Fascism Comes To America

It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society - J. Krishnamurti


In this section you will take a historic journey into Barack H. Obama and his rule, a cloud that has consumed the country since Obama became president in January 2008. He immediately skirted Congress to implement thousands of regulations and policies written by what Obama has called his "Czars," a Communist term originating in Russia.

Many liberal progressives who supported Obama in 2008 view conservative values of grandparents and those who gave their lives for this Republic as sometimes annoyingly patriotic, unimportant to America's future, or simply uninformed. I call them the useful idiots, a term explained in the Summary of this module.



180,000 people look to the heavens. At the entrance, we see the Fuehrer. He too stands for several moments looking upward, then turns and walks, followed by his aides, past the long, long columns, 20 deep, of the fighters for his idea. Jubilation and an ocean of Heil-shouts surround him.

Do you think today's progressive media's view of Obama's Inauguration on January 20, 2008 was different from the Nuremberg Rally for Hitler when German liberal progressive journalists slobbered over his entry to the event?

To the right is a photo from The Rise Web page that precedes this one. The historian wrote:

"Let us try to visualize the Nuremberg Rally just moments before Hitler arrives. First there is the announcement of the Fuehrer's arrival. There are shouts of joy.

Then 150 blue spotlights surge upward hundreds of meters, forming overhead the most powerful cathedral that mortals have ever seen!"

When Obama was inaugurated on January 20, 2008, (see photo below), the liberal progressive media was off the wall with slobbering quotes you couldn't make up, similar ones probably uttered about Hitler's presumed glory when he became Führer.

"They chanted 'Obama! Obama!' as the ritual fell behind schedule. Their restiveness ignited some who sat with the celebrities and the power people. The sound dominated the moment." - NJ.com

However, Americans live in a free society where anyone being treated like a God is a fearful prospect to citizens who know history, especially when that God is worshipped by a corrupted media where 80% of journalists bow down to the ideology of one liberal political party.

Below are some of the (cough) "objective comments" from so-called educated professional journalists who represent American's national television networks, exclaiming their words to the world on the day Obama became president.

Their comments are documented by the Media Research Center, which monitors the news media in real-time recordings 24/7. Their transcribed statements are comparable to the excitement of the Nazis when Hitler became Führer.

  "The Coronation of the Messiah Award for Fawning Inaugural Coverage Winner: “We know that wind can make a cold day feel colder, but can national pride make a freezing day feel warmer? It seems to be the case because regardless of the final crowd number estimates, never have so many people shivered so long with such joy. From above, even the seagulls must have been awed by the blanket of humanity.” - ABC’s Bill Weir​ on “World News,” January 20.  
  “What a day it was. It may take days or years to really absorb the significance of what happened to America today.... When he [Barack Obama​] finally emerged, he seemed, even in this throng, so solitary, somber, perhaps already feeling the weight of the world, even before he was transformed into the leader of the free world.... The mass flickering of cell phone cameras on the Mall seemed like stars shining back at him.” - NBC’s Andrea Mitchell on the January 20 “Nightly News.”  
  “You know what it [Obama’s inauguration] reminds me of? It reminds me of the Velvet Revolution. I was in Prague when that happened. And Vaclav Havel was a generational leader and was in the square in Prague and the streets were filled with joy. And we’re not overthrowing a Communist regime here, obviously, but an unpopular President is leaving and people have been waiting for this moment.” - NBC’s Tom Brokaw​ during live coverage prior to Obama’s inauguration, January 20.





What if German voters had a crystal ball on March 12, 1932?

Dennis Miller, on the O'Reilly Factor on the evening of October 5, 2011, criticized Hank Williams, Jr. for comparing Hitler to Obama. Miller continued that Williams should have known what ESPN would do when he made the comparison on the FOX Morning Show on October 3rd. Then that evening ESPN removed Williams' famous intro on Monday Night Football.

NBC on Sunday decided to cut the words "under God" from the reading of the Pledge of Allegiance that accompanied the beginning of its coverage of the U.S. Open Golf Championship.
NBC purposely leaves out "In God We Trust" from Pledge . . . twice. It was no accident!

I complained on my Web site that ESPN had done exactly what Hitler would have done in the same situation, ESPN dissing Hank Williams, Jr.', right of free speech that had nothing to do with ESPN or NFL Football.

By comparison, NBC a few months earlier on a nationally televised Golf tournament, showed a videotape of children saying the Pledge of Allegiance, but NBC purposely left out the words In God We Trust, obviously seeing it as offensive to NBC's golfing audience. Yet the NFL didn't flinch like ESPN did, playing a football game on NBC Sunday Night Football without a single rebuke to NBC. So much for role models.

"Speech by candidate Hitler to a large crowd in Berlin's Lustgarten in April 1932." - History Place

Dennis Miller, after discussing Williams, then made a reference to Hitler killing six-million people. Historically we knew Hitler killed six-million people known as the Holocaust. But that's not the point. During the elections of March 1932 in Germany, no one had any idea what Hitler was going to do only promising to fundamentally change Germany.

But what if the German people could have looked forward in time on March 12, 1932, not realizing they were about to make history by providing Adolf Hitler with enough votes to stop his opponent, President Hindenburg, from getting a majority by only 1%. Here is what the History Place writes about the environment in Germany the day before the elections in March of 1932:

Many in Germany saw the Nazis as the wave of the future. After the stunning success of the 1930 election, thousands of new members had poured into the Party. Now, in the spring of 1932, with six million unemployed, chaos in Berlin, starvation and ruin, the threat of Marxism, and a very uncertain future – they turned to Hitler by the millions.

What if those German voters could have watched Hitler enlisting their men and young boys into military service to build an army that would take vengeance for Germany's loss of WWI? What if they had seen that in six years Hitler would be dragging Jews out of their homes and putting them into camps? What if they had known Hitler would attack Poland the next year and then move onto Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France, rocket attacks on England, Greece, Yugoslavia, and part of the Soviet Union?

As Germany fell in 1945, there was mass suicides by German mothers and their children So Russian troops could not rape them for revenge.  (The Fall, Segment 5/6.)

In the end after the March 1932 elections, the German people would watch Germany fall again in just 13 short years. German women, who loved Hitler 13 years earlier, would commit suicide with their daughters so the advancing Russian Army could not rape and murder them. On May 7, 1945, 13 years later, all major cities in Germany would have their buildings brought to the ground, barely one brick standing upon the other. It would take the German people forty more years to overcome all the destruction.

Greatest single news event of 1938 took place on September 29, when four statesmen met at the Führerhaus, in Munich, to redraw the map of Europe. The three visiting statesmen at that historic conference were Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of Great Britain, Premier Edouard Daladier of France, and Dictator Benito Mussolini of Italy. But by all odds the dominating figure at Munich was the German host, Adolf Hitler.     TIME says on its page for Obama person of the year, "History can't wait!"  Sound familiar?  Remember the Nobel Peace Prize and how history can't wait, Obama rushing off to accept an award he admitted he hadn't earned.
TIME man of the year 1938   TIME man of the year 2008

But on March 13, 1932, all of cards would fall into place on that election day in Germany, which would allow Hitler to demand a runoff in about 30 days, time enough to gather more voters to support the Nazi Party and create the history we know today.

On November 6, 2012, America's voters will have their next presidential election with many of Obama's campaign promises yet to be fulfilled, from a domestic civilian work force to send out youth around America to promoting his socialist policies one town at a time, maybe one doorbell at a time. Candidate Obama had warned he wanted his civilian national security force to have a budget equal to the Pentagon. And what do you think Hitler could have accomplished in an age of flash mobs, Google Maps, and an instant world Internet service?

Hitler already had the German mainstream media in his pocket. Today most of the American progressive media is in Obama's pocket as national news television outlets, such as NBC, prop up his failing presidency and push his agenda on viewers while burying the negative news whenever they can.


History Channel's Engineering Evil

Engineering Evil: Part 1 Engineering Evil: Part 2 Engineering Evil: Part 3
Engineering Evil: Part 4 Engineering Evil: Part 5 Engineering Evil: Part 6





Warnings from 2007 and 2008


Obama - "The One" Video.  At the end of his first term as president, the Democrats continued to hide his identity.  While David Axerod had claimed, "'The Higher a Monkey Climbs On The Pole, the More You Can See His Butt."  But isn't it interesting that with Obama Democrats have put up a screen around the pole?
A November 2008 video asked, "Who is Barack Obama?" In 2012, Americans still didn't know.



From March 7, 2008


The Top Nine "Changes" Barack Obama Would Make as President

By John Hawkins

"All change is not growth; as all movement is not forward." - Ellen Glasgow

As people who have followed Barack Obama closely over the last few months have long since realized, there has been very little substance to the man's campaign besides his determination to lose -- oops, I mean "end" -- the war in Iraq.

If you boil Obama's appeal down to its essential core, most of his supporters seem to like him because he's a relatively young, charismatic, black man who talks a lot about "change," "unity," and the "audacity of hope."

But, what does that tell you about how Obama would behave if he gets into office? Very, very little. After all, pretty much anybody, from Napoleon, to Fidel Castro, to Mickey Mouse could run on a platform of "hope," "change," and "unity" because it's so broad and meaningless.

Of course, that doesn't mean that Barack doesn't have an agenda. He most certainly does have one, but it's just an agenda that he tries to avoid talking about because the better Americans get to know him, the less appealing he's going to be.

So, with that in mind, let me take you through a short tour of some of Barack Obama's radical beliefs. In all fairness, I should note that he has flip-flopped on some of these issues after his Barney the Dinosaur style "I Love You, You Love Me" campaign for the presidency got into full swing. But, experience has taught us that you can put a lot more stock into what a politician says before he starts trying to desperately convince middle America to vote him into the White House, than after.

1.) Weakening America's Military:

Barack Obama has pledged, among other things, to make defense cuts during war time, to cut spending on national missile defense, that he won't weaponize space, to slow development of future combat systems, and to seek a "world without nuclear weapons." Is this a man who can be trusted as Commander-In-Chief?

2.) Losing the War in Iraq:

Obama is promising to throw away the hard earned gains our troops have made in Iraq by immediately removing combat brigades each month, regardless of the situation on the ground, and by having all of our "combat brigades out of Iraq within 16 months."

