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The New York Times believes its ideology is more important than what America's Founders had envisioned, writing: "But that view is myopic. In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates." - Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times, March 6, 2007





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October 16, 2016


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Top News Stories Of The Week


Photo source: Unknown / Internet

"GOP Lawmakers Revolted Against Paul Ryan’s Plan To Sabotage Trump." - GatewayPundit

"Some Big Republican Donors Want RNC To Cut Ties With Trump." - FOXNews



WAKE UP. You Now Have Just Days Before The Election!

Hidden Camera Caught Clinton Campaign Hires Openly Approving Destruction Of GOP Voter Registration Forms!

WOW! Watch the open corruption going on in a Hillary campaign office in 2016. - Webmaster

AND THIS IS JUST ONE CLINTON CAMPAIGN OFFICE IN FLORIDA. What is happening here is going on across the entire state and the country, proving Trump is correct about a corrupt Hillary and exactly how her administration will be run when she is president. She will attack anyone who endangers her agenda against America and its Constitution. That's because there will be nothing to stop her, Obama already filling Washington DC with Czars over the last eight years while working with the Brotherhood..

And we need to not forget Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's statement, a Hillary follower, who sneered at America being a "Lone Ranger." In saying this she ignored her oath of office to protect the Constitution. She said it because America was not bowing down to the globalists of the UN, our founder's Constitution in their way. With Clinton as president, that will no longer be a problem. She will toss the document aside with her choices of supreme court justices. She had said as much during the second debate. - Webmaster

Oh my God.  This woman will literally arrange for the removal of citizens that challenge her when becoming president.  She will be protect when getting rid of any oppostion when president, agencies from the FBI to CIA protecting her corruption, as we already see having developed BEFORE her election, - Webmaster

Stunning, stuff like this has not been seen since the election of the Third Reich in 1932. But in 2016 there are no warning uniforms. Just innocent looking pant suits.

"With the help of a hidden camera, members of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff were caught condoning destroying Republican voter registration forms and making inappropriate remarks. In the video, released Wednesday by Project Veritas Action, a journalist pretending to be a worker on the Clinton campaign spoke with Trevor LaFauci, a field organizer for the Florida Democratic Party.

The journalist told LaFauci he had ripped up several GOP registration forms, and asked if he was 'OK with that?'

“Yeah,” he said. The reporter went on to explain that he had received three Trump registrations in a row when 'something in me snapped.'

'So we’re OK with that? We’re solid?' the man asked, to which LaFauci nodded and answered, 'Yeah.'” - WesternJournalism

Source Video: Veritas



"What it’s Like To Be A Professor Who Supports Trump?" On Campus, It Has Led To Hostility And / Or Silence. - TruthRevolt
"Hillary Clinton’s Refusal To Fire Staffers For Catholic Bashing Puts It On Her: She Now Owns It!" - LifeNews
Obama lied [AGAIN.] My THIRD Health Plan Just Died! - MichellMalkin
[Around The World!] Romania: Lawsuit Launched To Stop Bucharest Mega-Mosque" "Romania Is Not A Turkish Province." - GatestoneInstitute
The Cancer Of Political Correctness Invades Iowa State University Engineering Classes, [Putting Learning Behind The Stuff Of Karl Marx.] - TheCollegeFix
CBS Ignores NYT Journalist’s Offer To Let Clinton ‘Veto’ Parts Of Story [ONLY compliments of Wikileaks that watches over these Democrat ********.] - Newsbusters
Dem Senate Candidate Feingold: Hillary Would Issue Executive Grab On Guns. Donors say ideally, all guns would be confiscated. - TruthRevolt
[Give Me A Break!] Baptist Minister Defends Aborting Her Baby: “God Helped Me Make The Best Decision” - LifeNews
Columbia University Dedicates Campus Plaque Lamenting Manhattan’s ‘Colonization.’ - TheCollegeFix
"FBI, DOJ Staff Angered After Hillary Clinton Was Let Off The Hook." - WesternJournalism
Four Massachusetts Churches File Federal Lawsuit Over State’s New Transgender Inclusion Law. - TheBlaze
WikiLeaks: Qatar Gave Clinton Foundation A Million Dollar Check For Bill’s Birthday - DailyCaller

New York Times AGAIN: Whiteness Is Reason For GOP Outrage On Trump Tape - Newsbusters

