Date: December 12, 2012

Obama's Push For Colonialism Into Western Countries

From: Freedom is Knowledge


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Need proof that the truth always finds its way to the light? A defining word has recently floated to the top of freedom's cause to reveal what many Americans already know about Muslims immigrating into Western countries around the world and couldn't find many of their own that wanted to stare it in the face.

The word? It's Colonialism!

Citizens of Western countries have complained in recent decades of a growing march of Muslims over their borders currently controlled by arrogant white boomers and their grown children living off the success of victories from 60 years ago in WWII.

The continued complaint from citizens that want to protect their freedom is that too many Muslims have no desire to assimilate into the free societies they move into, desiring instead to impose the intimidation of their Sharia Law they have been bottle-fed since childhood. They then demand their free neighbors must eventually agree to live under the rule of Sharia Law, an ideology to too many Muslims that see freedom as offensive to Allah.

Boomers in leadership positions in Western countries have made sure over the decades that their pie holes have been well fed, allowing huge entitlements to grow that give government workers pensions that become unsustainable as their numbers continue to grow.

On top of this they find the arrogance of boomers and their political correctness of unworkable multiculturalism as part of a decades old progressive movement that has turned into their dinosaur on a leash. It is a movement that believes it can perfect the human condition, forcing the sheep to lie down with the lion without the worry of being devoured. And the progressive will say if the sheep don't agree, they are to be called racist, intolerant, and insensitive in watching their species becoming extinct.

And to add insult to injury, the Muslim march has learned to take advantage of the progressive movement's intimidation techniques by using its terminology to say people who don't like the threat of Sharia Law or its murdering of innocent humans are Islamophobic.

This can be illustrated perfectly with the election of two Muslim into the parliament of Belgium. And what were the first comments out of their mouths while sitting in their new positions of parliament? That the future was now obvious and that soon Sharia Law would control all citizens of Belgium. That same threat had already come to Brussels as citizens watch their Muslim population grow to 25%. Muslim radicals smile that it's only a matter of time with the numbers, continuing to have more children than non-Muslims citizens.

If you remember, an Indian Muslim and former Fascist, had warned of this coming threat, referring to it as Islamic Fascism that would destroy all the freedoms of the Western world.

However, suddenly in a small corner of the free world, young adults have gotten the message and are standing up to the huge debt their boomer masters have put upon their shoulders that cannot possibly be paid. They understand a knife is also being thrust into their backs that is going to destroy their way of life, which is coming with their French leadership worshiping at the altar of multiculturalism.

These young adults have discovered that many in their national media have become traitors to their freedom, managing editors and journalists forming an alliance with the very government that has become the people's enemy of their right to know. By doing this the media, in turn, has become extremely reluctant to report the changes coming to the society, be it France or Sweden, hoping citizens will ignore the scattered news around them and keep progressives in control. You would, however, think the media would have taken a cue from citizens in Bosnia who chased down journalists and beat them up for the lies they told while working side by side with their former corrupt government.

The movement of this new group of brave citizens is called "Generation ID." It is rising up from the DNA of those who centuries earlier brought down the royals of France, creating the environment in the famous production that has been seen around the world, Les Miserables.


A Declaration of War - From the Youth of France

Reason Voiceover is Missing from Video

What Happens When Progressives Take Over - Speech is Lost!

Published on Dec 17, 2012: The Cultural Marxist dictatorship in Europe have now pressurised Warner Brothers into filing copyright claims on all Generation Identitaire videos under threats of prosecution for European "hate speech" crimes, resulting in multiple strikes and terminations against thousands of video sharing accounts across the Internet. - Read more at bottom of video

Former Yugoslavian Dissident Says Western World Now MORE Tyrannical . . . Worse Than Marxism


'Generation Identity' Wages War on France Islamization
Note: In searching the Internet not a single cable news network other than CBN, nor a single American national TV network or major newspaper outlet, carried this story to date. It proves without a doubt the total corruption of a mainstream media that wants to dictate what you're able to hear and read . . . and what will be buried from your eyes and ears. Seeing the rise of the ASNE since the 1970's, I have said for years now that journalists no longer live with us but instead only live among us.

