Date: November 7, 2012

American Voters Have Spoken For Life In America From 2012 - 2016

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The American Voters Have Spoken.

Not happy with America's past success as the most powerful country in the world, liberal American voters have left the conservative message of the country's founders in the dust, hoping now to bring America under the leash of the policies of the United Nations.

They have also voted that their grandparent's values have become old fashioned and out of touch with newer approved liberal social values and reduced personal security for the nation. They instead have elected to follow the message of a failing European progressive ideology that now runs the country, filled with graduates from progressive-run ivy league universities.

So in reflection to the winning voters of November 6, 2012 . . .

. . . it was okay Obama left four Americans dead in Libya, his lying it wasn't organized terrorists that murdered them but instead caused by a silly video. His lie was proven by a buried portion of an interview he did with the progressive CBS 60-Minutes. CBS News then made a conscious decision to hide Obama's comments from the American people until two days before the election. In other words CBS executives wanted to be able to say, "We did run it."

. . . it was okay that Obama allowed the military to call those murdered by a Muslim Jihadist at Ft. Hood, "Workplace Violence," consciously preventing relatives from having the minimum satisfaction of at least a Purple Heart in memory of their dead and injured.

. . . it was okay that Obama appointed the office of President of the United States in 2009 to assist Muslims around the world to practice their Sharia Law outside of Islamic borders and in Western countries, which includes the United States, a country where 40% of American Muslims want their own law and not the country's 200+ year offensive-to-Allah Constitutional Law.

. . . it was okay Obama's appointed Czars that would dictate mandates and regulations for Americans, their businesses, healthcare, and education systems their children attend.

. . . it was okay the price of gasoline had double since Obama took office in January 2009, the voters accepting thousands of dollars of loss annually to their personal incomes as acceptable collateral damage to their families and other Americans.

. . . it was okay that Obama would raise electric rates sky high, as he promised before becoming president, taking food off of kitchen tables across the country. It was also okay that Obama as president in his first term would purposely choke the coal industry into submission where ironically 45% of America's electricity is created for households across America.

. . . it was okay that Communist dictators such as Chavez and Castro would applaud an Obama second term.

. . . it was okay Obama chased oil drilling out of the Gulf of Mexico, causing those platforms to float to other countries for their use, including Brazil where Obama sent taxpayer money to allow that country to do its own deep-water drilling. The purpose? So American could buy the oil.

. . . it was okay that Obama only needed the votes of Democrats in Congress to force a socialist Healthcare on all Americans except those in the high offices of the Federal Government. The arrangement would soon charge tens-of-thousands of Americans who could not afford the coverage a fine against their earning, (the Supreme Court calling it what Obama didn't, a tax), for not paying for the government's insurance while assigning the IRS as their friendly collection agency.

. . . it was okay that Obama said American doctors were purposely making more money by cutting off the feet of patients rather than giving them the medication they needed.

. . . it was okay Obama said that American doctors should give an elderly woman a pain pill rather than allow her a pacemaker to save her life, saving money.

. . . it was okay Obama's healthcare program (HHS) will now hold all medical records of all Americans in Washington D.C., allowing appointed liberals to sit on a panel to decide what Americans will be denied government health benefits based on a formula on how long they might live to benefit the collective. It was also okay that Obama appointed a corrupt governor to head his HHS, one who had accepted thousands of unreported campaign dollars while in office from a king-pin abortionists who also performed his procedure on young girls. Obama had said in support, his daughters shouldn't have to live with their "mistake."

. . . it was okay Obama personally went around the Congress on his own without waiting for their decision and potential rules, allowing children of illegal aliens citizenship.

. . . it was okay Obama used a presidential order to hid the records of his Justice Department in its approved Fast & Furious scandal, one that was reported to have caused the murders of hundreds of Mexicans, including dozens of Mexican teenagers, along with the murder of a border patrol agent on American soil.

. . . it was okay Obama put more Americans in history on food stamps, then saddling American taxpayers with the payment for his failed job policies.

. . . it was okay Obama, early in his presidency, placed a solid black cloth over the characters symbolizing Christ at Georgetown University so it wouldn't offend non-Christians who might see it on camera when Obama was giving his speech to the nation.

. . . it was okay Obama supported Planned Parenthood and its use of porn to teach American students that sodomy and oral sex were okay, subjecting them to the potential of contacting an STD no matter what kind of protection they used.

. . . it was okay with Obama that America's youth today may be the most sexually diseased group in American history, the CDC even back in 2004 warning it was becoming a medical epidemic.

. . . it was okay Obama's wife spent millions of dollars on vacations overseas instead of spending the money at American resorts / businesses in the United States.

. . . it was okay Obama put the country into a dangerous spiral of debt owned now to other countries.

. . . it was okay Obama's policies put tens-of-millions of Americans out of work, forcing them to either stop looking for work or take part-time jobs, degrading and then destroying their professional resumes and trade skills.

. . . it was okay with Obama that American tax-payers foot the bill for birth-control pills and abortions for American women, even when those abortions were to be used as birth control.

. . . it was okay that Obama allowed Israel, in the original DNC's Platform, (the Democrat Party's own mission statement for the next four years), that the Jewish city of Jerusalem did not belong to Israel but instead to the Palistinians.

. . . it was okay that Obama allowed in the DNC's original platform to force God out as being offensive to Democrat delegates whom they represent across America.

. . . it was okay that Obama and the entire Democrat Party in Washington D.C. had backed the destructive OWS to attack businesses across America, the groups proven to have been filled with violent radicals and Communist leaders. The OWS went onto cause violence in American cities while delighted to shut down small businesses that got in their way.

. . . it was okay by Obama for his supporters to say that 95% of blacks voting for him was an opportunity while 40% whites not voting for him were racist.

. . . it was okay that Obama, when working with ACORN as its attorney on the southside of Chicago in the late 1990's, taught the ACORN membership how to harass bank CEOs to give out mortgages to people who couldn't afford them, training them in techniques that wouldn't involve the banks calling the police. Ironically Obama would become an active contributor in assisting in the collapse of the housing market as he was taking office as president in 2009. What was his complaint? It was Bush's fault.

. . . it was okay . . .



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