College Students: Blue Lives Don't Matter. "No Justice, No Peace. Take To The Streets. [Expletive] The Police." - TruthRevolt
"American University Plans ‘Restorative Justice’ Sanctions Against Students Who Commit Acts Of Bias." - TheCollegeFix
[Sign Of War?] Russian Government Officials Told To Immediately Bring Back Children Studying Abroad - ZeroHedge
Hillary Clinton Is For All Americans. Except [Of Course] Christians, Conservatives And The Unborn. - TheBlaze
"Hidden Cam: Clinton Staffer Brags — I Could ‘Grab’ Coworker’s ‘A**’ And Not Get Fired." - DailyCaller
"LEAK: Clinton Spokesperson Colluded With DOJ About Email Litigation." - DailyCaller
"A Black Lives Matter Rally At Indiana University Resulted In Property Damage As Student Protesters Turned Their Ire On Motorists While Blocking Traffic." - CampusReform
[Of Course!] Hypocrisy: Feminists Condemn Trump's Vulgarity While Celebrating Sexual Exhibitionism.- TruthRevolt
Feminists: End Stigma Against Mothers Who 'Regret' Having Kids. "I Know My [Selfish] Life Would Have Been Much Happier!" - TruthRevolt
"Criminal Aliens Sexually Assault 70,000 American Women — But Paul Ryan Targets Trump." - Breitbart
[Small] "Plane Crash In Connecticut Was ‘On Purpose,’ Flown By Jordanian National." - TruthRevolt
"The Amazing Story Of How These Triplets Escaped Abortion." - LifeNews

This Is The High Road? Watch Hillary And Lena Dunham Discuss Their Desire To See Lenny Kravitz's Junk Drop From His Ripped Pants. - ClashDaily

It's obvious Obama has fundamentally transformed America into a very dangerous "us vs. them" county. - Webmaster

[OMG Hillary supporter] ,Warren Buffet Has Given $1.8 Billion To Pro-Abortion Groups, $440 Million To Planned Parenthood." - LifeNews
"Planned Parenthood Sold Aborted Baby Hearts, Lungs and Brains to Medical Firms, Now They’re Being Sued." - LifeNews
[See Photo, Texas] "Family Of Pregnant 14-Year-Old Beat Her To Cause Abortion, Burned Her Stillborn Baby On Their Grill." - LifeNews
"Leaked Soros Document Calls For Regulating Internet To Favor ‘Open Society’ Supporters." - DailyCaller
"Jon Voight On Trump: God Give Him Strength. 'I Am So Ashamed Of My Fellow Actor Bobby De Niro's Rant.'" - WND
"Why Egypt's Muslims Resent Coptic Christians: They Dare Do What The Muslims’ Christian Forefathers Did Not." - Frontpage
[Sadly They May Not Even Care!] "Leaked Email: Clinton Campaign Chairman Called Blacks 'Never-Do-Wells.'” - EagleRising
"‘Shame On You’ — Juanita Broaddrick Responds To Joy Behar’s Claim Bill’s Accusers Are Tramps." - DailyCaller
[Sanders Still Joined Hillary, A Fake To His Followers.] "DNC Chief Donna Brazile Leaked Sanders Info To Clinton Campaign." - Observer
"WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton Says Vetting Refugees Is Impossible." - Breitbart
Did A Wikileaks Email Just Hint Of The Assassination Of Justice Scalia? - TruthFeed
"Wikileaks: Remember Those Speech Transcripts. There’s A Reason Hillary Wanted Them Secret." - ClashDaily

Hmm. De Niro in February of 1998, Said Of Bill Clinton's Affair With An Intern: "He didn't Do Anything That Terrible. We Have More Important Things To Worry About." - ClashDaily

New York Post: Eyewitness Challenges Sexual Assault Claims Against Trump - Breitbart

[OMG, There He Goes Again!] "Al Gore Stumps For Hillary, Says Nightly News [Of Weather Events] Like 'Hike Through Book Of Revelation'" - PJMedia
[America 2016 Filled With Snow Flakes]: Traumatized, Risk-Averse WUSS College Students Are SWAMPING Campus Mental Health Centers." - DailyCaller
"Largest Voter Fraud Investigation in Texas History [Of 20,000 Ballots] Underway In Tarrant County." - EmpowerTexans
[Did Someone Wake Up?] "Justice Ginsberg On National Anthem Protests: ‘Stupid,’ ‘Arrogant’" - TruthRevolt
"13 Extremely Vulgar Comments That Came Out Of The Mouth Of Hillary Clinton." - IndependentJournalReview
"Outraged Leftists Have Threatened To Boycott A St. Louis Imo’s Pizza Restaurant For Posting A Trump Sign In Its Window." - GatewayPundit
[In The Last Eight Years, The Obama Administration's Hatred Of Christians Was Obvious. Now It's Proven,] Emails Reveal Clinton Camp Plotting 'Revolution' Against Catholic Church. - TruthRevolt
"Clinton Spokesperson Tells Trump 'Go ***k Yourself'... Because Democrats 'Go High. 'Where's The Left's Pearl-Clutching Now?" - TruthRevolt
[Oh How True For These ********?] Ann Coulter: "The ‘Media’ Is Horrified Over ‘P-SSY’ But Didn’t Mind Me Being Called A ‘C-NTRepeatedly!" - ClashDaily



