Date: August 20, 2012

Brussels headed toward radical Muslim Sharia Law . . . fulfilling Obama's promise

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Obama promised in his 2009 Cairo speech that the office of president of the United States would support Muslims to practice their religion "as they see fit" anywhere in the western world.

Source: YouTube


You should know the head of Sharia4Belgium, Fouad Belkacem, had already been following Obama's directive in Brussels, predicting an eventual take over of the city by Muslims to impose Sharia Law on its people.

Moving now to August 2012, below is a CBN's news report that interviews Fouad Belkacem. You will watch him reflect perfectly what is already happening across Europe and now in pockets around the United States, caused through the intense leadership of other radical Muslim groups who have no predators to stop them.

As you watch the stunning interview about the growing number of Muslim citizens already living in Brussels, CBN shows things that are happening in that western city you're probably not aware of.

You need to ask with CBN showing you the truth, what exactly has ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and NBC not shown you and your family as they bow to the Idol of multiculturalism?


Source: CBN. (Note, click here if you wish to see a transcript of this report.)

TKS to Len of Canada, eh?



In the Above Video You Have Not Only Seen the Enemy, But He Has Told You He is Coming. And That in Time You Will Serve Allah!

Read on for what is happening in Egypt and the Emirates States that the progressive media has buried.


Our arrogant liberal mainstream media and progressive hate groups, not unlike the Obama-supported Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), label Christian organizations and others like CBN as hate groups.

But you can see from the CBN report, the hate is not coming from Christians. It is coming from radical Muslim leaders such as the one in Brussels, who know Brussels will fall in time by the numbers. It will be followed by other areas in Europe as the Muslim population explodes in city after city, closing in on established western multicultural societies and shutting them down.

Do you need to be reminded that 50% of any group is not needed to change laws if parts of the rest of the population can be convinced to go along? Remember this comment from a New York City Muslim concerning educating America's youth?

Arabic NYC Educator: "These (American) kids are like sponges."

While Obama used his office to erase a Muslim Jihad that had been responsible for the killing of U.S. soldiers at Ft. Hood, renaming the attack Workplace Violence as if "there's nothing to see here," he scrubbed from the record those soldiers were murdered by a Jihad enemy mole in the U.S. Army who had declared war on our culture. And because of the political correctness promoted by Obama and the Democrat Party, that information had been deleted from the record not to offend other Muslims in the military. In doing that, Obama was also aware surviving families would not receive Purple Hearts in memory of their loved ones.

This is while the Obama-supported Southern Poverty Law Center takes care of the other side of the equation for Obama by labeling Christian groups potential terrorists to America, instead of radical Muslims such as the Jihadist who murdered our troops, one hand washing the other.

Let's ask this question.

What do you think Harry Truman would have done if a stealth German SS Officer mole had been promoted in the U.S. Army, then suddenly comes out with guns blazing as he praises his fuehrer, killing American soldiers on their own soil in 1944? Think the American people living at that time would have accepted the event as Workplace Violence? Or would they have kicked Truman out of office for even thinking it?

Now add to this CBN report of new attacks against our troops in Afghanistan. The most recent one, as of this writing, tells of three of our military sitting down with a Afghan police officer that had invited them to dinner. The police officer would later run away into the night after murdering those Americans in cold blood. And this is just one incident in a trend of many more killings.

As you saw at the very beginning of this e-mail, Obama as president had already ordered in his 2009 Cairo speech that the office he holds as president of the United States will now defend Muslims to practice their religion anywhere in the world as they see fit.

He did this as the progressive mainstream media yawned.

Muslims remember that speech well, some wondering overseas when all those promises Obama made are going to be fulfilled. It may even be effecting the American Muslim vote in 2012 for Obama, once upon a time enjoying 85% support.

You need to know that the hate against people of faith by some Muslims had raised its ugly head on American soil this summer (2012) with Christians being pelted with bottles and cans in . . . wait for it . . . Dearborn, Michigan, as police stood by. Watch for yourself in the video below.

Again, the American progressive liberal media simply yawned.


Source: YouTube


You need to understand the full truth about your grandchildren's future may be embedded in the Brussels' CBN news story, the fundamentalist Muslim interviewed not only hopeful, but absolutely confident times will change soon in the favor of Sharia Law. And these radicals are not only trying to change parts of Europe, they are now going after other Muslims who want peace with the western world, such as in the Emirate States.

The Western world needs to heed Dubai's police chief NEW warning since the election of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He reports of a new concern for the long term safety of his city as the Brotherhood uses the world Internet's social media to reach out to Muslim citizens in the United Emirate to join their hope for Sharia Law.