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff publicly warned Barack and, for that matter, Hillary that they could create a "chaotic situation" with their policy that could take the "gains we have achieved and struggled to achieve and turn them around overnight." Come on, Admiral, don't you know that Obama isn't going to listen to what the military has to say about a war when there's an election to be won?

3.) Gay Marriage:

As president, he says, "I will place the weight of my administration behind the enactment of the Matthew Shepard Act to outlaw hate crimes and a fully inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act to outlaw workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity."
Obama Pride Logo

Although Barack Obama claims to oppose gay marriage, in 2004 he said that he opposed the Defense of Marriage Act, which is the only thing keeping the courts from imposing gay marriage on the whole country. If you want to see gay marriage become the law of the land in your state, no matter what the voters think, vote for Obama.


Obama lobbies 'gays' for edge over Hillary Letter to 'LGBT community' affirms he'd dump Defense of Marriage Act. He also would enact a Hate Crimes Bill via Matthew Shepard's killing nine years ago. - Webmaster

"But Obama, what about your love for Jesse Dirkhising and Jeffrey Curley? Are they now dirty little dead boys in your eyes, victims of love?"

4.) Pro-Partial Birth Abortion:

"No compromise with the main purpose, no peace till victory, no pact with unrepentant wrong." - Winston Churchill

It's never a surprise to find a Democrat who's a big fan of abortion, but Obama goes above and beyond the call of duty. He had a perfect rating of 100% from NARAL in 2005, 2006, and 2007, opposes "notifying parents of minors who get out-of-state abortions," and he even opposed banning partial birth abortions. If you want to see as many women as humanly possible in this country putting their own children to death via abortion, vote Obama.

5.) Legalizing Marijuana:

Obama, a former (we hope) druggie, who has admitted to using marijuana and cocaine, has said that he favors "decriminalizing marijuana." Perhaps you can't blame him for wanting to make it easier for people to get drugs since, after all, he used them and look how he turned out. If Barack gets into the White House, one day mothers all over America can tell their children that they'll never be anything in life if they use hard drugs and those children can reply, "Well, at least I can be President!"

6.) Handing 845 billion dollars of your money to other nations:

Obama's Global Poverty Act would commit the United States to spending, over the next 13 years, 845 billion dollars more than what we already do on global poverty. Obama followed that up with a release that said in part, "It must be a priority of American foreign policy to commit to eliminating extreme poverty..." If Obama actually believes that not only is the United States capable of "eliminating extreme poverty," but that we should actually make that utopian dream a "priority," then he's far too naive to be in the White House.

7.) If you think George Bush is a big spender, you haven't met Obama:

Even though the United States is already running a deficit, Obama is planning to push a whole host of new big government programs including a "10-year, $150 billion program to establish a green energy sector," a "$60 billion National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank," and a "nearly universal health care plan (whose annual price tag he low-balls at $50 to $65 billion)." If you're all for tax and spend liberalism and watching the deficit spiral even further out of control, there's no one you should want in the White House more than Obama.

8.) Amnesty and your tax dollars for illegal aliens:

Believe it or not, John McCain, the Republican who is most closely associated with catering to illegal aliens, is actually well to Barack Obama's right on the issue.

Obama favors drivers licenses for illegals, wants to give illegals welfare and Medicaid, wants to let them participate in Social Security, opposes making English our national language, and he favors a comprehensive approach to illegal immigration, AKA amnesty, that even John McCain now claims to oppose.

9.) Gun Control:

Obama is a perfect example of the stereotypical, liberal gun grabber. Obama has pledged to "Ban the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons," has "opined unequivocally that D.C.'s ban was 'constitutional'," and in 1996, Obama, in a survey, "supported banning the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns." If you're an opponent of the 2nd Amendment, who believes law abiding citizens shouldn't be allowed to defend themselves, Obama is your man.

Source: Townhall.com

John Hawkins is a professional blogger who runs Conservative Grapevine and Right Wing News.

Copyright © 2006 Salem Web Network. All Rights Reserved.


By another other name . . .
No, we didn't make this up about his followers . . .
. . . from Obama's Web page. - Webmaster

Troubling questions about Obama . . . and these were just the early ones!



TIME wets it panties for person of the year, dribbling in its copy, "Obama is cheerfully showing his visitors around, gripping the souvenir basketball he received from Hall of Famer Lenny Wilkens, explaining a snapshot taken the day he played pickup with the University of North Carolina hoops team. ("They are so big and so fast and so strong, you know.") Then, since those two items basically exhaust the room's décor, Obama sits down on one of the mesh chairs and launches into a spoken tour of his world of woes."

"All change is not growth; as all movement is not forward." - Ellen Glasgow


The Mystery Surrounding "Barry Soetoro"
Birth-given name for Barry Soetoro did not seem to fit his core upbringing. He later dropped his Christian name for a stronger Muslim name from his father, Barack Hussein Obama.*
More research information from Atlas Shrugs, October 2008
* Now you know why the lyrics for the Hank Williams song



Senator Obama


"Ayers, now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, claims to abhor nostalgia ("Nothing is more boring than some old person going on and on about the way things used to be"). But he has been thinking lately about the past—both his and the country's—and soon he will likely be engaged in what he calls "a dialogue" about the sixties, the antiwar movement, and the radical life he led. The spur for this dialogue will be the publication of Fugitive Days (Beacon Press, $24), a memoir Ayers has written about the trajectory of his life, from a pampered son of the Chicago suburbs to a young pacifist to a founder of one of the most radical political organizations in U.S. history."

1.  Obama, an attorney and Harvard graduate, worked with Bill Ayers on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) in the 1990's. 

Candidate Obama had said he didn't know Bill Ayers, saying the Weatherman bombing was when he was eight-years old. 

But candidate Obama failed to mention that when he was president of the board at the CAC in Chicago, he passed out millions of dollars for social justice based education programs that Bill Ayers wrote for the CAC.  Note Ayers standing on a U.S. Flag for a photo op.

Read a Timeline of Obama with Bill Ayers that the Agenda Media refused to reveal before his election for president



But professors from Columbia, Harvard, Brown, Cornell and many other schools have signed a petition to support Weather Undeground co-founder and McCain boogieman Bill Ayers.

Progressive college professors ask,

[OMG] "What crime did Ayers commit, to so draw the ire of McCain and company? Well, he [only] participated in bombings of the New York City police headquarters, the Pentagon and the US Capitol building to raise awareness about Vietnam, among other issues. [What's the beef, liberals break laws] Nobody was hurt in these attacks. Ayers now teaches at University of Illinois at Chicago. - October 10, 2008, Dan Haley, IvyGate


New Party Update

by Bruce Bentley

The Chicago New Party is increasingly becoming a viable political organization that can make a different in Chicago politics. It is crucial for a political organization to have a solid infrastructure and visible results in its political program. The New Party has continued to solidify this base.

First, in relation to its infrastructure, the NP's membership has increased since January '95 from 225 to 440. National membership has increased from 5700 in December '95 to 7000. Currently the NP's fiscal balance is $7,000 and receives an average of $450/month is sustainer donations.

Secondly, the NP's '96 Political Program has been enormously successful with 3 of 4 endorsed candidates winning electoral primaries. All four candidates attended the NP membership meeting on April 11th to express their gratitude. Danny Davis, winner in the 7th Congressional District, invited NPers to join his Campaign Steering Committee. Patricia Martin, who won the race for Judge in 7th Subcircuit Court, explained that due to the NP she was able to network and get experienced advice from progressives like Davis. Barack Obama, victor in the 13th State Senate District, encouraged NPers to join in his task forces on Voter Education and Voter Registration. The lone loser was Willie Delgado, in the 3rd Illinois House District. Although Delgado received 45% of the vote, he lost by only 800 votes. Delgado commented that it was due to the NP volunteers that he carried the 32nd Ward. Delgado emphasized that he will remain a visible community activist in Humbolt Park. He will conduct four Immigration workshops and encouraged NP activists to get involved.

The Chicago NP will hire a second organizer and an intern, preferably Spanish speaking, to work in the 35th Ward. Upcoming events include a 70's Retro Dance Party on Friday, July 12th, and Post Labor Day Picnic on September 7th

2.  When Obama was running for Senate, he received the help of the Communist New Democrat Party of Chicago, the organization reported to have chased off others running for the same Democrat seat.  Obama later selected as the Democrat candidate in the election ran against Alan Keyes.

Read to the right the Chicago New Party's newsletter delighted about the candidates it supported winning in Illinois: "Barack Obama, victor in the 13th State Senate District, encouraged NPers to join in his task forces on Voter Education and Voter Registration."









The ad complained, if Obama is so weak on domestic terrorism how can he be strong on foreign terrorism?

3.  Obama was accused of being soft on crime in Chicago when he was running for president. As Illinois Senator, he stopped the death penalty for gang members who murdered innocent bystanders.  ExposeObama ran this ad during Obama's campaign for president. 

FactCheck.org complained about the ad, calling it "A Tasteless and Reprehensible Misrepresentation."  FactCheck.org by the way is "A Project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center."



The photos speak for themselves. But no one wanted to listen.




Candidate Obama


The Obama Peacock hard at work in protecting their leader.
The Obama Peacock Media


“Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's big speech on Thursday night will be delivered from an elaborate columned stage resembling a miniature Greek temple." -  LeatherneckM31
Progressive Democrats Surround Obama with Emperor's Image

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's big speech on Thursday night will be delivered from an elaborate columned stage resembling a miniature Greek temple. The show should provide a striking image for the millions of Americans watching on television as Obama delivers a speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination. He will stride out to a raised platform to a podium that can be raised from beneath the floor. - Copy from Reuters, August 26, 2008

"No, the above statements are not satire. They are real. Think about it folks . . . " - Source: No Quarter (Published by Larry C. Johnson, CEO of business-consulting firm with expertise combating terrorism and investigating money laundering.)


Newly resurfaced photographs show President Obama appearing and marching with members of the New Black Panther Party as he campaigned for president in Selma, Ala., in March 2007.