Top Video Of The Week


I Can Now OFFICIALLY Report America's Fourth Estate Is DOA!

This is your liberal media, folks, perfect for Karl Marx's useful idiots, alive and well in Hillary's Campaign.

Anderson Cooper of CNN, who hosted the second 2016 presidential debate and questioned the morals of Donald Trump, can be seen being spanked by Madonna, then spreads his legs so she can hump between them on the stage.

Madonna pulls Anderson Cooper on stage, spanks him and gives him a banana - Mad Onna

Video Source: YouTube



Other News Videos Of The Week

Click on graphics below to go to selected videos.

“'I read he doesn’t have long to live and I want to meet him face to face before he dies,' Danney told Newsmax. 'I just want to shake his hand and say ‘Hi, Dad,’ before he dies.'  You can find Danney’s official Facebook page at and the web site will go live soon." - Infowars
Bill Clinton's [alleged] son speaks out, asks for DNA test. - Infowars
Hypocrisy . . .
"Hillary Clinton’s running mate is constantly accusing Donald Trump of being a bigot for his stance on illegal immigration but like many Democrats, Tim Kaine used to hold somewhat conservative views.  At least he pretended to… When he was running for office." - GatewayPundit
Hillary VP Tim Kaine used to talk tough on immigration and opposed gay marriage. - GatewayPundit
Obama Tells UN . . .
Obama continues to push America as just another member of the progressive globalist comunity. -  Webmaster
. . . the 'Far Right' Fears 'Contamination' From Immigrants." - MRCTV
Crime And Punishment In Pakistan
"But the killings in Kohistan became national news after the surviving brother of the victims made it his mission to seek justice. VICE News host Hani Taha travels to Pakistan to meet Afzal Kohistani to investigate one of the country's most perplexing honor killing cases, three years on." - Vice News
Extra Scene From 'The Kohistan Story: Killing for Honor.' - ViceNews
MSNBC's Hayes On NYC Bombing:
"Everything that’s wrong with the Left in one tweet." - Truth Revolt
"We were 'very very lucky' it was explosives, not guns." - TruthRevolt
U.S. Marine Shot On Leave
"A family friend, Claudia Perez, tells the Los Angeles Times that Segovia was on leave from Camp Pendleton near San Diego and was visiting family and friends.  'He was here this weekend to help clean up streets or do whatever they were going to do,' a family friend told KTLA-TV." - The Blaze
Officer Norma Eisenman said Monday that a vehicle pulled up beside Segovia’s car, and at least one person opened fire, striking him once in the head. - TheBlaze
Jesse Ventura: I Fought For This
"Ventura recalled why he veted a bill that would have required the Pledge of Allegiance to be said at all Minnesota public schools." - The Blaze
Defending San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick for not standing during the national anthem prior to games, saying that’s “why I served my country, so that you have the freedom to protest.” - TheBlaze
Student Blasted . . .
"But other students felt their safe space severely violated by this red hat, with one Zoe Slusar demanding that he remove it, because 'it’s hate language on campus.'” - Eagle Rising
. . . for wearing Trump hat: “It’s hate language on campus!” - EagleRising
Dentist Warns Against Charcoal . . .
“'I worry about the long-term effects of a video like this,' Maples said. 'Teeth are the only part of the ectoderm that does not replenish or heal itself— once it’s gone, it’s gone.'" - FOX News
"Medical professionals are warning against using a DIY whitening trend that involves smearing a charcoal-derived black mixture on teeth." - FOXNews
North Carolina . . .
"Deborah Ross continually voted for gun control and against your right to self-defense." - NRA
"Defend Freedom, Defeat Deborah Ross." - NRA
Kristen Bell And The HuffingPost . . .
"Titled 'Pinksourcing, the mock advertisement features the former Veronica Mars star strolling through a corporate office, offering advice on the art of hiring more women to save money by paying them less, hence the name 'Pinksourcing.'" - Truth Revolt
"Insults stay-at-home moms." - TruthRevolt
Bill Clinton Mocked Miners . . .
“We all know how [Hillary’s] opponent has done well down in West Virginia and eastern Kentucky,” the former president told the crowd at the Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum. “The coal people don’t like any of us [Democrats] anymore.” - Daily Caller
. . . ‘in West Virginia and Kentucky for supporting Trump." - DailyCaller
Andrea Mitchell Of MSNBC . . .
"And I think, as journalists, we really have to be cautious because, you know, these dumps sometimes happen and everything’s authentic until something is doctored or inauthentic." - NewsBusters
Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC: No Bias? Said there was no ‘smoking gun’ in Podesta e-mails, HE’S A ‘VICTIM!’ - NewsBusters
NBC Execs . . .
"TMZ reported on Oct. 12, that NBC executives knew of the existence of this taped conversation before The Washington Post released it to the public — although they’ve claimed to only know about it for about a week. The actual incident dates back to 2005." - Newsbusters
"Planned to use Trump tape ‘to Influence debate, election’" - Newsbusters
CBS, ABC Lament . . .
On This Morning, correspondent Nancy Cordes fretted: “Wikileaks says it has 50,000 of John Podesta's e-mails, and if what we’ve seen so far is any indication, the group plans to release another batch of them every day between now and the election. Enough to create a steady stream of embarrassment for the Clinton campaign, which aides argue is exactly what the Russians and Trump want.” - Newsbusters
"Wikileaks ‘Distraction’ for Hillary, Still Ignore Catholic-Bashing E-Mails." - Newsbusters





