Date: September 13, 2012

The Dangerous Effects To The West Of Obama's 2009 Promise In Cairo To Defend Sharia Law

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Let's go over some history one more time. Some people just didn't get it when first seeing these words out of Obama's mouth three years ago, the American progressive media yawning at his change to the presidency of the United States. So here's the short video again.

Obama promised in his 2009 Cairo speech that the people's office of President of the United States would support Muslims to practice their religion "as they see fit" anywhere in the western world.

Got it?


From Obama's multicultural speech in 2009, our world today in 2012 has a new reality with president Obama having used America's military and NATO to clear the way for the Muslim Brotherhood to take over Muslim countries previously run by dictators and in turn implement Sharia Law, allowing the Brotherhood to form the new Ottoman Empire.

So how did Obama do this? Many conservatives already know his serious Muslim upbringing while liberals try to hide it. You need to remember it was the progressive liberal New York Times that lied to the American people about Obama, the progressive flagship doing anything to keep America from conservative control. To that end in 2007 the New York Times warned candidate Obama, after hearing his perfect Islamic dialect, saying, I wouldn't repeat that in Alabama. That helped Obama get elected in 2008, successfully hiding his desire during his run as president to also become a representative for all Muslims around the world.

GOP Rep Hammers Obama in Scathing House Floor Speech - Sept 13, 2012

Watch for yourself on how a Muslim-raised president might use his training to run America and deal with those who would challenge him. Below is a video how Muslims use the Koran to help them to control those around them. The technique is known as taqiyya, the art of lying. Some radical American Muslims already know how to use Obama's liberal tactics of calling American detractors racists to disarm them on their own soil.

President Obama's Muslim tendencies brought to light in this instructional video.

Below is another video from New York City where the moderator is standing directly outside the proposed Mosque near the 9/11 Memorial site, saying the exact same thing as in the above video about taqiyya.

Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque - uploaded May 2010


Let's go over some recent history, proof of Obama's objective enabled by the Democrat Party's desire for absolute power in America:

1. The Muslim Brotherhood delegation meets with the White House in 2012. By doing this Obama knows it will give creditability to the Brotherhood as being friendly to Americans and in turn to any Egyptian voter that would vote for the Brotherhood to run his or her country.

2. But there would be no Arab Spring and Obama knew it. After the American progressive media's drunkenness helped to push Obama's promise of an Arab Spring onto the world, the Muslim Brotherhood took over Egypt when winning the election there.

With great enthusiasm last week, Muslim Brotherhood supporters then pulled secular reporters who didn't agree with the Brotherhood out of their offices in Egypt and did barbaric tortures to these former Facebook followers of an Arab Spring, turning it instead into an Arab Slaughter, one Obama and his media will still not talk about:

"According to reports on Friday, Muslim Brotherhood supporters scourged and crucified secular protesters in Egypt’s capital city of Cairo. Using the same punishments described in [the] Bible as having been inflicted on Jesus, Brotherhood backed mobs rampaged through the streets, seizing protesters against the Islamist government of Mohammad Morsi, and dragging secular journalists from their offices. Their victims were beaten, scourged with whips, and crucified naked on trees.”

"The article continues, 'The absolute worst part about this story is the fact that the White House is not only looking the other way, but the Obama administration continues to back the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mohammad Morsi.'" - IJ Review

3. But shame on FOX News, where Glenn Beck, before being kicked off the cable channel, had it right about America's liberal media's love affair with the Arab Spring, literally drooling all over it. However the media doesn't like others who don't march in rank step to its tune.

So to shut up Beck, Obama's Communist Green Advisor Van Jones pushed Beck off of FOX News using Alinsky tactics. It was Van Jones's "Color of Change" and its reported 600,000 membership that harassed Beck advertisers to abandon his show when he was on FOX, accusing him of being a nut.

This was as Roger Ailes of FOX News was having a love affair with liberals, telling Newsweek that FOX News was no longer a conservative news network.

4. And let's not forget CAIR's influence on allowing Islam to advise our military at the Pentagon, looking at yet another story of the approved influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on America's security network.