4. The photos are reportedly featured in a book by J. Christian Adams, the Department of Justice whistle blower in the New Black Panther Party, or NBPP, voter intimidation case.

The book is titled "Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department." Among the people visible in the pictures with presidential candidate Barack Obama in March 2007 is NBPP Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz, a defendant in the voter intimidation case that Attorney General Eric Holder dismissed in 2009.

Obama filed to run for president in February of 2007, already challenging America's Constitution within a month of his running for office by being involved with an organization dedicated to the overthrow of the government. The Marxist progressive mainstream media, of course, was silent.


Obama, when asked about this picture said that flag pins and putting your hand over your heart had no meaning for love of country.  Really?  Then why during his campaign for president suddenly he had flags surround him on the stage, in his logo, and on his coat at every debate?  Liar, liar, pants on fire!

5. And this is Obama years later at a very early Democrat fund raiser in Iowa in September of 2007 during the playing of the National Anthem. Some in the military later referred to the Obama stance as his famous "Crotch Salute."  The liberal progressive media has not been amused by the term.  Notice the above similar disrespect for the American flag from Ayers.

Obama says he doesn't have to where "that pin."
Presidential candidate Obama said he didn't have to wear "that pin" to show his patriotism. That pin is the one many Americans wore after the attack on 9/11 by Muslim fundamentalists.

But you can't miss his intent while watching his stance at the fund raiser, rocking back and forth as if bored. Watch for yourself. (Give the video a few seconds to load from the server.)

Yet one year later, candidate Obama would play with the crowd to show them he could really do that hand-over-your-heart stuff, seeming to almost treat it as if a joke. Obama was also later caught telling a liberal group in San Francisco that small town Americans in the midwest clung to their guns and Bibles to explain their frustrations with things that are not like them.



Click this graphic to watch video on Obama's use of icons.

6.  During his campaign for president, Obama used his own iconography to replace American symbols. The accompanying photo shows the "O" that Obama preferred on the tail of his aircraft rather than the traditional American Flag for a candidate for U.S. President.

In addition, Obama's iconography adopted self-promoting images in the same way as former dictators when trying to gain power and destroy the opposition. To understand what Obama was trying to do to promote his image while destroying the patriotic image of the United States, watch this excellent video on how iconography works to create an image for the candidate.


Side Note:

And speaking of Iconography, look at this logo the Obama administration once in power designed for American Missile Defense System.

The design looks like it belongs to another nation. In fact the image is almost Islamic. This is the danger of putting a leader into office who wants to change the important images of a country to match his personal ideology. So in the end, few could recognize it and forgot what the former images had looked like. Images are critical to a country's identity and pride.

Destroy that and you effectively weaken the security of the country. And sadly that might be the end goal no one wants to talk about due to the intimidation of political correctness.


Obama's speech for support of Parenthood, Socialize Medicine, removal of conservative supreme court, and applauds Maggie Sanger and writings of Ruth Bater Ginsberg.

7.  Then there is Margaret Sanger, old-skool eugenicist and candidate Obama’s hero.

SANGER: I think the greatest sin in the world is bringing children into the world–that have disease from their parents, that have no chance in the world to be a human being practically. Delinquents, prisoners, all sorts of things just marked when they’re born. That to me is the greatest sin — that people can — can commit.

Now listen to candidate Obama, praising Margaret Sanger at a Planned Parenthood political event. Then watch candidate Obama's ad that goes to war with an abortion survivor.  His approved video slams the woman for what Obama's ad men calls a "despicable lie."


Today on Uncommon Knowledge, Stanley Kurtz describes the people who shaped Obama's thinking and their ideas, and answers such questions as "What 'is' a community organizer and just what does a community organizer do?"

8.  Obama's thug supporters became the first Flash Mob, texting thousands of other Obama supporters in Chicago to threaten a local radio station to stop Stanley Kurtz from speaking on air against Candidate Obama.  Kurtz at the time feared for his life. 

* Stanley Kurtz On Obama's Mentors - "Obama's core mentors were members of the SDS, Students for a Democratic Society, (i.e. Bill Ayers, etc.) who after finally abandoning violent revolution decided to use community organizing as a means of accomplishing their socialist revolution in America." - read more


Not about justice.  Not about freedom.  Not about America.  Marxist Obama reminds SEIU members, "It's about the POWER!"

9.  Watch Candidate Obama Speak to the SEIU like one of their thugs - "Leads an SEIU Chant after vowing to paint the Nation Purple with their union color."

Rock group Pink makes fun of Bush.  Did you see any from Pink on bin laden capture?  Didn't think so.

10.  Ugly hate video on President Bush coming from the popular Hollywood rock group at the time, Pink, hate that looks tame to today's words of "Get the son of a bitches." 

Warning:  This video mocking President Bush is graphic. I never saw a news release where Obama had also been dissed by a liberal Hollywood rock group.  During the election McCain later took the high ground on the campaign trail, becoming angry at a radio host for mentioning Obama's middle name at a rally.  Then during the debates McCain kept patting Obama on the back after each one saying, "Good job, good job." McCain lost and Obama won.


Dictator-type propaganda infects school - small kids taught to praise Obama by Black author / teacher.

11. "This video is unbelievable.  Kids in a New Jersey school were taught two songs that praise President Obama.  This made me sick to my stomach.  Children should be taught how to be critical thinkers, not chanting some teacher’s view of the President.  But then again, the Teachers Union is basically a wing of the Democrat party, so maybe this is to be expected!" - forgottenliberty

More: Militant Obama youth march to 'Alpha, Omega' Chant

More: "A child's mind is like wet cement. Whatever fall leaves an impression."

Obama becomes a cult figure, not a president that is simply serving in office as an elected citizen.

12. "In the past week or so, a senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus tells the Tea Party to go to hell, and the head of one of America's biggest unions incites union members to violence: "Let's take these son of a bitches out." When Barack Obama takes the stage to follow this incitement, he says he is "proud," and the following day his press spokesman refuses comment.

Why now? This may be the most important question of our time. Why are some people reaching the boiling point? Why do many others look vacant, like in an Invasion of the Body Snatchers? The shootings at military bases, from Little Rock to Fort Hood -- why now?

It's Obama, of course." - The Cult of Obama, Robin of Berkeley, September 7, 2011, American Thinker

Obama too risky, too radical, but Useful Idiot voters didn't listen looking for free stuff from Americans that had earned it, not slept on it.

13.  The liberal media made sure information, such as in the video below, was hidden as much as possible by the progressive mainstream media from the voting public, and if discovered quickly labeled a right-wing plot and racist.

Typical Marxist's talking points from the new Democrat Party. .

14. Remember when Mike Huckabee had to defend his ‘Merry Christmas’ Ad, with the imagery of a cross formed by a light shining on a bookcase as incidental, while the same media six months later now bows down and worships Obama as he places on actual cross in his brochure. "I get a thrill going up my leg," said Chris (unbiased) Matthews.

Then when Obama got into office as president, he immediately said Muslims should be able to proactive their religion "as they see fit" (meaning Sharia Law) and would stop Muslim stereotyping (not reporting Christian murders) anywhere it appears in the world!

"I have been telling Brody File readers for months that if Barack Obama becomes the Democratic nominee he will make a pitch to win over independent/moderate Evangelicals. Well, we now have evidence." - read more

"There's no media bias? Just ask Dan Rather or Media Matters. They won't know what you're talking about." - Webmaster


"We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."

Dr, Keyes warned the American voters, but they were our laughing at Family Guy.  But the joke is on them.  Our forefathers had warned good luck in keeping your Republic.

15.  Dr. Alan Keyes warns in 2009 that President Obama will cause chaos in America, his warning coming to pass as of this writing   People laughed at Keyes 2 1/2 years ago, thinking he was a right-wing nut.   But many may not be laughing anymore after reviewing Keyes' warning now that we've had two more years of Obama..   

(Note how the beginning of the film is created to make Dr. Keyes look like a clown, typical of the Marxists of the Democrat Party.)


Just another reminder how the Progressive Mainstream Media Pushed Obama as their Candidate
On Election day twelve Obama voters were interviewed extensively right after they voted to learn how the news media impacted their knowledge of what occurred during the campaign. These voters were chosen for their apparent intelligence/verbal abilities and willingness to express their opinions to a large audience. This rather shocking video seeks to provide some insight into which information broke through the news media clutter and which did not.
The Progressive Mainstream Media joined the Democrat Party in being sure Obama was elected, tossing his vetting information onto the editing-room floor
And will again in 2012 - The Six Dirty Secrets of Presidential Politics in 2012


Click to watch this 30 second ad.  None of the mainstream media would run this paid ad.  Freedom of the press?  You decide.
The truth may never be know, concerning a federal judge's recent ruling in an Obama Social Security Number Case. The judge seems to say it didn't matter if Obama broke the law!





President Barack H. Obama

"If I wanted America to fail . . . "

Obama’s left-wing allies are preparing plans to re-brand 9/11 as a national service/eco-zealot propaganda day.


Mr. Melhem's writings appeared in publications ranging from the literary journal Al-Mawaqef to the Los Angeles Times, and in magazines as Foreign Policy;  Middle East Report;  Middle East Insight; and Middle East Policy.  He is the author of Dual Containment: The Demise of A Fallacy, published by the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at Georgetown University.  In addition, Mr. Melhem appears regularly on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Nightline, Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, The Charlie Rose Show, and National Public Radio.

16. Obama allows his First Interview as President of the United States to the Muslim Media Outlet, Al-Arabiya.

Hisham Melhem got the first interview, a Washington bureau chief of Al-Arabiya.  He is also the correspondent for Annahar, the leading Lebanese daily.  For four years he hosted Across the Ocean, a weekly current affairs program on US-Arab relations for Al-Arabiya. (Note: Al-Arabiya is a Dubai-based satellite channel.)

At the time Mr. Melhem appeared regularly on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Nightline, Good Morning America, CNN, MSNBC, The Charlie Rose Show, and National Public Radio.

The Web site Public Policies Seminars reported, "Mr. Melhem has interviewed many American and international public figures, including President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, among others. Mr. Melhem had the first formal interview (one-on-one) with President Barack Obama on January 26, 2009, a week after the Inauguration."

