Date: October 3, 2012

HuffPo Attacks U.S. Representative Allen West . . . for Loving His Wife

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The Useless Trivia "News" Providers of Huffington Post . . .

. . . attacks U.S. House Representative Allen West For . . . wait for it . . . writing in a letter he wanted to make love to his wife when returning home from Iraq.

West is the Lt. Col who fired a weapon near the head of a terrorist's in 2003 in Iraq, which saved American lives from a revealed ambush. But the Army didn't care about saving American lives. having tens-of-thousands of volunteers to go around. They wanted instead their diversity to be protected and worshiped.

So instead of being a war hero,West was reprimanded by an Army brass that wanted to court martial him for the terrorist incident after 22-years of honorable service along with the removal of his pension. Many Americans were stunned back home at what the military had been turned into under an advancing liberal ideology, endangering America's security at home and overseas. Here is a report from an American warrior on how West saved his life.

Photo source: DailyCaller

But we were to learn almost a decade later from the murders at Ft. Hood, that soldier's deaths on American soil by a Jihadist posing as a well-educated Muslim psychologist were to be purposely identified by the Army as acceptable collateral damage to again protect its politically correct diversity training.

That was the actual statement from the Army's Chief of Staff on Glenn Beck's recent program, the general justifying the murders of America's treasures to be simply "Workplace Violence."

Beck's program was titled, The Project, a two-part program that ran last week named after an inconspicuous manifesto known also as “The Project,” which was recovered during a raid in Switzerland. It was later discovered to be an important Muslim roadmap for infiltrating and defeating the West, many believing it had a direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood's agenda to take over the world.

Seeing the Brotherhood's recent crucifying of secular journalists after it won the election in Egypt with the help of U.S. President Barack Obama and his progressive mainstream media touting a so-called Arab Spring for (cough) democracy, the Brotherhood then pushed their supporters to burn the American flag at our embassy on 9/11. So one can understand why the group is so dangerous to individual freedoms, which reasonable men have given their lives for since the French Revolution.

When West ran for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010 as a Tea Party candidate from southeast Florida, the despicable far-left Palm Beach Post used the saving of his bros in Iraq in 2003 against him, reporting that West was a hot head and therefore shouldn't be allowed in Congress.

That is reflected by others in the current 2012 election in southeast Florida.

Huffington Post Lead Story on October 2 . . . the one they open up with when someone comes online and sees the main screen.

Photo run with article on October 2, 2012.
Photo Source: Huffington Post / AOL

"Allen West Letter: GOP Rep. Reportedly Asked Wife To Be His 'Porn Star', Demanded 'Non-Negotiable' Sex Acts"

"U.S. Rep. Allen West (R-FL) reportedly asked his wife to be his "porn star" in a hand-written letter from Iraq in 2003, detailing "non-negotiable" sex acts she was to perform on his return and ordering her to wear only two-piece bathing suits.

Former Palm Beach Post and staffer Jose Lambiet published some of the contents of the letter on his South Florida site Gossip Extra, arguing the intimate details are news-worthy because the way the Tea Party Congressman relates to women has become an issue in his reelection race.

Lambiet said he exclusively obtained the letter written to financial advisor Dr. Angela West, whom the former Army Lt. Colonel married in 1989. Among the contents:

The congressman proceeds tells his wife he expects certain intimate acts upon his return that will be “the standard and it is non-negotiable.” . . . Then: “Angela, I need to know, are you committed to being my porn star? “

I do not want to hear ‘no’ or ‘we’ll see about that.’ I want my fantasies to be with you. God has authorized you and you only as my partner for intimacy and that is what I want.” . . . read more

Source of West News Story: Huffington Post



This story on West had run at the same time reports had already come out that Congress was wanting to ask Hillary Clinton why her State Department had denied Libya's previous requests for more security before the death of four Americans on 9/11 in Libya, which included a U.S. Ambassador.

Below is an actual list of all the stories HuffPo's viewers could click on of the afternoon of October 2, 2012. None of these stories even discussed what was going on between Congress and the State Department, HuffPo avoiding grown-up news.

The titles ran about the same time West's story was posted on October 2nd. I took time to embed the links to the stories so you would know they were real.



