks, which since 2008 has been run by radicals that use Obama-supported far-left hate groups to provide information on those who could become domestic terrorists and need watching, from anti-abortion groups to even vets returning from war. Yet when a real Islamic terrorist, posing as a mole in our military, murders 12 of our treasures in uniform in the name of Allah, the murders are renamed in honor of Obama's political correctness as "Workplace Violence." It would be as if they were instead all killed by a run-away garbage truck, in doing so denying grieving families Purple Hearts, unheard of in the name of protecting a president's radical agendas along with his party's traitorous enablers.

It all could come down to a dangerous point where Christian teachings are unwelcomed by others. Christian leaders then will become unable to protect anything of historic value from America's two hundred plus year history as if it had never happened.

But there is a warning to all from past generations where the foundation of a society is crumbling. Vacuums soon form within the culture as past values become unimportant or even annoying, where it seems what was right is now wrong and what had been wrong is now right. However, those vacuums don't remain very long and are refilled with something else willing to replace what had been at the peril of those who wanted it gone. - Webmaster


On the Fall of Constantinople

Great-Prince Basil had been right. “We have a Church,” he said to Patriarch Anthony, “but we do not have an emperor”. But the Byzantines could not and would not believe this, even when it was obvious that their heretical emperor was leading them to political and spiritual disaster.

Unlike their great ancestors, who had often defied heretical emperors for the sake of the Faith, they tried to preserve their earthly kingdom at the price of the Kingdom of Heaven, forgetting that the whole glory of the Christian Empire lay in its readiness to live and die for its Heavenly King; "for here we have no lasting city, but seek the City which is to come" (Hebrews 13.14).

The universal vision of Christian Rome had been narrowed to a terribly debilitating concentration on one speck of dust. And so, in order that this extreme narrowness of vision should not contract to complete blindness, the Lord in His great mercy removed even that speck from their sight. - Vladimir Moss





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