At the time, the HuffingtonPost, whose politics are aligned with those of the activist site DailyKOS, and previous to being purchased by the far-left Internet service provider (ISP) AOL, carried a story posted by its contributor, Shadi Hamid, who wrote, " In my written recommendation for what President-elect Obama should be saying to the Middle East, I suggest rather boldly that he in his first few months have an exclusive interview with Hisham on Al-Arabiya . . ."

Hamid's bio reads, "He had served as a program specialist on public diplomacy at the U.S. State Department and a Legislative Fellow at the Office of Senator Dianne Feinstein. His articles have appeared in The Washington Post, The Christian Science Monitor, The New Republic, Foreign Policy, Policy Review , and many other publications. Hamid also writes for the foreign affairs blog Democracy Arsenal and is a fellow of the Truman National Security Project. Hamid has appeared widely on television and radio, including the The News hour with Jim Lehrer, the BBC, and National Public Radio. He is a frequent guest on Al Jazeera."

* FBI caves: Mueller pulls Muslim material Islam info from offices that is "offensive."

"Here's a topic for conversation, especially among Sophians, as Sophia University is a Jesuit (also Catholic!) University like Georgetown. Compare the picture above with the picture below... Do you see any difference in the background/setting?" - brittonia.blogspot, April 22, 2009.

17. Obama covers up symbol of Christ so it doesn't offend others during an April 2009 national speech.

Brittonia Blogspot wrote, "When President Obama recently visited Georgetown University to give a lecture on the state of the economy, the university was TOLD to cover the famous Jesuit logo IHS that is prominently displayed behind the podium in Gaston Hall. Many dignitaries give lectures and conduct workshops in this ancient hall, and the distinctive Georgetown University eagle and IHS logo with a Cross have been there for all to see.

Neologisms and euphemisms are intrinsic elements of Big Abortion’s rhetoric.  They have tried to de-humanize unborn babies with the term fetuses.  They call euthanizing viable children late term abortions.  They like to refer to abortion as health care; unfortunately, it is most unhealthy for children.  Planned Parenthood should be renamed Avoiding Consequences.

For whatever reason President Obama's Office had requested that the IHS logo be covered up and Georgetown University graciously complied.

Perhaps there is nothing sinister or significant in all this; but several bloggers and media pundits have criticized Georgetown University for being unchristian and denying its Jesuit identity. Critics of Obama too have taken this as a sign that he is not a 'true' Christian. As a matter of fact, his lecture did contain indirect references to some New Testament passages, but the critics point out that he did not mention Jesus by name."

Behind the War Between White House and Fox.
18. There followed, beginning in earnest more than two weeks ago, an intensified volley of White House comments describing Fox as “not a news network."

“It was an amalgam of stories covered, and our assessment of how others were dealing with those stories, that caused us to comment,” Mr. Axelrod said in describing the administration’s thinking. The heated back-and-forth between the White House and Fox News has brought equal delight to Fox’s conservative commentators, who revel in the fight, and liberal Democrats, who have long characterized the network as a purveyor of right-wing propaganda rather than fact-based journalism.

Speaking privately at the White House on Monday with a group of mostly liberal columnists and commentators, including Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann of MSNBC and Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich and Bob Herbert of The New York Times, Mr. Obama himself gave vent to sentiments about the network, according to people briefed on the conversation.


SHADOW GOVERNMENT - Inside the mad, mad, mad, mad world of Obama's czars.

19.  President Obama openly created the name of Czars to reflect the type of people that would surround him, the name Czar coming from the Communist Revolution in Russia.

" 'You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy,' warned Obi-Wan Kenobi, while approaching the fictional Mos Eisley spaceport in "Star Wars."

For many Americans, the closest thing on planet Earth to the famous 'Star Wars' bar scene, teeming with all its bizarre and malevolent denizens, is the Obama White House with its ever-growing menagerie of radical, unaccountable and utterly weird "czars" advising the president of the United States.

People like regulatory czar Cass Sunstein, who defends the removal of organs from terminally ill patients without their permission. Or Obama's choice of school-safety czar, gay activist Kevin Jennings who actually pioneered the practice of introducing homosexual advocacy into public schools by disguising it as "school safety"! Or science czar John Holdren, who has advocated sterilizing welfare recipients and seizing babies born to unwed mothers, and predicted one billion people would die in "carbon-dioxide induced famines" caused by – are you ready? – a coming new ice age." - read more

Under such a policy, hospitals would harvest organs from people who never gave permission for this to be done.

20. "Cass Sunstein, President Barack Obama's nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), has advocated a policy under which the government would presume someone has consented to having his or her organs removed for transplantation into someone else when they die unless that person has explicitly indicated that his or her organs should not be taken." - September 2009



Mr. Jennings has made extremely radical statements promoting homosexuality in schools and about his utter contempt for religion that render him unsuitable for a prestigious White House appointment. His job in the Obama administration is to ensure student safety, and this scandal directly calls into question his ability to perform that job. Mr. Jennings and Obama administration officials refuse to answer any questions about this newly discovered evidence. A lot of Americans want answers about this guy and how he was approved for a job in the White House.

Photo Source: AP

21.  Obama's appointment of a Safe School Czar had nothing to do with the safety of all students. It was instead aimed at protecting gay agendas, and if anyone complained that sodomy spread AIDs and killed people, the Safe School Czar was there to shut them down with connections across the education spectrum. It causes a division to push a civil war on the issue.

While we understand and agree with the support of stopping bullies for kids who are gay, it is dedicated to dangerous social engineering in public schools, K - 12. While the Boston Red Socks put out a video on bullying, does the baseball team also support Fistgate meetings, too, sponsored by Obama's Safe School Czar?

There were also questions concerning Jennings and any association with NAMBLA. Here is a transcription of one mother's letter asking for financial assistance, reporting how NAMBLA's Web site helped to murder her 10-year old son. When the debate turns to, "there is only one discussion," that's what every dictator in history has argued to take over a free society. Another opinion, the NEA-LGBT agenda for the nation's schools!

* Obama administration intends to make the United States the global sex cop


"A comparison of the government agencies created in FDR's New Deal to Obama's massive number of agencies for JUST the health care bill - it is obscene! It should make you choke."

22. Regulations to control small businesses, the engine that runs America and creates the most jobs, are shown here in bulk, created by Obama's Czars during his first year in office. Here is a video of FDR's list of regulations created out of the New Deal vs. what Obama has created in only two years. But these are not all the regulations Obama has created with his Czars. These are only the ones tied to his socialist Healthcare Bill passed in December of 2009 by only one political party . . . the far-left Fascist Democrat Party with deals that would make a gangster blush.


Progressives who have taken over the Catholic church and thrown the unborn under the bus.

23. America Facing an Evil it Wasn't Expecting.

Under Obama we have discovered the man who promised to be transparent and create real change in Washington was simply using the words so he would be elected, never intending to keep them. In fact, the deceased Muammar Al-Qaddhafi said of candidate Obama on June 11, 2008:

"We hope that this [promises Obama made during the election] is merely  an election clearance sale, as they say in Egypt.  As you know this is the farce of elections. Then when the people say you promised this and that, [they should know] this was election propaganda!"

Rather than bringing America together, Obama's election has helped to make the country look as if George Bailey never was born. America's moral culture has become even more despicable, progressives encouraged by a new liberal agenda that has evolved to produce hate on a national level not seen before in this country. Even the outgoing leadership of the National Education Association (NEA) in 2009 was encouraged through the election to call conservatives bastards to a center filled with 8,000 cheering liberal-focused teachers at its annual NEA convention.

America is facing a new evil it is unprepared to deal with.

Even Lech Walesa, the famous Polish Freedom Fighter, said this year that America was no longer the moral leader of the world.

On the Web page, America Facing Evil, is a perfect example of how America is not the lighted city on the hill anymore, but more like the red light shining on the shingle hanging on a local bordello. The Parent Television Council released the following disgusting comments on a roasting on the so-called (ha ha) Comedy Channel sponsored by . . . wait for it . . . Taco Bell Corporation.

PTC reports the following from their October 2010, Vol 12, Number 10, newsletter, page P3: . . . read more

* In 2009 Obama gave taxpayer money to a Brazilian company with Soros connections to drill for oil in deeper waters than BP's failed rig. Now Obama denies Hawker-Beechcraft a large Air Force Contract in favor of Brazilian Company . . . wait for it . . . again with Soros Connections!


Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

24.  Obama's Healthcare plan's faux promises nicely put in this musical political ad six months before the bill passed and everyone discovered exactly what was in those 2,000+ pages.  This political cartoon shows the give-a-ways that were going on to get the votes needed in the back rooms of the Democrat control Congress.  

The Looting of America - Fascism comes to America


I am putting up the entire exchange that took place between the President and Jane Sturm regarding her mom. I am not sure this makes him look any better.

25. But here is what Obama really said and did to push his socialist Healthcare Bill on America. His statements were outrageous, yet the Democrats brought into the meetings still cheered and applauded. It seemed not unlike the frenzy in early Germany where people heard the words but didn't care what they meant or if they were even true.

A sea of 150 white-coated doctors, all enthusiastically supportive of the president and representing all 50 states, looked as if they were at a costume party as they posed in the Rose Garden before hearing Obama's pitch for the Democratic overhaul bills moving through Congress.

 For instance, Obama said doctors sought more profits by cutting off the feet of patients. Or if a patient has a sore throat, he said the doctor would make more money by taking out tonsils rather than provide medicine, while even an illegal alien knows that the doctor is not the surgeon. Obama also told a woman that instead of giving her mother a pacemaker, people like her mother should take a pain pill. Pacemakers have nothing to do with pain. But in all these examples, no one in the Obama audience balked. They just kept smiling and laughing like useful idiots.

The president thanked Pelosi for passing the bill through the House, and spoke directly to the members of Congress who voted for it. "I know this wasn't an easy vote for people, but it was the right vote," he said. "This is what change looks like."  (Photo source: Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images.)
Progressive Democrats lead by Pelosi parade after having convinced Mark "Stupid" (D-MI) their faux promise taxpayer funds wouldn't be used to pay for abortions of progressive women.

