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The New York Times believes its ideology is more important than what America's Founders had envisioned, writing: "But that view is myopic. In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates." - Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times, March 6, 2007



The Shepp Report

A Summary Of The Week's Conservative News

July 20, 2014




Conservative News Stories
Now many more conservative news stories were buried this week by the Progressive Media?


What Obama Promised in 2009 . . .

Obama tells West to accept Sharia.

In his 2009 Cairo Speech, Obama said as the new president he would ensure Muslims would be able to practice their religion in the Western World as they saw fit, which includes Sharia Law, something never mentioned by Obama or the Democrats in the 2008 election. Hmm?

Click on Obama's photo to listen to his stunning words five years ago.

"Whatever You Think About Barack Obama, His Acts Show That He's On The Other Side Of These Wars." . . . TruthRevolt

What Sharia Law Could Promise In 2014

"There is a new punishment for reading the Bible in Saudi Arabia. Your right hand is shredded. The four fingers and thumb are cut to the bone forty or fifty times. Muscles and nerves are severed so as to render the hand useless in the future. Also this punishment is carried out in filthy conditions making serious infection almost certain." -

Report says in 2013 Iran built a machine that slices off fingers and hands with precision, bringing Sharia Law into the 21st. Century. The hand on the left was reported to be cut around 40-50 times down to the bone so it can never be used again for turning a page, punishing the human appropriately for daring to read that hateful Christian Bible. . . . AfricaThisDay

(Note: 40% of American Muslims reported in a survey they preferred Sharia Law in their American communities. To the left is a recent example of Islamic discipline given out by Muslim followers in the name of Allah under Sharia Law to a person caught reading the Bible. - Webmaster)

Obama Administration Suppresses Talk Of Muslim Persecutions . . . GateStoneInstitute

Commissioner Willing To Go To Jail For Christian Faith . . . Zionica

California School: We have A Right To Ban God . . . FOXNews

(That's All?!) Two-Thirds Of GOP Think Impeachment Justified . . . Breitbart

Impeaching Obama for Tyranny: Means Finding Political Will, Not the Right “Magic Words” . . . CanadaFreePress

"The new movie Persecuted opening in July 2014 depicts evangelist John Luther as the last obstacle in the way of sweeping religious reform. When a Senator frames Luther for the murder of an innocent teenage girl, an unprecedented era of persecution is unleashed. An evangelist turned fugitive, Luther’s mission brings him face-to-face with the coming storm of persecution that will threaten the entire Christian community in America." - Persecuted Official Web Site


Telegraph goes nuts for Sharia?  Click on graphic.
Source: Sheikyermami.com

Yet Another Mohammedan Agitprop Promotes Sharia For The UK

"Further into it she inadvertently admits that Muselmaniacs do not respect western law; that only the judgment from a 'sheykh with Islamic knowledge' is acceptable.

Sharia councils are able to provide advice to those Muslims who voluntarily choose to use them to resolve civil and family disputes. Sharia law is Islam’s legal system. It derives from the Koran and the Hadiths, the sayings and customs attributed to the Prophet Mohammed, as well as fatwas – the rulings of Islamic scholars. Currently, Sharia principles are not formally addressed by or included in Britain’s laws. However, a network of Sharia courts has grown up in Islamic communities to deal with disputes between Muslim families.

There are reported to be around 85 such courts in the UK [and] however they could be more." . . . Sheikyermami.com

- Muslim-Inspired Anti-Israel Protesters Rally Across France, Defying Ban Imposed After Synagogue Clash . . . Haartz

- Baby Killers Of Hamas . . . FrontPage

- Lawsuit Dropped Against Christian Convert . . . WND

- Outrageous: ISIL Calls For Death Of Pro-Islamic Comic Book Creator . . . WesternJournalism

- Clashes In Paris As Thousands March Against Israel Offensive . . . YahooNews

- Obama Prepares Pardons For Terrorists . . . WesternJournalism

- Hamas Hid Rockets Inside UN School . . . TruthRevolt

- Obama's National Media's Spin: It's Only A "War" If Israel Defends Itself . . . FactNotFantasy

"There are many reasons why Hamas, a terrorist organization according to the U.S. State Department, has increased its rocketing of Israel. And it is an increase because Hamas has never ceased from rocketing Israel following it seizure of Gaza from the Palestinian Authority, also known as Fatah." - Fact Not Fantasy

OMG: Is Desertion The New Army Normal?

