2012 E-mails from Freedom is Knowledge

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Nov 1 Tea Party Launches National News Web Site   Dec 1 Read Between The Lines. CBS News Still Obama's Water Boy Pushing Social Justice
Nov 2 Think You Know Obama? You Better! Elections Have Serious Consequences   Dec 2 A Sign Of Irreversible Decay
Nov 3 Sharia Law: Islamic Fascism On The Move . . . Against Music   Dec 3 Week In Review
Nov 4 A Trip Around The Obama Media Petting Zoo   Dec 4 Obama's Media Continues To Send The Message You Can Do Whatever You Want
Nov 4 Work Crews From Other States Don't Get The Problem. This One Goes Home Due To 31 Pages of Paperwork   Dec 7 Pearl Harbor Day Rememberance
Nov 5 The District of Corruption   Dec 8 The Harbinger Novel - Old Testament Warning For A Nation That Turns Its Back On God
Nov 5 Confirmed!   Dec 9 Another Stunning Week in Review
Nov 6 Red Rocks!   Dec 12 Obama's Push For Colonialism Into Western Countries
Nov 6 CBS Cover-Up. It's in their DNA   Dec 13 If You Watch ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN, Less Reporting On Events Is Never More!
Nov 6 The Incredible Shrinking Obama   Dec 14 When Obama’s Words Mean Nothing, by Bernard Goldberg
Nov 6 One More Time! Fascism Comes To America   Dec 15 The "Queen" James Bible
Nov 7 American Voters Have Spoken For Life In America From 2012 - 2016   Dec 15 Week in Review
Nov 7 When It Rains, It Pours!   Dec 16 John, now it's our turn to cry
Nov 8 Obama's Hollywood Buddies; Glad To Be In Our Faces   Dec 19 The Honorable Speaker Boehner. Lead, Follow, Or Get Out Of The Way
Nov 10 The Truth Hasn't Changed For Failure; The Fish Always Stinks From The Head   Dec 20 New York Times Fawns Over TIMES Choice For "Man Of The Year."
Nov 12 Brussels Bans City Christmas Tree - Says It May Offend Growing Muslim Population      
Nov 14 Answer to America's New Culture Shock; The Fish Always Stinks From The Head      
Nov 15 Obama's America turned on its head; Heroes are Villains and Villains are Heroes      
Nov 16 Outrage Over Comment by MSNBC Host: Northeastern Storm A Good Thing      
Nov 17 Busted: Obama's Fieldworks Office Admits Funneling Money to Defeat Allen West.      
Nov 18 November 18th - Another Disturbing Week In Review      
Nov 19 For Your Thanksgiving Week . . . Move those deer crossing signs to less trafficked roads?      
Nov 24 Some Rather Unlikely Candidates Democrats May Want To Thank This Thanksgiving      
Nov 25 November 25th - Another Disturbing Week In Review      
Nov 27 What is America? This Was America. The Rescue of Roger Locher      
Nov 29 An Important Primer The Republican RINOs Refuse to Understand      
Nov 30 A Thought That Is Not, (please forgive me), Hard To Swallow      


