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David And Goliath - Tea Party vs. RINOs

August 5, 2015


“If you happen to be watching us on TV or online, I want to show you a piece of art. We brought in Ben McPherson. He is one of the best artists in the country today. He’s a filmmaker, and he is the head of the American Dream Labs. And we just relocated the American Dream Labs here to Texas,” Glenn said. “He sent me an e-mail last night… and he’s like, ‘I just put some artwork up because I was tired of looking at this wall.’” - "GlennBeck
“It is this unbelievable graffiti art that [McPherson] did of the New York Times trying to stamp out the little guy,” Beck described it. “And the little guy [has] the slingshot, and the head of TheBlaze.” - GlennBeck - Read More
Click here to watch a video by Beck about this painting or go to the bottom of the page.



From Our Basic Simple World Outside Of Washington D.C., Isn't This A Form Of Adultery?

Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.  Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.  Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.  Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.  Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.  Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.  Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.  "Proving that bipartisanship is not dead, House Speaker John Boehner planted a smooch on the cheek of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who was all smiles, as they waited for President Barack Obama's remarks in the White House Rose Garden on Tuesday." - NBC News  Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.   Ohio’s 8th Congressional District.  "House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) slammed President Obama for his forthcoming executive action on immigration, claiming that the action could “inject serious constitutional questions into an already heated debate,” according to a joint statement released Thursday. But two new reports by the Immigration Policy Center and Center for American Progress point to a wellspring of precedent demonstrating that presidents have used executive action to enforce immigration law, especially when it’s justified by humanitarian reasons. - Think Progress.  "Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-OH, kisses House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, after he was reelected as the Speaker during the first day of the 114th Congress, inside the House Chambers of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2015. Photo by Kevin Dietsch/UPI | License Photo" - UPI
Graphic source:

1. After ‘No’ Vote On Trade Bill, NC Meadows Removed From Subcommittee Chair - TheHill

2. Oops, NC Mark Meadows Reinstated As House Subcommittee Chairman - DailySignal

3. Oops, Boehner's Health Policy Director Is Sister Of StemExpress Founder - Breitbart


I was able to meet Congressman Mark Meadows for a minute in a park north of Asheville, North Carolina, where he was making the rounds to several counties, stopping to thank supporters via his summer recess from the U.S. House.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you already know that Congressman Meadows, who is from North Carolina's 11th District, is challenging House Speaker John Boehner to step down from his leadership position when the full House returns to Washington D.C. in September.

"Conservative U.S. Representative Meadows Files to Oust Boehner." - AsChapter1

Congressman Meadows has become seriously frustrated with not being allowed to represent his voters back in North Carolina to the fullest of his ability. That's because Ohio's 8th District House Speaker, John Boehner, advises newly voted Republicans such as Meadows when arriving in Washington D.C. that they will need to get with the RINO program. If they refuse to cooperate, RNC funds for their 2016 reelection might find their way to other candidates.

The voters back home had sent these new conservative faces to the Republican U.S. House after the November 2014 election. Across state after state they voted because they felt Washington D.C. had overreached into their lives, the Constitution no longer protecting them. They didn't know bully establishment RINOs entrenched in the halls of our federal government would push these new representatives aside and tell them either the RINO way or the highway.

Once Boehner was reelected as speaker, he started hanging around the Democrat minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, with voters suddenly having trouble telling the difference between the politics of Ohio and those of San Francisco.

And that's why Republicans can be more dangerous than Democrats to your freedoms. You see when you vote Democrat, you know what you're getting. But when you vote Republican, you have no idea what's going to pop up, as if you've just joined a crap shoot when entering a voting booth.

Meadows reported to us in the park that he just discovered his fundraising group in Washington, D.C. had fired him as "unelectable." So the pressure from RINOs is no different than one would expect from the DNC against Conservative Tea Party candidates like Meadows.