Professor Strips Naked During Rant Man Killed After Inheriting Millions
You Won't Believe How Cheap She Is This Man Doesn't Have a Heartbeat
She's Making a Huge Fashion Mistake 'I Was ... Excited When I Found It'
Having an Affair While Wife's at War? Her Doctor Said It Wasn't Cancer
Symptoms That Your Car Can Trigger If You See This Symbol, Turn Around
Army Training Class Goes Awry Are Pumpkins Secret to Weight Loss?
Convicted Killer Wants to Stand Trial Traumatized Dog Gets Miracle Rescue
Household Item Can Clean This Fast Cops Make Unsettling Find in Car
Secret to Making Perfect Brownies Family Has a Very Unexpected Pet
Resort Has Been Deserted for Decades What May Mean a Marriage Is Doomed
Awkward Thing at Work Is ... Good? Bad Game May Be Very Costly for QB
Man Makes Monster 427-Lb. Catch Star Shared Embarrassing Old Photo
What Not Many Knew About 'ER' Star Spears Under Extremely Watchful Eye?
Lisa Lampanelli Shows Off New Figure Winona Ryder Debuts Thin Frame
Can You Fire a Gun Under Water? This Car Was Meant to Be the Future
Apple May Have to Apologize ... Again Disturbing Truth About This Home
Waitress, 81, Loses Life Savings Kid Does Grossest Thing ... Ever

After reading the above list, no one needs to wonder anymore why too many Americans have so little knowledge of what's going on around them. It's why answers like these in this video were given on the streets of New York seven months later in May of 2013 over a word, Benghazi, that to some could have been a new cocktail at a popular local pub near Times Square.

But this is not HuffPo's fault. It's the fault of those who are too lazy to look at other sources for their news to ensure they're being told the truth and not simply being endoctrinated by one ideology that sees them as the rebirth of Karl Marx's useful idiots. I have access to over 70 different sources, none to the mainstream media that I stopped trusting after the year 2000.

While Huffington Post was running these titles it defines as news, an organization that was paid millions for its content, below are other news stories that also ran on October 2, 2012.

Not one of these big-boy stories could be found in the above list from Huffington Post around 5 P.M. on October 2, 2012.

Requests for Increased Security Prior to Benghazi Attack Denied

Woman Raped by Tunisian Police Faces Jail Time for ‘Indecent Behavior'

White House Aide Involved in Fast & Furious 'Suddenly' Transferred to Iraq

Eric Holder Participated in ‘Armed’ Takeover of Columbia Univ. ROTC Office

Founder of Greenpeace discusses the fact that today they commit crimes against humanity

Border Patrol agent shot, killed on patrol in Ariz

Grassley Questions if Border Patrol Shooting Connected to Fast and Furious

California’s ‘therapy’ ban challenged in court

Illegals given legal permission to drive in California

What’s behind Obama’s curious timing of Gitmo jihadist Omar Khadr’s release

Judicial Watch Sues Obama Justice Department to Obtain ‘Fast and Furious’ Records Withheld from Congress

The IRS Has Gone Rogue

Obama removes penalties for countries using child soldiers

Obamacare Survival Guide Reveals Dangers of New Law

PA Judge: No Enforcing Voter ID Law Until After Election

Military Absentee Voting Requests Down as Much as 70% from 2008 in Swing States

Show on Jesus' Wife Papyrus Delayed Amid Doubts

In California, 'birth tourism' appears to grow

Operation Fast and Furious and the Massacre of Mexican Kids

Elizabeth Warren – No Law License, yet practiced anyway?

Three-Star General: Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated Department of Defense

Muslim Influence in Pentagon Prevails; Material on Radical Islam "Purged,” Outstanding Army Officer "Disciplined

Obama slandered America as racist using dishonest claims about the response to Hurricane Katrina

Darrell Issa Does the Work American Reporters Won’t Do

Volleyball Mom Knows Better Than Obama

Obama Orders Attacked U.S. Soldiers To Take ‘Islamic Sensitivity Training’

Congressman challenges USDA to follow own school lunch restrictions

Obama Shields Genocidal Muslim From Republican Legislation


Finally, seeing some of the childish comments that attacked West in the posting of the "news" of a personal letter to his wife by Huffington Post, I sent the following comment. You should know because of my continued complaints to HuffPo over its lack of important news stories that are provided to me as a subscriber of AOL, HuffPo banned me from posting further comments.

To that end I uploaded this comment today at 5:45 P.M. It didn't get published.


I see HuffPo's children are restless again today, propeller heads whirling as if there was a new green energy farm located along Palm Beach County Road.  

The Palm Beach Post obviously wants to get rid of West so more American troops murdered in a Jihad can be buried under the Democrat Party's politically correct "Workplace Violence" to protect its diversity, the Post's progressives being able to smile when relatives don't get a Purple Heart in their child's memory. 

Because that's exactly what happened under the Palm Beach Post’s liberal party's watch in the last four years.

However, while I was stunned to see dozens and dozens of useless headlines to keep HuffPo reader’s attention diverted from real life, I wonder if any of HuffPo’s readers knew there are now reports out that Hillary’s Clinton’s State Department had denied Libya more security. 

But that story would be for grown ups anyway, and why it’s probably missing, HuffPo more interested in West’s sex life (Uploaded 5:45 P.M., Oct. 2, 2012.)




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