Sept 3 Horrible . . . for Him?!   Oct 1 Marxist 101
Sept 7 DNC 2012: Jon Stewart investigates and Party of Inclusion   Oct 2 Obama's America 2016
Sept 10 Take the Challenge . . . The Star Spangled Banner Challenge!   Oct 2 Suddenly Discovering the Importance of Survival, Some Youth Are Waking Up.
Sept 12 The Dumbing Down of America's Public Schools Continues   Oct 3 AOL / HuffPo Attacks U.S. Representative Allen West . . . for Loving His Wife
Sept 13 Effects of Obama's promise to defend Sharia Law when imposed on the West   Oct 4 Rioting Muslims, "We Don’t Care If You’re Offended.” - UK Citizen
Sept 14 Final Proof that Obama's Democrat Party Owns the Progressive Mainstream Media   Oct 5 An Overview of Obamacare . . . An abortion only Democrats would love
Sept 15 Jerusalem Post warned of coming attack in Egypt   Oct 6 Perilous Times for America!
Sept 18 Disgusting: Our "Someone Else Caused It" President at it again.   Oct 8 Muslim Rage Be Damned! Hollywood to Release Obama / Bin Laden Movie on Nov. 4
Sept 19 ". . . and at halftime cannot be guaranteed." - ESPN   Oct 10 Let's Stop All The BS and Return America . . . to America
Sept 21 TWO VIDEOS; One Fiction. One Truth. One a Warning. One Judgment Day   Oct 11 Texas DNC worker doesn't discourage double voting across state lines . . . laughs about it.
Sept 24 Hey Obama Voters, "You Built This!"   Oct 11 Wife of Ft. Hood Victim STILL Leads Fight for Military Recognition.
Sept 26 HuffPo Goes Nuts Over Obama's Speech at the UN   Oct 13 Think The World Is Not Carefully Watching America's Politics? Think Again!
Sept 27 Tolerance, Mr. Obama? Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!   Oct 16 Believe?! Fascism HAS Come to America . . . and it's the new Democrat Party
Sept 28 Type of Strong Campaign Ad You May Never See From Mitt Romney   Oct 16 Beware of the Ides of March from the Content Children of AOL
Sept 29 The Daniel Project   Oct 17 Moroccan Pottery, Obamaphones, and Gaydar
    Oct 18 OMG, she's got an Obama phone
      Oct 20 Mainstream Media Final Reports On Libya Terrorist Attack . . . well sort of
      Oct 20 It's All About Him
      Oct 21 Service vs. Disservice
      Oct 22 . . . And In This Corner Is CNN
      Oct 23 Order Glenn Beck's "The Project."
      Oct 24 The World LOVES America On Its Back
      Oct 25 Remember the Media That Wouldn't Vet Obama in 2008? They're baaack!
      Oct 26 Nutty Ted Turner Says It’s Good U.S. Soldiers Are Committing Suicide
      Oct 27 T'was the Night Before the Elections of 2012 . . .
      Oct 28 UN Islam Fascists Attack U.S. Companies And Their Employees
      Oct 29 So you think you know Obama? 50 questions before the election, True or False?
      Oct 30

If Obama Wins, Guess Who'll Stay In Office To Watch Over Your Healthcare Records?

      Oct 30 When Obama Gives The Orders, They Stand Down
      Oct 31 Trick or Treat!
      Oct 31 How Much Damage Could There Be? This Is Just A Single Street . . . Without The Water!


July 4 Go Celebrate Your Freedom of Speech . . . just don't do it in Muslim America   Aug 1 98 Days Until the Election of a Lifetime
July 7 Promised and Delivered!   Aug 2 HBO Must Smell Something in the Wind
July 10 Obama's Tax Bill to Americans by Category   Aug 4 Communist Frank Marshall Davis Mentored Barack Obama. Think it had an Effect?
July 14 Democrat Party Reality: Point a finger and you'll find three more pointing back!   Aug 6 Boobs, Clowns, and UFOs
July 16 Obama Discusses His 'Biggest Mistake In Office   Aug 6 OMG, the RINO's Chickens have come home to roost!
July 18 Citizen Letter of Thanks to all Leftists, Occupiers, Unionistas, and General Malcontents!   Aug 7 Stunning how the Fed bites the hand that feeds it
July 19 Evidence announced this week: Obama Birth Certificate is now a National Security Issue   Aug 10 It's a Miracle!
July 19 Democrats: Unseal Obama's Records!   Aug 13 Love him. Hate him. You don't know him!
July 21 Norway's Noble Peace Prize is America's Oxymoron   Aug 14 It's Mourning in America
July 23 Green Jobs? Not what you thought   Aug 16 There He Goes . . . Again?!
July 24 Obama's Second Term Transformation Plans   Aug 18 Paul Ryan - America's Path to Prosperity
July 26 FYI: Transportation Bill Dropped LWCF   Aug 18 Obama Campaign Strikes Back Against Former Navy SEALs
July 27 Finally, Someone Gets it!   Aug 20 Brussels soon to be under radical Muslim Sharia Law? You decide after watching Muslim leader in Brussels.
July 29 What Could The Faces of Fascism Look Like in America today? You decide   Aug 21 Barack Obama: You Only Run Twice
July 30 Sea Change on the Horizon for U.S. Medicine   Aug 31 Boobs, Clowns, and UFOs - An Asheville's 2012 Encore!