Special Videos


A Warning From The Russian Military To The USA

In the following clip from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the briefing officer delivers a fairly clear warning to the United States and its clients among the “moderate Syrian rebels”: don’t bring your aircraft anywhere near Russian positions, or else. - GatesOfVienna

Video Source: YouTube

Russian Government Officials Told To Immediately Bring Back Children Studying Abroad - ZeroHedge



The Torchbearer

"'The Duck Commander' Phil Robertson, makes a compelling argument on the absurdity of life without God. Featuring real-life footage from events throughout history and leading up to the modern day crisis of radical Islamic terrorism, Phil personally guides us through a journey that includes Athens, Greece; Rome, Italy; Paris, France; and even the notorious Nazi death camp of World War II, Auschwitz.

With a biblical perspective, Phil covers events ranging from the creation of the atomic bomb, the impact of the Holocaust and the Civil Rights Movement. He uses these events to illustrate that God is the only meaningful anchor to a civilized society and calls on all of us to consider our faith." - CitizensUnited

Video Source: CitizensUnited




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- A Trojan Horse In The White House -

America's First Unannounced Muslim President

Obama's hand placement during the playing of the Naitonal Anthem at a 2007 Democrat summer fundraiser in Iowa has been named by some in the military, "The Obama Crotch Salure."


The Face Of Evil

Obama signals progressives in 2007:
Their messiah had arrived.
Watch actual event during the playing of the National Anthem

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What will America look like under a second Obama presidency?  If you don't have a clue, you better find one! Check alpha by state/city where this film is playing before November 6, 2012. Unofficial bio of Gerald R. Molen. A picture is worth a thousand words!  This photo was not actually aT the White House, but, regardless of WHERE it was taken, the fact is that he cancelled the National Day of Prayer, said that we are no longer a Christian nation, and has no problem taking part in Muslim prayer.  U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on January 28, 2010, in Tampa, Florida.   Iorio had honored CAIR annually in Tampa with its own day in November 2008, acknowledging the large amout of Muslims living in the area. "Ayers, now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, claims to abhor nostalgia ("Nothing is more boring than some old person going on and on about the way things used to be"). But he has been thinking lately about the past—both his and the country's—and soon he will likely be engaged in what he calls "a dialogue" about the sixties, the antiwar movement, and the radical life he led. The spur for this dialogue will be the publication of Fugitive Days (Beacon Press, $24), a memoir Ayers has written about the trajectory of his life, from a pampered son of the Chicago suburbs to a young pacifist to a founder of one of the most radical political organizations in U.S. history."  Allow video to download and start in Window's Media player. “The North American jet that flew Obama and his traveling crew around for much of the primary season was refurbished with new seats and power for each passenger a must on the campaign trail. And the plane that once had an American flag on its tail now sports the Obama ‘O.’”