5. Then there is this VERY disturbing news from Dubai, a friend of the West:

"Dubai's chief of police has warned of an "international plot" to overthrow the governments of Gulf Arab countries, saying the region needs to be prepared to counter any threat from Islamist dissidents

UAE Interior Ministry officials have not been available to comment on the arrests. Last week, UAE officials announced that authorities were investigating a foreign-linked group planning 'crimes against the security of the state.'

'I had no idea that there is this large number of Muslim Brotherhood in the Gulf states. We have to be alert and on guard because the wider these groups become, the higher probability there is for trouble,' Khalfan said on Wednesday."

6. Now suddenly a similar cry comes from India, the same thing happening as the Brotherhood uses the social media as a hammer against other Muslims, frightening tens-of-thousands of peaceful Muslims to flee the high-tech center of Bangalore and other southern cities in India to disrupt their manufacturing centers.

7. U.S. President Barack Obama avoids a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, then denies it.

8. On September 11, 2012, a mob of Islamists storm the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Egypt, destroying an American flag. There were early reports Obama's State Department had blamed a video created by a Coptic Christian in the U.S. Yet it had been Coptic Christians in Egypt that had been murdered by Islamists, an ongoing problem that grows worse as the Brotherhood takes over Egypt.

9. When the Obama administration then apologized to rioting Islamists overseas for a video that he said was insensitive to the Muslim religion, it stepped on America's freedom of speech, the center piece of America's Constitution. Obama's displeasure caused Google to pull the video for a few days, seeming to dictate to the world who had free speech and who didn't.

It should be remembered it was Facebook supporters that cheered on the Arab Spring with Egyptian voters, Facebook yuppies totally out of touch with the real world outside of Starbucks.

Now one year later as the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood takes over Egypt, Facebook's latte drinking programmers sit safe and sound in their expensive little fish bowls at their headquarters in the U.S. as secular Egyptian journalists are tortured and crucified.

Obama then continues to apologizeto the Egyptian Muslim Mobs.

Libya Attack Caused By Homemade Movie On 9/11? Give Me A Break .

10. So reading all this with Obama and his DNC, (who tried to remove God from their convention platform), running the U.S. Government, is it any surprise that more Americans were murdered on another 9/11, this one in 2012 with Muslim thugs assassinating the U.S. ambassador for Libya following the Egyptian protest.

Remember it was these same Libyan rebels that Obama had encouraged NATO to give weapons to, who would later cleanse Black Africans from around 200 square miles of their territory in Northern Africa.

Libyan rebels cage black Africans in zoo, force feed them flags.    A furious mob has desecrated dozens of Commonwealth War Graves in a Libyan cemetery amid continuing fury in the Middle East over the burning of the Koran by U.S. soldiers.  Headstones commemorating British and Allied servicemen, killed during World War II campaigns in the Western Desert, lay smashed and strewn across Benghazi Military Cemetery.
McCain says Libyans want freedom. Yet it was Libyan rebels who caged black Africans as if in a zoo and force-fed them flags. Watch video as Libyans treat Africans as subhuman on Obama's watch.   McCain says Libyans want freedom. Yet it was Libyan rebels who were accused of ripping apart grave stones of British soldiers killed in Libya? McCain, the RINO, strikes again.


Rioting Islamists, "We Don’t Care If You’re “Offended.” - UK Citizen


Don't forget the importance of free speech and corporations like Google trying to decide who has free speech and who doesn't, Congress and courts virtually mum.

Why do I bring this up? Remember FITNA, a 15-minute movie created by a Danish producer Geert Wilders that only showed text from the Koran while running actual newsreel footage of Islamists murdering innocent people around the world? There were no words. No comments. Just truth.

(Note, if your provider tries to stop the FITNA movie from playing, you can download it by clicking here if you don't mind waiting for the file to load.)