"There are few military crimes worse than desertion to the enemy short of outright treason by giving them aid and comfort. So why is the U.S. Army declaring Sgt. Berghdal (he received a promotion from private first class while being either a Taliban captive or guest) a 'normal soldier now?'

When one’s entire unit declares him a deserter for leaving their Afghanistan based on June 30, 2009—as they did on a show with FOX’s Megyn Kelly—by what stretch of the imagination is he just a normal soldier stationed at the headquarters of Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston?" . . . FactNotFantasy

- More From An America Standing On Its Head: Berghdal Could Get $350G Tax-Free, If Cleared By Army . . . FOXNews

- Bergdahl Returned To Active Duty, Former Platoon Mate Reacts: ‘I Guess Honor And Integrity Doesn’t Matter Much Anymore.’ . . . JammieWearingFools

Going After The Dirty GOP: McDaniel's Lawyer: We Have Enough Evidence To Launch Official Election Challenge

"The lawyer for state Sen. Chris McDaniel announced at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon in Jackson, MS, that he has enough evidence to file for an official challenge of the election results, and will do so in the coming days. 'The million dollar question: What did we find? We found a lot,' Mitch Tyner, of Tyner Law Firm, said after he and McDaniel supporter state Sen. Michael Watson walked the press and McDaniel supporters at the press conference through how they have serious concerns with the election review process in Mississippi.

'We’ve heard it our entire lives in Mississippi,' Tyner said. 'Votes are being bought. Ballot boxes are being stuffed. There are false affidavit ballots. There are invalid affidavit ballots. There are invalid absentee ballots—we’ve heard it all our lives. I’m 51 years old and it’s the first time I saw it up close and personal. It exists. We are committed to finding it and rooting it out and stopping it.'" . . . Breitbart

Democrat Lawmaker: Obama Has Promised To ‘Act Shortly’ By Granting Amnesty To Many Illegals

An Obama Selfie.

"Democratic lawmaker Tony Cardenas revealed that President Barack Obama promised the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Wednesday he will 'act shortly' to bypass Congress and grant some form of amnesty to many illegal immigrants. Cardenas spoke with MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart on Thursday about a meeting the Hispanic Caucus had with the president on Wednesday concerning the growing border crisis and comprehensive immigration reform.

The California congressman claimed that Obama committed to broad executive action on immigration reform — including granting legal status to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants without congressional approval — and that such action will come 'shortly.' . . . DailyCaller

- Of Course They Do! Mexicans Blame Americans For Death Train . . . WND

- Under Obama, America’s Borders Now Open To Jihadists Bearing Drugs And Bombs . . . WesternJournalism

- Former Border Patrol Deputy Chief: ‘All Of The Good That Was Done After 9/11 Up To Now Has Been Reversed Singlehandedly’ . . . NationalReview

- Where Is Obama Really Shipping Illegal Kids? . . . WND

- Asheville, North Carolina, Liberal Voters Seem To Wish Their City Was Located South Of The American Border . . . Examiner

The Content Children Of AOL's Socialist Huffington Post Blames Border Crisis On Eisenhower And Reagan

"The piece is titled 'Here's How The U.S. Sparked A Refugee Crisis On The Border, In 8 Simple Steps.' The first simple step begins in 1954 when President Eisenhower and the CIA ran an operation to oust President Jacobo Árbenz. If 60 years ago seems like a bit far back to travel for a crisis which began in 2011, the other 7 steps attempt to make the connection.
Step 4 is President Reagan's (and Senator Biden's) war on drugs. This led to further incarceration for drug crimes and, in step 5, to drug wars and gang violence." . . . Breitbart