Let's review some facts about the Colonization that is creeping into Western Societies:

- We know from a 2012 survey in the U.S. that 40% of American Muslims want Sharia Law while 12% actually want death to American blasphemers.

- We know Christians last summer while marching peaceably in Dearborn, Michigan, had missiles thrown at them by hundreds of young Muslims, bottles and cans tossed as if rocks. They injured some Christians while police refused to protect the right of free speech, instead telling the Christians to leave.

- I personally know of some in the Tampa / Orlando area that have had to sell their homes as Muslims moved into the area. The Muslims then built a centralized Mosque that helped to form Muslim neighborhoods one block after another in intolerance to the existing society that had been there.

- We know the mayor of Tampa in 2008 gave CAIR their own annual day of recognition. President Obama when visiting then bowed to the mayor in 2009, as if in a gesture of gratitude for her act.

- It was also President Obama in 2009 in his Egyptian speech who suddenly decided for the first time in history that the position of President of the United States would defend Muslims to practice their religion as they saw fit in western countries. Obama, well trained in the traditions of Muslim when a youngster in Indonesia, knew full well Sharia Law was incompatible with free speech and individual freedoms.

- Obama said the Office of President would then go on to fight the stereotyping of Muslims around the world against people who complained about the vicious violence of Muslims burning down Christian churches and murdering their memberships.

- In addition we know that rapes have risen in Sweden while Jews are forced again to run from cities they had once thought safe to live in since the days of the Holocaust.

- We also know about the man in Norway who went mad, shooting other Norwegians because he was angered they were doing nothing to protect the Norwegian way of life from the growing immigration of Muslims.

- We know Denmark's Parliament was looking into passing laws that would address Muslims forming their own communities / laws while violence continues to grow.

- And we know Brits are extremely nervous of a multicultural government that allows segments of Sharia Law to spread tentacles into their centuries-old British Law. A recent poll even showed Brits would like to consider a return to their Christian past instead of having to watch their government continue to apologize for it.

- It was also Obama who insured the elimination of an Egyptian leader friendly to America and Israel. Obama and his mainstream media then watched an Egyptian Arab Spring in 2010 that would give false hope of a democracy, knowing the Brotherhood would use their immense power and intimidation to win the new election. During the election there were even stories posted of journalists who opposed the Muslim Brotherhood being dragged into the streets and beaten.

- This was while Obama had already been meeting in the White House with the Muslim Brotherhood. What did the Muslin Brotherhood leader do after elected in Egypt. He tried to immediately suspend the Egyptian Constitution, giving him unlimited powers.

- And finally it was Obama who used the U.S. military and NATO to begin to clear out Islamic dictators, making room for more take overs by the Muslim Brotherhood. Under the arrangement Islamic countries would then seem to fall like dominos within a greater plan.

- This is the exact same damning political correctness that created the term "Workplace Violence" for the murder of our troops by a Muslim Jihadist at Fort Hood, USA. The relatives of those dead and wounded are still waiting on approval of Purple Hearts from Obama's Democrat-lead U.S. Senate. But with America's socialists and unions rewarding Obama for his radical behavior with a second term, his promising in his last term to veto any bill coming from the Senate to honor those who died at Fort Hood, relatives may have to wait until 2016 for Marxist-leaning Democrats to finally be removed from power in Washington D.C.

As a British sage once said in relationship to the safety of our republic-driven society, If gold will rust, what will iron do? It reminds us that elections have consequences and that voter education is no better than the media that is responsible for the faux dog and pony shows.


For a young Muslim boy, he must be  proud to be around these intimidating figures that have chosen him to end his life and the lives of non-Muslims in the name of Allah.
Source: Target of Opportunity




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