Then Obama invited doctors to a press conference. Worried the public wouldn't know they were doctors, he passed out white coats as Halloween props.

* The White House stoops to Gestapo Tactics to shutdown criticism of Obama's healthcare reform

"One of the assigned tasks of Adolf Hitler's Gestapo was to watch for and report to the high command anything or anyone critical of the Fuhrer's policies. The tactics of Nazi Germany have come to the United States Of America. Read the following, taken directly from the White House web site." - freedomedia.com

"There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov."

* Nancy Pelosi on Abortion: Catholic Church‘s ’Conscience Thing’ Puts Women at Physical Risk

* Money/CNN - Our doctors are going broke!

* Surprise, surprise. Labor unions primary recipients of Obamacare waivers

* Pro-lifers pan Obama contraceptive adjustment: Still ‘Attacking religious freedom’


Obamacare And The Origins Of The Nazi Holocaust
Can't happen here? North Carolina's Eugenics Board
Watch Obama in 2008 praise Margaret Sanger: Founder of Planned Parenthood


The bill includes a provision for the government to begin directly lending to students, bypassing financial institutions like Sallie May that traditionally have provided the loans. Obama said that such institutions have soaked up billions in subsidies.

Democrats laugh while Obama signs student loan bill on March 30, 2010, to now be part of the healthcare bill instead of standing alone with the healthcare bill. Sallie Mae blames 2,500 layoff in 2010 on this Obama's job-killing student loan overhaul. (Did anyone read the fine print?)

26. “The Obama administration’s motto is turning out to be, 'If we can find it in the Yellow Pages, the government ought to try to do it.’ " - Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee), New York Times

HR-4872: "In 2010, Congress passed and the President signed into law a bill that House Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, introduced into Congress that eliminates the FFEL program for all new loans made as of July 1, 2010. All federal student loans will be made under the Direct Loan program as of that date." - emptysuit

Overview: In the photo on the left, Obama signs the Student Loan Bill, as Pelosi laughs in the background. It is a bill she had wanted to attach to the Obama Healthcare proposal. The student loan bill pushed out all private loans for college students and gave 100% control for the federal government to decide what the rules will be for those who need student loans.

For those who forgot, candidate Obama was very clear that he believed students who got federal loans from the government should serve their country as part of the payback. Too many bought into the excuse that the bill was passed to save money for students. But in truth for more control by the Democrat Party, the bill allows the government control of the lives of millions of young people. It seems everyone forgot what "candidate" Obama had said of his yet to come Civilian Domestic Workforce, that it should have the same funding as the U.S. Military.

You can watch his comment as the same kind of useful idiots applaud behind Obama when he said doctors cut off the feet of patients to make more money. If Obama is elected in 2012, you can expect his Civilian Domestic Workforce to be implemented, with everything now in place to make it happen.

And of course, like our military, these kids would come from the lower middle or lower classes of American families. Wealthy families put their kids through college without the need for student loans, which allows them to avoid having to serve in Obama's Civilian Domestic Workforce.

* Rangel plan gives prez 'civilian security force' - Proposal provides mandatory induction for 'national defense,' 'homeland security' - WND, October 28, 2010

* Obama sees votes for 2012 by allowing students to avoid having to pay all their student loans, aligning with the OWS protests

* Obama courts young voters to join his 2012 campaign


House Passes Volunteerism Bill Critics Call Pricey, Forced Service.

27. Obama gets the Democrat House to pass his Civilian Work Force Program. - March, 2009

The House of Representatives passed a measure Wednesday that supporters are calling the most sweeping reform of nationally-backed volunteer programs since AmeriCorps. But some opponents are strongly criticizing the legislation, calling it expensive indoctrination and forced advocacy.

The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act, known as the GIVE Act -- sponsored by Reps. Carolyn McCarthy, D-N.Y, and George Miller, D-Calif. -- was approved by a 321-105 vote and now goes to the Senate.

The legislation, slated to cost $6 billion over five years, would create 175,000 "new service opportunities" under AmeriCorps, bringing the number of participants in the national volunteer program to 250,000. It would also create additional "corps" to expand the reach of volunteerism into new sectors, including a Clean Energy Corps, Education Corps, Healthy Futures Corps and Veterans Service Corps, and it expands the National Civilian Community Corps to focus on additional areas like disaster relief and energy conservation . . . read more

* Obama's Justice Department's Eric Holder: Black Panther Case Demeans “My People”

* Krauthammer: Eric Holder ‘one of the most incompetent attorneys general in US history’


Why Would Obama bow to Tampa Mayor?  Think it was because she honored the national Muslim group, CAIR, with their own day of recognition in Tampa, Florida, the area filled with Muslims.  In Orlando, Muslims are taking over neighborhoods, from a relative's personal experience.
28. Tampa mayor, Pam Iorio, proclaimed Nov. 15th "CAIR Day"

“By virtue of the authority vested in me as mayor of the city of Tampa, I do hereby proclaim November 15, 2008, as ‘Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Day’ in the city of Tampa, Florida.” -- Mayor Pam Iorio.

What is going on, when CAIR, an organization that is an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas infrastructure, gets a day named in their honor in Tampa Florida?
As the NEA General Counsel admits as he leaves office.  NEA is about Power, the Union, and its employees!

29. The formerly proud name for teaching children, the Obama-supported National Education Association (NEA) has become an oxymoron as warned 30 years ago, its 3.2 million teacher membership finally 100% openly morphing into a socialist labor union for workers

NEA General Counsel says Right-Wing Complainers are Bastards

Watch the entire speech to 8,000 applauding NEA delegates


We Now Have A Total Gangster Government.

30. Obama takes over corporations, forces many Republican-donating dealers to give up their long franchises while demanding they turn over their customer list to the Federal Government. 

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) speaking on the House floor: Now we've moved into the realm of gangster government. We have gangster government when the Federal Government has set up a new cartel and private businesses now have to go begging with their hand out to their local hopefully, well politically connected Congressman or their Senator so they can buy a peace offering for that local business. Is that the kind of country we are going to have in the future?

President Obama didn't wait long after Tuesday's devastating elections to give critics another reason to question his leadership, but this time the subject matter was more grim than a pair of governorships.

31. Obama on Ft. Hood -- "Not Even 'Shocked" they were murdered by a Muslim in the military.

In the Tiller case, the president was "shocked and outraged by the murder of Dr. George Tiller as he attended church services this morning." In the case of the museum attack, Obama was "shocked and saddened by today's shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum." But when it came to the horrendous Ft. Hood shootings, the term "shocked" was nowhere to be found. Instead, the initial response was shoehorned into comments he made opening the White House Tribal Nations Conference. First there were a couple of applause lines to Native Americans and Obama's "shout out to that Congressional Medal of Honor winner," who appears not to have won the medal. (Joe Medicine Crow won the Medal of Freedom -- the nation's highest civilian honor.) . . . read more


A former Secretary of Agriculture has now expressed concern about the obvious fraud involved in the multi-billion-dollar settlement of the black “farmer” and other lawsuits against the government — but why has everyone failed to note that all of these settlements are actually illegal under federal law?

32. Obama's Pigford Fraud!

Now the Obama regime is on the brink of settling a second Pigford suit for another $1.25 billion, and the proposed settlement again subverts and ignores the law to encourage and reward massive fraud — this time by as many as 80,000 prospective claimants. Obama recently signed legislation appropriating $1.15 billion more for black farmer claims, and his administration claims there are safeguards against fraud in the settlement.

In fact, not only has the Obama Justice Department facilitated fraud, but it has continued the practice of ignoring and subverting the statutory provision designed to stop fraud.

It’s a dirty little seldom-mentioned secret that Pigford was certified by Judge Friedman as a class action not for discrimination in making loans, but based on the allegation that plaintiffs’ civil rights complaints against USDA were mishandled by the department’s civil rights apparatus. . . read more


Harry Alford is the president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. And boy is he entertaining. He’s also not a fan of many of the business positions Democrats have taken.

33. “Obama Wanted the National Black Chamber to Dance to His Music."

President of The Black Chamber of Commerce calls Obama a Marxist for his stealing the chamber's name at the White House, trying to take over the organization for the organization's president not obeying Obama's wishes.  (While the name Marxist was used, what was happening could also be called Fascist.) This is the businessman who took on Barbara Boxer in July 2009.


Obama, while allowing Franklin Graham to be removed from the 2010 Pentagon's Day of Prayer because of complaining of Christians murdered by Muslims, their houses of worhship burned down, says statements like that stereotype Muslims.  It's not Graham who is stereotyping Muslims.  It is the Muslims that kill Jews and Christians that are stereotyping Muslims around the world.  Hey Barack, tell them to stop.
34. What President Obama has promised to Muslims around the world while serving as President of the United States:  Here is what he said on CNN at Cairo speech 2009: 1. "Rules on charitable giving in the United States have made it harder for Muslims to fulfill their religious obligations. That is why I am working with American Muslims so they can fulfill Saka." 2. "It is important that Western countries avoid impeding Muslims from practicing their religion 'as they see fit'."  3. "And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear." (Click here to watch the full Cairo speech.)

In September 1, 2011, we see his promise being kept as the Obama administration goes to the United Nations to begin to regulate free speech around the world in the name of Islam.  (Obama backs Ground Zero mosque while one Brit warns America of what is coming, transported from Europe.)

Obama also celebrates the United Nations, a world organization that has put human right's violators in charge of human right's violators. And that's just a small piece of the anger over the abuse of women by Islam, while Obama ‘Reaches Out’ by Naming ‘Devout’ Muslims to Security Posts.

* Obama’s Muslim Heritage and Allegiance to Islam

* No American Flags flown in sight of detainees at GITMO, in Submission to Muslim Terrorist Detainees

* Islam's Men's Club

* Obama: You're fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day!


Click here for updated news stories

Visiting Franklin Graham's home in Western North Carolina in 2010, Obama refused to override the Pentagon's decision to remove Franklin from its Day of Prayer, unhappy with Graham's reference to the thousands of murders of Christians around the world at the hands of Islamists who burned down their houses of worship. Now you know why.


