The Enemies Of Your Right To Know Don't Have To Be Overseas


. . . "It Ain't News Until We Say It Is!"

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Your enemies don't have to be overseas. They can be as close as the managing editor of your local newspaper that channels your thoughts to fulfill the publisher's personal agenda, not unlike a teacher who forms the thoughts of a second grade class. You can read what the media did to a 13-year old boy who went against their ideology, and he was already dead!

Too many publishers and their managing editors support the socialist views of the ACLU and the progressive liberals of the Democrat Party. They subscribed to Obama's Hate Crimes Bill even though the poster boy, Matthew Shepard, was not murdered because he was gay.

And they ignore the corruption of government on private citizens through intimidation by the EPA and the IRS, even using our Justice Department to force social justice on the society. And sadly even police forces across America are beginning to act as if they are above the law.

And unbelievably, as many of us are discovering, when facts are presented to these editors they can be ignored if the facts go against their socialist agendas. We live in a day when research and the truth can be tossed out as fast as clearing tables of garbage at a restaurant.

The Fourth Estate was made free by our founders so the print media could tell Americans the truth to protect their new Republic during elections from pariah candidates. Unfortunately, the Fourth Estate is now also free to tell you half-truths or no truths at all.

Remember it was the Third Reich, then the USSR Communists, who forced religion from the government and then the people, as seen first hand during the early days of the late Pope John Paul II when he lived as a young man in Poland.

Below is a perfect example of political correctness gone amuck with national news reporting:"


Reuters infamously refuses to describe the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as terrorists.


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