May 1 Marxist's May Day 2012   June 8 Smell something fishy coming from the Democrat Party with another Lautenberg moment?
May 4

Heroes Don't Spike the Ball- President Barack H. Obama

  June 13 As more Obama revelations come out, think Bill Clinton will get his Lautenberg Moment?
May 5 Obama's Occupy Movement Exposed   June 13 May God bless America, where gender abortions are so easy it's like shooting fish in a barrel?
May 7 IRS gives 4 billion in tax returns each year to Obama's undocumented voters   June 16 "I wouldn't trust the UN to run a lemonade stand . . . "
May 8 Listen to warning by Lt. Col West, U.S. House Rep from Florida, to Republicans   June 18 A Tough Daily Caller Reporter Gets Jammed by Obama's Fawning Media
May 12 Obama's "Life of Julia"   June 20 Pattern of White House Leaks Threatens Nation’s Security
May 14 Did Governor Brewer say this? Who cares. It's great logic about illegals   June 20 Losing Our Sons!
May 16 25 reasons to assist Obama in moving back to Illinois   June 21 TV Networks Push Americans Around Like Cattle
May 21 Our Deceptive Mainstream Media   June 25 Supreme Court Rules while Obama Directs DHS, "We're not going to man the phones."
May 22 Our Deceptive Politicians: Obama and Warren Claim Cherokee Ancestry   June 26 And the Democrats sing, Jimmy Crack Corn and I Don't Care . . . ?
May 23 What a hoot! Think you've got freedom? When the number 44 gets you fired from your job, you've got no freedoms, dude!   June 27 Progressives at the New York Times finally admit Sharia Law may NOT be a path to Democracy
May 26 Our Deceptive Entitlements: The Progressive Nanny from Hell.   June 28 The Church is asking if its membership will stand up to the test of fire in November
May 28 Arabic NYC Educator: "These (American) kids are like sponges."   June 29 Liberalism is not only a disease, but it's obviously fatal
May 29 North Carolina teenager uses the free speech given to her by the sacrifice of others remembered on Memorial Day.   June 30 When a Snake Smiles
May 31 No Surprise Here!      


March 1 Proof CNN had the ability to vet Obama in 2008 but obvious didn't have the passion, interest, or corporate mission   April 1 Monumental: In Search of America's Treasures
March 2

Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43

  April 3 Slut? That was kind compared to the insults of . . .
March 3 Is government getting ready to use taxpayer money to pay for what students can get from Planned Parenthood?   April 6 Obama on Jesus and Planned Parenthood
March 5 Progressives slime them as "Birthers," who only ask, "Where's the beef?"   April 9 President Obama Continues The Blame Game - FOX News Hurts His Popularity!
March 7 Obama's Green Government Motors turns red (as in melted charging station?)   April 11 How a socialist government aided in the David / Tiffany O'Shell Murder-Suicide
March 9 It Doesn't Matter?!   April 14 Merchants of Despair
March 12 MSNBC host wants conservatives "crushed" in 2012 election   April 16 Holder helps Obama protect his voting base
March 17 "Businesses have to do their part." - Michelle Obama   April 18 Obama: "Move along now, nothing to see here."
March 19 American Obama-Face Flag Proudly Flown By Democrat Party Chairperson   April 19 WNC's Silent Voices Campaign
March 23 American Facing Evil   April 21 To the New York Times: There you go again!
March 26 What was going on between Obama and Russia?   April 26 Marine board rules comments on Obama culture is out of bounds
March 27 New York Times and Reuters sets new identity standard - UPDATED      
March 29 Shining A Light On The Truth      