Muslims join OWS to complain about the police watching some Mosques to protect Americans from further terrorism by more Muslims. They are not protesting the murders of Christians and the burning down of their churches overseas by other Muslims. When this is brought up, they would surely reach for the word "Islamophobia," like as happened when people complained about sodomy spreading AIDS. Just another chunk hammered out of the foundation of America's Republic.


Organizational Map Compliments of DiscoverTheNetworks
Organizational map of Muslim Brotherhoods influence in the White House under Muslim trained Barack Obama.  The Brotherhood stood by in Egypt as fundamental Muslims destroyed the Israeli Embassey and raped Christian women, killing their brothers and sisters in Christ.
Rear panel of Muslim Brotherhood organizational map to the White House, the organizations tied to it broken down name and description.  Whille Progressives look to destroy Christian influence in America with radical Muslims, if they succeed two ideologies will lead America.  Then there will be only one, progressives slautered for their turning America into the Great Satan.  Gee, who could have seen that coming?


Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Vicki McKenna on the Wisconsin mobs.

35. Madison, Wisc., was a hot-bed of union activity last spring when Gov. Scott Walker moved to restructure union collective bargaining rights. In a long distance interview with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas, Wisconsin radio host Vicki McKenna described what it was like to be in the middle of the “mob.” “It was a mob, with a mob mentality using intimidation tactics of 35,000 people,” McKenna said of the union rally. “And it was a rally of taxpayers trying to take back that capitol of about 15,000.”

Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.

* Teamster union leader saying on Labor Day:  “President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march." 

* President Obama Praises Union Incitement to Violence

* White House Declines To Comment On Union Leader’s Anti-Tea Party Rhetoric At Labor Day Rally

* Obama's union thugs beat up Whistle blowers who accused bosses of looting

* Obama's Army! Longshore union fined $250,000 for sabotage; thugs threaten: “Do what we have to do”

* Judicial Watch - Most Of Obama’s Minority Judicial Nominees “Not Qualified”

* The War on South Carolina Continues

* When they helped Hitler, they were called the SA (Strong Arms.) When they help Obama 75 years later, they're called Opportunity! - Union violence against Tea Party

* Anarchy 101: How Wisconsin’s Left Embraces Chaos & Violence

SEIU Guru Asks College Kids to Promise to Get Arrested  
Another "YOU LIE" moment!

36. Obama reported to have lied again about available oil in the U.S.

This report from the PatriotsNetworkAZ says U.S. has more fossil fuel than Saudi Arabia, China, and Canada combined. Also U.S. has more Coal and sulfur low coal in Alaska. And largest Oil shale in Western U.S. has 1.5 - 1.8 trillion oil can run U.S. for the next 900 years at current rate. - July 4, 2011


By now, “Gunwalker” and “Fast and Furious” have both entered the national lexicon.  And although the amount of information known about the operations varies from person to person, the majority of Americans know they have something to do with the selling of guns to “straw purchasers” in the U.S., who were supposed to smuggle the guns into Mexico and put them in the hands of cartel members, who were then to be arrested.

37. "Fast and Furious" trail leads all the way back to the White House.

By now, “Gunwalker” and “Fast and Furious” have both entered the national lexicon. And although the amount of information known about the operations varies from person to person, the majority of Americans know they have something to do with the selling of guns to “straw purchasers” in the U.S., who were supposed to smuggle the guns into Mexico and put them in the hands of cartel members, who were then to be arrested.

What most people seem not to know is who exactly was behind the Gunwalker and Fast and Furious operations. Was it the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives)? Yes. Was it also Attorney General Eric Holder? Well, there’s no doubt he was instrumental in Gunwalker, and it’s now known that his chief of staff was briefed on Fast and Furious. So how about President Obama? What did he know? According to information that has surfaced during ongoing investigations by Rep. Darrell Issa (R.-Calif.) and Sen. Charles Grassley (R.-Iowa), it’s certain that knowledge of Fast and Furious went all the way to the White House . . . read more

Holder 1995: "We Must 'Brainwash' People on Guns"

Early links of Investigation: (Contributed by Jimmy Z Show)
| April 14, 2010 | May 4, 2011 | July 7, 2011 | July 7, 2011 | July 8, 2011 | July 26, 2011 | September 29, 2011 |
| September 29, 2011 | October 5, 2011 | October 5, 2011 | October 6, 2011 | October 7, 2011 | October 7, 2011 | October 8, 2011 |
| October 9, 2011 | October 9, 2011 | October 9, 2011 | October 10, 2011 | October 11, 2011 | October 14, 2011 |

* ‘Fast and Furious’ Explodes: Brian Terry Cover-Up, White House Emails Revealed

* Cleanup ATF

* The Cover Up - A Report from the NRA

* CBS reporter got screamed at and cussed at by people at the White House

* ‘Fast & Furious’: How botched operation spawned fatal results

* Devastating CNN Video: Obama Knew About Fast & Furious Before Holder Claims He Knew

* Three more murders linked to Gunwalker

* Stunning - Third Reich stuff! Justice Dept. proposes lying, hiding existence of records under new FOIA rule

* Napolitano queried on lack of ‘Fast and Furious’ probe

* Top Justice Dept. Official Admits 'Mistake' in Ignoring ATF's 'Unacceptable Tactics'

* Obama's MSNBC: Why Should People Have Guns When We Have Cops?

* Arizona Sheriff Says 2 Guns Found in Bust Linked to 'Fast and Furious'

* Holder Refusing to Provide Witnesses for Fast & Furious Interviews

* DOJ, Eric Holder manipulated press for favorable ‘Fast and Furious’ coverage

* U.S. Government may be primary suppliers of Mexican Drug Cartel Guns

* Judicial Watch - Obama Administration abruptly seals court records on Border Patrol Agent's Murder

* Obama's ATF used 'Fast and Furious' to create a faux case for gun control

* Ron Paul Calls for Criminal Investigation of Eric Holder

* ‘Fast and Furious’ Linked to Immunity Deal Between U.S. and Sinaloa Cartel, Trafficking Defendant Alleges in Court Papers

* New York Times reports Obama tries to silence Federal Whistle-blowers in "Fast & Furious" with Espionage Act

* Border Patrol Group Calls for Holder’s Resignation

* In Contempt!

* President Obama’s Fast and Furious Scandal Grows

NBC 'news' has reported on Fast & Furious scandal for 10 seconds . . . in last year and a half.



NEXT step by Obama to undo the Constitution?

* Secret U.S. Memo Made Legal Case to Kill a Citizen

* Secret panel can put Americans on "kill list'


Photo Source: Media Dagger

38. Detective Work on Courier Led to Breakthrough on Bin Laden - New York Times, May 2, 2011

A trusted courier of Osama bin Laden’s whom American spies had been hunting for years was finally located in a compound 35 miles north of the Pakistani capital, close to one of the hubs of American counterterrorism operations. The property was so secure, so large, that American officials guessed it was built to hide someone far more important than a mere courier.

What followed was eight months of painstaking intelligence work, culminating in a helicopter assault by American military and intelligence operatives that ended in the death of Bin Laden on Sunday and concluded one of history’s most extensive and frustrating manhunts.

American officials said that Bin Laden was shot in the head after he tried to resist the assault force, and that one of his sons died with him . . . read more

* Obama under fire for allowing Hurt Locker director access to Navy SEALs to make Bin Laden film - Daily Mail, August 2011

The New York Times reported this week that military officers were shocked when writer Mark Boal showed up at a CIA ceremony in honour of Team 6. Boal, along with director Kathryn Bigelow, wrote the Oscar-winning Iraq war drama The Hurt Locker, and is now scribing a Navy SEAL film. For the project, Mr Boal and Miss Bigelow reportedly have been granted unique access to the inner workings of the Pentagon [by the Obama administration.] Rep. Peter King, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said letting Hollywood in on sensitive information like SEAL Team 6 may cost lives.

* "For others, if the film [Hurt Locker] isn't explicitly criticizing the soldiers, then it's a failure." - The Independent Eye, Feb. 25, 2010

* Movie glorifying Navy Seal capture of bin laden from orders by Obama is to be released into movie theaters October 12, less than one month before the presidential election. Director, a far-left anti-war liberal, Kathryn Bigelow, who won the Oscar for Hurt Locker, had incorrectly portrayed the military as cowboys instead of well-trained solders, giving the movie the slant progressives love. Bigelow is all in the family; her former husband far-left liberal James Cameron also produced an anti-war movie at the same time, Avatar, and competed with Bigelow for the Oscar.

* Far-left Hollywood Director may have been given classified Intel on Bin Laden Mission by Obama administration - Article reports New York Times wrote, "It was clear that the White House had outsourced the job of manning up the president’s image to Hollywood when Boal got welcomed to the upper echelons of the White House and the Pentagon and showed up recently — to the surprise of some military officers — at a C.I.A. ceremony celebrating the hero Seals."

* A retired Lt. Col. in the Air Force, who ran a bomb disposal unit in Viet Name, says the following about the agenda of the Hollywood progressives in the production of the Hurt Locker:

"But one attribute among military EOD technicians has not changed to this day. The ability to follow lawful orders and perform tasks as directed by a higher authority. It was falsely portrayed in The Hurt Locker by the lead actor, Jeremy Renner, and seemed designed to delude those who have no experience with military operations. Renner, who played Staff Sgt William James in the movie, performed his duties in a reckless and unprofessional manner and in real life would never been allowed to jeopardize his fellow soldiers and remain on duty as an EOD Tech. So, in retrospect I asked myself, "Why?" did Kathryn Bigelow, the movie's Director, merely want to juice up the movie by portraying SSgt James as a maverick, out-of-control military member. Or did she have another subliminal motive to depict military professionals as dissenters who play only by their own rules in a war that should never have happened? I believe the latter is closer to the truth."

* You may want to compare the speeches of George Bush in the capture of Saddam and of Barack Obama in the killing of bin laden, by clicking here.

* Former SEAL stands by account of bin Laden raid, says administration out to get him

* Stunning, and all the way from Taiwan: Obama whines to Iran to give back downed U.S. drone

* Iran Mocks Obama After he asks for Downed Drone Back, says he ‘Begs To Give Him Back His Toy Plane.'