Mark Levin addressed this hypocrisy at an August 1, 2015, meeting of the 37th annual National Conservative Student Conference hosted by the Young America’s Foundation. He remarked to these future lawmakers about what the Republican leadership in Washington had done in 2015 after receiving a majority to represent the House AND the Senate. Here is some of what he said:

"The Republican Party is a disaster. It has lost its way, I don’t think it even knows what its way is. We have a couple of self-serving powerful politicians at the top—in the House, in the Senate, and in the RNC [Republican National Committee] and various other places that empower themselves, they like exercising power. And they fear conservatives more than the Democratic Party… They hate conservatives, they hate constitutionalists, they hate the Tea Party.

They don’t care for the Democrats, but they’ll work with them… They have no strategic vision whatsoever—and, of course, they have no tactical vision at all either—and they keep saying, ‘Vote Republican, Vote Republican.’

But they are doing more to dispirit Republicans and conservatives than Barack Obama, because people go to the polls, they give them the House, then they give them the Senate, and they get nothing. They also seem to think that bipartisanship is the reason they’re in Washington. No, the reason they’re in Washington is to advance the cause of liberty and prosperity and constitutionalism. Why would you want to participate in a bipartisan government when the President of United States is openly usurping the rule of law and openly attack the private sector and individual sovereignty?… Why wouldn’t you do everything you can to throw a wrench in his agenda?" - Mark Levin, August 1, 2015 - Read More




Boehner Embarrassed: His Whip Couldn't Find Votes To Reelect Him Speaker Last Week - Breitbart

When the August recess is over, if Meadows wants to—or any other member wants to—they could offer the motion to vacate the chair and remove Boehner as Speaker of the House as a privileged resolution, which means it gets a floor vote in full without the consent of Boehner’s leadership team. That means the Speaker is extraordinarily vulnerable, and his conservative opposition could make a move whenever, wherever they want to—and when they have the votes to remove him from office.

“It caught everybody by surprise. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea,” the conservative movement leader told Breitbart News. “That’s the thing. Even though it caught everyone by surprise, it’s a good idea. There are enough members to vote against him.

“You look at the progression—look at a little over two years ago, how many members voted against him two years ago or 30 months ago? Then you look at how may voted against John Boehner six months ago. How many people voted against the rule [on Obamatrade], right? And you look at the punitive way they’ve tried to deal with these members including guys like Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV)67% or Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO)83% who voted for Boehner six months ago.

“They have alienated an enormous number of members and they have only increased that number. That number is now greater than the number who voted against the rule and that’s the danger John Boehner is in.”

A moment later, that conservative movement leader added that Americans who want new Republican leadership can pressure their congressmen and congresswomen to issue public statements pledging to vote against Boehner if and when a vote comes up. - Breitbart - Read More




Senator Orrin Hatch Scolds Senator Cruz For Calling The Majority Senate Leader A Liar

RINO Orrin Hatch scolds Ted Cruz and other similar Republicans for what he calls politicizing the Senate. - YouTube



Senator Cruz Responds

Ted Cruz responds to Senator Hatch about "decorum" in the Sunday Session - YouTube





On The Lighter Side

Republican Donald Trump and progressive Hillary Clinton were walking down the street before a upcoming debate and came upon a homeless woman. Trump gave the woman his business card and told her to come to his office tomorrow for a job. He then took $100 out of his wallet and gave it her.

Hillary was very impressed. They soon came upon another homeless person. Hillary decided it was her turn to help. She walked over to the disheveled man and gave him her business card, writing down directions to the nearest welfare office. She then reached into Trump's coat pocket, extracted his wallet and took out five 20-dollar bills. She handed one to the man while keeping the rest for her administrative fees.




Beck's story on his art work at the top of this page.

(Give it a few seconds to load.)

Source: TheBlaze



- The Trojan Horse In The White House -


Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

The Face Of Evil

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
Watch actual event during the playing of the National Anthem

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Looking around America today, George Bailey did get his wish.

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