The political correct Danish court tried to convict Geert Wilders of a hate crime for simply showing news footage of murders by Islamists. But the Danish people had had it, electing Wilders to the Parliament. Since then it has now created new rules to stop Sharia Law in their country. One writer had reported witnessing Muslim boys chasing Danish gay boys down the street of this former proud multicultural city. Multiculturalism is being seen more and more an impossibility by European countries as Islamists take advantage of non-Muslims being kind to them.

So how does the Obama administration react to all this? This new headline tonight says it all that "Workplace Violence" is alive and well in America. Are you afraid yet of what is happening to your country? You better be!

- Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff urges more Sharia in the U.S., calls Qur'an-burning pastor and asks him to COMPLY with Islamic blasphemy laws!!

- And it only gets worse for an Obama America pushed against the wall for the weakness of its elected leader that promised hope and change! So who is voting again for Obama in November?

- Obama denies report his administration was warned of embassy attack, as his campaign and media go after Romney instead. Sensitive papers were reported to be stolen in the attack that may have told of any Libyans helping Americans. However Obama administration cannot deny Libya continued to be a hot bed. The Americans killed in Libya obviously needed better protection by our government.

- Obama administration lied, a news report from September 11 as the riots "were beginning."

- Mob Gathers Outside U.S. Embassy in London.

- Sudan protesters set fire to German embassy

- Black Flag of Islam Flies Over American Embassy in Tunisia as Attacks on America Continue Around the Globe

- After all this news, what do you think the lead story would be on the corrupt Politico at 10 p.m. on Friday night, September 14th? This one: The GOP's Foreign Policy Muddle

- Film maker and others harassed by Obama's FBI

- Armada of British naval power massing in the Gulf as Israel prepares an Iran strike

Indonesian protester holds picture of a disfigured Obama at an anti-US demo in Jakarta (the Muslim country Obama grew up in.)











See film below, a harmless C movie. These riots are not about this posting.

(Note: Click here to watch the movie finally allowed back on YouTube, which Egyptian Muslims were upset about. Think these crazed people would have rioted over another C movie, The Creature of the Black Lagoon, its character looking like some of those that attacked the U.S. embassy in Libya and murdered its ambassador.

Americans may want to avoid all products made in Egypt and find another place to vacation, my reading reports the Muslim Brotherhood actually may want to level the pyramids to return Egypt to its animal-like stone age before the age of the Pharaohs.)

10. As Romney complains of Obama's leadership in contributing to the continued Muslim attacks on U.S. embassies overseas, the far-left American mainsteam media gathers together in a huddle to decide what questions to ask to make Romney look incompetent while protecting Obama. They didn't chose to give Romney a press conference. They instead chose to ambushed him, a result of a corrupt university system filled with too many Marxist professors.

The media does this even as Americans are being killed for the incompetence Obama has caused to our agencies in Washington D.C., ones that once upon a time had protected this country against insurrections, including those by Muslim radicals.

(Note: You can scroll down to the bottom of page to see comment on McCain attacking Bachmann for her protests that the FBI was being purged in July of 2012 of any training material that might "offend" Muslims.)

Remember this attack video a few years ago produced by another set of liberals in the media to mock our vets who only wanted to return to college? Do you finally understand that none of this is an accident!

11. And of course there are those progressive liberal propeller heads who really believe that the murder of 13 GIs at Ft. Hood by a Jihadist really was only about Obama's "Workplace Violence," conveniently forgetting what fundamental Muslims had done to a Muslim poet in St. Louis, taking away his freedom of expression on his own soil! How soon arrogant voters forget the truth that is all around them.

Allow me to remind you of a simple fact.

If in 1944, a German SS Officer had posed as a mole in the U.S. Army, murdering 13 GIs on their own soil while praising Hitler, and President Truman had called the act, "Workplace violence," unlike today's spineless liberals, the conservative Americans in 1944 would have kicked Truman out of office before week's end, knowing a betrayal when they saw it.

Click here to review what fundamental Muslims overseas have been saying about taking over other civilizations in the name of Allah.

What, after reading all this, you still don't believe their threats?!


One More Time. A Final Warning You Better Heed and from a Muslim!