* Sony, Obama & The Bin Laden Kill-Movie – a Political Scam with Sony having held a fund raiser for Obama?

* Judicial Watch asks Federal Court to Order Release of Bin Laden Death Photos/Video

* Judicial Watch Sues DOD and CIA for Records Detailing Possible Leak of bin Laden Classified Information to Hollywood Director

* Progressives infiltrating the U.S. Military. Mission: to seize control

* "The moviemakers are getting top-level access to the most classified mission in history from an administration that has tried to throw more people in jail for leaking classified information than the Bush administration." - Judicial Watch

* Judicial Watch Obtains DOD and CIA Records Detailing Meetings with bin Laden Raid Filmmakers

* Former Navy SEAL Launches PAC To Fight Obama

* Obama Admin Admits Info Released to Zero Dark Thirty Filmmakers Might Pose a ‘security and counterintelligence risk’

Darden Restaurant Chain is telling its customers what their children are expected to eat as a side item via cooperative social engineering from the Obama administration.

39. Michelle Obama uses social engineering to tell Americans what side items they're allowed to order for their children while paying for a meal at Darden Restaurants.

The Obamas continue to bring social engineering to America, now working with the Darden Restaurant Chain, that includes the Olive Garden and Red Lobster.

It's not the time the Obamas have influenced what happens in Darden Restaurants. Barack Obama, when running for president, removed the American flag from the tail of his aircraft and replaced it with his power icon, "O." It's not surprising that an Olive Garden Restaurant in Alabama refused a Kiwanis Group from being allowed to show the American flag, and then seated them back by the kitchen. The video below shows the 80-year old woman who was so stunned she said "this is no longer my country." While the VP of Olive Garden had arranged to personally apologize to the group, Darden released a statement, "Darden said the company respects the flag and everything it symbolizes," doing damage control. That mission statement was obviously missing from Darden's employee training. Employees were not at all confused by not allowing the flag to come into the restaurant and then putting those who might interrupt the image of the Olive Garden back by the kitchen.


Occupy Wall Street plans to take over New York’s Financial District (photos.)

40. Obama encourages a radical revolution in America to steal from the rich while using the poor to destroy the system. It's the food he was brought up on to fundamentally change America.

Conservatives still don't get how dangerous these techniques of revolution can be, not unlike those used from 1919 to 1932 in Germany.

* The key word from Soros' supported organizations is Communism; this young student organizer involved in it for years talks of "collectivism."


"By Their Fruit, You Shall Know Them"

Occupy Unmasked - Warning, violent images!


Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez


Stop Trashing Obama! No President Has Had These Many Firsts. - BeforeItsNews

U.S. General: Obama's Military Purge - General Paul Vallely


Obama's Occupy Cockroaches Come Home to Roost


Jimmy Z's Ballad to OWS


* Van Jones: 'Occupy Wall Street', Leftists Will Eclipse TEA Party in 2012

Some Mexican tourists walking next to the Lincoln Memorial grounds were disgusted by the amount of filth and trash covering the mall. Reflections: 1. The Leftists are very willing to "kill trees" and clutter nature in order to spread their message.
The One Nation Rally of October 2010 that Obama also openly supported, left their trash all over the mall including the WWII Memorial typical of Marxists who disrespect America. These are Obama's loyal radicals.

* HUD Launches Initiative to help Illegal Immigrants

* Obama's Labor Secretary: U.S. to ‘protect’ illegal workers

* Obama's justice department ignores black panthers intimidating voters

They are hoping that general unrest is gonna take place, the riot is gonna start, the cops are gonna go in there to try quell the riot. I think that’s what they’re hoping for. This is the chaos that everybody is looking for.
For groups Obama says are his kind of people, where’s all the recycling? Where is all the saving the environment? Where’s all the organic stuff? Where’s whatever these people claim is necessary to save the planet?

* White House Draws Closer To Occupy Wall Street, says Obama is Fighting for the Interests of the 99%, declaring class warfare. (Sound familiar to the Marxist call to overcome the system?)

* American Nazi Party Endorses Occupy Wall Street‘s 'Courage?'

* Occupy Wall Street? It's an ACORN Rent-A-Mob

Meanwhile, when regular Americans speak out and protest what they fear is the destruction of their nation, they're condemned by government leaders as swastika-carrying extremists, racists and potential terrorists. When they dare attend tea parties or townhall meetings they're roughed up and threatened by leftist goons, such as those from ACORN or the Service Employees International Union. (As SEIU president and Obama friend Andy Stern boasted about his organizing philosophy: "We prefer to use the power of persuasion, but if that doesn't work, we use the persuasion of power.")
You were warned!!

* White House backs VP Biden’s rape, murder remarks to police organizations, that if Republicans didn't pass Obama's job's bill to steal from the rich, more women would be raped, but somehow forgets the many Mexicans and American border guard actually murdered by the Obama administration's Fast & Furious

Liberal millionaires walk around OWS protestors licking their shoes.

* Obama's Occupy protestors send sharp anti-Jew message

* Flea Baggers; who would hire 'em?! (A blog's photo comparison of Tea Party vs OWS - attendees vs. rent-a-mob.)

* Obama's 1990's CAC buddy, Bill Ayers, teaches Occupy group on protesting

* Obama's OWS Goons in San Diego invade Wal-Mart on Black Friday – leave 75 carts full of merchandise for employees to put away

* CBO: Obama's 2009 Stimulus Hurt the Economy

The movement's leading organizer is a longtime anti-globalism anarchist whose adult life has been devoted largely to dismantling "the capitalist system" and creating "a new world" in its stead.

* The Entitlement Generation

* Occupy Raleigh Protester Shoots Up Food Store . . . injures three then shoots himself

* Obama-supported ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Participation To Earn Class Credit at . . . wait for it . . . Columbia University

* By Their Fruits We Will Know Them; Chart of incidents by Obama's OWS vs. Tea Party (no central authority.)

* OWS Goons Thank Supporters By Pissing in Church & Looting Artifacts

* ‘God’-awful OWS mob steals sacred item from church

* Soros: 'The situation is about as serious and difficult as I've experienced in my career.'

* Winter thaw: Occupy plotting spring chaos

* Occupiers, Anti-Semites & Code Pinkos Crash AIPAC Conference

* Axelrod joins the 1% - buys $1.7 million Michigan Ave condo

* Occupy’s next assault: Global protests for ‘wealth distribution.’ Movement’s official rhetoric mirrors economic language used by Obama

* Unprecedented: Top DOJ Officials Were Obama Bundlers with Wall Street Ties!

“Revolutionary Marxism” Course Offered At PSU  

* Occupy Midwest Goon: Our Rapists Are a Product of the American Dream

* Obama's OWS 2012 Spring Training video for civil disobedience

* Obama's Communist Van Jones group plans spring revolt against corporations

* Obama's Occupy Wall Street's School to Train Revolutionaries. (No info on who is funding.)

* Obama's Occupy threatens to shut down Manhattan-bound bridges / tunnels at May Day Protests

* King 5 Cameraman Assaulted By Obama's Occupy Goons Live on TV

* Obama, who promoted the Occupy movement into existence in 2011, ignores capture of Occupy domestic terrorists

* Obama meets the 1% at a Hollywood party, giving this "Christian" president millions to push rad culture

Mr. Ramirez is a Lincoln Fellow and has won several awards during his career, including the 1994 Pulitzer Prize, the UCI Medal from the University of California, Irvine and the Sigma Delta Chi Awards in 1995 and 1997. He has been the editorial cartoonist of the Los Angeles Times, the Commercial Appeal and USA Today, and is nationally syndicated in over 450 newspapers around the world.

Cartoons by Michael Ramirez



Among the proposed actions: “We can organize public forums, workshops and flash-mobs; we can promote the movement at local schools and neighborhoods or get in contact with humanitarian organizations working with the same goals.”

New Marxist Occupy plot: Flash Mobs! ‘Alternative forms of protest’ put cities, cops at disadvantage


Occupy protesters were successful in disrupting business at several West Coast ports in December. They say they’re just getting started.
The Coast Guard had been called in to escort a ship to the Port of Longview to protect it from the Democrat Party's Occupy criminal movement.


New Low for Obama's Occupy Movement . . . protester charged with lynching


 A child soldier of the LRA wields his Ak-47 assault rifle.

41. Why U.S. military in Uganda? (But what is the real agenda?)

After President Barack Obama announced earlier this week that he would be sending American troops into Uganda, WND uncovered billionaire activist George Soros' ties both to the political pressure behind the decision and to the African nation's fledgling oil industry.

Soros sits on the executive board of an influential "crisis management organization" that recently recommended the U.S. deploy a special advisory military team to Uganda to help with operations and run an intelligence platform, a recommendation Obama's action seems to fulfill.

The president emeritus of that organization, the International Crisis Group, is also the principal author of "Responsibility to Protect," the military doctrine used by Obama to justify the U.S.-led NATO campaign in Libya . . . read more

* Obama Sends 100 U.S. Troops to Uganda to Help Combat Lord’s Resistance Army

* American troops now assigned to protect "gay rights" on foreign soil in Uganda to fight Christian cult

* Human Rights Watch Report: Obama reacts: DR Congo: New Round of LRA Killing Campaign


Libyan Muslims hold up their cell phones as they get ready to hang Black Libyan police man, screaming praise Allah!

* Another Human Rights Watch Report: Muslim Libyan rebel ethnic cleansing and lynching of black people . . . yet in this case Obama does nothing while the progressive mainstream media sweeps the news under the rug

* Lynching in Benghazi - Human Rights Investigations has been investigating the use and consequences of racist propaganda in Libya and this has led to the examination of video footage of atrocities committed in Benghazi, Libya.

Today HRI reports on the lynching of a man by rebels in Benghazi. Our hope is that the death of this man will inspire people to take action for peace.

To paraphrase the Black Star News, we hope that we don’t live in a world where the lives and deaths of black people are so debased that everyone turns a blind eye . . . read more

"Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi - Fatwa Kill Libyan Leader Muammar Al-Qaddhafi" - Video provider quote.
Extremely disturbing video over Muslim, Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi, furious over the way Muammar Al-Qaddhafi was killed, Muslims turned against Muslims. Qaddhafi taken into custody was the better answer in a world that is watching with great unease.