And he should worry. While Glenn Beck warned what could happen in Obama's Arab Spring in Egypt last year, giddy reports supporting Obama came from the New York Times, Newsweek, and TIME that democracy would soon be coming to Egypt, their trying to label Beck as if an extreme right-wing nut. However Beck was right, with "the algemeiner" Web site reporting of violence this month in Egypt using a word not heard since Jesus; Crucifixions!

"Last week in Egypt, when Muslim Brotherhood supporters terrorized the secular media, several Arabic websites—including Arab News, Al Khabar News, Dostor Watany, and Egypt Now—reported that people were being “crucified.” The relevant excerpt follows in translation." . . . Read More

Fundamentalist Muslims love the West's multiculturalism. Why? First it gets them in the door of western societies. Then once they have obtain a growing population, they use the laws to work their way into the government. Upon winning control of the government, they will be able to toss away existing laws and replace them with Sharia, as perfectly demonstrated in the intent of the interviewer in CBN news video.

Have you forgotten, when the progressive liberal media yawned again, how Swedes have been overcome by the changing culture from Muslims being allowed to move into their southern city of Malmo? Below is another warning picked up by, guess who, CBN in 2009.


Source: CBN


In 2012 Jews were found fleeing Malmo, a Swedish city that had been dedicated to the political correctness of multiculturalism, their leaving after a sharp rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes.

Yet again the American progressive liberal media yawned. This was while the liberal progressive media in Sweden tried to intimidate conservatives, elected by concerned Swedish citizens to change the tide, as being insensitive to multiculturalism. Some even received death threats. Sound familiar with America's liberal press as Tea Party groups are labeled fascists in trying to change our country's direction? The corruption of the media world wide is simply stunning, and what happens when good people stay silent.

The Muslim leader in the Brussels CBN video was very open about what he believes is soon to come from the fruits of decades of waiting for large Muslim families to multiply within each European society, allowing them to then fall like dominoes. He said it in Brussels with great confidence, where the shift in population will be large enough that laws can begin to be changed through intimidation on peace-loving Muslim citizens. And he is correct when saying time is on his side. Looking around at our progressive media believing that denial is only a river in Egypt, he is right.

World list of Christian murders by Muslims

As I have reported from e-mailed stories sent to my list, others including Patrick Buchanan have given similar warnings. Buchanan was literally fired from MSNBC for not being culturally sensitive. He made it clear that fundamental Muslims are very aware that in creating large families through high birth rates they will eventually take over populations simply by the numbers, first in elections then in laws. And as mentioned above, when finally in control they will destroy those laws and replace them with Sharia, enslaving women according to the Koran, cutting off body parts or murdering those who break Sharia rules, which of course includes the open executions of homosexuals.

This is while the Obama-supported Southern Poverty Law Center reports that Christians are the potential terrorists in the United States. The organization's hostil leadership openly labels Christians as hate groups simply because they have different cultural values with free speech guaranteed through the U.S. Constitution. This has already lead to a shooting in Washington D.C. against a Christian organization. Dozens could have been killed if not for an alert security officer.

While many Christian complaints about the lifestyle is from the diseases spread through sodomy along with the recent trampling on the 2,000 year tradition of marriage being between a man and a woman, radical Muslims on the other hand hang homosexuals.

This link to hangings was recent, while here is an actual video of public hangings from 2007. One would think the Southern Poverty Law Center would have bigger fish to fry, ironically reporting it doesn't condone violence while its releases motivate it, a condition that would otherwise be called an oxymoron.

And of course in America, the Southern Poverty Law Center turns a blind eye to Muslim Honor Killings that seem to grow as if weeds. It proves when it comes to hate there is always a Christian organization around for the SPLC to beat up on, as it openly enforces the radical agenda of former community organizer and Alinsky supporter, Barack Obama.

You have been provided with the information you need to know of what is coming to America if citizens don't become involved in stopping it. If they continue to rely on the progressive liberal mainstream media, as they have in the past, grandchildren may ask this young political correct generation when it becomes very old, "What the hell were you doing back then to protect us?"


An American President and the Muslim Faith - The vein runs very deep.



A Final Warning From One Who Knows

Watch this 2011 Stunning Video by Indian Muslim, Tarek Fatah, from Canada's Ideacity, reporting Fascism is raising its head in the world again!
Tarek Fatah Talk at Ideacity June 2011

A Shocking Warning from an Indian Muslim who had supported a liberal Democrat Party along with Barack Obama in the 2008 election!




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