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American Corporations Join Hands With The Socialists Of The Democrat Party

The New SS Goose-Steps Right Over State's Rights

June 15, 2016



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After 85 Years, The Fascist Worm Returns.

This time there will be no Allies to overthrow it. - Webmaster



Revealed! Guess Who Is At The Heart Of Destroying State's Rights? Salesforce Billionaire, Marc Benioff

Benioff's arrogant and wide shadow falls over the light of our Constitution's protection of individuals and their right of opinion within the protection of 50 unique states and more importantly, their right to choose their living environment and to be left alone within those choices. - Webmaster

"Benioff still owns 40.3 million shares in the cloud computing company he founded in 1999. His stake, which represents around 6.5% of outstanding stock, is worth $2.2 billion. Forbes estimates his net worth at $3 billion." - Forbes
Photo Source: Forbes

Benioff's billions, along with friends who enjoy similar bank accounts, have no problem using their boot heel to force social engineering on unsuspecting hard-working American families. They do it through socialist programs such as Common Core and attacking the rights of everyday citizens in the state of Indiana, Georgia and now North Carolina.

Benioff supports activists, such as the one below, whose mission is to destroy America's right of self-determination through traditions passed on from parents to their offspring, not forgetting how the bullies of the Third Reich in an intellectual society enjoyed the use of a similar fascism to destroy a successful Democracy in Europe 85 years ago.

The Wall Street Journal gave an overview of Mr. Benioff's achievements to override the decisions of the voters who had elected their state governments to represent them, writing on May 2, 2016:

"The 51-year-old Mr. Benioff earlier this year helped push Georgia’s governor into vetoing that state’s bill that would have let faith-based organizations decline services or fire employees over religious beliefs after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that backed same-sex marriage. Last year, he and other CEOs were instrumental in persuading Indiana’s governor to revise a similar law. He is now pressing cohorts to back measures to close the gender pay gap."

If video has been taken down, Click Here to watch.

Activist to cheering crowds in Australia, as she claims that the gay marriage fight is a ‘lie.’ The real goal is to destroy marriage, not become part of it. (Recorded on May 19, 2012, when Ms. Gessen appeared at the Sydney Writer’s Festival.)

If you remember Disney and Marvel, along with others, threatened Georgia that they would no longer shoot productions in the state.

Fascists want people not to shop at Jewish businesses,not unlike Benioff' not wanting corporations to do business in North Carolilna. Peas in a pod. - Webmaster
Photo Source: Pinterest

In Indiana influence was closer to that of the Reich's SS, with over 50 corporations threatening the state while Lesbians on social media wrote to others to get together to burn down a small pizza business. It was where the daughter of the owner answered a reporter's question, one who was out to cause trouble, that she would not want to drive pizzas to a gay wedding.

The hate, once the story was published, was not unlike the SS in Germany who wrote the messages on the glass of Jewish businesses . . . gays ordering pizza they intended to never pick up or cause the phone to be so busy the small Christian restaurant couldn't survive.

Dana Loesch, an advocate of free speech, the opposite of what Benioff offers in his so called motivational business, set up a kickstarter-type of donation for the closed business from her stage at the Blaze. She asked Americans watching her show to donate because of what these had done to the small pizza business. In three days freedom-loving Americans raised $800,000. Glenn Beck even allowed Dana to provide a free financial service to the restaurant owner for best use of the money that would be coming his way.

Damn It. We Told You To Make The Pizza Or . . .

"Gays threatened bake our cake or we will burn your house down and we'll sodomy your son."  - GatewayPundit

What is so obscene about what is still happening in North Carolina today, is that the attorney general, a Democrat running for governor, refuses to do his sworn job of enforcing legislative law. He is now accused or working with Benioff to encourage corporations and others to leave the state of North Carolina, causing harm to citizens with the loss of jobs.

The charge against Cooper is serious, "complicit in federal blackmail by the Obama Administration and possible collusions with businesses threatening economic blackmail."

Now you know who stuck it to the rights of citizens in three states.

"What sets apart the new activist CEOs is how they use their names and corporate muscle to campaign directly against specific laws governing social issues, often on short notice, sometimes by threatening to withhold business. These days, a principal cause is gay and transgender rights." -  Wall Street Journal
Graphic Source: WSJ

Even the small town of Burnsville, NC, had to cancel the production of "West Side Story," about life for Latinos in New York City because the company that held the rights said they didn't want their play to go on in North Carolina. What fascist bull****!

Finally, if you think you may have heard the name of Roy Cooper before, you have. He is the same thug attorney general of North Carolina who would NOT come to the defense of the Duke University Lacrosse Team via an accusation from a prostitute against the boys.

It was Cooper who protected a good-old-boy Democrat lawyer that was trying to gain fame through lies about the incident. Without help from Cooper, parents had to reach into their own pockets to hire lawyers to defend their sons. The mismanagement of Nifong, the attorney in question, and Cooper's refusal to act finally reached international levels. With national news operations now focused on Cooper's disregard for doing his job, he had to finally say the boys were innocent. So Cooper is very capable of corrupting any office.

North Carolina Good-Old-Boy Democrat Attorney General Roy Cooper
Graphic Source: Alchetron

What you need to know is that the current governor, Pat McCrory, is the first Republican to hold office in North Carolina since 1898! The Democratic Party was shocked when it lost power in 2012, having named its annual state fund raiser for over 40 years after a white supremacist, Charles Aycock. Aycock was the racist who set up the environment for the riots of 1898, where Democrats attacked Republican black businessmen in Wilmington, North Carolina.