* Brutal murder of Libyan dictator captured on screens of western developed cell phones streamed to western developed satellites, with weapons of war supplied by the United States and its aircraft killing more on the ground in a war that was no longer any of our business.

(Note: While totally understanding the rebel's anger, the disturbing live murder scene instead reminds us of a mindless swarm of red ants as they rip apart anything in their way in the jungle. The Iraquis gave Saddam a fair trial of his peers and subsequently hanged him for his abuse of the Iraqi people as a better way to send the truth around the world about this brutal dictator. Now there are others complicating the picture of Quaddhafi's death. Groups furious with western involvement in Libya, accuse France, Britain, and Obama of the United States of colonialism of taking away the black gold, using the huge natural aquifer under Libya to grow and sell food to the world and saying the Zionists in those three countries are leading the economic charge. )

* He Came, He Saw, He Led from the Rear

* More blood of African blacks on Obama's hands


Idiots at EPA talk about how Americans can reduce use of electronicty produced by coal, when America has the greatest coal reserve in the world.  Spend money on clean coal, not on green power that is an oxymoron, green 2% of today's energy providers.

42. Obama goes after Coal Industry, will replace with green. (See chart on left) How's that working out for America? Obama spends billions on failing green products while not investing on more clean coal, an energy source that provides 50% of America's electricity as you read this!

November 2, 2008 - Candidate Obama tells a San Francisco meeting his green policies will bankrupt the Coal Industry.

Obama’s Big Green Boondoggles - "With the scandalous bankruptcy of Solyndra (a shady California solar power company that received $535 million in stimulus funds and is now under investigation by the FBI) hanging overhead, President Obama wisely whitewashed any mention of “green jobs” out of his latest address to Congress.

But buried in the details of his latest government jobs bill released this week — Spawn of the Spendulus, Porky’s II, Night of the Keynesian Dead — are yet more Big Green boondoggles that will reward cronies, waste taxpayer dollars, and make no dent in the jobless rate. After pouring half a billion bucks into Solyndra, the company filed for Chapter 11 last month and laid off 1,110 employees. Obama administration officials met with Solyndra execs at least 20 times; the green cheerleader-in-chief personally visited and promoted the company in 2009 before his administration fast-tracked approval for the loans . . . read more

* Then Obama spends more money on green jobs . . . in Finland for a car company that Al Gore is invested in.

* ABC News: Obama DOE funds a billion to tanking car company and Finnish cars

* Massive’ Closures of U.S. Coal Plants Loom, Chu Says

* Obama’s 7 Regulations That Are Killing Jobs

* EPA Regulations to Shut Down Coal Plants and Raise Energy Prices

* Obama set to kill off coal industry

* Obama's SolarGate

* Obama Tightens Screw On America’s Coal Supply

* Ready or not, here come MACT And CSAPR, ready to shut down coal-fired electric plants

* Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s 'Green' Company Scored $1.4B Taxpayer Bailout

* Obama continues his war on cheap American energy


Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. Through annual memberships, HSLDA is tens of thousands of families united in service together, providing a strong voice when and where needed.

43. Warning: Obama Ed aims at U.S. takeover of public schools - down the road parents at home may be forced to teach government agendas that demand new progressive curriculums in local schools.

"Mandating that each state have aligned standards with aligned coursework will guarantee the creation of national academic standards, national curriculum, and national testing," this week's report on the controversy said. "We believe this will result in the eventual requirement that homeschoolers use these national standards, curriculum, and testing," the report said.

While some specifics that could be included in a final bill remain unclear, "the trend of national standards could lead to homeschoolers losing the freedom to choose the curriculum for their children." An earlier HSLDA report by Estrada pointed out that national standards would remove control from local boards and districts and allow "unelected bureaucrats, not parents" to decide what subjects should be taught . . . read more

* Does your child belong to state? - Cases reveal how government is undermining rights of parents.


“In essence, the authority to seize control of all television and civilian communication has been asserted by the executive branch and handed to a government agency,” wrote Buck Sexton in our earlier report.

44. While emergency broadcast tests are typically used by state and local governments to issue severe weather alerts and other emergency information, there has never been a nationwide activation of the system before. Federal agencies cite the reasons for the national test are to ensure emergency preparedness and to pinpoint flaws in the new EAS system.

Meanwhile, the thought of the nation’s broadcast systems being completely cut off for nearly four minutes — in addition to broadcasters being stripped of control — has left many, including Glenn, feeling unsettled over who, exactly, will have power over our airwaves . . . read more

* Obama’s Latest Scheme and Our Choice Between Freedom and Tyranny

* Sprint Launches Soon To Be Mandatory Emergency Alert Messages from Obama's Federal Government

(Note: In Germany, citizens were strongly encouraged by the government to own a radio so they could take part in the propaganda.)


The Solyndra news would have almost guaranteed an ever-steeper loss for Obama’s Democratic Party.

45. Solyndra Scandal Grows.

The Republican-led committee, which contends the White House favored a clearly unsustainable Solyndra to help George Kaiser, a major Obama donor whose venture capital group Argonaut invested in and advised Solyndra, released emails detailing communications between Solyndra, the White House and an Argonaut employee.

There’s no proof Kaiser and Obama worked in tandem to secure Solyndra’s $535 million loan guarantee — and the political boost it gave Obama’s green jobs initiative — but the emails do show that administration officials suggested the flailing Solyndra keep upcoming layoffs under wraps until after the 2010 election . . . read more

* In late 2009, Chu attended a groundbreaking for the factory Solyndra built with its $535 million federal loan, and Vice President Biden spoke at the event by satellite.


In a stunning move, on March 16, 2012, Barack Obama signed an Executive Order stating that the President and his specifically designated Secretaries now have the authority to commandeer all domestic U.S. resources including food and water.

46. Obama authorizes himself to declare martial law

President Obama has given himself the powers to declare martial law — especially in the event of a war with Iran. It is a sweeping power grab that should worry every American.

On March 16, the White House released an executive order, “National Defense Resources Preparedness.” The document is stunning in its audacity and a flagrant violation of the Constitution. It states that, in case of a war or national emergency, the federal government has the authority to take over almost every aspect of American society. Food, livestock, farming equipment, manufacturing, industry, energy, transportation, hospitals, health care facilities, water resources, defense and construction — all of it could fall under the full control of Mr. Obama. The order empowers the president to dispense these vast resources as he sees fit during a national crisis . . . Read More

New Executive Order allows Obama to Seize U.S. Infrastructure and Citizens for Military Preparedness

Barack H. Lincoln . .  . the Republicans?
Photo Source: Drudge Report

47. Now it's your turn.

You can now take YOUR time to figure out the rest from Obama to the fascist opportunities being taken by the new radical Democrat Party to fundamentally transform America. My last was on March 2012.

Say you can't find any? Here's one.

Overview: The Democrat Party is officially now the Godless party run by radicals, Marxists, and atheists. Click to read this news story. Then watch the above video of the DNC's own voice vote, not 2/3.




September 11, 2013

252 Examples of Obama's Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption, Cronyism, etc. - DanFromSquirrelHill

Stunning: President Barack Obama's Complete List of Historic Firsts - DirectorBlue



Still Giving the Crotch Salute?

Progressive Americans keep saying to the rest of the nation it doesn't matter what Obama does. But after November 2012 "doesn't matter will have a mandate."

Florida Democrat Party Chairwoman PROUD to have Obama's Face on U.S. Flag


Perry sends message to Obama - You're the one who puts this country down!


First Obama Bypasses Congress, Grants Immunity To Illegal Immigrants By Executive Order . . .

. . . then Obama's Campaign Sends ‘Dreamers’ Fundraising Email hours after his Amnesty Announcement!


It must be nice being President, as Obama jets off in Air Force One to Hawaii for 17-day Christmas vacation.  (Photo: Drudge December 3, 2011)  Life is tough for a radical.  Obama's wife before becoming First Lady complained about the cost of piano lessons.  But today for her there are no limits in what she charges to the American people.   Obama in two years played more golf than Bush played in eight.  (Photo from the Drudge Report.)  Life is tough for a radical.  Obama's wife before becoming First Lady complained she wasn't proud of America.  Now she can't spend enough of the people's money.
Obama says America is too soft!
Top 10 Obama Leisure Activities During Tough Times

Look again at the above photos. Now read what Harvard student Barack Obama wrote about America in 1990.

- Forget Obama's Job's Plan. This one on energy is THE WINNER! -


2011 Stunning Video by Indian Muslim, Tarek Fatah, from Canada's Ideacity, reporting Fascism is raising its head again in the world!
Tarek Fatah Talk at Ideacity June 2011

A Shocking Warning from an Indian Muslim who is a liberal of the Democrat Party and had supported Obama for election!


And More

| White House pressures Ford to pull ad | Union President Testifies: ICE HQ Ordered Agents Not to Arrest Illegals--Including Fugitives |
| Catholic Priest asks about the continue cowardly silence on this matter?" | Obama exempts GE-powered plant on global warming rules |
| Obama’s lawyers bid to regulate religious hiring | Blind Leftist Devotion to Obama | Black caucus at war with tea party | NC Democrat: Suspend Elections |
| Obama White House Defends Anti-American State Dinner Music | White House backs Biden’s rape, murder remarks that Republicans would cause |
| Obama's jobs motivator, GE, filed 57,000-Page Tax Return, paid No Taxes on $14 Billion Profit |
| Documents Show DOJ Coordination with ACORN-Connected Project Vote |


Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2011


When will it finally be buyers’ remorse for the Democrat Party?

It was a very discomforting moment for me and other Americans who (1) don't think an American president should bow to any King and (2) no American, president or otherwise, should bow to a King who oversees a Wahhabist state which seeks to export Shariah law and violence against anyone who is not Male and not from the same extreme form of Islam.


President Barack Obama, accompanied by Education Secretary Arne Duncan, speaks to the media after a discussion with 6th grade students at Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Va., Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2010.
And liberal progressive Democrats said Bush looked like an idiot?


November 2011

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