Watch this 2011 Stunning Video by an Indian Muslim, Tarek Fatah, from Canada's Ideacity, reporting Fascism is Raising its ugly head in the world.
Tarek Fatah Talk at Ideacity June 2011

A Shocking reminder from an Indian Muslim and former Marxist who had supported a liberal Democrat Party along with Barack Obama in the 2008 election!


- List by Date of Obama's Many, Many Lies -

One Final Disturbing Note About What's Going on in Washington

In this election year, do you need to be reminded that Republican John McCain has his tattoo implanted on Romney's rear, thereby influencing ANOTHER presidential election against conservatives?

Romney in 2012 has been acting too often like McCain had in 2008, hesitant to address Obama's radical agenda against America, not wanting to offend the president . . . you know, play it clean. Romney during the runoff for Republican candidates for the 2012 election never once followed Gingrich's lead that Obama was a follower of Saul Alinsky, teaching the technique to ACORN's members on the South Side of Chicago in the late 1990s when Obama was their attorney.

This is no surprise about McCain since McCain's home is filled with liberals and the place this RINO hangs his political hat. Scroll down near the bottom of a previous HTML e-mail that will remind you about who exactly John McCain is, more dangerous to conservatives because he continues to pretend to be one.

The reader also needs to be reminded that it was Senator McCain with the help of the liberal mainstream media that attacked Michele Bachmann for bringing out the dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood's infiltration into the American government, Bachmann concerned over the FBI being ordered to purge its training curricula of material deemed “offensive” to Muslims.

Listen below to McCain's vomiting on the Senate floor in July of 2012. Then listen to Glenn Beck's interview with Bachmann in the same time period. Bachmann sits on America's intelligence committee and again worth repeating of her concerned over the purge at the FBI.

While this was raised in July 2012, looking at what is happening in Egypt and Libya today in mid September 2012 as McCain held firm yesterday to continue to send taxpayer money to support the Muslim Brotherhood overseas in Egypt, one has to wonder about the fictional account of the Manchurian Candidate that continues to revolve around him while he is continues to be supported by his herd of RINOs in Congress.

Mark Levin calls out Boehner: Do you stand with Michele Bachmann or the Muslim Brotherhood?   Beck's interview with Bachmann

McCain continues to also look at times as if a stealthy right-hand man working in the Obama administration. We need to remember it was McCain who patted candidate Obama on the back after the presidential debates in 2008 saying, "Good job, good job." You could see his big smile and overuse of "My Friend" as if Obama was a long lost son seeking his destiny in life for the old man.

This was while Obama seemed to try to ignore that old man who just didn't get it. Is it then any wonder the Republican Party continues to melt away under the weight of this RINO and his jungle of Democrat-party faced pachyderms.



Huffington Post jumps all over producer of film, as if apologizing to the thugs that killed America's ambassador to Libya. Read for yourself.

'Innocence Of Muslims' Filmmaker Identified By Law Enforcement As Nakoula Basseley Nakoula

If interested here is post I loaded as a comment to the story on the afternoon of September 13, 2012:

HuffPo attacks the producer of a film that questions Muslims, yet in doing so uses our AOL to apologize to the thugs who murdered the U.S. Ambassador to Libya.  

What happened to the artist who put a statue of Christ upside down in a bottle his piss?  And what happened to the artist whose work of art of the Madonna and Child covered in elephant dung was hung in a New York City “art” museum?  At the time they were heroes to the left, liberals saying if you don’t like it don’t go see it.  Hmmm. 

Putting Arianna in a burka would be a kinder gesture than what Brotherhood supporters did to some in Egypt’s secular media opposed to the election, recently pulled out of their offices tortured and crucified. 

Now that the same social media used in Egypt is being used to frighten western-friendly Muslims in India and the Arab States (Dubai), the message is clear and its not about friends. 
HuffPo readers need to get out of their pajamas and educate themselves.   Like the secular media in Egypt, you’re not going to like what happens to you when resisting your freedoms being taken away as is happening right now.

I don't teach children in public school anymore.   But here is a hint I will give all of you for free if HuffPo doesn't trash this post.




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