January 3 Arrogance Supreme in 2012   February 1 Army's North Carolina Ft. Bragg Bows to Atheist's Demand
January 4 Will "Generation Gimme" work for the American Dream?   February 2 50 Reasons Why Marxists Can Feel Safe Voting For Obama in 2012
January 5 Free Speech Advocate is Canada's Glenn Beck   February 4 Liberal Have No Problem Showing Their Fascist Hand Anymore
January 6 Hannity's interview with Santorum over Colmes' Comment   February 7 Planned Parenthood cartoon - Black Superhero of Choice!
January 9 World list of Christian murders by Islamists   February 8 Tennessee Vanderbilt University . . . restore religious freedom?
January 10 Honor Killing: View Gruesome Gallery   February 9 Agenda 21 Creeps Into California Land Use Policy
January 11 American Society 2012 - As planned by Communists in 1958   February 10 GOP Establishment Nevada Vote Fraud Official
January 12 The Dream Ticket that could be a Conservative Nightmare   February 11 Obama's ACORN Storm Troopers Ready for 2012
January 14 The Lord could have sent a message during a sport's game to Americans about his servant   February 13 Air Force removes GOD from logo after atheists complain
January 16 Coast Guard Protected Ship from Democrat Party's "Occupy Criminal Movement."   February 14 Choosemyplate.gov
January 18 CNN caught in the act trying to rewrite an author's copy   February 15 OWS - The Communist Party Reborn
January 19 ABC throws the first stone, its own programming brimming with sex!   February 16 Roger Ailes continues to cut conservative shows while adding liberal consultants
January 20 A racist here, a racist there, OMG they're everywhere!   February 18 Planned Parenthood's XXX Rating
January 23 The Six Dirty Secrets of Presidential Politics in 2012   February 24 Franklin Graham and the Pharisees
January 25 What if he was . . . ?   February 25 Our Campaigner in Chief, Barack O'Sorry
January 26 GOP finally hits one over the fence!  

February 26

Can we now impeach before there is nothing left?!
January 27 If a tree falls, can it win an Oscar?   February 28 Obama - The Con Artist
January 28

Obama: Do as I say. Not as I do!

  February 29 AOL's HuffingtonPost attacks the Catholic Church
January 30 Lt. Col. Allen West at GOP event      
January 31 DNC already having a field day with Romney over Medicare abuse    


January 31 How about some common sense for a change!      



2011 E-mails from Freedom is Knowledge

(List by Date. HTML versions started November 7, 2011)


November 7 The Lynching of Herman Cain by the Mainstream Media December 8 What Might a Fundamentalist Muslim Call the Ft Hood Murders?
November 10 Vet's Nightmare Comes True December 9 Obama didn't want to blow up new sophisticated U.S. compromised drone, might offend Iran and start war
November 13 Teaching Democracy or Marxism? December 12 Crazed Dem Sheila Jackson Lee: Bush Tax Cuts Like Iranian Hostage Crisis!
November 15 Democrat Bill would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act December 13 Passionate Interview with Retired Lt. Col. Allen West Over ’Indefinite Detention Bill’ Stance
November 17 Former SEAL stands by account of bin Laden raid, says administration out to get him December 14 An Early Christmas Gift to Conservatives from David Axelrod
November 18 Throw Them ALL Out! December 15 Obama's multimillionaire supporter goes on a bully rant
November 20 Are these Muslims protesting the murders of Christians December 17 TIME Magazine, Obama's unapologetic water boy
November 21 It's About Time the Progressive Media Cared About the Country

December 23

Coloring the News . . . again!
November 22 Obama's OWS next tactic to bring Marxism to America. Flash Mobs! December 24 Islamophobia, CAIR?
November 24 Happy Thanksgiving December 25 Christmas Music
November 28 Obama Continues to try to Fundamentally Change America December 29 I Have a Confession to Make . . .
November 29 Does your child belong to the state? December 31 Arrogance Supreme!
November 30 The Wind is Finally Changing!  
November 30 RINO attack on our Constitution  
December 1 McCain said in the 2008 election, Judge Me by the Company I Keep!  
December 3 Dear Mr. President . . .  
December 4 Enemies of the Constitution?  
December 7 Never Forget Those Lost on Pearl Harbor Day  


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