Betty Crocker Launches 'Family Project' To Force LGBT Values

"Heather’s two mommies bake cupcakes." - NTEB
Brings back memories of the song, "Cake & Sodomy," (warning - vile lyrics.) It was sung by Marilyn Manson for his 1994 album . . . wait for it . . . "Portrait of an American Family." Manson obviously knew 20 years ago where America was headed, liberally now cake and sodomy. - Webmaster

"A recent write-up in Advertising Age magazine read “Betty Crocker’s Newest Recipe: How to Support Gay Marriage“, and had this to say:

The General Mills-owned brand began winning attention for the cause in August of last year by providing cakes to same-sex couples who got married in Minnesota after the state legalized gay married. Now Betty is following up on that high-profile gesture by donating cakes to couples marrying during the Twin Cities Pride event this weekend, which celebrates LGBT equality with a parade and festival in Minneapolis, which is where General Mills is headquartered." . . . NowTheEndBegins

- San Francisco Presses Feds To End Ban On Gay Male Blood Donations . . . Breitbart

- Dozens Of Disney World Workers Arrested In Child Sex Stings - JammieWearingFools

- Comic Character Archie To Die Taking Bullet For Gay Friend Pushing Gun Control . . . Breitbart

Obama's Holder At It Again: Operation Choke Point Hearing Reveals DOJ Threats And Strong-Arming

"The DOJ official reportedly told the banker, 'I don’t like this product, and I don’t believe it should have a place in our financial system. And if you don’t agree, there will be an immediate, unplanned audit of your entire bank.'

The Justice Department has now served over 50 subpoenas on banks, and Alabama Republican Rep. Spencer Bachus expressed considerable concern that dragging banks into a long and expensive process is just an underhanded way of encouraging banks to drop clients as an easy-out.

'Subpoenas are expensive to comply with and can bring unwanted scrutiny. The natural reaction from a financial institution might be to sever relations with the merchant and be done with it,' Bachus said Thursday in a hearing at the Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform, Commercial and Antitrust Law." . . . DailyCaller

"The parade committeeman noted that the float was a huge hit with most people who watched it proceed slowly by. It even won an honorable mention in the awards ceremony." - Daily Caller

- Head Of Obama's "Department Of InJustice," Eric Holder, Gets Serious About Limiting Speech! Investigates Obama Outhouse Parade Float . . . DailyCaller

Follow The Money! Education Industry Making The Bucks Off Of Common Core

"As schools phase in Common Core, education industry stands to gain. In the opening lines of Romeo and Juliet, two servants boast about the many ways in which they’re planning to knock the crap out of their enemies.

Like modern day gangbangers perched on the street corner, one of the men brags about how he’s planning to torture the other gang’s women by cutting their heads off. When the other servant suggests that his friend might be taking things a bit too far, the first servant corrects himself and says he’All instead cut off their 'maidenheads.'

Martye Einson loves how this exchange illustrates the Bard’s 'filthy' side. She’s been teaching Shakespeare to teenagers for 20 years, most recently at Santa Fe High School. It can take a lot to grab the attention of high school students, let alone teach them to learn, but Einson says the sex and violence dripping through Shakespeare’s work is sometimes good enough to get the job done. The 'maidenhead' exchange, for example, is a reference to taking a woman’s virginity. Einson’s textbook fails to grasp this." . . . EducationViews

- The Common Core Commotion . . . EducationNews

- Whoa: Look who’s being paid by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to cover Common Core . . . Twitchy

Nancy Pelosi: You're A Stinking Liar, Panties On Fire!