They murdered well over a dozen black businessmen, the racist incident causing over 2,000 blacks to flee their homes and businesses for their lives as the Democrats burned down their local newspaper. Wilmington had been a successful black-run city. If left alone it could have changed black attitudes in America. But Democrats were to have none of it "from those negroes."

Not one Democrat was brought to justice, the event going on to control the politics of the state for over 114 years! Democrats in North Carolina and their sensitivity to blacks is the usual bull, since the sheets run deep in the party's past, not withstanding the current allegiance of the most "honorable" Roy Cooper. Cooper is the one who allowed an atheist councilman in Asheville to not have to place his hand on the Bible during induction into office, WHICH AGAIN WAS STATE LAW. So Cooper, as an attorney general, is laughable, a Democrat hack. As governor he would return North Carolina back to the Aycocks of the world because that's what these good-old-boys do. - Webmaster


Definition of Fascism.



Benioff Is Like Another Mikey Weinstein - Read More / Webmaster


Read what Mikey Weinstein did to Franklin Graham in 2010 with permission of the Pentagon:

On Weinstein's advice, the Pentagon through the U.S. Army kept Graham out of its May 2010 Day of Prayer. Weinstein had called Graham an Islamophobe because Graham referred to what Islamists did on September 11, 2001, in the name of their religion as evil. Graham's Samaritan's Purse helps people in need around the world, Christian or Muslim, an effort hated by some American progressives.

Obama would not get involved in helping to return Graham to the May 2010 event, a foreshadowing of his attitude on Christians, allowing ISIS pick-up trucks to cross the desert without harm to go and destroy 2,000-year old Iraqi worship centers. - Webmaster


. . . or another Obama-supported Southern Poverty Law Center? - Read More / Webmaster



So What's Coming Next From Leftists In The U.S.?

. . . such as Benioff, his corporate associates like PayPal, Mikey Weinstein, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the LGBT Community, Barack Obama's attack on Christians from Washington D.C. and the DNC itself? We need not forget the recent threats on social media to burn down an Indiana pizza restaurant because of the owner's personal faith. And we need not forget that Franklin Graham was removed from the Pentagon's Day of Prayer in 2010 because of his concern of the cause of the attacks of 9/11, Obama refusing to get involved while visiting the Graham family in Asheville.

"A group of masked radical leftists broke into the Church of National Gratitude in Santiago, Chile, Thursday, dragging the church’s oversized crucifix into the street and breaking it into pieces during a student protest." - Breitbart

"The march, organized by the Student Confederation of Chile (Confech), attracted an estimated 150,000 protesters calling for federal student loan reform, debt amnesty, and free higher education. On its Facebook page, Confech describes itself as 'the community of students who want to eradicate today the obstacles impeding your future from being free and equal regarding higher education.' It cites its demands as 'a free and equal education system … quality education for all, free of bank debts,' and 'education as a right, not a privilege.'” - Breitbart

Take a real life look at what radicals, following the DNC, could bring to the streets of the U.S.

Think these students watched their U.S. peers who supported Bernie's campaign run, which filled the Internet with bern, baby, bern?

Video Source: YouTube



The Island Of Hollywood In 2016. Its "Elite" Progressives Still Don't Get It. - Breitbart

While The Hollywood Of WWII Understood Exactly What Was Needed To Protect The Nation - FIK





The Above Focuses On Domestic Attacks Against Our Freedoms By Progressives. So What's Going On In The Rest Of World? Connect The Dots!

"Don't know about the Bildersbergs?  It is interesting that the Book Of Revelations from the Bible, written around 2,000 years ago, that the writer was able to connect all the dots of today's generation where there would be a one-world government of the Bildersbergs, a world that would hate the values of Christians while technologically able to create a Mark for placement on the forehead or hand needed by anyone to buy and sell in this new world.   Don't believe in the Book of Revlations and its predictions?  Christ warned the way to Him would be traveled by almost no one when compared to the world's population, another dot for you to connect."  - Webmaster

The World Of The Bilderberg Group

"The annual three-day Bilderberg conference kicks off on Thursday, and you can be sure the mood in Dresden will be a grim one. The heads of Google, Shell, BP and Deutsche Bank will be there, and Brexit will be top of the agenda. The Bilderberg Group has been nurturing the EU to life since the 1950s, and now they see their creation under dire threat." - NowTheEndBegins

- Click here for 2,500 pixel enlarged image. -

Graphic Source:



Reporter Chases Bilderberger General Patraeus Through Streets Of Dresden

"Infowars reporter Rob Dew chased Bilderberg member and former CIA director General David Petraeus through the streets of Dresden, Germany today in an attempt to ask the former CIA director a question about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Petraeus left the Kempinski hotel for a jog in the afternoon and Dew was on hand to quiz him.

The dramatic footage shows Dew cut short an interview before pursuing Petraeus on foot as police look on, making no attempt to stop the reporter. Before the incident, reporters were told by one police officer, “stop filming, recording and don’t speak to the people who come out of the hotel,” an order that wasn’t followed as numerous Bilderbergers were confronted as they left and returned to the hotel." - PrisonPlanet

Video Source: YouTube






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Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

The Face Of Evil

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
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