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Democrat Party's Fascists Attack Trump Supporter At Portland Airport

January 31, 2017



What Will Spark The Civil War . . . Or What Will Stop It?

Trump supporter knocked to the ground on Sunday, as around 100 SS-like protestors gather, one referring to him as "Nazi Man!"

 Pro Trump supporters attacked at anti Trump airport takeover riot in Portland Oregon - FindOutNews

Video Source: FindOutNews

"The progressive left is once again proving beyond a doubt they are anything but tolerant. We all know many Americans have disagreements on the best way to keep our nation safe by ensuring dangerous people do not enter through the refugee program. And disagreements are completely fine. They’re a part of the fabric of our Republic. But taking violent action and beating down those you disagree with could not possibly be more un-American." - LibertyNews


Pro Trump Supporters Attacked At Anti Trump Airport Takeover Riot 

"Ten Anti-Trump protestors chased down four Trump supporters at the Portland OR airport, during an attempt by Anti-Trump protestors to “Takeover the Airport”. One Trump supporter was knocked unconscious, and anti-Trump thugs then mocked and taunted the unconscious man. (That’s really brave, isn’t it? Taunting an unconscious man?) One thug can be heard to yell, 'There you go Nazi boy.' I have one question: Who are the real Nazis here?” - OathKeepers



America On Edge Of Civil War?


[Memory Of Communists ACORN, Ayers, Davis and Alinsky]: "Barack Obama Urges Community Organizing in Response to Donald Trump." - Breitbart


"[Hollywood] SAG Awards: Lily Tomlin Likens Donald Trump’s Tactics To Those of Nazis." - Variety


"[2017 VP Candidate Demands Civil War]: Democrats Have To ‘Fight In The Streets." - CNS


Watch This New Seattle Video, America Back To the Dangerous Days Of The 60's And The Ayers Weather Underground.

In 1970 the Weathermen, which included Bill Ayers, had planned to blow up a dance being planned at Fort Dix Army Base, New Jersey. But the bomb instead went off in an apartment, killing two Weatherman along with Ayers's girlfriend. Candidate Obama later lied in 2008 that he hadn't known Ayers. But it was the mid 1990's when Obama had been President of the CAC passing out the money while Ayers was the CAC's writer for a social justice curriculum aimed at Chicago school kids to instruct them on socialism.

That shouldn't be a surprise with Obama admitting on video he indeed had been mentored by the Communist Frank Marshall Davis. Later in the late 1990's Obama, as an attorney, worked with ACORN on the south side of Chicago to train its membership on the Power Points of Saul Alinsky. The goal was for them to harass bank managers to give out mortgages to people who couldn't afford them, what AG Reno called Redlining.

With the program pushed by President Clinton and the Democrat Party nation wide with the purpose of gaining more votes in future elections, a decade later after Wall Street had bundled millions of these loans with securities, the investment would go south through the huge number of mortgage holders defaulting on loans that everyone in the banking industry knew they couldn't afford. It would lead to the financial crisis of 2007, a time that Obama was getting ready to run for president and ironically to "save the nation" from his own training of ACORN years earlier that used Carter's CRA to try to make it legal. Now in this video below you hear the call again, this time by BLM to give them free homes. - Webmaster

Stunning and troubling reminder of the Weather Underground from the 1960's.  But this time BLM has tens of thousands of members across the nation. - Webmaster

(Click on above graphic for troubling BLM revolutionary video, the group allowed into the Obama White House giving its racial agenda to destroy America legitimacy.)

"During an anti-Trump protest in Seattle this weekend, an activist school teacher associated with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement took to the megaphone to voice her support for, among other things, 'killing people,' and 'killing the White House.' - DailyCaller

Original Video Source: DailyCaller



You Were Warned November Of 2011. Will You Finally Review The Research?

"It was inevitable that the lies and vicious attacks by supporters of the progressive socialist Democrat Party would lead to an uprising of fascists in America and spread to violence. Peace is not their intent. The word only hides their hammer." - Webmaster

- Fascism Comes To America -



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