"He claims they don’t give out Pinocchios for lying about Supreme Court cases. In this instance they’d need a new scale to measure the outrageous lies, or as Glenn Kessler says, misspeaking. Can we just call lies what they are?" . . . JammieWearingFools

- Harry Reid Slammed By Hometown Paper For ‘Race-Baiting’ . . . DailyCaller

- ‘I,’ ‘Me,’ ‘My’—Obama Uses First Person Singular 199 Times In Speech Vowing Unilateral Action . . . CNSNews

- Obama's 15-Day Vineyard Vacation Exposes His Hypocrisy . . . TruthRevolt

- What’s Left Of Obama After The [Faux] Magic . . . BernardGoldberg

- "Concerned" Listserv Reveals Bigotry From Far-Left Tenured Faculty Members . . . TruthRevolt

- Democrats Push 'Radical' Citizen-Funded, Unrestricted Abortion . . . WND

- Lois Lerner’s Former FEC Colleague Has . . . Wait For It . . . Emails Going Missing, Too . . . DailyCaller

- SEIU Membership Drops 80 Percent After Dues Skim Ends . . . MichiganCapitolConfidenitial


- Click on bottom right icon for full screen. Use 'esc' to return -

Judge Jeanine
President needs to fix border mess he created . . . FOXNews / Jeanine



"U.S. Schools could face a health crisis as illegal immigrants enter classrooms this fall." - GatewayPundit


Boring ABC And CBS News Yawn Over Anniversary Of America's Apollo 11

"NBC Nightly News stood out on 16 July 2014 as the only Big Three morning or evening newscast to notice the 45th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11." - MRCTV


Fruitcakes All Around Us!
"Liberal woman tells FOX News that we can be friends with al-Qaeda." - Rare


Move Your Business To Texas!
Governor Rick Perry reminds everyone what a failure progressive California has become. - YouTube


NBC Finally Notices Latest On VA Scandal - And Gives It 30 Seconds!
"After days of censoring any mention of the latest congressional hearings on the ongoing Veteran's Affairs scandal, Wednesday's NBC Today finally found time to report on the topic, providing two news briefs amounting to a paltry 27 seconds of airtime. 27 seconds out of a 4-hour broadcast." - NewsBusters


Jon Stewart
Networks Gush Over His 'Creative' Softballs to Hillary, Getting 'Real Answers' - NewsBusters


Surprise, Surprise!
"Network Coverage of ‘Extreme Weather’ Up Nearly 1,000 Percent." - NewsBusters


CNN’s Cuomo Lashes Out
"Accuses Arizona Sheriff Of ‘Villainizing’ Illegal Immigrant Children!" - NewsBusters


And He Heads U.S. Justice Department?
"Eric Holder Makes Fun Of Sarah Palin And Calls Republicans Racists." - LastResistance


Abortion Activist Attacks Pro-Lifers
"On July 9, 2014, Created Equal's team downtown was met with verbal and physical abuse by one passerby." - YouTube


Remember the Woman . . .
" . . . who said Obama would pay her gas and mortgage? Her transformation after six years of Obama is amazing!" - TPNN


Persecuted: Movie Trailer
Persecuted Movie Homepage




Special Late Report

YouTube Video Of Ukraine Cargo Jet Being Shot Down By Russian Rebels.

This must have been similar to what it looked like when a few days later the Commercial Jet MH17 Was Shot Down

Source: YouTube
TKS to Bill of Florida, a retired commercial pilot.

Ukrainians Say The Bodies From #MH17 Were Falling “Like Bombs” In The Fields

Source: GatewayPundit

"Here is a firsthand account from the aftermath of the MH17 terrorist attack. VICE News reported (See above news video):" . . . GatewayPundit

Dutch Fury As MH17 Bodies 'Dragged Around' By Russian Separatists

"Frans Timmermans told Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko that his country was 'angry, furious' by reports of bodies being dragged around the site in Grabovo, Donetsk. 'We are already shocked by the news we got today of bodies being dragged around, of the site not being treated properly,' he said.

Ukrainian officials accused pro-Russian separatists of taking bodies from the scene of the crash before emergency services personnel began officially collecting them on Saturday. The Netherlands is in mourning and at Schiphol Airport, where flight MH17 took off on Thursday afternoon, the families of those on board and other well-wishers have been gathering to lay flowers and pay tribute. . . . SkyNews







Stunning History Lesson

"Where Do You Live Mark Zuckerberg?" - BillWhittle

The Movie, America, Gains Steam, Tops Former Number One Documentary Michael Moore Film . . . WND


Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
Watch actual event during the playing of the National Anthem

Looking around America today, George Bailey did get his wish.

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