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President . . . or Playing President of the World?
Some may call this a Fairy Tale. I only wish it were so

Pre-Existing Prevarication

1960's radicals and their offspring have been waiting for fifty years to hopefully steal the keys to the kingdom!

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Hey, Obama Voters - "Oh God, he's going to pay my gas and mortgage!"

"The darkest hour in any man's life is when he sits down to plan how to get money without earning it!" - Horace Greeley - Bits & Pieces

Just who are some of these Obama voters and what did they know about their candidate?

Did you know Obama and the Democrats are using an image that puts Obama's own logo for president ABOVE the one designed for the office, one that is only supposed to be used by an elected president of the United States?


But why would Obama do that, using a logo and art similar to what dictators use in oppressed countries to organize the masses? Because I believe he does not want to be president of the United States. I believe he is only playing president of the United States until his objectives are completed to change her forever.

At the bottom of this page you're going be able to click on a excellent video from Pajamasmedia on how the Democrats are using the art of iconography, while the Republicans, under an apologetic and stodgy leader McCain, just don't get what's going on.

When you finish reading this short message, I think you will agree things are more serious than you and others have realized with the Democrats allowing Obama to brand even supporters as if they were products.

(Note: These images are from the Pajamasmedia video.)


Here is how McCain's nominating set for the RNC looked like on television. It looks like a McCain, doesn't it?


Now here is how Obama's nominating set for the DNC looked like on television. Remember Obama's election speech in Denver, using Greek columns as if you were watching a God?


And here are the difference in the party logos, one new and one looking like McCain.


And here is the presidential seal of the United States that Obama is supposed to always use.


But here is the one Obama wants to use instead, as if his campaign had never ended.


Finally, here is the killer. Obama's presidential seal takes dominance over America's symbols others have died for while Americans are overseas fighting now for her honor of the eagle, the flag, and the country's boilerplate.


Now click on the video below to have this logo explained to you. Your jaw will drop to the floor. BUT Obama is doing exactly what he promised to do, having no regard for this country's heritage. No one should be surprised. Obama showed that early on at an Iowa fund raiser in September of 2007, the future president holding his hands down in front of him while the national anthem played. Unless you're a liberal hoping to see this country defeated, unlike McCain you will finally get it.


The effects of iconography on an image, and just another reason why McCain has destroyed the party.
Will the Real Obama please stand up!
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Is Obama a Narcissist?

Now you can't say any longer you don't know what was going on, and that what Joe Wilson had said was right on the mark for more than just Obama's health care bill.


Fascism Comes to America

Candidate Obama lied out of his pie hole when asked about his relationship with Bill Ayers, saying he was only three years old when the Weather Underground did their bombings on America soil.

"Really, Mr. President?"


Don't ask the mainstream media for information to reveal the truth. Their executive management plans to rule when a new system is put into place by Obama and his Czars.



Who is behind the continued branding of Obama?  We think Soros is his puppeteer.  “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.”- George Soros


Obama Brown Shirts?

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22 Ways to Be a Good Democrat

A positioning statement on why McCain has failed the RNC, maybe even used as a joker in the election without realizing it.

Watch the Democrats go after Joe Wilson to bring their party behind Obama on health care, while again the Republicans implode under their loser McCain, who is now saying what Joe Wilson had said was inexcusable.

"Thanks, John, but the Democrats beat you to it."

This is the same McCain who didn't stop some on his own support team after the election to trash Sarah Palin. And it was McCain, while on a late night talk show, who left Palin's name off a list of potential Republican candidates for 2012. Who needs a former Kennedy to put your candidate down if you have a McCain doing it for you.

And it was Senator McCain, who kept smiling and saying after every election debate to Obama, as if he was his own rising son, "Good Job, good job."

And don't forget it was McCain who was angry at talk radio for stopping amnesty of 12-million illegal aliens. If it had been approved, it would have been a shoe-in for illegals to have taxpayer health care among other benefits down the road that everyday Americans now receive as a citizen.

But what McCain isn't saying about Joe Wilson's remark is that according to FOX legal advisor, Andrew Napolitano, who had served on the NJ Superior Court for eight years, illegals will get healthcare if everyone else in the nation gets it for free.

Note: A liberal is now challenging Napolitano's statement. To that end I have written Napolitano and Cavuto, Napolitano having said it on Neil's show. But I have yet to hear back, sending them both the following link. Maybe you can get them to respond.


Amazingly, the liberal who created the above link then says at the end, just like Obama would have probably done, If illegals don't get free healthcare, they will spread disease! So we will have to give it to them!

So NO MATTER WHAT happens, Joe Wilson will be right and Obama wrong if this bill is passed. And remember it was Obama and the Democrats who wanted this healthcare bill passed IMMEDIATELY without reading it!

How quickly the liberal media forgot where this all first started.

Obama could have made the same argument as this liberal, but chose instead to ignore it as usual, to support his goal to get the bill passed as if illegals would never get it! It is not surprising from a president who does not want to divorce himself from Alinsky's indoctrination, staying on target for a changed America no matter who or what gets in his way.

And if you have listened to the meaning of Obama's above logo that reflects his goals for this country, fire should be shooting out of your eyes that he has lied to all of us.

In the end, I believe McCain has proven again to be a stealth Democrat, representing the right side of the Democrat Party, and in turn neutering the Republican Party. This was proven in the confusion in the November 2009 election by voters seeing in effect two Democrats running for office, one to the left of the party and one to the right of the party

Of all the people I talked with, not one said they voted for McCain for McCain. They voted for McCain to keep Obama out of office.

And we still wonder where all that money came from when McCain ran out of funds during the election. An interesting thought, isn't it, looking back with today's extremely disturbing news?

McCain shows us again you still can't tell a RINO from a donkey!


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To Obama. What don't you get about this?

"The secrets isn't counting the beans, it's growing more beans." - Robert Goizueta - Bits & Pieces




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